Top Ten Popular Authors I’ve Never Read


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This week’s topic: Top Ten Popular Authors I’ve Never Read

 Had this been the prompt at the beginning of LAST year I would have had JK Rowling, Cassandra Clare, and Richelle Mead on this list and I know y’all would have disowned me finally. But now I’m happy to not carry that shame anymore 😛

So these are a mix of adult and YA authors, that I see as pretty popular, that I’ve never read before!

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Jennifer Armentrout
Everyone LOVES Jennifer Armentrout!! And in the past couple years she’s been EVERYWHERE. I think I initially hesitated reading her stuff because I’m not a HUGE paranormal fan.  Also, I don’t even know where to start!

Kami Garcia (I’d also add Margaret Stohl)
Beautiful Creatures is wildly popular, obviously, and I own it but haven’t gotten to it yet. Maybe because I have had this irrational fear of chunky books since blogging? And she’s since come out with another YA novel and I’ve still not read that.

Khaled Hosseini
I’ve owned The Kite Runner and A Thousand Splendid Suns for forever but haven’t gotten to them. Maybe all the bestseller lists and then movie hype got to me??

Jodi Picoult
Okay so pretty much even all my friends/family members who don’t read often have read her books and I’ve read not a one despite owning like 8 of them (between book sales and people who say “Oh you read…have this book!”).

Beth Revis
I don’t know if this was just a “popular in the blogosphere” thing but oh my gosh when Across the Universe came out it was like all Beth Revis all the time. (which she is a lovely person so YAY). I even pre-ordered Across the Universe…and here we are in 2014 and I’ve still not read it. THE SHAME.

Kristin Cashore
I feel like she’s one of those staple fantasy YA authors everyone raves about and I have not yet experienced her books!

Gillian Flynn
After the Gone Girl craze I knew I had to read this but just haven’t gotten to it yet. I’ve heard that her other books are excellent too!

Libba Bray
I LOVE LIBBA BRAY. I have met her a bunch of times and she is just one of the coolest people ever. It is beyond embarrassing that I’ve not yet read her books considering how popular they are. JAMIE FAIL. Especially since I own A Great & Terrible Beauty and Beauty Queens.

Charles Dickens
Out of all the classics I’ve read, I’ve not yet read anything by good ol’ Charles.

Jojo Moyes
I think Jojo Moyes is an emerging popular author after the success of Me Before You but I wanted to add her! I’ve been told by so many people, even a lady I had an interview for a job with, to read Me Before You!


So tell me…have you read any of these others on my list? Which one should I ABSOLUTELY get to immediately? Tell me one hugely popular author YOU have never read!!

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Jamie is a 32 year old married lady (with a new baby!!) who is in denial that she's actually that old to be a married lady and a mom. When she's not reading you can find her doing Pilates followed by eating ice cream, belting out Hamilton (loud and offkey) and having adventures with her husband, daughter and rescue dog.


  1. Oh my gosh, Gone Girl blew my mind! I’m not normally into mystery/thriller novels but I couldn’t put it down. Jodi Picoult is good, too, although I don’t read her books as often as I did in high school (I went on a JP binge for a while). I’d recommend starting with My Sister’s Keeper; it’s the one that got me hooked on her writing.

  2. You should get on the Libba Bray ones soon! They’re fantastic. I have the entire Across the Universe series sitting on my bookshelf waiting for me to read. So you’re not alone!

    My TTT

  3. From your list, I’ve only read Beth Revis and I actually like the Across the Universe series – weird but new.

    Oh and yes, I admit (hangs head in shame) I haven’t read Charles Dickens

  4. I absolutely adore Jojo Moyes, and I use her books on my Top Ten lists whenever I can. I really enjoyed Gone Girl, (I read it pre-hype!) but I’m yet to read more of Gillian Flynn’s work. I have it… just haven’t got around to it yet. You know how it is! I have Jennifer Armentrout on my list this week too. I’ve heard so much, but still not read her books!

