5 Things You Could Do To Piss Me Off As A Reader

I’m generally a happy-go-lucky person and you all know that, as a reader, I’m not particular about my books so there really AREN’T a lot of things that I will get my panties in a bunch over as a reader. But the other day, after a stupid article about why adults should be ashamed to read YA popped up, I found myself really PISSED OFF. I mean, I didn’t let it ruin my day but I thought, “YEAH that pisses me off as a YA reader.” RAGE FACE.

So then I started thinking about what other kinds of things piss me off as a reader. I don’t rant often but this was kiiiind of therapeutic.

So here’s my list of some not-so-serious and serious things that piss THIS reader off.


1. Losing my page in a book:

If it’s left open to a certain page it’s because I was too lazy to get a bookmark or even a makeshift bookmark or for whatever reason dogear the book (which YEP I dogear my own books) but I WANT TO REMEMBER WHAT PAGE I WAS ON. Don’t close my book like it doesn’t matter. Then I have to go and try and FIND the page I was on without accidentally reading things on a page that might spoil me. DON’T TOUCH MAH BOOK, K?

2. Be condescending about what I’m reading.

Yeah, I’m reading YA or a romance with a glistening piece of MAN CANDY on the cover or pink fluffy piece of chick lit. You MAAAAD? Gotta problem? It’s like this — I read what I want to read because I’m a grown ass adult and I do the things I like because I’ve learned life is too short to walk around pretending I like things I don’t or denying myself things I do. So yep. I read those things right along side the literary fiction and the classics I own. You walking around with your nose up in the air squawking about how my reading choice is not good enough is certainly NOT going to make me feel bad about it so SAVE YOUR BREATH and GO LIVE YOUR OWN LIFE. If these people spent the amount of time caring about their own life than they do MY reading choice then MAYBE THEY WOULD LOVE LIFE MORE. Must be miserable to be them!


3. Spoil a book for me.

I’ve talked about how careless book spoilers are like the bane of my existence but seriously…I will ninja kick you in the face if you spoil a book for me. I mean, I get if people talk openly about something like Harry Potter because most people (not me) have read it and it’s been out for forever. But sometimes I get so irritated by the careless book spoilers that happen on Twitter in conversation or in book reviews. LABEL THAT SHIT, YO. Talk about it in private because my eyes can’t un-see that!! Be more aware! I haven’t been spoiled TOO often but the couple times have just KILLED me because I know it could have been prevented. And this pretty much how I wanted to react:


4. Say, “it’s JUST a book.”


Β THIS IS JUST MY FIST IN YOUR FACE. It is NOT “just a book.” Books have changed my life, dear uniformed person. Don’t EVER tell me it’s “just a book” because I’m emotionally distraught because a beloved character died or that I’m SO SO SO mad about something in a book. Books do things you just don’t even UNDERSTAND.

5. Interrupt me or try to talk to me when I’m reading.


I told you that story about the guy on the train and how this irritates me to NO END. But seriously, don’t interrupt me when I’m reading. I don’t mind a “hey, I know you are reading but real quick…” if it’s important (Will is good about this) but when I’m trying to read…just shhhh until I finish my chapter or page at least if you want to have a full on conversation. And just because I’m reading a book on a train does NOT mean I am bored and wishing I had something else to do. Your conversation IS NOT SAVING ME FROM BOREDOM.

So, let’s talk friends! What are things that piss you off as a reader? Are any of these things that will make you insta-rage?

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About Jamie

Jamie is a 32 year old married lady (with a new baby!!) who is in denial that she's actually that old to be a married lady and a mom. When she's not reading you can find her doing Pilates followed by eating ice cream, belting out Hamilton (loud and offkey) and having adventures with her husband, daughter and rescue dog.


  1. Hahaha, this is great! I can totally relate to every single one of these. Especially #2. Nothing sends me into rage mode quicker than some literary snob looking down on YA/romance/chick lit/etc. Just go off and read your “Literature” and leave me be. I DO WHAT I WANT.

    • IT’S THE WORST. I don’t get why people care so much what other people read. Pretty sure I am not harming you!!

