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So one day everything is normal and the next….poof. Everyone over the age of 14 is gone without an explanation. Chaos ensues because no adults + no power or internet or anything like that. The teens try to make some sort of order and help the little kids and form a society of sorts in the meantime. They are dealing with rationing food, lawlessness and bullies. Not to mention strange things are happening — mutating animals, some of the kids have some sort of superpowers — and things begin to get a bit sinister. The kids try to stay alive and fight off the rich, dangerous kids who have tried to take control all while they try to figure out what happened to the adults before THEY turn 14 and POOF.

a2I just want to know THE THINGS.

a4This was our book club pick and as a group it was a very mixed bag about this one! It isn’t at all my typical read but I was highly entertained throughout most of it. Definitely reads a bit younger than I typically read though.

1. Gone by Michael Grant was SUPER fast-paced: As I was reading I found myself kind of amazed with how quickly the pages were turning. I was like staring at my hands like WHAT IS THIS? HOW AM I READING THIS FAST? It was easy to jump right into the breakneck speed that this chunkster of a book as events unfold upon the disappearance of everyone over like 14. If you like your books with ACTION ACTION ACTION you might want to cozy up with this one! It’s a book I plan to give my 12 & 14 year old nephews who need to be immediately hooked and wanting fight and chase scenes and CRAZY action! Twist and turns and secrets and surprises are in store if you read this one.

2. I was LOVING it…until about halfway through: Gone was kind of like what happens to me when I run. I start out running like a crazy person all fast and barely breaking a sweat feeling good…and then I hit a wall. A wall that makes me just want to fall down and sleep right where I am. I was so into this book and then halfway through THINGS happened and I was just like UMM WHAT (talking werewolves kind of stuff) and it kind of diminished some of my enjoyment. It also started to get a little muddled and confusing and some action scenes were just jumbly. I would have to reread parts over for clarification…and this is not a difficult book.

3. There is SO much going on in this book: I don’t think I realized what this book would entail. The premise was fantastic right away — WHERE DID ALL THE ADULTS GO? Where did these powers come from? How do we form a society/some sort of order without adults? WHAT HAPPENED. Oh and then there is this thing and that thing that I can’t tell you because spoilers. I felt very intrigued but all at the same time very overwhelmed. Lots of different side stories and people and little details that I’m sure will come together but WOWSA…overload at points. But overall I was just getting more and more sucked into this carefully crafted story that I know is going to be some crazy complex web going forward! So many questions, tidbit of answers.

4. I’m really undecided if I want to continue on even though I did enjoy it enough: Here’s the thing. I was REALLY enjoying it because it was different for me — fast paced, action-y and had all sorts of fun elements to make it addictive. But then, like I said, halfway through it was just MEH. I want to KNOW THE THINGS because there are SO many answers I need + I want to see how this society of no adults continues on but I’m struggling with if all the books in the series are worth the investment. It’s a commitment. They are a big and it’s a long series and I didn’t care about the characters. But I want answers.



factors+ non-stop action, high enjoyment, cool premise, surprising elements, world-building overall
hitting a wall halfway through, lots of little annoying things, weird elements that made me go EH?, writing just okay, flat characters

Re-readability: No.
Would I buy a copy for my collection? No. I plan to library these if I continue on.

a5readers who like fast paced/action-y novels, people who like a mismash genre-wise, might give it to reluctant readers because it’s easy to get sucked into

a8My enjoyment level was pretty high for this book — minus some annoyances and the second half not capturing my attention the way the first half did. There was a lot of interesting things going on here — people over 14 disappearing, a dome that formed around the town, superpowers, strange things occurring and more PLUS survival, how to create order in chaos and good vs. bad. It’s an entertaining, fast paced and suspenseful and my curiosity wants me to continue on but I’m not sure yet.

review-on-post-itGone by Michael Grant


a8j* Have you read this one? What did you think? Similar or different from me? I would LOVE to hear regardless!
* If you haven’t read it, is it something on your radar or that you think you will read?
* Should I continue on with this series??
*Anyone else get super irritated with the “brah” talk. Too old for that. haha

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  1. I read Gone about a year ago and my feelings were similar to yours. I got through it fast and it was a good read but there were some annoyances. I want to know what happens next but it’s been a year and I haven’t felt the need to pick the next one up and I’m not sure if ever will.

    • YES it’s like….I want to KNOW THE THINGS but I don’t know if I have motivation to read all those books because I’m not IN LOVE. I’m happy to hear you say you felt similarly because I feel like everyone on my Goodreads friend list gave it 5 stars and I’m like WHAT DID I MISS HERE?!

  2. I was really lucky…my daughter (21) read the whole series just a couple of months ago. She was so intrigued from the get go that she related the whole story to me as we went on long dog walks. I was fascinated and got the entire story from beginning to end.
    She, like you, was full of excitement then a bit meh as ‘things’ happened, but she struck on and read the lot. A couple of the middle books she felt were a little ‘filler’ ish, but she enjoyed the end.
    They’d be great for younger readers, and she’s recommended them to her sister (14, perfect age for it) after she’s done the whole ‘Divergent’ thing!
    I’m glad she relayed the story to me, as I was intrigued enough to know what ‘had happened’, but I’m glad I didn’t need to invest in actually reading them…my own TBR list is way too huge, lol!

  3. I first read this because it was the on NPR list of Top Teen Novels. I had high hopes, went in excited, and absolutely hated it. I don’t think I can even force myself through the rest of the series because that’s how badly I never want to go back to the FAYZ.

  4. Part of me really wants to read these, but I’m thinking, not just because of your review though it does reinforce this thought, that I probably should spare myself doing so. There’s apparently some awesome stuff in here, but I’m not convinced the writing will be up to my standards and also I’ve definitely heard about the pacing issues. Also, though, they do seem a bit cliffhangery addicting so they’re hard to quit. At least it sounds like it might have made a good book club discussion book with so many issues!

  5. What a stinky book.

  6. I’m with Betty, brah.

  7. I’ve read them all and it’s one of my all-time favourite series – to the point where I bought the hardback of book 6 on release day despite being 2nd in the queue for it at my local library. (And I think I’ve only bought 2 other hardbacks in the last few years!)

    The writing style is nothing special but they’re full of twists and turns and they have AMAZING character arcs, although Grant’s willingness to kill off super-awesome people had me nearly throwing books across the room at one point. I love, though, the way that a lot of the non-powered kids play as big a part as the powered ones do, and I really like the shades of grey shown, particularly in later books. There are very few characters who are completely evil, and I’m not sure there’s any who aren’t significantly flawed. Maybe one!

    I hope you carry on with the series, would be intrigued to know what you thought of later books.

  8. I read the Gone series in its entirety and loved it! I do agree that it is overwhelming at times. Especially because as it continues more and more pov’s get thrown in so it becomes hard to follow. Overall though I enjoyed the nonstop action, plot twists as well as the relationships between characters that develop!

  9. This series really intrigues me, but there are so many in the series and I really don’t like the covers. I figure I will get around to it sometime because I’ve heard so many good things, but it’s just not a priority for me right now.

  10. I hit the same wall and just couldn’t continue. I had to DNF this one. I rarely DNF books, and I read this when I was like 12 or so (before I became so fanatic about reading), but I just couldn’t keep reading. It wasn’t worth it for me.

  11. I remember my sister loved this series in high school, but I never tried it. Sounds like the action and powers might be cool at first but can veer into ridiculous territory. Hmm…either way, thanks for the great review! 🙂