  5. Jodi Picoult is AMAZING! You need to read her books, like now. I have all of her books and briefly considered building a shrine to her awesomeness (Okay I was kidding about the shrine) She is a must read author.

  6. Across the Universe needs to be read, like yesterday. Seriously, it is amazing! The sequel is awesome too, and the third book is good, but that first one? OMG SO GOOD! And the novella!

    I read The Kite Runner in high school….the tears!

    I love Jennifer Armentrout. I started with her Lux series, and then I read the first in her Covenant series. They’re all good! I have yet to try her NA or Adult stuff yet, but I do own a few.

  7. I haven’t read Beth Revis either, but want to. You should definitely get Khalid Hosseini. He is an amazing writer.

  8. I might’ve read something by Dickens a long time ago, but I don’t know if it were a short story or just part of a novel. As a lover of classic world literature, I really need to read some of his books to be truly well-read and well-rounded in the classics.

  9. I haven’t read a lot of the authors on your list either. But oh man, Gone Girl is amazing. I’ve picked up a few other books by Gillian Flynn after that one. I have rad a few Jodi Picoult too. I’m seconding the nomination for My Sister’s Keeper. It’s good.

    My TTT

  10. I had a bad start with Libba Bray. I had a bunch of her books marked as TBR and the first one I read was Beauty Queens and I just didn’t enjoy the humor – it tried way too hard. However, I then read The Diviners and it was amazing. It goes to show you definitely can’t judge an author by just one book/series.

    I met Beth Revis at the Dark Days tour, she was visiting. She was standing in line beside me to have her own books signed and I feel so lame because I talked to her about the weather the whole time. I haven’t read Across the Universe and didn’t want to gush on her or ask her to sign my notebook and come across as fake. Ha! But she was so nice. I need to hurry up and get my hands on her books.

  11. YOU MUST READ LIBBA BRAY NOW! She’s seriously one of my favorites! I adore Going Bovine with ever fiber of my being!
    My TTT

  12. You are going to either hate or loathe Gone Girl. Don’t think I’ve encountered anyone really in the middle on it. Personally, I hated it. I also didn’t care for The Kite Runner. Dickens and I do not get along. Not just being forced to read him in high school. I generally don’t like the ones I’ve tried, or even film adaptations. Exception so far is Little Dorrit. Sometimes I’ll try Nicholas Nickleby, since I liked the movie of it.

    I still need to read Libba also. We’re doing Diviners in book club this summer, so soon will fix that.

  13. I just started my first Jojo Moyes book this weekend–Me Before You–and now I have no idea why I waited so long–I’m really liking it! Jodi Picoult is one of my favorite authors, although I tend to like her earlier books more than her more recent titles–The Pact is one of the best books I’ve ever read! And, last but not least–I loved Gone Girl but didn’t care for her other books–the subject matter of both was just too dark for me.

  14. I recently read the Kite Runner by Khaled Hosseini and really loved it! Highly recommend it! I also need to get to Jodi Piccoult and J L Armentrout!

  15. Great post Jamie! I’ve only read Khaled Hosseini, Jodi Picoult, Libba Bray and Charles Dickens so far from your list. 🙂

  16. I just re-read Graceling by Kristin Cashore – you need to read it. SO GOOD!

    I also have not read any Dickens – I tried to read Tale of Two Cities but gave up. I really should try again!

    Here’s our TTT:

  17. KRISTIN CASHORE! Start there. But Me Before You…yeah…I have never been so mad at a book before IN MY LIFE. The writing was good, but the plot really pissed me off due to a personal connection I had, and you may too. JUST A WARNING.

  18. I loved reading Jodi Picoult. I really want to Khaled Hosseini. Thanks for sharing!

  19. Heather says:

    Sadly, I’ve only read Jodi Picoult. Her books are really good! I’ve read The Tenth Circle, My Sister’s Keeper, and The Pact – I recommend any of those to start. But the other authors that I haven’t read are on my TBR list.

