What Is A Bookworm To Do?

So I’ve admitted that I don’t care if my book covers in a series don’t match. I just don’t care. I have so many mismatching series and it doesn’t bother me one bit.


The only thing that bothers me about it is the frequency of cover redesigns!! I don’t care personally but, MAN, do we get new covers a lot. And it’s rare that I like the cover redesign better. But it recently happened and I am IN A PICKLE, man!

So we had Anna and the French Kiss followed by Lola and the Boy Next Door (two of my favorite contemporary YA books. SWOON on both accounts). I really thought these covers were kiiiinda cheesy if I’m being completely honest…so much so that when Anna first came out I refused to read it until a friend basically forced me to. AND I FELL IN LOVE. I even began to not mind the cover so much.Β  I kind of found it to be cute and fit the book really well! I grew to love them.

Stephanie Perkins books

BUT THEN. The new covers came out.




I have my pre-order of Isla and the Happily Ever After* andΒ  I know they aren’t going to match my hardcovers and, again, this does not bother me. It’s just that I am majorly coveting these new paperbacks.


I try to be a minimalist when it comes to what stays on my shelves. You’ve learned the ebb and flow of my shelves and how/why I decide what to keep. The books on my shelf need to serve some sort of purpose to me after they’ve been read (ie it’s a favorite or I KNOW I will reread it or lend it out to everyone, etc.) or off the shelves it goes.Β  Bookworm confession: I don’t own multiple copies of books with the exception of one of my favorites, Just One Day by Gayle Forman, because I had already gotten the hardcover signed and then the paperback was personalized ON MY BIRTHDAY and like not generic personalization. I’m just not a collector. As a general personal rule, I just really dislike books just SITTING THERE never to be opened because I can only read ONE of the copies if I go to reread! Even special editions. I won’t buy them unless I get rid of my other copy. (Do you guys own multiple copies of books?? Am I just lame-o about this?)


So you might be thinking…well just give away/donate the copies you have now and buy the new ones then?


1. They are signed TO ME and she’s a favorite so that’s special!
2. The biggest reason — SENTIMENTAL REASONS. I’m not normally super sentimental but I have a lot of memories re: Anna (I bought it while shopping with my friend Steph who I met through all this, etc) and, the biggest reason, WILL bought me Lola and the Boy Next Door. He has only ever bought me two books in my life (this and the beautiful B&N edition of Alice in Wonderland). I didn’t even ASK for Lola but he knew I had read an ARC and loved it. So he bought it for me on my birthday! THAT is special to me. I’d feel all bad replacing the copy he went in the YA section and bought me on his own with a new shiny copy without me ever mentioning it.



So what to do??? Get over my minimalist rules for what stays on my shelves and just buy them?? Or just pet them every time I go to the bookstore and adore the pretty Isla cover I’ll have? HELLLLP.

So I’m curious: Do you guys hate when your series don’t match? Do you own multiple copies of one book?? Also, which covers do you like better for the Stephanie Perkins??



*And now I’m interrupting this VERY SERIOUS PROBLEM with some fabulous Stephanie Perkins news and such!!

1. I mentioned that I pre-ordered Isla (from my FAVORITE indie book store. Seriously they are the ones that helped make THIS happen). If you pre-order Isla at one of these 55 independent bookstores you will get AWESOME STUFF — decals, the pins below and 25 lucky people might win the gorgeous tote bag below! AND ISLA WILL BE SIGNED. If you don’t have an indie bookstore, you can call one on the list and they will hook you up. If you feel so obliged, pick my favorite indie — Children’s Book World in Haverford, PA!

2. If you are itching to get your hands on Isla (it’s really good, guys!!) here is the chapter sampler!!

3. OH MY STARS. Have you read this Anna deleted scene??? DO IT. Have you NOT read Anna yet?? Read this chapter sampler to find out what you are missing!!


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  1. I just recently read Anna and the French Kiss and loved it. I got it from the library, but now I want to buy a copy to reread. I also want to pick up Lola and the Boy Next Door which I haven’t read. I wish I could get hardbacks with the new covers, but I’m not sure if that’s going to be a thing. I think I’ll just have to get the paperbacks since I love these new covers more. And I feel ya, I don’t like having multiple copies of books… maybe if I got a really cool edition or cover, but I don’t see that happening.

    • I hope you enjoy Lola!! Yeah, I’m thinking the new covers will just be paperbacks unfortunately! It’s really rare that I’d have a reason to have an extra copy of a book!

