What’s More Fun Than Giving Away Books By A Favorite Author??

Okay, so you know recently I already gave away an extra ARC I had of Since You’ve Been Gone by Morgan Matson (one of my all time favorite authors!!) because I loved it so much but, thanks to Simon Teen, I have another awesome giveaway related to Since You’ve Been Gone to offer you guys…which makes me very excited and I don’t even know how Oprah never exploded from the FEELS when it comes to giving away things you love!!



What You Can Win:

1 Fujifilm Instax Mini 8 Camera (color will vary)  <— OMG JEALOUS OF WHO WINS!

– 1 copy of  ALL of Morgan’s books (Since You’ve Been GoneAmy & Roger’s Epic Detour, & Second Chance Summer — all books I have personally LOVED and recommend!!)

a pair of heart sunglasses — like the ones I’m sporting below!

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You should also check out morgansbffchallenge.com for an excerpt of the book (if you aren’t sold on it yet from all my raving) & more info about the #bffchallenge with even MORE chances to win!!

Now for the giveaway! Good luck!!

Rules: US Only. You must be 13 years or older to enter. Giveaway ends May 14 at 11:59pm EST.

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  1. I have two BFFs, and we’ve all been together for 12 years! Half of our lives! It’s amazing. We never see each other though, but we talk every day. 😀

  2. My best friend is my sorority little! We live across the street from each other and have got to share the past four years of college together despite barely knowing each other when we went to the same high school!

  3. I met my best friend during lunch in high school. We didn’t like each other, but everyone else in our group was busy so we went to the mall with each other anyway. It was our birthday week. I bought her a CD and she bought me nothing. So, 9 years later we are grown up, living across the country from one another, and still have that same mentality of only talking to each other when it involves cats, bad girl things, and bragging. It’s weird, but we love each other.

  4. Phoebe says:

    3 Qualities I Look for in a Friend:
    *a sense of humor, someone who doesn’t take themselves too seriously and can just have fun!
    *someone with empathy, who cares about people and what they’re going through.
    *love for animals!

  5. I haven’t had a proper best friend since ninth grade, but here goes.
    1. loyalty because i’ve had too many “friends” who didn’t turn out to be who i thought they were
    2. reliability because i hate trying to make plans and only getting non-committal answers. if you don’t want to be my friend, don’t waste my time.
    3. sense of humour/wild spirit because i need someone to get me out of my shell. i’m all too happy to spend every night at home with my laptop, a book, and a cup of tea, so i need people in my life who want to go have adventures with me.

  6. My best friend is Kaitlyn. We met at camp and love books, Parks & Recreation and sushi 🙂

  7. Stacy L says:

    My imaginary BFF (because all my closest friend moved away to far-off places) would be someone to whom I could confess all of my deepest, darkest, most scary secrets. And she wouldn’t try to fix them, necessarily, but rather just listen and be supportive. And I would be able to call her or text her for no reason, and we’d have tons of inside jokes that no one else understands. We would be able to talk for hours about the most random stuff, and we’d never have that annoying silence. And we would just hang; no big, fancy shindigs, just hanging out, laughing until our sides ache. When I was in college, I had a few close friends just like this imaginary one, but as time went by, we’ve drifted farther & farther away as they traveled the world, and I have been chained down into place. And when they come back to visit, it’s never quite the same comfortable friendship that it once was. I miss them.

  8. So awesome! Why do all these giveaways have to be US only? 🙁 (I’m not angry at you though haha, just jealous of the person who’ll win this)

  9. Ashley F. says:

    I met my best friend in fifth grade. We bonded over a shared birthday, our love of overalls and matching lunchboxes. My best friend is AWESOME.

  10. My BFF is my college roommate from 10 years ago! She’s always been there for me.

  11. Katherine R. says:

    My best friend and I have know each other for over a decade! We met in college and share a love of literature/books and I love that I can be ridiculously silly with her and its totally normal! 🙂

  12. OKay I am tempted to enter just for the camera, not gonna lie.

  13. Sandy S. says:

    My best friend I had when I was in elementary school. We were best friends all the way through middle school and then one day, I found out I was pregnant and things changed. I don’t know if it was because I dropped out of school and did not see her every day or because I had other responsibilities now but something changed. I always wondered if she didn’t like my boyfriend at the time but she would not tell me. Lots has time has passed and I have tried to reconnect with her but my cards have yielded nothing from her. I have moved on and I have learned. Three qualities I look for in a BFF are: honesty, humor and similar interests.

