BEA Part Of It Year 2: A Glimpse At My NYC Bucket List


Last year the lovely Estelle put together a fun series of posts from bloggers around BEA time with great tips and recommendations for things to do OUTSIDE of the actual conference. I’m not a native like the rest of them but Will and I frequent NYC quite a lot being in Philly so I contributed by list of great quick bites & sweet treats. (You should check that out for noms!). This year I didn’t have much more to contribute as Will and I haven’t been going to the city much due to financials but I was still happy to participate with a glimpse of some of the things on my NYC bucket list that I need to do! Before you check out MY post, check out this year’s posts in which Estelle talks Broadway & brews, Gaby talks parks, Rachel talks how to get around the city, and Alexa talks places to get coffee & tea (which YOU WILL NEED TO KEEP UP THE BEA PACE).

So the interesting thing? A lot of my NYC bucket list is food related. So there’s that. Also, if you want to help me knock any of these off my bucket list whilst at BEA this year…holla at me! Although Will might be upset if I get the mac & cheese without him.


// EAT //

Get my cookie on at Milk & Cookies Bakery
I can’t even look at pictures of their ice cream sandwiches without drooling. I need one of those. And a regular cookie. And a brownie.

Devour a cone at Big Gay Ice Cream Shop
I love their name and their flavors sound divine. It’s definitely a popular one and I owe it to myself to try ice cream anywhere people are raving about.

Get some coffee & a sweet treat at Dean & Deluca
Okay, so this is a weird personal one. I am obsessed with the show Felicity and they work at Dean & Deluca’s and I’ve never had it ever. SO? I must. In honor of the show. And the whole time I will be waiting for Ben to walk out from the back all sexy in his apron.

Get some lobsta mac & cheese at Macbar
Dudes. A mac & cheese bar. I’ve heard good things and um mac & cheese? I think it’s pretty obvious why I want to go here. But I love me some lobster mac & cheese. Gotta see if it’s as good as a place around here. And it is served in a noodle shaped container thing. AWESOME.

Have some crack pie & cereal milk ice cream at Momofuku Milk Bar
The crack pie sounds delish and cereal milk…I am so intrigued. Like I can imagine what it tastes like from all my slurping of cereal milk as a child. OMG AND THEIR COOKIES. SOMEBODY HOLD ME.

Eat at Momofuku Noodle Bar
YUM. That’s all. Their menu makes me drool. Definitely want some ramen but that fried chicken sounds amazing.

Eat in Chinatown
I want dumplings and dim sum and ALL THE THINGS. I’m always intimidated on where to even start in Chinatown so I’ve just been avoiding it until I can get a good recommendation.

Eat at a real NYC deli — maybe Katz or Barney Greengrass??
True story: I’ve never had a pastrami or corned beef sandwich nor have I been to a proper NYC deli. I think that should change. Open to suggestions!!

Eat at Papaya King because at some point in my life Anthony Bourdain told me to
Okay, well not ME personally but somewhere along the line I wrote this in my notebook as an Anthony Bourdain rec. But hot dogs (I don’t eat them often these days but I love a good one) and a delish looking papaya drink? Yeah I’m in even though this is so random. Okay and weird they have a breakfast hot dog. haha.


//DO //

Go to speakeasy
A travel blogger I love went to a speakeasy called Bathtub Gin and ever since then I’m like SELF YOU NEED TO GO TO A SPEAKEASY.

Find cool things at the Brooklyn Flea Market
I love flea markets and I need to go to this one basically. Saving up money so I can buy some awesome things should I find them. Along with this I want to do Smorgasburg because FOOD.

Be part of Improv Everywhere mission
This looks like so much fun!!

Hang out & walk High Line Park
We always go to Central Park or Bryant but I want to hang at Highline next time we go to the city. It’s an elevated park that is built on an old rail line and it looks really cool. I got very excited that Gaby included this in her post as being awesome!!

Walk the Brooklyn Bridge
We’ve been to Brooklyn but we’ve never done the bridge. So it’s high time to do that.

Go to Housing Works bookstore
I always see NYC book bloggers go to cool events here and I LOVE that their profits go to help Housing Works.

Here’s last years series (thanks Alexa for compiling this bc I totally ganked it from her because I was too lazy to find the posts):
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And remember….I’m opening myself up to any and all BEA questions here!

SO GUYS. Anybody want to help me with crossing any of these off my bucket list during BEA?? I’d love to know if you’ve eaten at any of these places or done these things ORRRR I am always looking for more things to add to my huge bucket list…that is mostly food related. YOLO. (YEP..I just said YOLO).

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Jamie is a 30 year old married lady who is in denial that she’s actually that old. When she’s not reading you can find her doing Pilates followed by eating ice cream, listening to music with oversized headphones and having adventures with her husband and dog.


  1. Ohhhh! totally hungry now. I want to go to Dean and Deluca! coffee and sweet treats are my weakness!! i’ve never been to a speakeasy before but that sounds like SO much fun!!

  2. I don’t know if you are going to see a musical but I highly recommend Matilda the Musical. It is so wonderful!

    • I probably won’t have time this trip but I’ve been telling Will I want to next time we come to the city! I LOVED MATILDA so thanks for the tip!!