  2. Wow! I am in the exact same pickle! I have an emotional connection to my copies of Anna and Lola, but I loooove the new covers. At first, I wanted the new copies because I AM one of those people who dislikes having mismatched book series. Now, I just want the new copies because they’re so pretty! I think if you have a major craving for the new covers, get them. Keep the old copies, but also get the new ones. Personally, I might hold off on it because at the end of the day, the book covers aren’t really what matter… It’s what’s on the inside that is the real treasure! πŸ™‚

    • I thought I was going to be the only one putting way too much thought into this! haha. They are SO pretty. And that’s true…maybe I will wait and see if my cover lust subsides?? If not, I’ll just get em!

  3. I liked the original covers, BUT the new covers are so beautiful. I say get the new covers for them since they are favorites. Although I could be biased since I do like my books to match, but I don’t keep a ton of them. It is kind of a strange match.

    I didn’t know you would get a signed copy if you pre-ordered. I never do that, but I may have to make an exception. Although Alaska isn’t on the list of indepedent stores. Boooo.

  4. I rarely buy my books, period (I practically live in libraries), so I don’t have the problem of mismatched covers. I agree that books that I buy need to have some purpose – I only buy books I loved and will reread or lend out. The new covers are gorgeous but I personally would rather keep the special old ones than clutter my shelves with extras. Maybe buy just the Isla paperback, and sell the hardcover you ordered?

  5. I see having the old hardback cover signed to you is worthy of bragging rights! I have the old paperback version of Anna & the New cover of Lola. Buy if you want, but that’s pretty~ impressive! I pre-ordered Isla just last week! It’s taking all my strength but I won’t read the sample chapters . . . I want to be surprised. Another thing, Is it normal to not pay the store before the book comes out for a pre-order?

  6. Okay, sold. I had not read Anna and the French Kiss despite glowing reviews from multiple bloggers because I find the cover cheesy and not my style. Buuuuuut you may have changed my mind. Especially if I can read one with the new cover design. πŸ™‚ I don’t typically buy books (future librarian right here!), but I do collect my favorites (ahem Jodi Picoult), and I like those to match.

  7. I am a freak when it comes to covers matching with books I intend to keep. When it came to Anna, I also refused to read it based on the cover (and the fact that at the time I wasn’t reading contemp). I bought it in that new cover and I’m so glad I did because I freaking loved it and now all my covers will match without me having to re-buy.

  8. You know, I don’t really care THAT much about covers as in: when I already have one copy, I don’t feel the need to buy another if I like that cover more. I guess I would pick the sentimental value πŸ™‚ in your case, I would definitely keep my old copies and perhaps buy the new ones as extra, but don’t give the old ones away.

  9. It used to really bother me when my covers didn’t match. A few years ago I would have bought thec books with the new covers, butat this point, I’d let it go. If they’re signedto you and they have sentimental value, they are more special than the new pretty covers. I actually stopped worrying about it when cover changes started to become so frequent and there wasn’t anything I could do about it. My OCD is on the way to being cured, I guess.

  10. I’m a collector of all versions of my favorite books – If I really love a book I try to get the ARC, the hardcover and if it’s available the paperback and special editions and and and … I don’t know why, I just like to have everything. *cough Hoarder cough*

    I think if you really love the covers – you should go for it. I like the original covers but I don’t love them, however, mine are personalized and signed to me so I think part of me wanted to have the Isla cover in the same format to match – BUT I don’t have hard and fast feelings about covers matching at all. And I’ve already bought the new covers for my shelves so Isla will having matching counterparts, but my originals will be incomplete *Sigh*

    jaime @ Fic Fare

  11. I say buy the paperback covers. Keep the signed ones and buy the new ones if you want them. I have multiples of some of The Lunar Chronicles just because it’s one of my favorite series.

  12. I think that if you love them enough, you should probably get the new covers! I’m not a stickler for covers matching unless it’s one of my absolute favourite books. Then I want all of them in a certain style. If there is a cover change, I’d rather the spines look the same, like the cover change for the THRONE OF GLASS series, where the covers changed but the spines stayed the same. When books sit on my shelf, I see the spine more than anything, so if the spines match them I’m totally okay.