  14. Trustworthy,fun and likes similar hobbies.

  15. Christina R. says:

    My best friend is Tara, we’ve known each other since school and she is awesome!

    She’s loyal, funny, and kind and that’ what I look for in a bff.

  16. My best friend is my sister. We are super close and can obsess over a lot of the same things! <3

  17. My best friend is pretty amazing, and we’re both readers… But we like to read almost the exact opposite genres! The qualities I look for in my BFF would be: patience (I have a kid – I don’t tend to get anywhere fast!), someone I can be goofy with, and honesty!

    Thanks for the awesome giveaway! Crossing my fingers that I win! 😀

  18. I have had my BFF since I was 5 years old. We met when we were both scared of Darth Vader at Toys R Us and ended up going to the same school. We currently live in the same house, she lives upstairs and I love downstairs, so we see each other often enough that we are basically family.

    Basically all a BFF needs is to be a good listener, supportive and make me laugh.

  19. bonnie says:

    Someone who have my hobbies but understands that I like to be alone often.

  20. My best friend is my anchor. She holds me in place when I need it and is always there when I need to laugh or cry. We live in different states, but that doesn’t stop us from being there for one another. Bff’s should laugh with you, cry with you, and sit there quietly with you when you need it.

  21. My sister is my best friend! It’s so true! We call each other for everything. Of course, it wasn’t always like this. We really grew close after I moved out for college – so happy to have her! 🙂

  22. Mallory O'Connor says:

    i have 5 best friends. it’s a lot, but i do. we have this group, and we talk about books, movies and everything else too. we all don’t live in the same state, so we don’t actually see each other, but we make up for that with doing video chats. we read together on video chats, we talk and act silly and laugh until our sides hurt. even though we don’t get to see each other, i would never ask for any other people to be my best friends.

    Thanks for the giveaway! 🙂

  23. I met my best friend seven years ago when we were doing Americorps together. It was like when you’re kids and you’re attached at the hip to a person for no discernible reason. We’ve seen each other through some really tough times and over the years we got so close and built a solid adult relationship. Last year when I relocated for work it was so hard to say goodbye. I’m so excited to go visit her just before BEA! Thanks for the giveaway and a great question!

  24. My BFF in elementary school had the same birthday as me, so we thought we were extra special, super strong BFF’s. The last day of fourth grade, we sang “Wind Beneath Our Wings” to our teacher. So really, we were extra “special”, super dork BFF’s lol…

  25. Loyalty, honesty, and dependability.

  26. Ciera Street says:

    My best friend and I met in fifth grade and we’re still just as close now finishing up our freshman year of college. Even though 3000 miles apart, missing her like crazy, the distance has made the heart grow fonder and I cherish every moment I get to spend with her 🙂

  27. Danielle Nguyen says:

    My best friend is my sister. We’re three years apart and I remember it being difficult as teenagers, but we’ve grown much closer as adults.

  28. My BFFs are always there for me, loyal, and trustworthy. But what I value the most is honesty, in-my-face honesty!

  29. 1. Loyal
    2. Sense of Humor
    3. Can work through any difference that may arise

  30. OMG this is an AMAZING giveaway!!! I love Morgan Matson soooooo much (I’m right along with you as she’s one of my favorite authors) and would love this! But I need her books in physical form! I have Amy & Roger’s in paperback and the other two on my kindle. I just need them though. And that camera and the glasses. MAN. Thanks so much for this amazing giveaway! Back to the question, I have moved around so much during my life (currently living in my 22 home and I’m 25) so I’ve always made really good friends then would move away from them. So I had quite a few best friends. Currently I only keep in touch with one of them and that’s hard to do since we don’t live close and she has a kid now and all. But my best friend right now is honestly my boyfriend of 7 years 🙂 I couldn’t ask for a better best friend! I’m always jealous of other really good friendships though – I’d love to have more girlfriends :/

  31. I’ve known my best friend since 3rd grade. And eventhough we live 5 hours away and don’t see each other as much as we would like, any time we get together it’s like nothing has changed and we can just be ourselves.

