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Today Will and I are celebrating two years of being marriage. On one hand I’m like HOW HAVE WE BEEN MARRIED FOR TWO YEARS! And then on the other hand I’m like…wait haven’t we always been married. Maybe it’s because we have been together, in total, for 8 years.

When I was thinking about my upcoming anniversary it hit me that I’ve never really shared my own love story! I think I’ve thrown out bits and pieces of it but I’ve never written it out here. So let’s do this:

So how did we meet?


I was a junior in college and I’d pretty much figured I wasn’t going to meet anyone in college at this point because I’d either dated the ones I was interested in (small college so it’s not like it was that many) or the ones that I COULD be interested in were definitely just friends at this point or I was NOT INTERESTED. I pretty much resigned myself to the fact I would meet someone after college but definitely not now unless they transferred. (Dating someone that was a freshman was not even an option for me). Pretty much all my friends were in serious relationships and this was the year I was FINALLY okay with being the single girl. I was having so much fun and embracing going on dates when I wanted.

Enter this goofy freshman who always wore his hood up, blasted his music too loud and was always driving like an idiot (seriously he would drive fast and pull the e-brake!). One of my friends was on the basketball team and Will came in as a freshman and was also on the team and they became friends thus introducing him to me.

Was it love at first sight?


Hahaha no. NOPE. NO. I remember when my friend, that I mentioned before, started hanging out with him I’m like WHY DO YOU LIKE THIS KID HE IS ANNOYING AND STUPID. Then I got to know him a bit but we were just friends and actually, come to think about it, I was crushing on another guy and always talked to him about it because HE was friends with this guy. I EVEN TRIED TO SET HIM UP WITH MY SISTER BECAUSE THEY ARE THE SAME AGE. That was pretty much the joke of my sister’s maid of honor speech at my wedding.

We progressively started talking more and I started enjoying his company more but I still didn’t ever picture an US. I mean we are OPPOSITES. Especially back then. I was picturing some guy in an indie rock band with jeans as tight as mine who would write me songs, would be cultured, go to shows with me because we liked the same music and would read alongside me…and never make me watch sports ever. And well Will….he liked rap. He rocked the typical jock guy attire — sweat pants and basketball shorts and t-shirts — and was obsessed with sports. His idea of dinner was a corndog and fries (yes I love those things) while I was like YES THAI FOOD PLEASE? And Will has probably read like 1 book in his life.Β  He didn’t necessarily check the boxes for DREAM GUYΒ  though most of my dream guy criteria was pretty superficial because tastes change and develop.

So what made it finally click?


I’m not sure the exact moment it clicked but I remember feeling a distinct shift in my feelings after one REALLY long conversation we had together in the car one night. We got into more matters of the heart and BIG LIFE THINGS. I talked about my mom this night. At this point in time, it had been only a few months since my mom had passed away. I was a mess even though I was really good at looking like I wasn’t. While my sister went wild and crazy and reckless, I held it together but inside I just couldn’t make sense of things.

After I told him my story, he shared with me that he lost his biological mom to cancer also when he was 4. There was just this vulnerable side of him this night that I had never seen and while I don’t think I was all heart eyed and in love….that couple hour honest conversation is something I will never forget.

I’ll never forget the moment I finally admitted I like him. We had a little house party at a friend’s house. I was a wee bit drunk. I was supposed to be super into and paying attention to the super popular basketball player (the friend that introduced Will and I actually) on campus but that night I kept finding myself gravitating closer to Will. I think it was pissing this other guy off and my sister cornered me and was like “omg he won’t stop talking about you to me” and I was like “yeah, I don’t think I like him…I think I like that kid.” To which my sister was like, “interesting.”

So for the next couple months I spent A LOT of time with him and we were “talking”…going on a few dates (dates are generous considering we were both super broke college kids). We would write each other long emails (where he would woo me with his high school level French), have long chats driving in the car and meeting each other after classes so we could walk together. Then we made it “official” on January 16, 2007 and here we are married two years today despite the fact I never saw this relationship being super serious.

The Day I Knew I Loved Him & Wanted To Spend My Life With Him?



It wasn’t a particular moment but a couple years after we started dating his father got diagnosed with ALS. It’s just him and his mom (stepmom really because his real mom passed as I said but she’s been his mom since he was like 5 or 6) and we spent much time on weekends and in the summer there. Watching him take care of his dad was what made me know. When my mom was sick and dying from brain cancer my stepdad took care of her in a way that made me look at love & marriage in a whole new way. My stepdad is basically my hero to be honest. At some point I vowed, during that time, that I wanted to marry a man who would take care and love me in the way my stepdad did my mom. I never knew HOW I would know at the time but as I watched Will care for his dad in a way that breaks my heart because no son should have to do these things so young…it just made me KNOW. There was no complaining or resentment..just genuine love.