  13. Okay, as someone who recently purged her bookshelf (like, the biggest one ever. I gave away about 75 books. And it felt SO GOOD), I’d say get the new ones and keep the old ones. They’re favorites. you can use some as lending copies, and if they mean that much to you, it’s worth it. In other words, BUY ALL THE BOOKS.
    I have both the old ones and I’m totally going to get a set of the new covers. THEY ARE SO PRETTY

  14. Firstly, I have not read Anna. It’s sitting right there on my shelf, and I think there’s a readalong on the horizon? So, I will read it soon and I’m very excited. I have the paperback which I do adore- it’s probably one of my favorite cover designs. However, if those books are sentimental to you, then there should be some poster of the books with the redesign. Maybe it’s in the pre-order pack? Then you can see the pretty covers all the time, but have your original copies too. I think I have some duplicates, but not many because I don’t see the point. I’m in the beginning stages of going through my shelves, so by the end everything should be sorted. Great post!

  15. I generally really really really really don’t like cover redesigns. I WANT my book covers to match, and oftentimes the redesigns seem pointless. I also typically prefer the original designs anyhow. I agree that the old covers of Anna and Lola are kind of cheesy, but I grew fond of them over time. And they reflect the fun, upbeat atmosphere of the books. I kind of wish they published the hardcovers in the same design and kept the new designs to paperback. At the same time, the new covers really are gorgeous. I love how they reflect the settings of the stories.

    I think there’s nothing wrong about holding onto books for sentimental reasons even if you don’t need them / won’t need them. I’m of the mindset that if you don’t know what to do, hold onto them. I recently cleared some things off my shelves that I knew I wasn’t going to be reading again (and I needed the shelf space), and now I’m kind of regretting it.

    Thanks for sharing the fab Perkins news. I’m going to check this out!

  16. Okay, first, THANK YOU for making me get off my butt and pre-order Isla! I kept meaning to, but never did, and I know I would have missed it! I don’t have an indie near me that’s participating, so I had to order from a store 8 hours away. The guy said I’d still have everything, so now I just have to wait for it to come in!

    I actually refused to read Anna even after the cover redesigns, because the title was cheesy. Now I’m like OMG EVERYONE NEEDS TO READ THESE BOOKS. It bothers me a little bit that my Isla hardcover won’t match my two paperbacks, but I’d rather have the matching covers rather than the matching formats.

  17. I’ve seen some readers get really hung up on their book series not matching. For me, personally, it’s not a big issue. Sure, it would look better if they matched, but ultimately when they sit on a shelf with dozens of other books, who really notices?! The sentimental value on how you acquire a book is more important, in my eyes. I have the hardback copies of Anna and Lola, both signed and personalized to me from Stephanie Perkins when I met her. Am I bummed that Isla won’t match? Sure. But not enough to force me to buy the whole series again just so its cohesive. I say stick with what you have.

  18. I would say break your rule and get them, especially if they are particular favorites. The paperbacks are inexpensive too! I happen to be a collector (haha) and do own multiple copies of books, but not many. I have a few Wuthering Heights, and Peter Pans, and I do have 3 complete sets of Harry Potter (original hardcovers, paperbacks that I used to highlight and look for clues (!), and the new paperbacks). HP is my ultimate obsession though. I wish I was more like you and could get rid of books. I just love them on my shelf too much.

    Just get them, they’re nice and shiny and omg Will buying you Lola is the cutest story! I really love it.

  19. I like to keep my series matching, but I’m a bit weird that way. I HAVE to have a series all in the same format (hardcover or paperback) and then with matching covers. I tend to only own multiples when it comes to having a print copy and then buying an ebook when they’re on sale for less than $2 (because I have apparently have a weakness when it comes to Kindle deals). The only print book I own multiple copies of is SIEGE & STORM, and that’s only because my blog name is the back of the paperback, so I bought it even though I own the hardcover.

    I can see your dilemma! The original Perkins’ covers were true to the characters / story, but so so SO cheesy. Embarrassingly so. The new ones are nice and simple. I say go for it, if you truly love the books and you really want them – they should be pretty cheap, and they shouldn’t take up too much space.

  20. I really do enjoy the new covers too. I read most of my books from the library and keep the sentimental ones (like you- most are signed). I don’t need all my covers to match.

  21. I think you should just buy them and ignore the minimalist side of you. I am horrible with books. Mismatched covers DO bother me so I will rebuy so they can all match. But I’ve also recently become obsessed with the foreign editions. Like the UK editions of Throne of Glass? Gorgeous!!! Totally buying them. But don’t worry, I’ll still buy the hardcover US edition.. Yeah, I’m that person. Lol. So I think since you don’t do it with any other series you should do it with this one!