  32. jpetroroy says:

    Loyalty, sense of humor, and caring.

  33. Well, for me something I like in a friend is someone who wants to do the kind of things I do, who is open to trying new things and they have to read. If they aren’t the kind of person where we can recommend books to each other we’ll probably run out of things to talk about…

  34. I’ve had a handful of best friends in my life but there’s only one I’ve had over five years today, my best friend Edward! He’s absolutely crazy but I love him. Three qualities I apparently need in a friend: open minded (because we’ll probably have varying interests and who wants to only be able to talk about one thing?), hilarious (no explanation needed), and loving. Of course I need a friend that I love and loves me back! I’m sure there are other qualities but I think these are my top 3.

    Thank you for the giveaway!

  35. My best friend is like a walking cartoon character! There’s never a dull moment when she’s around. She’s hilarious, genuine, and sassy!

  36. Mandie Baxter says:

    I met my current two best friends online. One at write on con and the other through twitter.

  37. I have two best friends and I’m so thankful for the both of them! Sadly, they both live like a 19 hour drive away from me, in opposite directions haha. There’s my childhood best friend, Anita (we met in 6th grade) and she lives in South Carolina! She moved there right before our senior year. And then there’s my best friend Haley (we met through the JoBros fanfic writing community) and she lives in Illinois!

  38. A best friend has to accept me for who I am, the good and the bad (unless I’m a bad friend, which is totally different), has to make me laugh and has to be there for me 😀

  39. My bff and I keep in touch even though we don’t live super close, and seeing him makes any day the best day ever! We have the exact same sense of humor and can always talk about anything!

  40. My best friend also happens to be my husband. Honestly, I have moved so much in my life, it’s been impossible for me to make friendships that last. Sad, but true. But I don’t mind, my husband is a true friend. Even better is the fact that I’m absotively, positutely in love with my very best friend.

  41. My BFF and I have been bff’s since we were 5 years old. Now some 21 years later, even though she lives in another country, we still meet up as often as the other can get time away from work. We message each other TOO much, and we still laugh at a lot of inane things, but that’s why we’re BFFS. We like a lot of the same things and I wouldn’t know where I’d be if she never came into my life.

  42. My best friend is awesome. Neither of us have any sisters so we have become like sisters to each other. We even went on family vacations together for many years.

  43. My two closest friends just had a baby! So I’m excited about that. What I’d look for in a friend is loyalty, a good sense of humor & that they love dogs 😀

  44. 3 qualities I would want in a best friend a sense of humor, trust/loyalty, and who likes a lot of the same things I do!

  45. I don’t really have one best friend – I just have multiple regular friends – but I love reading about relationships between BFFs. If I had my own, I would want her to share my sense of humor, tell me the interesting and not-so-interesting details of her life and make me feel comfortable doing the same, and share some of my passions without being a carbon copy of me.

    Thanks for the giveaway – I’m a huge Morgan Matson fan too, and I can’t wait to pick up my copy of her newest book!

  46. I met my BFF in middle school (uh…1998?!) and we were always good friends but didn’t really get to #1 BFF level until after graduating high school. We’ve lived together, traveled together, eaten a medium pizza apiece during ANTM every week together…and then practiced our walks on the way to the bathroom down the hall together.
    I moved away from our hometown at 22. We’re married now, and even farther apart distance-wise than ever before. Before, the thought of driving across town seemed like too far to hang out, but now it would be a drive across California – the long way! We’re not really phone people, but we can do some marathon texting sessions

  47. Deema Al Maskati says:

    My best friend is honestly just the most amazing person. She can always make me feel better no matter what, and has such a kind heart. She’s also a really loyal person and I love that about her.

  48. As the wise Mindy Lahiri once said, “Best friend isn’t a person, it’s a tier.” I have a lot of best friends and I love that! Probably the best common quality is that I can talk to them about ANYTHING.

