Hi there! Will and I have been getting down to business with doing some Spring cleaning — which basically means I pretend to clean things while singing into my hairbrush and dancing all about while Will does a lot of the cleaning. BUT I must do the Spring cleaning of the books piling up because if it were up to Will…I have a feeling any book that didn’t have a home on a proper shelf would be MYSTERIOUSLY GONE. (This is why I need to buy these to have more shelves).

I’m taking the majority of my books to a librarian friend but I wanted to share with you guys also! Because that’s what friends do…even when they don’t have the monies to do the epic Spring cleaning giveaway that they so WANT to do. Seriously, if I could right now, I would have like 6 winners with huge boxes!! But sigh…one day. SOON HOPEFULLY!

So this is how I’m going to do this. I’ve got book giveaways set up all around the Interwebs (including the one that will be on HERE below):

1. Instagram giveaway — an ARC of a contemporary release I loved recently that comes out this month!
2. Facebook giveaway — Stack of 5 hardcovers
3. Youtube giveaway — a hardcover book + a bookish mousepad (I want to keep it for myself!!)
4. Twitter giveaway — giveaway for an ARC of an upcoming contemporary release!


So let’s get to this giveaway shall we??


So I’ve done this before for a beach bag giveaway and it worked well but I’m going to tease you for what is in the box. You are guaranteed these books in the box PLUS some surprise books that will fit in the box — the surprises will all be books that came out in 2014 or are coming out! When the winner emails me, I will ask for their genre preference with the surprises and if you have a goodreads I will stalk that to see if I can make it a good package for you because I have quite a few extras that I can interchange in here!


book giveaway

Wish You Were Italian by Kristin Rae
Vivian Divine Is Dead by Lauren Sabel
Dark Metropolis by Jaclyn Dolamore
To All The Boys I’ve Loved Before by Jenny Han
We Are The Goldens by Dana Reinhardt

Rules-y type things: //US Only — promise you guys when I get a job I will do an international giveaway that will blow your socks right off. Shipping is just ACK. // You must be 13 years or older to enter // This giveaway ends May 9th at 5pm// No purchase necessary or anything like that.


a Rafflecopter giveaway


Good luck lovelies!! Have you started spring cleaning yet?? If so, I’m probably just adding to your mess with this giveaway, huh?? NO REGRETS.

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  1. Yes! I have the hardest time letting go of books! I need to do some spring cleaning as well!

  2. I’m going to say it..I don’t keep books. Every book I own it’s because I haven’t read it. I give every book away to someone who wants it or my library once I’m done reading it. I’d rather share good books with people who don’t have a chance to own them then for it to sit on my shelf collecting dust. I keep an empty box at the bottom of my bookshelf to put the books in once I’m done reading and each time I go to the library I take more books with me. If I want to do a reread I can always check the book out.

  3. It’s easy for me to get rid of books that I’ve read and didn’t like. If I haven’t read them yet or love them, I’m not letting go for any reason. I donate books that I didn’t like, but if I haven’t read the book, there’s a possibility that I might love it, so I’m afraid to give it away. But I need too.

  4. Kimberly Flegal says:

    I can’t part with books! Confession: I will box up books from overflowing shelf and hide in closet to make it appear like I’ve parted ways with them πŸ˜‰

  5. Depending on the book, it can definitely be hard to part with it. Others, I’m a little more willing to give them up, particularly if I didn’t like it or I don’t think I’ll read it again.

  6. It takes a lot for me to purchase books now (I’m a library fiend), so they have to be very sentimental or a favorite for me to start collecting them and then they are hard to let go of! But I do have some series that I bought back when I was able to spend more on books and over the years I completely lost interest in those series and need to get rid of some and clear up some shelf space. I just need to know they will go to good homes, lol.

  7. I love sharing books, but it is hard to give away books I really love!
    Missie @ A Flurry of Ponderings

  8. Parting with books is easy for me. I of course keep my absolute favorites, like Harry Potter. But, the rest I’m happy to donate to the library!

  9. Catherine says:

    It is incredibly hard for me to part with books, especially because I still have room on my shelves! I also try to get most of my books out of the library, so the ones I do have on my shelves as ones I really want to hang onto.

  10. It’s hard when I love the book. Other than that I love to share books.

  11. It’s hard for me to part with them if I think I want to read them, but at least I can just take them into my classroom library.

