Bookstore Shopping Spree!!

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This week’s topic: Top Ten Books I Want To Read But Don’t Yet Own

Oh man…this is HARD. There are so many books I want to read but don’t own. SO basically I just thought about the 10 books I’d buy at the bookstore if I was given a hella big gift card for a bookstore shopping spree!! THIS IS SO FUN. IF ONLY. IF ONLY.


Like No Other by Una LaMarche: I’ve heard nothing about amazing things about this contemporary YA and I REALLY want it so so so bad.
The Chocolate Thief by Laura Florand: I’ve been wanting this one and it’s not at my library and so I just need to buy it I think. PARIS.
Fixing Delilah by Sarah Ockler: I’ve really loved Sarah Ockler’s other books and I’ve heard AMAZING things about this and it seems like a book I’d want to own.
Pointe by Brandy Colbert: I’ve heard SUCH amazing things about this one this year! Like really strong (positive) reactions!

A Little Wanting Song by Cath Crowley: I LOOOOVED Graffiti Moon and I’ve been wanting this one for a while and if I had some extra money or a shopping spree…YEAH I’d be getting this one.

A Mad, Wicked Folly by Sharon Biggs Waller: This is one I’ve heard a lot about this year AND it’s historical fiction and the cover is so pretty!

The Chance You Won’t Return by Annie Cardi: This was one of my most anticipated debuts of this year and I’m dying to read it!

Love & Other Foreign Words by Erin McCahan: This just seems like such a me book and it’s gotten some good buzz this year! And okay okay I’m a sucker but it says for fans of John Green and Rainbow Rowell and YEAH THAT IS ME.

Finnikin of the Rock by Melina Marchetta: Melina is one of my favorites and I really do want to give her fantasy series a try!!

Siege & Storm by Leigh Bardugo: So I had an ARC of Siege & Storm but gave it to a friend because I hadn’t read Shadow & Bone yet and then I finally did and WOW I NEED THIS BOOK.



So tell me…if you got the chance to go on a shopping spree tell me the #1 book you would want! Have you read any off this list that should be MY #1 pick??

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  1. Ooooh, I really want to pick up and read LOVE AND OTHER FOREIGN WORDS. I do have FINNIKIN on my nook, buuuut I haven’t read it. ^^;; SIEGE AND STORM!!!! Ooooh, GRAFFITI MOON is a book I’ve been meaning to pick up and read. It STILL hasn’t happened 🙁 I basically did what you did! Which books do I REALLY want to pick up and read! Some of them…I’d buy them in a nanosecond, but they’re only available overseas! GAH!

    • Yeah I had a lot of Aussie books I would have put on this list that aren’t available here! FISHPOND SHOPPING SPREE HERE I COME!

  2. A MAD, WICKED FOLLY! I’m not usually a big fan of historicals, but I really, really liked this one. I have an ARC if you want to borrow it–SIEGE AND STORM, too! (:

    Rachel @ Beauty and the Bookshelf

    • Why thank you! I might check and see if it’s at the library but you are so sweet! 🙂 This makes me happy because I see A LOT of people who don’t typically read historical fiction loving A Mad, Wicked Folly!

  3. Love and Other Foreign Words is so good! Josie the main character is funny and sassy I love her. Hope you get to read that one soon.

  4. Awesome list! I’ve heard god things about some of those books. Others I may have to check out myself. This is my list for this week:

    It’s my only post on my blog because I just started it a few days ago. Happy reading!

  5. Laura Florand, definitely! Her Amour et Chocolat series are to die for! Amazing, amazing writing! 🙂

  6. Ha. Love your list! My number one pick at the moment would probably be Open Road Summer I just need that book in my life already. =)

  7. Siege and Storm gave me the WORST book hangover I’ve ever had, so definitely have Ruin and Rising on hand so you can binge them!

    I only have one book on my list for this week’s topic. Isla and the Boy Next Door! I didn’t plan on buying a copy, but when my library didn’t get their copies in I got into a panic and checked the stores I’ve been in for errands that sell books (but aren’t bookstores) and no one has it! It’s a best seller so I don’t know what’s up with that. I mean seriously, it’s like Divergent and TFIOS are the only YA books ever. I guess I’ll either have to drive to the B&N or Amazon it! This lack of Isla simply can’t be allowed to continue.

    • YES that’s what I’m thinking is going to happen. Did you like the ending to the series?

      OMG THAT IS AWFUL!!!! 🙁 Get it together, bookstores!!!

      • Lol, I just now realized I put Isla and the Boy Next Door instead of Isla and the Happily Ever After. Whoops! That’s what I get for posting at 2am.

        I did enjoy the way Ruin and Rising ended things. It wasn’t really what I expected, but it felt true to the story/characters so I liked it.

  8. Ohhh Siege and Storm! Go get it now! 🙂 Also finnikin of the rock. really loved that one!

    • I’m excited AND nervous to do a Marchetta fantasy. I LOVE her contemporaries so I shouldn’t be worried but STILL!

  9. I want to read so many of the books on your list. I really feel like Love and Other Foreign Words is a very me book too! I adored Siege and Storm. I think you’d definitely enjoy it if you loved Shadow and Bone. That series surprised me. I’m not really into fantasy reads, but that book changed my mind! I have Pointe and Fixing Delilah but I’m yet to get around to them! Too many books, too little time!