  22. Jacqueline N. Onyon says:

    I prefer if my series covers match and I get extremely irritated if the covers change before a series is completed and you’re left with only the newer version for the remaining books. I’ve lent books that have never been returned and I hate trying to find original versions of the covers to match my sets πŸ™ I also do not like book covers that have movie photos on them (if it’s been made into a movie). I will go out of my way to find an original version of the cover. I also dislike having some hardback and some paperback books in a set, but this doesn’t bother me as much.

  23. I’m one of those readers who HAS to have matching covers and matching formats. So this series is bugging me! haha.

    I have Anna as a Nook book, but I’ve had 2 different Nooks stop working, so I switched to a Kindle.
    I have Lola as a Kindle book, and I also found a used hardcover copy in good condition for my shelf.

    However, I LOVE the new covers and really want the paperbacks! They are pretty cheap (about $6), so I’m tempted to just buy them. But Isla is coming out in hardcover I think? I’ll probably just buy it for my Kindle to read now and then wait for the paperback to come out next year and get that for my shelf.

    Obviously, I don’t have a problem buying the same book more than once if it’s something I loved…at least the author gets more money because of my insistence on having matching covers/formats!

  24. I did not have issues with stuff like this a couple years ago… but I do now.

    Recently I looked at my shelf and saw that I have a a couple series’ where the covers match but the books are either hardcover or paperback. And to be honest, that bugs me.

    When it comes to the redesigned covers of Anna and Lola, I am at a loss myself. I have both books in hardcover with the original covers… now I need to get the new paperback designs of all 3. I just have to. It just bothers me. Butttttt, then I ask myself if I MUST really buy new copies? This is why I haven’t even pre-ordered Isla because it is a HARDCOVER… that won’t match with the paperbacks that have the new covers.

    This really shouldn’t be an issue… but it is. *HUGE SIGH*

  25. Since I bought my Nook a few years ago, I’ve rarely purchased a physical book. But recently I’ve had this urge to buy physical books. I’d like the covers to match, and I prefer hardcovers, but I guess it doesn’t really matter.
    I actually avoided Anna and the French Kiss because of the cover, too. The new covers are so lovely πŸ™‚

  26. I definitely love the new covers over the older ones. The older ones are very cheesy, and I would feel embarrassed to read them in public πŸ™‚ I do love it when my book covers match, and I am also a book collector. So, if I love a book, and they come out with new cover designs that I love, I’ll have multiple copies on my shelf.

  27. it bothers me when the series don’t match. i like them to go together for the visual appeal of it. however, I don’t care whether they’re paperback or hardback. my copies of the first two across the universe books are from before they changed the covers so they don’t match the last one, and it seriously bugs the crap out of me. but I don’t know if I want to buy them again not knowing if I’ll read them again or not. the only books I have duplicates of are my Harry Potter books. I have my original hardcovers from when they were coming out, and I have the boxed set of the new paperback editions because they’re awesome.

  28. I’m having a slightly similar issue with Isla. I want to do the pre-order (because EXTRA GOODIES!), but it’s only for the hardcover. I have the first two books with the gorgeous new covers in paperback. This is such a no-win situation. *sigh*

  29. Part of the reason I bought Anna and Lola on Kindle vs physical was because I was so “eh” about the original covers. Luckily the new covers were out when Stephanie Perkins came to Omaha because I bought them for her to sign.

    I does really bother me when covers change BEFORE the whole series is out. I don’t personally care that much if my books match, but I know it matters to some people and it feels like a way that publishers use to sell more books to the same people.

  30. I love those new covers. Now I want them. Thanks. πŸ˜‰

  31. It DOES sort of drive me crazy when my covers don’t match. I’m just weird like that. I also like owning hardcover over paperback. There are a few paperbacks on my shelf because they’re signed. I really like the new covers of the Stephanie Perkins books. I own the first two with the original covers, but they’re signed. I probably won’t replace them because of that (unless I go to another signing sometime). Multiple copies? I have a few. There are some classics I really love. I have three copies of Jane Eyre, two copies of a few Austen novels, two copies of Dracula, and two copies of Alice in Wonderland. I just can’t help myself when it comes to classics with awesome covers or illustrated versions.