  2. Yours are great. Perfect even. BUT I’d like to add my number 1: Book Ending Thiefs
    Nobody bothers me for 600 hundred pages. Nobody screams. Nobody wants freaking dinner or a dispute settled UNTIL…UNTIL!!!! Until I am on the last few pages. The last moments in this alternate universe, and I gotta do what, you need what? WHAT the hayl? I cannot get these last few moments back. They’re lost to me forever! For-freaking-ever…

  3. Loved this, Jamie! And you know what the absolute main thing I hate about film adaptations of books is, it’s how they instantly spoil the book. I was so careful not to reveal anything about Never Let Me Go because I strongly believe it’s a hugely powerful story if you know nothing about it when you start reading it – I didn’t even say what genre it is because that spoils it! – but as soon as the movie came out they openly discussed the tropes and themes and content and all the rest of it, and spoiled the crap out of it. I remember queueing to see the premier at TIFF and I had been so careful not to spoil it for my husband, who I dragged along, but all the people around us were discussing it openly and totally ruined it!

    Yeah it brings the rant out of me, too! Oh and my husband is always talking to me when I’m reading, it makes me really short-tempered! πŸ˜‰

    • YESSSS. That is the worst part of tv shows and movies that were books originally. (and DEFINITELY agree with the Never Let Me Go…best not to know ANYTHING). It’s the worst. And I remember hearing people at Catching Fire release night talking about book spoilers in Mockingjay and I’m like HEY I get most of us are fans but there are some people who JUST started the series bc of the movies or have just decided to get into the movies. STOP IT. I’ve also noticed that sometimes GOODREADS SHELVES spoil things for me. Like books that have a twist (let’s say you think the book is contemporary but there is a paranormal twist) or I read a book recently where there was a “secret” in it and I saw it shelved as something and I’m like OKAY guess I know what the secret is.

      RANTS AHOY!!

  4. LOL that vine-Got to love your ‘don’t touch my book’ face! πŸ˜€
    Hell yes to #2-Are you seriously going to stand there and judge me? Just walk away, dude.

    • Haha thanks πŸ™‚ RAGE FACE.

      And YES. WALK AWAY. Go get riled up about something that actually matters. Pretty sure what I’m reading is not bigger than the atrocities in the world.

  5. I so agree with you on the last one. It’s like no one will speak to me but let me start reading everyone suddenly has to talk. Ugh!

  6. Almost all true for me as well. I multitask a lot so unless I am so close to finishing the book and you keep interrupting me then I do not mind too much when people talk to me. Love your vine for #1

    • Will will occasionally talk to me and as long as he doesn’t keep doing it I don’t mind still reading and listening to him. But he doesn’t normally try to carry on a full convo..just always an aside or a “hey I forgot to tell you this” or a “oh look what I just saw”

      And thanks πŸ™‚ Will is a trooper!

  7. Yep, I get all five of those. Last year when Allegiant came out, I was having a quick glance through the reviews on Amazon before I bought it (no idea why, it wasn’t like I wasn’t going to buy it) and my eyes had to focus on the MASSIVE SPOILER. You know THE big shocking thing that happens. I was so, so annoyed in that moment I did what any normal person would do and blogged about it.

    Rosie x

    • NOOOO THAT IS THE WORST. It’s like…OF ALL THE PLACES FOR YOUR EYES TO GO. Damn person. I’ve found myself spoiled in the comments before of things or like on Twitter if I can see other people’s replies to someone else or even like on Instagram. I’m always so afraid to look because I KNOW my eyes will see it.

  8. A++
    A huge YES to all of these!

  9. Everything you just said here is perfect! And the GIFs you used are all priceless!

    I am SO irritated at people who doesn’t get how important books to me. I would rather buy a book than a piece of bread. I hate it when they tell me that I am “wasting” money on books and I should “invest” in something more practical.


    I like to read so deal with it.

    • YES I hate that shame about how many books I buy. That could easily be #6. Like I totally use my library and I get books for review but MAN I LOVE BUYING BOOKS. Don’t judge. I’m also not a person who has 70 pairs of shoes or a nice new car or will spend $100 on a meal. It’s all about our priorities.

  10. I think the worst thing is spoilers. I’m pretty good at remembering where I am in a book, so I don’t mind if someone closes it. Sometimes I’m clumsy and I let the book drop in my lap, so I have to find the page again, haha. Talking is not really a problem. It bothers me that people clearly don’t realize that I’m doing something, but I can multitask and most of the times just nod a little.

    BUT SPOILERS. *RAGE* I seriously CAN’T understand how someone can do such a thing. How can you spoil the fun for someone else on purpose? It’s just so rude.

    • I am the WORST at remembering. I can get close to the page but I ALWAYS ALWAYS, while I’m scanning the page to see if it is the right one, see something a couple pages later that I wish I didn’t!! But honestly..most of the time it is ME dropping the book and losing my page haha. My sister and stepdad were the worst about moving my books from places and closing them. Will is pretty good about it.