Things I’ve Learned From Finding My Happily Ever After



* The story is still a work of progress and happily ever after does not mean we ride off in the sunset with no more battles or conflict or work involved. It does not mean I am happy every day. Good fictional reading related to that topic: After I Do by Taylor Jenkins Reid & Landline by Rainbow Rowell

*Sure, common interests are good but it isn’t necessary to like all the same things (obviously I learned this also while dating him because OPPOSITES). When Will and I met he was an 18 year old boy and he hadn’t even begun to discover what he was into. He never cooked when we met and now cooking is one of the things he loves most in life. He dresses differently now (and not on account of me changing him or anything) and he’s even discovered he likes some of the same music as me. I’m okay with our differences and I embrace and love them. They are what make us remember that as much as we have become “one” in marriage we are still very much our own person. We learn and experience new things because of our different interests and I’m glad I never tried to mold him into who I wanted him to be in some areas.

* Most of my ideas about love and marriage were highly romanticized and were mostly based on movies and tv…and books to some extent but mostly movies and tv. How it works on the big screen is not necessarily how it works in real life.

* Sometimes you will go to bed angry. It happens.

* I never realized the new and exciting things I would learn about Will and the ways I could fall in love with him even more after marriage. Sometimes I think you have this idea after being together with someone that you know ALL THE THINGS but you don’t. And the falling in love part isn’t just a beginning occurrence…it happens to me at the most random of moments.

* Our relationship is not perfect and that’s okay. In the age of the internet and social media, it’s easy to look at the lives of others and think our relationship is inadequate. I’ve learned to reject the feelings that creep up when I see things online with someone else’s picture perfect relationship and it makes me start to doubt or think less of my own.

* I don’t ever want to stop fighting. I’m not saying I want to fight day in and day out in an unhealthy way. No, no not at all. I don’t want to FIGHT and scream and be miserable and awful to each other. What I’m saying is that, coming from divorced parents at a young age, I watched a relationship that eventually they became so apathetic/indifferent that they just stopped caring. They FOUGHT LIKE CRAZY but it was no longer serving a purpose but just to spite and let each other know how much they hated the other. (This kind of fighting is not want I want). I want to care enough to still disagree and that any “fight” we may get into will result in us taking the effort and time to work hard to bring a clear end to it.

I could write a lot more about what I’ve learned but those are just some of the most pressing things on my mind as I write this. I would LOVE for you to share your love story if you have one! And if you don’t, that’s okay too! I’m telling you…I really loved and embraced my days of being single once I came to realize it was okay and I wasn’t strange for NOT having someone.

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About Jamie

Jamie is a 32 year old married lady (with a new baby!!) who is in denial that she's actually that old to be a married lady and a mom. When she's not reading you can find her doing Pilates followed by eating ice cream, belting out Hamilton (loud and offkey) and having adventures with her husband, daughter and rescue dog.


  1. Oh, the truth of this post!

    There are so many similarities to your story and mine. It’s weird. I had no idea Will was younger than you. My boyfriend is younger than me too, though I forget about that a lot now. We’re not married; we’re a little untraditional. I had gotten out of a very serious and rough relationship right before I met him. There was no hint of romance then. I wasn’t even thinking about dating anyone, and he had a girlfriend anyway. Pretty much immediately after he broke up with her (months later), we started looking at each other differently. Like you, I can’t put my finger on when it happened. Something just shifted. It was weird because we’re pretty different. Ben hates reading and most of the things I’m really into. He’s into gaming instead of sports. We do have music in common, though there are some bands we don’t agree on. I think some of our common tastes and interests have developed together over the years, though.

    Also, YES to the fact that it’s still work after you’re married or living together. Ben and I are both in agreement that we’re it for each other, but we still have to work to make our relationship work. Sometimes we do go to bed angry. Sometimes I feel like we’re just being around each other instead of being together. We have to work hard to make sure we’re spending quality time together since we have different interests. There are two things I love about finding my happily ever after. They’re a little bittersweet. I love that care enough that I’m sick to my stomach anytime Ben is mad at me about something. I love that even if we have a fight, I know we’re okay. I’m never afraid we’re splitting up, because we love each other enough to work it out.

    Great post! Sorry I wrote a novel in the comments.

    • Thank you for sharing! <33

      It's funny bc I def don't remember too often that he is younger than me but the hardest time was in the beginning because I was 21 and he was not and I had to wait 3 loooong years for him to turn 21. It was hard bc all of my friends were 21 too so it was like sighhh sorry we can't go out to this bar with you bc my boyfriend can't come in lol.

      I definitely think the same of us -- we've developed common interests and discovered we like things we didn't think we did before. Like I love watching soccer with him and going to games when I would have never thought I would before.