  32. Sizes and cover change irks me the most. I am a completist and I don’t start a series without completing the whole set. But because I didn’t know that AATFK would be a series I bought the first edition too. Oh heck, I felt my temper rising when I saw the new cover. I wanted to sell my old copy, but just like you I am sentimental too. I want to get the new ones but I’m not really the type who buys multiple copies. The same situation happened with my Shatter Me series too. :/

  33. Paige G says:

    I’d say stick with what you have simply because the money that you would spend to purchase the new covers of books you already own, love, and have read could go to buying new books you haven’t read yet! Personally, I don’t have enough shelf space to store multiple copies of the same book and you’d only be able to reread one of them anyway and are they books you loan out often enough and reread often enough to warrant having loaner copies?

    I do get annoyed, though, with cover redesigns before a series is complet, especially if the new covers are SO MUCH WORSE than the old ones. I think Libba Bray’s second book in “The Diviners” is getting a different, unmatchy cover based on the paperback release of “The Diviners” itself (I know it being a different cover for a paperback means nothing, but the hardback cover was so cool why change it for the paperback unless some ugly new cover this way comes) so I won’t be buying book 2 unless the covers match.

    Format doesn’t bother me, my copy of Maggie Stiefvater’s “The Raven Boys” is paperback simply because when I first read it, I borrowed it from the library I worked at, but then when “The Dream Thieves” was released, my library wasn’t going to get it soon enough to satisfy my fangirl desires, so I bought it in hardback. I just pre-ordered “Blue Lily, Lily Blue” and it’ll be hard back. But that doesn’t bother me.

  34. I’ll admit it. I haven’t read Stephanie Perkins’ books, and the cheesy covers might be to blame. I definitely like the new covers — they’re something I’d pick up right away. And the Isla sampler I just read? AMAZING.

  35. i hate it when series don’t match! not for my own shelves but for my library’s shelves! patrons that are just casual readers don’t always realize books are part of a series when the covers don’t have some kind of theme throughout them to tie them together.

    i don’t even know what i’m going to do about this whole anna/lola/isla thing. sigh.

  36. I hate when covers don’t match! However I won’t go out running to buy the new cover just because I disagree with this one! I mean, the money I use to re-buy a book, I could use to buy a new one! Sometimes I’ll sell the book I have and use that money to buy a new one, but like you, some books have sentimental value and I don’t feel like parting with them.

    I’m glad I waited before buying the Stephanie Perkins books because now I have them with the wonderful covers. And thanks for letting us know about the Isla pre-order deal!

  37. Personally, I want my series to match. The last book of my Under The Never Sky series, all signed, is taller than the first two! >__< I bought them separately, but still they looked the same, but the last book was just taller! The only multiple copies I own is of TFIOS, one hardcover and one paperback. I am awaiting ISLA, I already have the minimalist paperbacks of Anna and Lola πŸ™‚

  38. I GET SO ANNOYED WHEN THERE ARE COVER CHANGES, more so size changes of books BUT GRRRR, and yeah the first copies of Anna and Lola are WAY too cheesy for me, I have all the new style [are they the UK editions?..that’s maybe why i have them[? ..or..not? #confused.

  39. I have about five copies of my favorite book – every time I find a redesign I love, I have to have it. So I say keep the ones you have and get the ones that match. You deserve it!

  40. I generally don’t keep multiples on my shelves, and I see your dilemma. Hmm…maybe make a special signed shelf for those special/signed items (or stack them somewhere as decor/spine art) and buy the new paperbacks for easy carrying/reading/lending?

  41. I am soooo glad I got the kindle editions for the first two! Then I bought the paperbacks for my sister, so I can covet them from afar πŸ™‚ But this is SUCH A PROBLEM, I know! I felt the same way when the new John Green covers came out. My copies of Alaska and Katherines aren’t signed or anything but they’re MY COPIES. I read them! I felt them! I smelled them! Ah. And a bigger problem: The Artemis Fowl books totally changed their look, and now they’re ugly AND they don’t match. Sigh.

  42. I bought Anna and the French kiss a few weeks ago at Half Price Books, and I’m hoping to read it soon. I don’t know if I’ll like it, but if I do, I will be upset if my covers don’t match. I am anal about that sort of thing. I had to buy the special edition of Delirium to have matching covers. I like having them so I can display them with pride.

    The only book I have a double of is The Perks of Being a Wallflower. I have my signed copy, and then I was in the English department’s office during my last semester of college, and they were giving them away for free, so I took some and gave them to friends. I kept a spare for myself so I wouldn’t ruin my signed copy.

    I might buy the new Harry Potter paperbacks, though. I like the new covers, and wouldn’t mind having them on my shelves.


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