      Spoilers really should a crime haha

  11. Yes to all these things. I love the Vine. Lololol. Although I don’t leave my books open face down like that because the binding!!! *cringes* Lol. But the thing that irritates me the most is definitely the condescending “oh you read YA” Just stop people. It’s the same thing as “adult” books, just written about teens. Grrr…

    • Haha Will is a good sport πŸ˜› We have another Vine together too! I got lazy even though I had more ideas to involve him.

      AND YES, PREACH! I’ve read really shitty adult books with shit writing and all the things that people want to act like YA is. Sure, there are shitty YA books out there but it’s not just YA. It’s ALL SORTS OF ENTERTAINMENT.

  12. Hahaha, I love your rage face! Luckily I almost always remember the page I’m on. But I do get that face when someone (usually my boyfriend) accidentally sits on my books/spills something on my books/comes near them. My books are EVERYWHERE so it’s pretty much my own fault, but still. NO ONE MESSES UP MY BOOKS EXCEPT ME.

    Especially #2 and #3 are true for me. I see people eyeballing me when I read a romance on the train. And, spoilers in public annoy me to no end! People on the bus will be talking about the recent Game of Thrones episode and I’ll be like trying to hold my hands over my ears and hum without being noticed. Somehow I usually manage to stay away from spoilers on the internet

    • HAHAH this —-> “nobody messes up my books except me.” I’m not really a big stickler on how my books are condition-wise (I dog ear, crack the spines, throw them in my purse) but I hate when someone else maims them haha

      UGH THAT IS THE WORST. Because you are just sitting there minding your own business and someone has to say something like that!

  13. Love your list-#1 is a huge pet peeve of mine and my kids are always doing it to my books grrrr!

    • I can neverrrr remember what page I was on. Ever. So I do that awkward, “I’m looking for my page, I’m looking for my page but CRAP I just read something 10 pages before it that I didn’t want to see” thing.

  14. I’ve noticed more on twitter lately how a blogger/reader will be reading an early copy of a book & want to express their feelings with the author via twitter. I totally understand the enthusiasm over reading a great book and wanting to express that love to the person who wrote it, but when it’s a book that hasn’t been read by most, you’re spoiling it for others. I just want to be like, shhhh! take it to email! And I don’t mean the “Hey Author, I LOVED your book!” tweets — nothing wrong with that! I’m just not a fan of the tweets detailing scenes from the book & then expressing their opinion on it.

    • YESSSS. I’ve seen this happen A LOT. When I tweet others I am the most vague. Anything specific I want to talk about I take it to email or DM if they follow. But when someones says to the author, “OMG I CANNOT BELIEVE THAT KISS OR THAT DEATH OR THIS OR THAT.” Now I know something that takes away from my organic experience as a reader! So while they aren’t “spoilers” per se they ARE.

  15. Best.post.ever. I agree 1000%. Love it!

  16. From #5:

    “Your conversation IS NOT SAVING ME FROM BOREDOM.”

    THIS SO MUCH!!! It seems like tons of people think if you’re reading then you must be bored, so they try to talk to you to ‘save’ you. NO!

    • Eeks, styling issues. I quoted this:

      β€œYour conversation IS NOT SAVING ME FROM BOREDOM.”

      • YES. It’s like OMG I AM SO EXCITED TO HAVE UNINTERRUPTED TIME TO READ. Not “I’m reading because I have nothing better to do.” STAHP PEOPLE.

  17. All of these, although I think I’m a little less stringent about spoilers (not in my reviews – they’re always spoiler-free) than you are, mostly because I tend to forget what people say to me in passing. =P

    Yesterday it was pouring rain, so I stayed around for Evan’s voice lesson (we had them back-to-back) and pulled out my book. Just as I was sinking into bookland, I heard the voice teacher say, “You wouldn’t even know that your wife is here,” and Evan responded, “Yeah, she doesn’t know we’re here either.” That’s how into a book I usually get – it’s NOT just a book, and no, I can’t talk to you or hear what you’re saying when characters are talking to me! =)

    • I’m typically able to forget if I see something in passing for a book I’m not going to read for a while but there are some that just sTICK with you.

      Hahha Will always laughs because sometimes I have NO idea he spoke to me. I hear something and then a minute later I’m like wait WHAT? Did you just say something?