  3. Awesome list! Even when I lived in NY I didn’t know about the majority if these places. I would love to go to the Housing Works bookstore. Plus I would love to hang out while we’re out there. Let me know if you’re game!

    • I’m going to check and see if there are any events during BEA that we could go to! I’m hoping I will get a chance to sneak off to go there so I will def let you know!!

  4. Oh my gosh…yes to all of this. I’ve only been to New York once but I loved it so, so much and am desperate to get back soon. And my list of things I must do, see, eat, experience just keeps growing. Hope you’ll be able to knock a couple of these off your list!

  5. AHH I want to do ALL OF THESE THINGS!! The speakeasy? FORGET IT. Also I am so glad that I am actually staying in the city this year so I can actually do things…I feel like I need a tour guide though LOL maybe we can wrangle Alexa into taking us to the awesome places!

    • Haha we def should!! I’m thinking about doing the mac & cheese Tuesday night?? Are you guys in town then??

  6. The Crack Pie is unbelievably good. Be warned that their cereal milk does not taste like the leftover milk from frosted flakes or lucky charms like I was expecting but tastes like the milk after corn flakes.

    Vanessa’s Dumpling and Prosperity Dumpling both on Eldridge St are really great for take-out. The sesame pancake with veggies is particularly good at Vanessa’s and the plain sesame pancake is amazing at Prosperity Dumpling.

    • Hmmm good to know! That sounds interesting! haha Gotta try it I anyways because curiosity but I TOTALLY was expect more like lucky charms!!

      Thanks for the tip on the dumplings!!

  7. Dean & Deluca might be the easiest one to cross of your list because there are a bunch of locations (though I think the one Felicity worked at is down in Soho.) For Macbar, you should wait for a cool event at McNally Jackson and then eat at Macbar beforehand–also the restaurant next to Macbar, Delicatessen, is owned by the same people and they have the mac and cheese there too and it’s a much nicer place (Macbar is kind of just a bench with some tables, super tiny.)

    The High Line is so worth it and the northern entrance is really not that far from Javits. I met Tom there after one day of BEA last year.

    Also I’d love to go to the Brooklyn Flea with you sometime! I haven’t been in forever.

    • I always see them but Will does not appreciate my need to do this. He’s like how about we just go to Starbucks??

      Good to know about Macbar!

      We should plan a day this summer to do Brooklyn Flea!!

  8. You have to go seeThe Library Hotel, where all of the rooms are named by the Dewey Decimal system, and the rooftop bar is called Bookmarks Lounge! (I recommend getting the Jackie Collins!) It’s on Madison Ave. and 41st. My cousin and I stumbled across it on vacation one year and it was awesome!

  9. OMG A SPEAKEASY. PLEASE tell me if you’re going to a speakeasy during BEA this year – I will definitely come with you.

    I love Housing Works – the bookstore and the vintage store.

    And I will definitely come with you to Brooklyn Flea.

    • I am going to check out other speakeasies! I would love to make this happen if I could squeeze it in!! I don’t think I will be able to do Brooklyn Flea bc that will be like a whole day affair πŸ™

  10. The High Line is INCREDIBLE. Highly recommend. And I just tweeted at you – but we should grab drinks while you’re in town (if you have time, of course!)

    • I’m definitely down!! I’m figuring out my schedule so I will let you know what days are looking best and we can go from there! πŸ™‚

  11. Oh, the speakeasy sound fun! When I went to Memphis I went to a bar that used to be a brothel. It was nasty and the bathroom still had a bathtub in it, but it was such a great, memorable experience I wouldn’t trade it for anything.

    Great list.

  12. I can’t wait to do ALL THE THINGSSSS. So many of these I would LOVE to do! Now we just have to find the time haha!! And where they are… Might need a city tour guide. Otherwise I’m sure I will just wander around Javits and around our hotel haha!

    • I can typicallyyyy get myself around. (It will be a lot of me being like FUCK we just walked a block the wrong way BUT we will get there hahha). I’m good with the subways though! I want to do Macbar Tuesday night! Are you guys around??

      • Hahaha I do that all the time. I usually don’t want to be wrong so I walk far and fast and then realize I should have taken my time LOL!
        We won’t be in until Wednesday πŸ™ I wanted to arrange a beer date with Estelle (shhhh haven’t asked A & Ame yet lol) but our plans are still up in the air for Wednesday night! Probably just dinner or something since the rest of the week will be craaaazy πŸ™‚

  13. This makes me want to get on the plane right now!!!

  14. This is a really cool list, I’d love to go to these places for my hopeful future trip to NYC, haha.

  15. Making it to BEA one year is on my bucket list, so I’m going to save your recs so that I can go to one(cookies! ice cream! mac & cheese!). Authors, books, and nummy food- it doesn’t get any better than that!

  16. LIndsey says:

    I’m going to NYC this summer, so I’m really excited to look into some of your suggestions. Macbar?! YUM!