  20. I”m with you in that Jodi Piccoult game. Maybe it’s the hype that keeps me away?

    PS I am in LOVE with this picture you took. <3

  21. Oh. Oh, Jamie, read A GREAT AND TERRIBLE BEAUTY. I’m almost envious of you not having read it because I want to go back and read it for the first time again! Gemma Doyle is one of my favourite characters ever.

    I’m a Jennifer Armentrout fangirl BUT I do recognize that her books aren’t everyone’s cup o’ tea. For you though, I would suggest maybe reading Wait for You if you feel the need to read something by her.

  22. Jennifer Armentrout isn’t just a paranormal writer anymore. She’s produced more contemp books under the name J. Lynn — you might want to check out a few of those. I really like her adult series, though (The Gamble Brothers).

  23. Eeesh, you have some reading to do!

    I have a love/hate thing with Dickens which stems from having Great Expectations rammed down my throat at school. But I loved Oliver.

  24. Great list!! Jennifer Armentrout and Beth Revis made my list as well.
    I started reading Gone Girl, but I had to put it on hold about half way through. Everyone keeps telling me it is going to take off any page now, but it was moving so slowly that I needed a break…but I do plan on finishing it.

    Here is my TTT:

  25. Definitely stay away from Jodi Picoult! I’ve read a few of her books and the stories are just ridiculous. But do read Hosseini…His books are so skillfully written and heartbreaking.

  26. Jodi Picoult! She is one of my favourite authors and my go-to when I want to read a good book. Her latest, The Storyteller, has a WW2 storyline in it, as well as present day.
    Gone Girl was awesome, too, and The Kite Runner should be read in schools.

  27. I think the only person I haven’t read on this list is beth Revis. You MUST read a Great and Terrible Beauty by Libba Bray. So amazing.

  28. Love the way you presented your list this week! They’re both chunksters but I love Charles Dickens’ Our Mutual Friend and Little Dorrit, they’re my favourite titles from him 🙂

    My TTT

  29. I haven’t read Picoult, Flynn…actually, I haven’t read any of the ten authors you list, lol. But Picoult and Flynn were going to be on my list (I made a written list but it didn’t end up becoming a blog post). I’m a women’s fiction fan so people have always told me to read Picoult and I…just won’t. I’ve got some weird stubborn attitude about it and just refuse to read any of them. Weird, I know. Bray almost made it on but I tried to limit the number of YA authors I haven’t read (since there are so many). I do own Beauty Queens (won it ages ago) so I have no excuse. Plus I own Moyes’ book and haven’t read it either! I love how you made a picture with post it notes! You are so clever and we’re all envious 🙂

  30. Not a fan of Jodi Picoult over here. Too much legal jargon for me!

  31. The first book in the Beautiful Creatures series was quite good, but I couldn’t get into the sequel…. And I enjoy the Obsidian books, but it’s not LOVE. I’d recommend Oliver Twist though, it’s one of my favorite classics 🙂

  32. I have several of these authors on my own TBR list. My Sister’s Keeper by Jodi Picoult is very good, but make sure you read it before you watch the movie. The movie sort of ruined the book for me.

    Check out my TTT!

  33. Oh my gosh, you MUST read Gillian Flynn! Gone Girl was amazing, and her first book Sharp Objects was also INCREDIBLE. Only read Jodi Picoult if you feel like crying 😉 I used to read a lot of her in high school, and every time I cried at least once!

  34. Kathleen says:

    LOL!! Chunky Book Phobia – I hear you! Goodreads did it to me. Now that I am in a total competition with myself to complete so many books a year I find myself completely disregarding any book more than 300 pages! I’m already having to psyche myself up to read the next Outlander book (1,000 pages) and those are my favorite books ever!! And it’s not even out until June… So glad to hear you talk about this phenomenon. I thought I was all alone.

  35. I haven’t read any of these authors either! My TTT
    If you read mine, I hope you don’t have anger management problems!