  12. If I didn’t like the book, it’s very easy to give away. But one I loved…I can’t let go! I reread books like crazy and have the hardest time saying goodbye. I am super good about lending though – all my books have a book plate on a pocket with a library card and I have a journal next to my bookshelf in which I write down who borrowed which book for how long. Super handy and fun for my inner organization nerd!

  13. I love getting rid of things but I honestly don’t have that big of a book collection in the first place. Maybe as my collection grows I’ll be more willing to part with them.

  14. Fiorella says:

    It’s extremely hard for me to let go of anything, especially books.

  15. It’s definitely hard for me to part with books, but I normally giveaway the ones that I only thought was average but other people raved about. πŸ™‚

  16. I can’t bring myself to do it! I will read that book (again) some day!!!

  17. I’m really bad at parting with books, I’m just so bad at it. Especially if I’ve bought it, I feel like I have to pass it on to someone who will really like it, or try and sell it at.

  18. Patrice says:

    I keep all my favorite books and donate or sell ny less that favorite books at the used book store.

  19. Kaylee says:

    I rarely buy books, I mostly just check them out from the library. But I think that if I did have to part with books, it would only be hard if I absolutely love them. If I didn’t like or enjoy them or was indifferent, I don’t think it would be very hard for me.

  20. It’s extremely difficult for me to part with books. I spend so much time making sure that I pick the perfect one, and I take painstakingly good care of them (or try to anyways). I don’t know if I could part with them. Unless I didn’t like it at all. Then I could probably donate it or trade it without any regret.

  21. Natalie Miller says:

    Clear out books?!?! Just the thought gives me a bit of a panic! Not really, I take most of the books I read & put them on the shelf in my classroom. I send the books my daughter reads to her teacher. I’ve always done that. I feel like it helps a teacher build a library and keeps it current.

  22. I don’t have a hard time parting with books if I’ve already read them and they aren’t a favorite.

  23. I’m actually okay with parting with books. I resold pretty much my entire collection to half price books when I had to downsize while moving. So now it’s like starting over when I buy books. I only purchase those that I either a)want to read again at some point, or b)I enjoyed them enough to want to “show off” on a shelf when company comes over. You know, conversation pieces. That keeps my collection relatively small and exclusive while I’m waiting to move again.

    The bulk of books I purchase these days are for students to checkout at the library.

  24. Ashley Ziemer says:

    Ahh no way! I’m terrible about parting with books-even those that I didn’t care for much. How horrible is that?! πŸ˜‰

  25. It’s so hard for me to part with books, even though I know I’ll never read them! I’ve been getting better and have been doing some spring cleaning of my own lately, but I still feel terrible every time I get rid of a book.

  26. Samantha Wallace says:

    I don’t like to part with my books because I love re-reading them again.

  27. I have a hard time giving away books now… I used to be really good at that, but did major book-purging and regretted some of the ones I got rid of (like, really regretted it – I’d paid full price for quite a few of them too!).

  28. Danielle Nguyen says:

    I’m a book hoarder but I’m still constantly weeding my shelves. I keep all of my favorites but force myself to let go of the ones I’ll probably never read again. Apartment living = limited shelf space, unfortunately!

  29. It’s really hard for me to part with books, especially now that I’m prepping my classroom! I want to keep them all for my students to read!

  30. If it’s a book I really didn’t like or a book I know I’m never gonna read, then it’s super easy for me to part with that book because I really never had a connection with them. In fact, I’m kind of itching to get rid of them lol because I want to make space for new books that I might love, you know? For a book I really love, I never give those away.

  31. It’s VERY difficult for me to part with books! The only way it’s easy for me to part with them is if I don’t like them haha.

    Also, if you haven’t checked it out, try shipping through media mail at the post office! It’s a whole lot cheaper than regular shipping (:

  32. Sarah R. says:

    It’s not too difficult for me to get rid of books that I received for free (from a giveaway) or ARCs, but it’s hard for me to let go of books that I paid full price for. Still, because I live in a one-bedroom apartment, I do have to clean my shelves pretty often so things don’t get too out of control. I wish I could become fully converted to reading on my Kindle so I don’t have to worry about getting rid of books because of space, but I still feel like the reading experience is better with a hard copy book in my hands.

  33. simonet hodges says:

    It’s definitely hard for me to part with books. It’s even hard for me to borrow books out. I literally have anxiety attacks after like two days of my books being gone.