  10. Finnikin of the Rock has been on my TBR list for a long time.
    My TTT

  11. Great list – The Chocolate Thief looks super cute!

  12. I need to read Finnikin so badly. Melina is an awesome author.

  13. I haven’t even heard of half of these books-which tells me how much I still have to learn:)-but I really want to read The Siege and Storm too.
    But at the same time,I am hesitating to read it since I can’t bear to see The Darkling as the villain.I love him too much,I guess.
    God,I am really confused over this book.

    Here’s my list

  14. You know those moments when the universe aligns just right? I managed to find a copy of Fixing Delilah for FIFTY CENTS. 5-0 cents, Jamie! I immediately pounced on it because (Ginger? Estelle?) SOMEONE had nothing but gushing things to say about it.

  15. Oohh… Pointe and A Mad Wicked Folly— why aren’t we reading these for book club!? I want both! I also forgot about The Chance You Won’t Return. Got that at ALA, but haven’t read it!

  16. Jamie, LOVE AND OTHER FOREIGN WORDS was really good; I think you would like it! Great list – I always love seeing others’ suggestions and TBR lists! Thanks so much for sharing and, as always, for the link-up! Hope you have a great week!

  17. Awesome list! I am interestedin Like No Other as well. I think most of the books on your list are worthy to be owned! Love and other Foreign Words I’ve heard is really good as well. I have that out from my library right now. Hope you get a lot of these!

  18. Oh man, I’d love to have a gift card and be let loose in a bookstore. That would be wonderful.
    If you don’t mind Kindle books, I know The Chocolate Thief has gone on sale every once in a while (it’s how I bought/read it), so that might be worth looking into. Pointe is a really strong debut. Definitely should be read if you enjoy heavier contemporaries. And I love, love, love Finnikin (and the whole series). It’s fantastic and Marchetta needs to write more fantasies ASAP.

  19. I want to read Finnikin of the Rock by Melina Marchetta!!! I have heard really good things about it!! ♥

  20. Yay! I love Finnikin of the Rock and A Little Wanting Song to bits! Also: if you get a paperback of A Little Wanting Song it’s possible that my blurb will be part of the “in praise of” page 🙂

  21. I definitely pick books based on book covers. That’s how I found my favorite author through her Gemma Doyle series.

  22. I LOVE your take on this week’s topic! Don’t you wish you really did get a big gift card and you could go on a book shopping spree like once a month? That would be the dream. I’ve only read A Mad Wicked Folly out of all the books on your list, but it is a really good one!

    Kay @ It’s a Book Life

  23. I adored Fixing Delilah. I need to get reading some of her other books.

  24. Love and Other Foreign Words! It’s such a great book, and the writing style is funny but serious at the same time. And the family is a great dynamic; no absent parents for once!

  25. Pointe is on my list as well! And A Mad, Wicked Folly was sooo good. Definitely a good historical fiction to pick up! And reading about the suffragettes was very, very interesting.

  26. I need to read Melina Marchetta! I keep saying that I love Aussie fantasy, but I haven’t read her, and that seems crazy-town, now that I think about it. I hope someone DOES give you an enormous bookstore giftcard… because that sounds amazing and fun!

  27. The #1/#2 books I would pick up are Lola and the boy next door & Isla and the happily ever after. I need to get them.
    You have some awesome books that I’ve added to my To be read list.

  28. A LITTLE WANTING SONG was my favourite read of… oh gosh, like 2011? It’s “quieter” than Graffiti Moon, but gosh, how I absolutely adoooored it.

  29. Siege and Storm is so good! Better than Shadow and Bone, in my opinion. I’ve had Rise and Ruin for a while now but haven’t gotten around to reading it. I can’t wait to see what you thought of Siege and Storm! 🙂

    Tori @ Bookish Affairs

  30. Love and Other Foreign Words was adorable, but I wouldn’t compare Erin McCahan to John Green or Rainbow Rowell. I’ve never read any of their books, but their buzz is loud enough that I know what to expect if I do and Erin McCahan isn’t the same at all. She’s an excellent writer in her own right.

  31. I highly recommend Finnikin of the Rock! I have so much love for that series. The worldbuilding is fantastic and the story is EPIC in all the best ways. But really, with MM, it’s always about the relationships, and there are so many to love here. Romance, of course, but also family, friends, and even enemies. Gah, such a great series. A Little Wanting Song and Fixing Delilah are two books I want to read also – I don’t hear much about them!

  32. I’ve never seen Pointe before until today but now I feel like I must read it! I love the cover! Ditto for The Chocolate Thief. Plus that one has chocolate in the title and you mentioned Paris. I must get both of these now. Great list!

  33. The chance you won’t return was so good! It was the most realistic contemporary ya I’ve read in recent memory. And so many feelings! Definitely a book to pick up ASAP!

  34. Honestly, I have moments when I’m in the bookstore and I think about a sudden announcement coming on that says that everyone in the store gets 10 minutes to grab all the books they want and get them for free. I’d be pretty damn excellent at gathering every single book I want to own/read/gift!

    On your list, I’d personally recommend Love and Other Foreign Words, which is a contemporary novel I really loved this year. The main character in it is so unique and so funny! I also really loved Siege & Storm, and Ruin & Rising, so you’ll obviously have to get those two as well. AND you definitely should read The Chocolate Thief when you’re in the mood for a sweet, fun romance! I’d also like to see you give Finnikin of the Rock a shot, even though it’s definitely a bit more heavy/dark than most fantasies I’ve read. I still really loved it though!

    I have Pointe, A Mad Wicked Folly and Like No Other all waiting for me to read them, so I hope I get to them soon as well!