      • That is Evan’s pet peeve! He’s like, “I was talking to you!” and I just gesture at my book. He doesn’t seem to get that I can’t just switch gears like that…=P

  18. Spoilers are a big thing for me, especially after being spoiled on Allegiant. On Veronica Roth’s Instagram (no idea if it is active anymore) on the day the book came out, a girl who was not happy with the ending of the book made it clear and in detail, along with a threat against Roth. That really took something away from reading the book for the first time.

    I also despise when someone has the nerve to tell me that I shouldn’t be reading Young Adult because I am no longer a Young Adult or because it is “childish.” That just… it is disgusting to say something like that, in my opinion. I should probably not take it to heart, but I do.

    • OMG THAT IS AWFUL. I hate spoilers that you just happen to see because you are looking at something like that. THE WORST. It’s like, look person, people are going to see this…don’t be a dick! Also, HOW CRAZY IS THAT PERSON TO THREATEN AN AUTHOR? I hate the “it’s just a book” but I think that maybe the one time I would say that phrase is actually applicable. NO NEED FOR DEATH THREATS. Books are incredible and are rarely “just a book” but THAT is crossing a line and you need a grip on reality lol

      SIGH me too. I’m 28 and I feel NOT A BIT of shame about reading YA.

      • I am always astounded by people threatening authors over books. I am with you with how “it’s just a book” can be the one time exception in this case. It just… it baffles me! I can’t imagine being an author and seeing/reading threats. I know they are more than likely empty threats, but then there is always that fear that one might not be one because there are people in this world who go to that extreme. To add to that fear, in my opinion, is a terrible thing.

  19. Wonderful list!

  20. Hahahaha, love this post. Also, you’re husband is a good sport. Never in a million could I get mine to pose for a video for my blog. Also, great looking couple!

    And this: “Your conversation IS NOT SAVING ME FROM BOREDOM.” You need to put that on a cute girly t-short, STAT. Hilarious!

  21. This post is EVERYTHING! I can absolutely relate to item #5!

    9pm-11pm is my reading time…errrry night. NO EXCEPTIONS! But for soommme reason my husband thinks it’s perfectly acceptable to plop his butt down on the bed and start chatting me up while I have my nose buried in a book. Seriously…he’ll come up 3-4 times a night…even AFTER I’ve kicked him out. He just doesn’t get it. Sigh…

    • UGHH. Will is good most of the time with this but there are sometimes I’m like WHY THE HELL IS HE SO TALKY RIGHT NOW WHEN I’M READING. And the funny thing is he would be SOOOO annoyed if I tried to have a convo with him when he is watching sports or playing FIFA on Playstation.

  22. I’ve started memorizing my pages instead ’cause I’m always losing bookmarks. Still annoying, though.

    Don’t hate on other people’s reading choices. That’s a really big no-no.

    I hate spoilers because that’s one thing no one can come back from. Ugh, why people?!


    Number 5 is the story of my life. Ugh, so annoying and it NEVER gets better.

    • I need to start doing that!! Although I will say normally it’s ME losing my own page more than someone else these days haha. I always drop it or something. The other day Will tried to move my book though and dropped it (he was TRYING to carefully put it how I had it)…I was all NOOOOOO in slow motion haha.

  23. I agree so much with #2 and #3! I try to not care about what people think of my reading habits, but sometimes it’s just too much, and spoilers are easily the worst thing ever. Even for books that have been out for a while, I don’t want them to be spoiled! And also, I really hate it when people try to read over my shoulder. Ugh, it’s so annoying! My cousin did this to me recently after demanding to know why I was reading, and then started to read my book out loud, as if it was funny or something. It’s so rude I hate it >.<

    • It really is hard sometimes to not let people’s opinions make you feel bad. I think I care less about some rando on the internet than I do when like someone in my real life will question what I’m reading.

      I agree..I hate even seeing the spoilers for Harry Potter but I kind of let that one slide. But I know, for me personally, I will never say blatant spoilers even if the book has been out for 100 years.

      OH THAT IS ANNOYING. The reading over the shoulder thing. GOOD ONE.

  24. Number 5!!! This drives me crazy! Nobody bothers me when I’m doing laundry or other boring stuff but the second I make the time to sit down and dive into a book for a few minutes suddenly everyone has to talk to me about something or other! And it’s never a quick yes or no question. And sometimes they just babble at me. Drives me crazy!!

  25. Luckily my boyfriend understands the power of the book and never allows my page to be lost. I’m also anal about ensuring I have a bookmark. But yes! I hate it when people try to talk to me while I’m reading! I know I should probably not do it in public, but I often read while I’m on the bus to work, and my colleagues really don’t understand my need to finish the page.
    Spoilers are the worst! I purposefully stopped myself looking at any review of The One in case there are any twists that people will spoil for me.