  34. Alison says:

    Sometimes I am really great about getting rid of books. Other times it is like giving up a part of me. If I have a doubt, I don’t do it. I actually have regrets about getting rid of some books lol. Especially those that I remember the time in which I read them. It links them to my life.

  35. Stephani says:

    I keep books I love, share with friends and family, and quite a few have gone to the local library, or the school library depending on how appropriate they are for elementary kids!
    My tastes are very broad and eclectic, so I have to be careful of where they end up!

  36. I am terrible about parting with books……I like giving extra copies away though. Just as long as I keep one for myself πŸ™‚

  37. Samantha Kensell says:

    Uggh I have such a hard time letting them go haha! I think I just love too look at them all πŸ˜‰

  38. Anne S says:

    Wish you were Italian looks great!!!

  39. I tend to be “okay” with giving away books I know I won’t read or that I didn’t LOVE. However, even if it’s a book I hate, it’s very difficult to part with signed books. Especially if the book is personalized. Thanks for the giveaway, though, and hope all this “spring cleaning” helps to make room for more books that you’ll love!

  40. I have a very hard time giving away books that I love. Actually I haven’t given them away. I will let my friends borrow them and even that’s hard. I ask about them like they’re my child. How’s the book? Did you spill anything on it? You didn’t bend the pages any did you? But if I didn’t care for the book I will send it to someone on Paperback Swap website. Thank you for sharing yours though.

  41. If it’s a book I thought was just “eh” then I don’t have a problem giving it away. The ones I love I keep.

  42. Me? Parting with books? I’m afraid that’s unheard of :p

  43. Okay. This is epic. And I NEVER WIN ANYTHING. Today. That changes. ::crosses fingers ::

  44. It really depends on the book. If I know, without a doubt, that I’m never going to reread it I can part with it. I usually give friends first dibs, otherwise I will donate them to the library. If I’m like “maybe I will . . .” I’ll hold on to it for a bit long. Certain books, there is no way on God’s green Earth will you get me to part with them.

  45. I’m TERRIBLE at parting with books. But then, I borrow most of mine from the library so it’s not like I ever build up massive stacks. I rarely buy books…

  46. I cannot part with books. I’ve also been told that need to do bookshelf cleaning… womp, womp!

  47. Depends on the book. If I loved it, IT STAYS FOREVER. If it was meh and I wouldn’t feel good about recommending it, OUT IT GOES.

  48. Heidi D says:

    It would have to depend on the book, but I just have a hard time letting go of books in general. Anything else and I’m like, “Nope, get rid of it.” If it’s not something I can see myself rereading, then I’d be more willing to get rid of it…if I needed the room.

  49. I’m terrible at parting with books! Even if I really didn’t like the book, I like having it on my shelf (so long as it looks nice, that is.) This will probably change once room on my shelf runs out, but as of now, I rarely– if ever– get rid of a book.

  50. Sharde says:

    I primarily buy books on my iPad through the Kindle app so I can’t part with those. However, my physical books are extremely hard to part with.

  51. It’s extremely hard for me to part with books, but I recently did a #rockthedrop and LOVED it. Had so much fun, and it definitely helped me get in a better book-giving mood when it’s time to clean off my shelves.

  52. I’m fine giving up books as long as they weren’t special gifts or particular favorites. One day I’ll have room to keep most of my books though! I hope!

  53. I think for me I have the hardest time trying to let go of books I’ve yet to read, ones that have stayed on my TBR pile for months or a year and I know I have no inclination to read them and probably never will but there’s always that big what if. Books I’ve read and disliked are easier to get rid of, it’s just a matter of finding the time to comb through my shelves and get them. Thank you for hosting all of the giveaways, that’s so thoughtful!

  54. I am TERRIBLE at letting go of books! I have no space at all on my shelf anymore, and yet I still can’t manage to let go of ones I know I need to. I need to work on this.

  55. I don’t get rid of books. Ever. I can’t do it. I am like crazy cat lady only with books. πŸ™‚

  56. I have THE hardest time getting rid of books. I usually keep them after I read because what if I want to re-read them or check some quotes out ?! And I’m SO fond of my little library, I hate giving them away πŸ™
    ALso I’m big on highlighting so it’s hard to give away books that have your name written on them and passages highlighted :/

  57. Its so hard for my to part with books! I love to look at my shelves and see all my book phases!

  58. I never buy a book that I don’t love. So it is very hard for me to part with real books. Kindle books – I get rid of those things all the time.