  36. I really want to read Across the Universe, but I can’t find the original covers at all, and I hate the new ones! So, sorry Ms. Revis, but until I accomplish my task, your series will have to wait 🙁

  37. The Kite Runner is super amazing. I had to read it in high school and I NEVER enjoyed what we read, but I ended up finishing that one before the rest of the class. It’s beautifully written and it is heartbreaking at times, but it truly does live up to the hype. Libba Bray is awesome as well. I particularly liked The Diviners by her.

  38. Oooh yes, Libba Bray! I really really really really loved The Diviners and enjoyed A Great and Terrible Beauty as well! Definitely recommend her, especially her novel The Diviners. I’m VERY passionate about it and have been trying to push the book on everyone. And read Me Before You too! YOU WILL LOVE IT. It was sooooooooooo good. I think I may even recommend it more than The Diviners. 🙂

  39. Ahhh I love Jennifer Armentrout. <3 You seriously have to get around to reading her sometime…her books are so intense and swoon-worthy and action packed..I just love them! Really hope you get around to reading her and the rest of the author's books sometime soon!

  40. hahahahaha JK Rowling and Richelle Mead were both on my list. Oh the shame. Hopefully everybody does not disown me. Lol.

    I need to read a lot of these authors too like Kristin Cashore and Jodie Picoult too. I have Graceling! And I LOVE fantasy, but just haven’t gotten around to it yet. Fail.

    Also, you need to read JLA. Because I just read my first JLA book (White Hot Kiss) and I am in love with her. I can’t wait to binge read all her other series. Maybe you could start with one of her contemporaries that she writes under J Lynn? I’ve heard good things about Wait For You (another one I have, but haven’t read yet…).

  41. Now I don’t feel so bad, I haven’t read books by at least 1/2 the authors on your list.

  42. I’ve read four of the authors you’ve mentioned, Jojo Moyes, whom I like, but I didn’t enjoy The Girl You Left Behind, Beth Revis, where Across The Universe was a middle ground book, Kami Garcia, to which I’ve read beautiful Creatures and Unbreakable, and Charlies Dickens, however, most of them are from school. Libba Bray made my list with The Diviners, and I’d also say that Jennifer Armentrout is on my list of considering, I mean, it’s not like I haven’t got a choice of books to choose from there. Fantastic list, and I liked how you always have a single image to go with it, it’s really cute Jamie 🙂

  43. You should definitely read those Libba Bray books. The Gemma Doule trilogy remains one of my favorites, and “Beauty Queens” is just so hilarious! Both are in my bookery to read again.

  44. Yeah, I haven’t read most of the ones you have listed, either, even though I own books by most of them. In some cases, multiple books… (oops)

  45. I haven’t read any Jodi Picoult or Libba Bray either.

  46. I’ve read Gillian Flynn’s Gone Girl but have yet to read any of her other novels, despite wanting to. As for Jodi Picoult, she is one of my favourite authors – you have to read her novels, particularly seen as you own 8 of them!! Neither of these authors will disappoint you, I assure you of that!

  47. Omg. Gillian Flynn definitely tops my “JAMIE STOP WHAT YOU’RE DOING AND READ HER BOOKS” list. I also second Kami Garcia because I really enjoyed Beautiful Creatures. It is one of my favorites. And definitely Khaled Hosseini–I think you would really, really like The Kite Runner.

  48. So many good others and books referenced here (though I haven’t read them all either). I highly recommend Khaled Hosseini. Have read all of his novels and even reviewed the last one.

    Of the YA authors, I’d say, get on Libba Bray now! Great bc she writes contemporary and historical/paranormal, so lots to choose from, no matter what you like. The Diviners is my fave of the ones I’ve read.

  49. Hex Hall is not super paranormal, it’s more paranormal lite. I did love that series and I’ve read it like 3 times, super quick reads. I haven’t read the spin-off novel yet but I will eventually.

    I have read Incarnate and I loved it, but I didn’t finish the second book before I lost interest, I’m going to give it another go before I give it a final verdict because I think I just want in the mood for it when I tried it last.