  26. My son constantly tries to steal my book away from me because I won’t talk to him when I’m reading. LOL! I guess I should talk to my kids, but there are times when I’m in a really good spot (or almost done) and I just CAN’T DISENGAGE at that moment! Can’t do it. Sigh. πŸ™‚

  27. OMG, I went on break the same time a co-worker was leaving the other day, and he spent the ENTIRE 15 MINUTES ranting about something stupid and going on and on and on about it in a circle. I couldn’t read RUIN AND RISING or see what Marissa Meyer’s announcement had been or ANYTHING because he wasted my entire break talking non-stop. GRRRRRR!

  28. I can relate to all of the these!!!!

  29. Can we talk about the sort-of related but actually un-related scenario I went through a year ago!? (and yes, it is still in my brain to this day) Well, speaking of spoilers (in this case, a movie not a book) I was working with this girl who was watching a movie (it was a lax desk job and we were on the night shift, so not much activity) — The Book of Eli. Now, I understand a lot of people have seen it and it’s been years since it came out, but she decides to strike up a conversation at the end of the movie about how mind-blowing it was and gave the BIGGEST detail and literally ruined the entire film for me. THE ENTIRE FILM. Have you seen it? I was (am) SO pissed at her.

    Anyway, I also hate when people are condescending about books. Why should we have to apologize about what we do or do not like to read!? I think it’s cool that you dog-ear your pages, but I like to keep my books as pristine as possible (not that they always turn out that way…) (;

    Thanks for posting this!!

  30. Haha I like that vine video and describes my feels exactly when someone closes a book. But most of the time, when I know I’m going to do something and don’t have a bookmark and have to leave the book open, I remember the page number so that way even if someone closes the book, I’ll know which page I’m at. It also bugs me when someone is talking to me when I’m clearly reading.

  31. Oh man, this post made me laugh so hard. which is a bad thing. because I am on day 10 of blogilates and I can barely move let alone laugh. oh but the pains as worth it and I agree 100% to all of the above!

  32. I can totally relate to all of these. In regards to #1, I also hate when something accidentally happens like the book FALLS out of your hands or falls off something (like your bed) and the bookmark comes out of the book meaning you lose your place. That is on my list of pet peeves! Great post – so relatable!

  33. LOLLLLLL Jamie’s rage face at Will. OMG you threatened him with a knife!!!! But sorry, Will, I understand the rage! Usually I do that to myself and then I’m like, “DAMMIT, ME, how could you be so careless!?!?”
    Also, YES to all of these. I haaaaaate spoilers (of course) and I love Shane, but he’s getting ignored if he tries to talk to me while I’m reading *cute & innocent face*

  34. Yes to all, but especially #2 and #3! I did a brief post earlier on #3.

  35. This is hilarious and so spot on! I love your last one…planes are the worst. I am not interested in why we’re going to the same place, whether you’re going home or leaving home, whether you’ve been there before, etc….I am actually looking forward to this time where my phone is off and I have nothing else distracting me from what I really want to do, which is read!!

  36. YES TO ALL OF THE ABOVE. Especially the spoilers! No, maybe the part where people say: “It’s just a book.” That really pisses me off. Like you, there are some books that have literally changed my life, ones that make me think and feel a hundred different things. #1 doesn’t happen to me ever, though, probably because I use bookmarks and no one touches my books.

    Loved this post! πŸ™‚

  37. Haha, I love your last point about people assuming you’re bored if you’re reading a book, what madness is in these people’s heads?? I’m generally okay with my boy interrupting me while reading as long as I’m not at a really important part. I think he’s learned by now that if I look really intense or am crying, he shouldn’t interrupt πŸ˜‰

  38. YES TIMES 5!

    That video is perfection.

    Love the Sheldon gif too. My husband is NOT good about this because he enjoys messing with me and likes to annoy me. He comes in and starts the longest most boring story about his day. (He is a TV journalist so he knows how to be brief and interesting. He is not naturally a boring long winded guy. He does this intentionally.) My fury is rising and I can feel it coming out on my face and I glance up and he is SMIRKING. It’s possible some books have been thrown at his head.

  39. This Vine of you and Will is perfection, really. Apart from that, the five things you placed in this post also get on my nerves when they happen to me! I think I’m especially bothered by people doing the last one, since it appears to happen to me all the time on the subway! DON’T THEY KNOW I’M READING?