  59. It’s really hard for me to part with my books! But, when I do, I binge! It’s rare that I do, so once I start, I may as well go all out, lol!
    Thanks for sharing!

  60. I don’t get rid of books until I run out of shelf space. Right now I’m good, I have space to spare. But I know I have, like, 20 ARCs I’m never going to read that I should probably giveaway. So maybe I’ll do something similar over the summer!

  61. Since I rarely re-read, I can usually part with books. I really only feel like I NEED to keep my absolute favorites.

  62. I CANNOT GET RID OF MY BOOKS. Even ARCs! I am SO BAD at it. I just want to love them all. I know I could share, but…I don’t want to, haha. (:

  63. It can definitely be tough to get rid of books, but I usually end up giving mine to a good cause or selling them back for credits for more books which lessens the sting a bit!

  64. It’s really rough for me to get rid of books if I have any sentimental value to them. I usually have to convince myself very thoroughly to, and even then, I’ve had the issue years later regretting getting rid of certain titles. So I never want to sell or donate books unless it’s absolutely necessary.

  65. Heather says:

    I do have a hard time letting go of books I love. I keep the ones that are signed or ones I will reread etc. but I try to share some with friends.:)

  66. I used to be terrible about parting with my books! I kept everything, but I recently moved for the first time in seven years and realized there was NO WAY I could take all of them with me (especially because I love my physical copies oh so much and have not majorly shifted to e-books!) I’ve gotten a lot better about either donating them to libraries or giving them to kids I babysit so I can share the books I loved to grow up with. Although with some I’ve definitely felt a pang of nostalgia when I go to look for it and it’s no longer there! Shelf space is now so valuable as my collection grows that if it’s not a four or five star read it will most likely get cleaned out, while there are some classics from my younger years that I will never part with! (like my Nancy Drew yellow hardbacks!)

  67. I definitely have a hard time parting with books because the ~memories!

  68. I am SO bad at getting rid of books. SO BAD. I mean, if I hated a book that’s one thing. But if I really loved one or even just liked it, getting rid of it is super hard. Thanks for the giveaway! πŸ™‚

  69. I’m horrible at giving away books.
    It’s seriously an illness.

  70. I have a little apartment and share a room so I do not have much shelf space. Recently I’ve been running out of room and it seems impossible to choose what to giveaway.

  71. erinf1 says:

    I’m a book hoarder so it’s soooo very hard for me to get rid of books! But I do buy a lot now for my kindle so it’s easier to hide πŸ™‚ thanks for sharing!

  72. Megan McK says:

    I’m TERRIBLE about getting rid of books, as is my boyfriend, which is why we currently have 6 bookcases in our guest room alone. Every once in a while I”ll go through with what I feel like is a brutal eye, and pull out a bunch to donate, but the number that goes compared to the number that stays is laughably small. Thank goodness for electronic books! Otherwise, I fear my second floor would have fallen into the first floor by now!

  73. I hardly part with books however I only hve a small collection so it hasn’t been an issue. Thanks for hosting a giveaway! πŸ™‚

  74. I am HORRIBLE about getting rid of books. It’s hard for me to even return library books sometimes!!

  75. Oh my I never like parting with books because I am such a big re-reader. BUT I can do it sometimes if I have duplicates or if I have it on my Kindle and I really don’t think L, G, and J will want to read the book later. But otherwise, no, I end up buying more shelves or trying to be creative with keeping my books. It’s gotten ridiculous at times and I’ve HAD to get rid of some, though, and I think I cry on the inside every time that happens!

  76. I am HORRIBLE about parting with books. If I haven’t read them, I might want to one day, and if I have read them, even if I didn’t particularly enjoy them…I read them, and I want to remember that! And maybe they’ll be better with a second read, if I ever find the time? I’m starting to get a little better, but it’s a slow process. πŸ˜›

    Thanks for the awesome giveaway! I’m really excited to read Wish You Were Italian and Vivian Divine is Dead! πŸ™‚

  77. my closet is filled with books and I’m constantly getting new ones. I’m really good about taking a bag or two of books every few weeks to goodwill. I go through books pretty quickly.

