Odds & Ends

1. Let’s talk books:

What I Just Finished
: Falling Into Place by Amy Zhang
What I’m Reading Now: The Prince of Venice Beach by Blake Nelson


2. What Books Have Made Their Way To My Shelves:


3. I will be leaving for BEA in about a week! (WILL I SEE YOU THERE?).  Here’s some of my Very Important Facial Expressions so you will be able to identify me. If you ARE going I’m thinking about crossing off some of my bucket list food items (specifically Big Gay Ice Cream Shop & Macbar) on Tuesday night (say about 7:30ish) and Wednesday afternoon..time to be decided. I’ll tweet it out for specific details but anyone who wants to come is welcome! I’m still open for BEA questions!

4. Giveaway winner has been posted and contacted for my Morgan Matson prize pack! Thanks to all who entered!

5. I am going to be tweaking my “book talk” thing a bit. I gave up star ratings a LOOONG time ago. Like back in 2010 or early 2011. But I know that a lot of people like them so it WAS hard to give that up because people want to know how you rate things. I gave them up because I had such a hard time being consistent with my star ratings. I felt conflicted about giving a book that might be a fun, high level enjoyment sort of read 5 stars  but then also give a 5 star to some book that was just a beautiful piece of work that shook me to my core and made me think about a lot of things. Because the 5 stars weren’t always for the same things and I just personally became frustrated and kept agonizing over it. HOWEVER, as clear as I think I am in my reviews with where my level of love is for a book (esp with my book review on a post-it) I do want my readers to know where it rated for me in the grand scheme. SO I’ve been tinkering with re-introducing a rating system that fits what I want and you will see that tomorrow and I’d love feedback. Basically it will have my rating and then it will have a FACTORS section below it so that I can explain the things that made it rate where it did so I can clarify that it was really loved because it was just absolute fun or if I’m rating it high for the writing and how it made me FEEL. There are SO many factors to why I love books and I LOVE books of all kinds and, for me, the star ratings limited me. Not all 5 star reads were 5 stars for the same reasons. SO I am hoping this works out for me!

6. What You May Have Missed On The Blog This Week:

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In which I talk about the book I FINALLY read after 2 years because I was scared.
Date With My Bookshelf #2 — back with a video and talking about 3 books on my shelves!
Absolutely illustrated my biggest struggle as a reader — 5 books I almost put down and I’m glad I did vs. 5 books I didn’t book down but WISH I did.
On Mother’s Day — talked a bit about how I was honoring my mom this mother’s day and some things I miss about her.


Let me know what you are reading and what you just finished!! And let me know if I will see YOU at BEA!!

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Jamie is a 30 year old married lady who is in denial that she’s actually that old. When she’s not reading you can find her doing Pilates followed by eating ice cream, listening to music with oversized headphones and having adventures with her husband and dog.



  2. WOAHH. That is so many books! What were they thinking??
    But still. You’re in books lovers heaven/ hell right now. SO MANY BOOKS! BUT I’M NEVER GOING TO READ THEM ALL.
    For me, most anticipated is Feral by Holly Schindler. I actually just read a book she released a while ago called A Blue So Dark, and I loved it! Such an honest, eye opening book. And seriously, I was hooked at Lovely Bones meets Black Swan. I’m expecting it to be creepy, thrilling, spine shivering goodness.
    Have fan at BEA! I don’t get to go to many book events because of my geographical location. So lap it up, post pictures and enjoy it!

  3. Wow. That WAS epic! The Selection series is amazing! I’ve seen The Jewel around but I haven’t been too excited about it. Illusions of Fate looks great. Kiersten White is a great author. I loved her Chaos of Stars. I actually started Defiance and it’s amazing! Unless it bombs (which I’m sure it won’t), I’ll be reading the entire series in the coming months.

    Awesome haul! There are some interesting titles there!

  4. Whoa. Great video of your haul, Jamie. Thanks for letting us share in the fun. 🙂

    Enjoy “Jewel” and “Don’t Touch.” Those two sound good – and I’m now curious about C.J. Redwine’s series, too.

  5. Dissonance sounds like FRINGE (the TV series or at least what I can glean from it) for YA.

    I adored watching your video.. I think it’s the first I’ve watched and I love how enthusiastic you are and what a great speaker you are. 🙂


    I’m in for Wednesday afternoon – I get in too late on Tuesday…

  7. ALL THE BEAUTIFUL BOOKS *arms flail uncontrollably* LOL! I hope you love them all. And I can’t WAIT to read Kiss of Broken Glass, Salvage (I mean SPACE), Prisoner of Night and Fog (HISTORY!!), Dissonance (how original!), and Don’t Touch 😀 Can’t wait to see the reviews <3

  8. Jamie, you are so adorable in your vlog! WHAT A BOOK HAUL INDEED! But more importantly — I will see you at BEA 😀

  9. You named exactly why I don’t do ratings anymore on my blog. Apples and oranges!

  10. So, so hoping that we can see each other again this year – if not at an event, then definitely in line for something 🙂 I’ll have some Canadian treats for you, so we need to find a time to meet up, even if it’s just for ice cream 🙂 and we can try to persuade you and Will to move to Toronto. Really, I think we have some sweet arguments.
    See you soon!