  49. Kaitlin michelle says:

    My besties are Candace, Tahnee, and Barbie (yes that is her real name). They are all completely different, but 3 things they share (that I look for in all my friends) are honesty, openness, and positivity! Thanks for having a giveaway!

  50. My bff is supportive, trustworthy, and there for me.

  51. I met my best friend when we were 5 in ballet class. She’s witty, kind and loyal. 🙂

  52. I’m thankful that I can say I have a few best friends. My oldest best friend I have been friends since we were in second grade. We always can make each other laugh and even when we haven’t spoken to each other or seen each other for a long time, we always can pick up right where we left off.

  53. My best friend’s name is Georgie. She’s awesome. Like totally awesome.
    3 qualities I look for in a BFF (and which Georgie possesses)
    1. Ability to make you feel better when you don’t think you can.
    2. Knows how much you want to do something and goes with you even if they don’t necessarily like the same things as you (basically supports you and your passions)
    3. Rocks out with you in the car/at a concert/in public. Someone you have fun with all the time.

  54. My best friend…

    1. is freaking blunt and hilarious
    2. never lets me get down on myself
    3. tells me what i don’t want to hear
    4. is trustworthy – i can tell her everything, no shame
    5. calls me without me even telling her i need her to
    6. doesn’t care that i’m incredibly weird about a lot of things
    7. encourages me and makes me a better person
    8. knows what i’m thinking without me having to say a word

  55. I have TONS of BFFs, so this is a hard question. I’ll just name 3 things I love about them: they’re there for me like I’m there for them, they make me laugh and smile, and I can be myself around them! (:

  56. I feel like I’m in between bffs at the moment, not that I don’t love all my friends. a BFF should be loyal, hilarious, and nonjudgmental.

  57. my best friend, Lanie, is ALWAYS there for me and understands my antisocial tendencies, is hilarious, smart & fierce, but sometimes annoyingly assertive & organized (those last two are the complete oppostite of me, which makes me wonder why we’ve been each other’s person for over 15 years). She is the only person I have ever or will ever do karaoke with. I am a complete nerd & she’s one of the cool kids, but I would literally take a bullet for her & I know she’d do the same. I’m getting a little choked up here. 🙂

  58. I sort of lucked out, as my best friend is my soon-to-be wife. She’s compassionate, fun-loving, selfless, hard-working, and brings out the best in me. She’s always supportive of any endeavor, always treats me (and everyone else) with respect, and is an amazing listener.

  59. OMG I have the best best friend in the universe!! I couldn’t imagine my life without her and I hope I never have to!

    Thank you for the amazing giveaway!

  60. Ariel T says:

    I met my best friend in seventh grade, and we automatically clicked. She’s just as crazy as me and we’re both booknerds and fangirls. She totally gets me, and she somehow always puts up with all my weirdness. She’s super smart and occasionally sassy, but she’s also hilarious and kind. I know she’ll be there for me whenever, because she’s my person.

  61. I have a whole group of best friends, and 4 of them live literally a half a minute away from me, and we do EVERYTHING together 😀 potential BFF? Loves reading, watching movies/tv and musicals 😀 Thanks for the amazing giveaway!

  62. Leah Claire says:

    My work BFF Amanda makes going to work each day so much more fun. She is kind, has a great laugh, and stands up for what she believes in–all things that I think make for the perfect friend!

  63. I met my best friend when we were in the 4th grade, but by the time I was in 5th grade, my family was getting ready to move from Portland back to Northern California! So my best friend and I wrote letters to each other for the next nine years. When we were 18 and finished with high school, she moved to California and we went to a year of college together–it was the best year ever!! We are still best friends today–in our 30s—and when we get together, we do our favorite thing: go to coffeeshops and read!! 🙂

  64. My best friend is funny and caring, isn’t afraid to speak her mind, gives me food, and has supported me through my ups and downs. I feel blessed to have met her! 🙂

  65. My best friend is awesome. She gets more done in a day than I could ever have the energy for. She is outspoken and stands up for herself, she’s a great momma to an awesome little girl, and she’s an amazing cook. Her husband is my husband’s best friend, so getting together for us makes everyone happy. I love spending time with her and we always have a good time, no matter what we’re doing.