  17. I would also suggest trying to get into Serendipity 3! I had to check it out last time I was in NYC — it’s the restaurant from one of my favorite movies, Serendipity, with John Cusack. And I have to say, it was DELICIOUS. So worth the wait and the hype. The frozen hot chocolate is pretty famous, and for a good reason!

  18. Hi doll! I have been waiting ages to give this advice since I lived in NYC for quite some time. Papaya king is fabulous Anthony Boursin knows his stuff. Also Chinese there is only one place u can go it is well known to people who live in the city but not to tourist (which is why city people love it) it’s called wo-hop. It is in Chinatown in what looks like a basement when u enter but trust me the food outweighs absolutely any reservation about the decor. Please do it for me!! I used to go on day trios and would always bring home take out to nj it was that good.

  19. I can’t wait for BEA. I definitely will go to the Shake Shack at night. It’s super cool and a must do when in New York

  20. How did cupcakes not make this list? My favorite cupcake place in NYC is Sugar Sweet Sunshine. Also, the best mac&cheese is at Dumont in Brooklyn. S’MAC ( is extremely addictive too!

    • Also, forgot to say that if you want really good dim sum, you have to head to Flushing. Tourists flock to Jing Fong in Chinatown but I think it’s just okay. Flushing is also where all the good Asian food is at, if you do make it out there (I know, I know, most people avoid Queens), make sure you try out Biang! ( Most delicious noodles ev-AR. They have outposts in Manhattan called Xi’an Famous Foods but they’re takeaway places and the menu is more limited.

  21. I’ve been wanting to go to Macbar ever since I saw it featured in a Sunday morning news show. Unfortunately the one time I’ve been to New York I didn’t get a chance to try it. Have fun while you’re there!

  22. I’m not even going to BEA (sad face for living so far away!), but omg most of your food ones sound so good!

  23. Oh man I want to do so many of these things too! Ice cream! Mac and cheese! Crack pie! Ok…I mostly just want to eat haha. I need to spend more time in NYC!

  24. Speakeasies are awesome although lololol I did go to a party at one and got yelled at for talking through something with 2 of the FYA girls.


  25. Let’s go to that one park on Tuesday or something like if there’s not much going on!

  26. This is such a fun post! I love reading what your goals are while in NYC! I have made the Crack Pie before–Bon Apetit had the recipe, but I have never been to the Milk Bar where they serve it. All I can say is the pie is amazing!!! I have baked it several times… πŸ™‚

  27. The High Line is one of my favorite spots in New York. No question. And there’s nothing quite like walking the Brooklyn Bridge… just watch out for the bicyclists. LOL. They’re maniacs.

    This is my first BEA and I’m in total freak-out mode right now. Any advice is much appreciated. πŸ™‚ Fortunately there’s not a whole lot left on my NYC bucket list that I’m going to try to fit in to this trip. If I do nothing but spend the days with book nerds like myself, I’ll be totally happy. Of course, I’d like to make it to Strand, but if I don’t, there’s always another trip. πŸ™‚

  28. Anyplace called Milk & Cookie Bakery has got to be good – I need to find that place when I’m there!!

  29. I can totally help you cross out some of these during BEA week! I’m especially a fan of your foodie bucket list, and I’m scheming on which ones we ought to tackle…

  30. A Speakeasy would be so cool!

  31. Hi! I’m a reader and I’ve never commented before, but since you mentioned NYC and I live near some of the places you mentioned, I just wanted to jump in!

    Bathtub Gin is inside Stone Street Coffee in Chelsea. It’s really close to the High Line so you can easily make a stop there. The High Line is great, but it gets very crowded on weekends, so if you have time to hit it up on Thursday or Friday, it’ll be easier to appreciate it. If you walk down the High Line from Jacob Javits, you can get off at the 16th or 17th street exit and cross the street to go to Chelsea Market which is great and has lots of little eateries.

    For ramen, Momofuku is good, but Ippudo (a Japanese chain) is even better if you can stomach the wait. At Momofuku Milk Bar, try the compost cookie. It’s a really good salty/sweet flavor if you like that kind of thing.

    For Chinatown dim sum, I’d recommend Golden Unicorn. It’s pretty non-Chinese friendly (pictures of food on carts) and relatively clean compared to other Chinatown restaurants, and as a Chinese person, I can say that the food is good, which is not necessarily true for a lot of Chinatown restaurants anymore. While you’re in the nabe, you might want to check out the Chinatown Ice Cream factory which has regular ice cream flavors as well as some asian ones like black sesame, almond cookie (yum!) and lychee.

    If you do end up going to Shake Shack, and you find yourself at the one in Madison Square Park and you still have some room to eat, check out Eataly which is right across the park from Broadway on 23rd St.

    Anyway, sorry to go and and on. It sounds like you have a lot of great places to visit – I hope you have an awesome time at BEA!

  32. Okay, seriously? I haven’t had breakfast yet and I was hungry already, but now, after reading that!? I’m not able to go to BEA this year, but I’m definitely going to be writing these down for a future trip to NYC or (hopefully) if I ever move there like I want to! I’ve always wanted to go to a speakeasy and so many of the other places you mentioned!


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