  40. Number four and five kill me every time! It may be “just a stack of paper” but it will still emotionally destroy me and if you try to minimize that I will CUT YOU. My sister is the worst about interrupting me when I’m reading; I may have growled at her once or twice. Thank god she and my mom have realized what my “in the zone” face looks like, so they don’t even try to pull me out of it unless it’s earth shattering-ly important.

  41. ALL OF THIS IS SO TRUE. And super A+ for the GIF choices.

  42. You are so spot on with all of these, Jamie! I love your GIF usage too. πŸ™‚

  43. amen, sister! to errrry thang. especially the last one. seriously. I’m trying to read. GO AWAY.

  44. Such a great list! My husband likes to steal my books to try to read passages to mock. Whatever dude-I have no shame at my YA/smutty reading!

  45. #5!!!! Oh Number 5!!! I freaking hate when this happens to me on planes.

  46. YES! OMG WHAT is with people wanting to interrupt you. UMM can’t you see I’m reading? Go away!

  47. Ok I get seriously angry when people assume that what I’m reading isn’t “good” enough. My friend told me recently that she needs to read “better books” like what she was reading isn’t GOOD enough. “books with big words” or “books that mean something” dude I HATE when people get all high and mighty and think that what you’re reading isn’t good enough because 1) they aren’t interested in reading it 2) they don’t think it has value 3) They don’t think it’s “smart” enough 4) because they are judgemental asshats.

    So yes that is my biggest peeve. The other being the people that come sit down near you and try to talk to you while you’re reading as if the open book infront of my face is an invitation to interrupt me. I love friendly people, I love being friendly. But when I’m sitting in the break room or anywhere and I’m reading it means I’m unplugged from all you masses and I’m in my little make believe world and everything else can burn down around me. muuuuuuwhahahahah

  48. Lol I had the last one all day today. I had to go out and get things done all day so like a good little reader I took my current read with me. I’m sitting at a cafe reading while I snack and someone sits down right next to me and wants to talk to me. I even had headphones in!
    I don’t really leave books lying around open to a page though so I don’t have that problem. I do also agree that having someone say it is just a book is a terrible thing. My family still doesn’t really understand why I read and I’ve just given up on them. Thank goodness that my boyfriend is a reader as well so he understands
    Great post!

  49. Yes to everything you mentioned Jamie! I was nodding along saying yep yep yep…. I get especially peeved with spoilers, I will actually not pick up a book, even if I have been waiting aaaages to read if someone has let slip what has happened.

    ‘It’s just a book’ = blasphemy!! :-0

    A fabulous post.

  50. LOVE this!!!

  51. Ugh. This post speaks for a lot of us! I can relate to everything especially the fourth one. I can’t count how many times I’ve been told that “it’s just a book.” The thing is when I (or we) rave about something, it’s because we feel connected to the story and the characters reading it wasn’t just for fun, even though it might have started that way. As cheesy as it sounds, there are a lot of books that changed my life and reduced me into a puddle of tears, and I am proud of it.

  52. Yes! To all of these! Especially when people are trying to talk to you while you’re reading! This makes me so made every time! Oh and don’t get me started on spoilers! This is such a great post! Thanks!

  53. Great list! When I am reading, I am so engrossed that the outside world ceases to exist. I even go so far as telling my husband that I am reading today so unless the house is on fire, DO NOT SPEAK TO ME!
    I am very interested in what article you read. I like to read those just to see what stupid…I mean other opinions are out there. Plus, I like to write to those uppity a*holes and refute every claim they made.

  54. I love this list!! I use to snub people for reading and liking 50 shades of gray, but then I realized I don’t care WHAT they read as long as they are reading! Because they found a book they liked and enjoyed means now they will go looking for similar books and read those. I’m perfectly okay with that! I’m very happy your reading. Just as long as you don’t let other people’s feelings dictate what you can and can not like. You know?

  55. When people play around with my bookcase. Like.. no. Don’t touch my books. Or that pile over there. It may look like chaos, but it’s a carefully ordered mess..

    Seriously, people know this makes me lose my shit and still they do it, for giggles. Once I found my books left in a trail from my bedroom to the bathroom.


    I was not a nice person to be around that day.

    It’s petty. But dude. Don’t touch my books!

  56. Haha the ‘being interrupted when you’re reading because you must be bored’ old chestnut. Love it.
    Every reader knows how infuriating that is!

  57. Number 5! I am totally with you on number 5, it’s one of my biggest pet peeves as a reader, along with people who hover over my shoulder whilst I’m reading.


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