  78. Deema Al Maskati says:

    I cannot let go of my books, even ones I don’t like. I don’t really know why, it’s probably because I’m a really sentimental person.

  79. Nikki r. says:

    I am terrible at parting with books. I barely like lending them to other people.

  80. Deanna says:

    I have gotten a lot better about getting rid of books once I’ve read them. I hold on to some favorites, and–let’s be honest, a few that just look good on my shelves–but I get a certain pleasure from donating or passing them on to someone new.

  81. It’s hard for me to part with books because up until last year I only owned about a dozen – it was when I got into the book blogging community and started entering giveaways that I won and started my book collection. Now I own about 50! Everything fits in two double stacked shelves πŸ™‚ Plus the books I check out from the library fit on those shelves too.

  82. It’s so hard for me to part with my books! I try and go through them once in a while and donate a few that I know I won’t reread or really disliked, but that doesn’t mean that my shelves aren’t dipping because of the overwhelming weight of all the books that I want to keep!

  83. I definitely have a hard time parting with them! I think I’m done, but then when I go to throw them away, I form an attachment to them haha.

  84. I definitely have a problem getting rid of books. Although I’m moving for the fourth time in 3 years, so I am absolutely going to have to be BRUTAL getting rid of books! I’ve moved some of these books across THREE WHOLE STATES (and halfway across the country) and still not read them! So I’m going to limit myself to one shelf of books I haven’t read yet but feel like I absolutely have to hold on to the books.

  85. I, too, have a hard time giving up books. But then again I love sharing, so it’s all good! πŸ™‚

  86. It is really hard for me to get rid of books. I am okay donating or giving away books that I don’t think I will ever read again, or that I didn’t like. But other books, so hard to get rid of. Even if I need to make space. (I still have a BUNCH of books from when I was a little kid/tween/teen).

  87. It is always hard to part with books, but I must make space for my new books πŸ™‚

  88. Really depends on the book! I won’t part with a few sentimental faves but for the most part can pass along books … all the better to share the love!

  89. Tamra Phelps says:

    It’s not easy to give them up! Some I wouldn’t dream of giving away, but if I’ve read it & know I won’t read it again, I’ll give it to the library.

  90. Rhonda says:

    Need to but find it very difficult to discard books.enjoy giving books to friends who will enjoy them.

  91. I actually rarely feel the need to keep a book after I have read it. thanks for the giveaway!

  92. Is it hard for me to part with books? YES. But since I’ve been teaching, I just take my books to school for my classroom library if I don’t mind if they get beat up so I don’t have to necessarily part with them.

  93. Super hard to part with books :-/ Even if I didn’t particularly like them! It’s awful.

  94. I don’t get rid of any of my books! If I need to make room, I just get rid of less important stuff!!

  95. I have a very hard time letting go of my books. They’re my babies!

  96. I’m horrible at giving up books! You never know when you may want to reread them! I recently did my own Spring cleaning and only managed to set aside books that I somehow had multiple copies of πŸ™‚

  97. I have a hard time getting rid of books. I feel like you never know when you might want to read it again!

  98. Jaime Lester says:

    I am the worst at parting with my books. Even books that were just eh! I don’t know why. They all mean something to me, the characters are a part of me and I get sentimental when I think about getting rid of them. But I think the time is coming when I am going to have to get rid of some. πŸ™ My bookshelf is overflowing. Thank Jesus I have a wonderful husband who doesn’t care about my book hoarding. He just laughs and shakes his head! THANK you for the giveaway!

  99. If it’s a book I love, I have no problem giving it away to a friend or someone who I think will love it as much as I do!

  100. It depends on the book. If I didn’t totally love it then I have no problem getting rid of it.

  101. Hmm… Not really. Not the “pack rat” type like my sister lol so usually I just… Get rid of useless things

  102. I almost never get rid of books. I like having them all around. Of course, I’m not a blogger, so I don’t have stacks of ARCs or anything.

  103. YES. I can’t even part with books that I didn’t like that well!

  104. My sister tried to tell me that I need to get rid of a book every time I get a new one. That is not possible. While I can get rid of some that I didn’t enjoy or know I will never read, there are many that I could never part with.

  105. Kate I. says:

    I have a tough time parting with books. I’ll admit to being afflicted with tsundoku. The floor of the building where I work has a bank of telephone booths (minus the phones) that I’m considering asking about turning into a Little Free Library station. That would inspire me to clear some shelf space.