    I had to read The Kite Runner in high school and hatred it but it could have jusy been because it was required reading and they’re never fun.

    Beautiful Creatures was a good one too but I haven’t read the rest of the sites yet.

  50. Hey Jamie!
    I’ve only read Jennifer Armentrout out of that list. And I’ve only read her new adult books. They were cute, but nothing special. It makes sense that you haven’t read her, because I had another “You were standing in front of me at the book signing, and I’m just realizing it now,” moments with Betty.
    It’s really funny how many times we’ve been in the same place but not know it:)

  51. Gillian Flynn – I have all of her books I got last year for Christmas. I LOVED Sharp Objects – Dark, Gritty and just awesome!
    You MUST read! It was also her first Novel.

  52. Chara Watson says:

    Wow! Thanks for the Libba Bray recommendation. I’ve been having a hard time focusing enough to finish a book for the longest time, but I finished A Great and Terrible Beauty in one day (a feat for me, since I have three kids) and it literally saved my day. I’m anxiously awaiting the second in the series.

  53. Try read Me Before You! It’s a good book!

  54. I have read a few of Jennifer Armentrout’s books, but I’m determined to catch up on her Lux series and her Covenant series, which is beloved by my sister, Rachel, Betty, Wendy, Vee and a billion other people I know. Like you, I don’t read a lot of paranormal YA so I’m a bit hesitant — but I can’t resist. They’re eyeing me from my sister’s shelf right now, so I think I’m going to have to start soon. I’ll let you know how it goes! 😉

  55. Oh my word! Ok, I need a list to accurately convey all that I am feeling right now!

    1. I ADORE your blog. I used to be a big follower of the beauty community via blogs and youtube and I still check into them now and again, but I’m pretty new to the book blogging community, which is a surprise considering how much I lurve to read! You’ve totally inspired me to start my own (don’t judge my one lonely little post too harshly!) and I have to say I have a lot of catching up to do, I’m currently reading and devouring your blog rather than my to-read wall of books…

    2. I had to comment on the Harry Potter thing. If I see/hear that people haven’t read most other authors, even hugely popular ones, it doesn’t really get to me, because I’m guilty of that too, but HARRY POTTER, I love harry potter and I am still waiting for my acceptance letter!

    3. Back to the main point of this comment I suppose, except for telling you how much I love this blog – because I totally do, you have to read Jodi Picoult, she is one of my absolute favourite authors. I know you are very much into YA fiction, and while she obviously doesn’t fall into that category her stuff is soo good, my top picks are Handle with Care, House Rules and The Storyteller. SO good.

    4. JoJo Moyes I haven’t read myself but it’s in my TBR pile, I WILL get to it…

    5. Gillian Flynn – I have all three of her books, the best being (in my opinion) Gone Girl. (I have this thing where if there is a movie coming out for a book that is getting rave reviews I HAVE to read it first before I see it). If you are anything like me be prepared for throwing the book off the wall at least once or twice. That’s all I’m saying. I wouldn’t automatically recognise any of the other authors by name…

    6. I haven’t read Dickens either *goes and stands in the corner and hangs head in shame*.

    You are so lucky to be able to attend so many great book tours, I live in Northern Ireland and unfortunately we don’t get half as much book-related events. I don’t know if deliver stateside but they are brilliant for really reasonably priced books and collections –

    Rachel x

    • Oh my goodness. Your comment made my really bad day a bit better! <333 Thank you for the kind words and welcome to the blogging community!!

      I KNOWWWW. Being in this community made me even more aware of my Harry Potter delinquency! I managed to shove the guilt down since I started blogging in 2010 but then last October I finally was like OKAY LET'S DO THIS. But I've still only read book 1. SHAME SHAME SHAME I know.But at least I read it??

      I def plan to try a Jodi book soon! I read a lot of adult fiction as well so feel free to pass on any recs to me 🙂

      Excited to "see" you around the blogosphere! And if you have any questions (I know I had a million when I first started) you know where to find me! 🙂 Again, thanks for the kind words. Needed them today!


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