  66. I met my best friend when we were incredibly young, and we spent everyday together until I had to move away. And the amazing thing is that she is still my very bestest friend, even when we just get to see each other one every few years. We talk all the time and I love her to death.

  67. I have a lot of GOOD friends, but I don’t think I have a proper BEST friend. And I don’t really have a list of qualifications. It’s a matter of just fitting into the empty spaces in each other’s lives and always being there for each other. Although, I guess those are qualifications. I just don’t think their quantifiable. It’s just something that happens.

  68. I have several BFFs, but I’ve known one since I was 8 months old and she was 2 days old. Our friendship formed a few years later, but after all these years we still talk, send each other birthday and Christmas presents, and even though we live far away from each other, we’ve been able to see each other every few years.

  69. I met my best friend Erica when I was in college and she was in high school, and everyone thought it was weird … now we’re 32 and 28 and those days of judgment are long gone, thank goodness. Erica is amazing– she loves me unconditionally, she’s very smart and deep and clever and funny, and she cares so deeply for the marginalized. I adore her!

  70. Awww, what a great way to highlight best friends! <3 My two IRL best friends I've known since I was 10-12 and we're still best friends, even through me moving away and moving back and everything! I don't get to see them often, but when I do, it's always awesome.

    Three qualities I look for in a potential BFF? Honesty, intelligence, and open-mindedness! 🙂

  71. Met my best friend in 3rd grade but we didn’t become besties till after high school. Ever since we have been inseparable. We pretty much do everything together.

  72. This is an awesome prize pack. Too bad I’m not in the US. Love the heart glasses!

  73. Kara Kieran says:

    Sadly my BFF and I live pretty far apart right now. But she is seriously the best and has the same qualities I would look for in another BFF. Loyalty, sense of humor, same interests.

  74. Nikki r. says:

    My best friend is awesome! She is always there for me!

  75. My BFF is my sister! Even though she’s eight years younger than me, she’s pretty awesome and always there for me.

  76. A BFF is someone who you can be yourself with. They do not judge you at all. They are there for you no matter what. 🙂

  77. I have 2 wonderful best friends. One thing that I love about them is how much they love my two girls. Sometimes when you have kids young, friendships fade. But these two amazing women have been there for me throughout it all. And they love coming over to visit and spend time with my kids and myself. They mostly come to my house because they understand how it is the easiest with the kids. I also love that they know how to cheer me up or calm me down when I get sad or too stressed out. I don’t think I could ask for two better besties. I love them and am so grateful that they are both in my life! 😀

  78. I had 2 bffs since high school. We just lost one to cancer two months ago. He was honest, sweet and loyal. Thanks for sharing!

  79. I don’t really have a best friend anymore, but I had one in high school and we were joined at the hip. Unfortunately, we eventually lost touch after college (though we still talk very occasionally). Qualities of a great BFF are being fun, easy to talk to and similar interests.

  80. Three qualities I would want in a potential BFF: 1) someone who loves books as much as I do, 2) funny :p, and 3) kindhearted!

  81. I am so incredibly grateful to be blessed with more than one best friend! All of my besties are trustworthy, loyal, honest and incredibly loving and supportive. I’m never afraid to be my true self around them, and that’s the most wonderful feeling in the world. Plus, even though I’m very far from some of them (like continents apart), we still manage to keep our friendship alive in little ways!

  82. My best friend and I were INSEPARABLE in high school. We seriously did every single thing together – we even had (and cut) the same classes! Unfortunately, because of a huge combination of weird unstoppable circumstances, we kind of went our separate ways after I graduated (before her.) Now we live on different ends of the country and she has a kid, and a second on the way. Our lives are so different and so far apart that it’s hard to have the same kind of friendship we used to have.

  83. I actually just met my BBF (long story – my 5 year old said that she and her friends were BBF’s. I asked if she meant BFF’s and she said NO, BBF are Best Best Friends and they are even better than BFF’s. The name kinda stuck!) last year in a creative writing and Shakespeare classes that I had to take as prereqs for my master’s program. It was a total fluke, but we like to call it kismet!