  106. It’s really depending on the book. It can be hard with a book you just feel you should LOVE because everyone is talking about it. But it can also be easy if I just don’t like it, it isn’t pretty and totally overhyped.

  107. It is SO hard for me to part with books!! Even books I didn’t love, I have a hard time saying goodbye to, just because I spent TIME with them, you know? They’re my babies!

  108. If I liked the book or if I haven’t read the book, yes, it’s hard for me to part with it. D:
    Thank you for the giveaway!

  109. It is extremely hard to part with my books, but I try to do a clean out every few months. That doesn’t mean there aren’t some books I’ve had for years that I’ve yet to read. It’s still hard to decide what goes.

  110. Hope Tweeddale says:

    I don’t have many books in ‘real book form’ so whenever I do get them I basically can’t let them go πŸ˜›

  111. It has been a long time since I’ve rid myself of some books. The last time I did, I think I took them to a Half Price Books. At the time, I was a teen and all the books were ones I hadn’t read since elementary school. I didn’t feel bad about parting with the. BUT with college these past 4 years, it’s been extremely difficult to leave my bookshelves here at my childhood home. I still have a shelf of to-read books that makes it too hard to decide what to bring / what not to bring.

  112. It’s hard for me to part with books, but I use the library a lot so I don’t have too many randome book piles around my apartment.

  113. I usually refrain from buying books unless it’s a series or an author I know I love. That way I only have books I love! The library is for everything else. I rarely have to get rid of books because I love the ones I have!

  114. Bekah L. says:

    It’s hard for me to give up books I love, I will let people borrow them but count the days until I get them back haha… If I just *liked* them, then I will freely share πŸ™‚

  115. Just moved and have been forced to do some spring cleaning and it is SO hard to part with my books but they are SUCH a pain in the butt to move back and forth!

  116. Leah Claire says:

    I have the HARDEST time getting rid of books. I just went through my shelves and only was ready to part with like 2. I’m running out of bookshelf space! And your blog just adds more to my list of “to read”–love your point of view!

  117. Jaime Lester says:

    Hi! I commented on Top Ten Like These TV Shows & Movies? Read These Books post!
    (Rafflecopter email- jaimel.lester529(at)gmail(dot)com

  118. It’s so hard for me to get rid of books, but I try to go through my bookshelf every few months.

  119. Ashley F. says:

    It is very difficult for me to get rid of books, unless they were something I really did not enjoy. I have a bad habit of buying a new bookshelf instead of getting rid of books. Luckily, at this point, I’ve run out of room for more bookshelves.

  120. Nope, I love to share. πŸ™‚ As long as I’ve read the book already, I’m happy to give it away to someone else that will likely love it too. Books deserve love. <3

  121. Super hard to get rid of them once they’re on the “saved” shelf. Mostly the issue is my TBR pile, it gets out of hand.

  122. I have a hard time getting rid of books!! They’re like my babies! However, right now I’m moving from Vegas to WA so I have been parting with some. :/

  123. I always find it very hard to part with my books once I’ve read them or if I haven’t read them yet. However, if I start them and don’t finish them because I really can’t get into them it’s less difficult for me to give them away.

  124. Lauren Gray says:

    It really does depend on the book, If it really affected me I’ll keep it, if not I’ll let it go! I really don’t like clutter so I don’t mind getting rid of books once I’m done reading them.

  125. I have a really hard time with this, and I was just looking at my shelves the other day thinking it was time for a change. No sense in hanging onto books I don’t like or don’t plan on reading. But the full shelves look so pretty!

  126. Ginny C says:

    It is very hard for me to part with books! I just buy more bookshelves! Or donate some to the library. πŸ™‚

  127. Ariel T says:

    It’s definitely hard for me to part with books I love, but once I start running out of room I usually give them to my local library. I have no problem parting with the ones I didn’t like very much though.

  128. I’m getting a lot better at letting go of books! I come from a family of hoarders, so even as I prepare to donate boxes of books, they’ll surreptitiously make their way back onto my shelves, haha.

  129. If I didn’t love a book it’s really easy for me to part with it. But otherwise.. Nope.

  130. It’s SO HARD for me to let go of some of my books. Even books that I didn’t necessarily like…I HAVE A PROBLEM, OKAY?!?! Haha, anyways thanks for the giveaway girly! <3