    She’s now my co-blogger and we have a ton of fun loving on books, book boyfriends, and all things nerdy.

  84. Great giveaway! I met my best friend when we were juniors in high school. She moved away to college in Ireland and now she’s married and moved 45 minutes away from me again. It’s great how life works out!

  85. As an adult, I feel like I now have 2 best friends. My childhood BFF and my adult BFF. My childhood best friend and I met in kindergarten and she’s the matron of honor in my wedding (in 19 days, omg). Unfortunately we only see each other a couple times a year now since she’s since living 5+ hours away with husband and baby. I met my adult BFF through my fiance, and she lives only 20 minutes away so we’re together a lot more. We also text daily and she was an angel last month when my grandmother passed. I think we can have best friends from different stages of our lives. Thanks for the giveaway!

  86. My bestie is adventurous, loyal, and certifiably insane.

  87. My best friend and I met when we were 5 years old and we’ve been like sisters ever since. She is my rock and the only person that I know will always be there whenever I need her to be, no matter where she is or what she is doing. She keeps me grounded yet lets me fangirl about everything and I let her freak out about Andrew Garfield and Robbie Kay to me and we basically are just super nerdy but neither of us judge each other for it. Our sleepovers usually consist of Marvel marathons and going to sleep at 10pm because we’re both exhausted, or when we hang out, it’s usually the two of us in the same room doing different things, but it works for us. She’s the person who I can not see for weeks on end and still be as close to as ever and I completely and utterly love and adore her.

    Thanks so much for the awesome giveaway!!

  88. Jacqueline Onyon says:

    My best friend and I have known each other since 7th grade when she moved to California from Pennsylvania. We were in the same English class and our teacher “assigned” me to be her friend. Yes, she really assigned me to her. I guess it was for the best since we’re still friends 16 years later! We even own houses about a mile from each other.

  89. I have two best friends—my two college roommates. One is tall, one is short. One has has a sleek city bob, one has curly princess hair. One is an occupational therapist who loves to dance and sing, one is a science nerd and manager who plays the flute and obsesses over minor chords. One jumped out of a plane with me, one is terrified of heights. One is in a committed relationship, one is single. One is extroverted, one is very introverted. But both are my best friends. I know I can pick up the phone and call them any time I need to. Both have my back. Both will drive hours to my house to surprise me. We haven’t lived together for three years, but we’re still best friends for life, and I love them dearly. 🙂

  90. My best friend and I have known each other since junior high. We are both farm girls who love the Cubs and going to concerts. She is also incredibly loyal, a good listener, and pushes me to be more adventurous.

  91. I have two besties, and we blog together! We’ve known each other since high school (though none of us went to the same one), but we act more like teenagers now after college. The fangirling, the squealing, the sleepovers, and the tea parties still happen, now with blog meetings thrown in there, too. We love road trips to meet authors (very very few come our way) and attend/volunteer at our favorite book festival every year. It still amazes me how much closer we’ve become in just the short year that we’ve been blogging together. We are a sensational team. (Couldn’t help but include the Code Name Verity line. We all adore it.)

  92. My best friend is my twin. We had the same initials, the same birthday (one year apart) and the same crazy curly frizzy hair! It was like we were destined to be best friends as soon as we met my first year of college. We could spend hours talking philosophically about every single subject until the weeee hours of the morning. She taught me how to drink coffee (super dark and bold) and wine (cabernet, not merlot). That is pretty important, I think. =)

  93. 3 qualities I look for in a friend:
    1. honestly, above all else
    2. similar sense of humor – I love/need to laugh. a lot.
    3. someone who will enjoy a good glass of wine with me 🙂

  94. I love a friend who is loyal, loves traveling, and will give me book suggestions!

  95. One of the funniest memories I have about my best friend is when we had a fake snoring competition that ended in both of us unintentionally falling asleep for a couple of hours. Now that I think about it, several of our funniest moments involve us taking naps…

  96. Michelle Lee says:

    My best friends and I are called the MEMPS! They are the first initial of all of our names haha I love them to pieces! After high school, we’ve all dispersed and went to different colleges. We still keep in contact and update each other and reunite back home. 🙂