      I LOVE that last paragraph and I soooo agree with it all. We feel the same way! Esp with what you say about feeling sick to your stomach when they are really mad at you. UGH. I hate that feeling even though I know it's not like going to make the other one leaave!

  2. Oh my gosh! This was so sweet, I loved reading about your love story!

    My husband and I are coming up on our 3 year anniversary. We met online and our first date was the best date I’d ever been on, we shut down the restaurant. There was literally something about his smile the first time I saw him that just CLICKED with me and I fell for him super fast. We got married only 1 year and 10 days after our first date! We were just ready to meet each other, after years of dud relationships. Every day I’m so overcome with thankfulness that I found him! (even when it’s not perfect) <3<3

    Thanks again for sharing! I love personal posts as much as the book ones!

    • Aw i love your story! I have a few friends who had a similar short time of being together before they got married. I think sometimes you just KNOW and, especially depending on where you are in life, it just makes no sense to wait when you KNOW. Like for Will and I we were both super young and still in college so even when I knew I wanted to it was better for us to wait. Here’s to lots of happiness for us in the future! <33

  3. You two are adorable!

    My relationship seems like a baby relationship compared to yours but I’m so happy in mine and know what you mean about differences but also having the same interests. My boyfriend is NOT a reader. I am NOT a video game player. But we’re both HUGE sports fans and enjoy going to games together. I hope to one day have a healthy and fun marriage like you and Will!

    • Aw thank you!

      Hey we all had baby relationships at one time! I wasn’t a huuuge sports person but I slowly came around when Will and I got together and now I love going to games. I might not watch the games all the time with him when they are on but I totally snuggle up with a book while he does. It’s fun how you can share interests in ways even if you aren’t TOTALLY into the same things. And a lot of our interests have honestly developed since becoming married. It’s so fun!

  4. Oh man, who’s cutting all these onions?? *sniff sniff*

    Seriously, Jamie such an incredibly sweet and funny story! Also love the pictures!
    Thanks for sharing and I hope you guys continue to have an epic happily ever after! πŸ™‚

  5. This is so beautiful. This made me smile. Thank you for sharing this lovely story, because it is really sweet and funny! Congratulations on your wedding anniversary and I hope that you and Will continue to live happily with one another.

  6. Jamie, I’m so glad that you and Will are so happy together despite being opposites! Reading about your relationship makes me feel hopeful for the start of my own. I can feel from your writing that you’re genuinely happy to be with him and I hope to find that one person that can make me feel the same way too. Happy wedding anniversary!

    • You will!! Don’t settle for anyone who doesn’t meet the important things for you. Those changed for me overtime (seriously my dream guy things were so superficial at first) but eventually you’ll see what really is important to you. So many times I just felt so lonely and like I wanted to be in serious relationships like all my friends were but I’m glad I waited and took my time rather than just acting on my desire to just be with someone. I think I had a lot of growing and learning to do before Will and I met. I finally became okay being being single and was embracing it. You’ll find someone and you’ll be like HOW DID I LIVE MY LIFE WITHOUT THEM BEFORE?! <3

  7. Oh my gosh – This was so sweet, such a great love story to read. And I think you two seems to be perfect for each other, even though you are opposites. <3

    • Aw thank you! I would have never thought, even when I did realize i liked him, that we would be so good together because of all those things we are opposites with but somehow it works!

  8. This is such a beautiful story! Happy anniversary, you two!

  9. Happy Anniversary!! And what a great story. I love hearing how other people meet and fall in love. πŸ™‚ I met my husband in high school when I was a senior and he was a sophomore. He was such a baby he couldn’t even drive yet. But he was super cute, played water polo, and I liked him so I figured we could just date a bit and then I’d leave for college and it would just be fun. HA. After dating for about six months, I left for school, he stayed home, and we decided to stay together. It was hard but so worth it. And in the end, I believe all the time apart made us so much stronger, he even went to a different college and we stuck it out. We visited a lot but mostly we talked. And it made us really have to work at communication and trust. (And for me, trust was something I really needed to work on.) We just celebrated our tenth wedding anniversary this summer and have been together almost 15 years. It seems crazy that it could be that long and also not my entire life. I definitely agree that Landline is a great example of always having to work at a relationship and that sometimes love is all that’s holding you together. Our relationship is so different now than it was at the beginning of our marriage, and even a few years ago. It’s always changing but we’re always happy in it. I feel so lucky to have him, even when we disagree. I come from divorced parents as well and it definitely shaped the way I look at relationships and what I wanted from my own. We have our happily ever after but we also choose each day to honor and celebrate that. Great post!

  10. Awwww yay, what a wonderful story! I love hearing other people’s relationship stories and this was just so wonderful to read and I love how you guys met and fell in love <33
    Happy anniversary and here's to many more amazing years!!

  11. So lovely to read this story! I’ve always wondered how you got together (:

    I met my boyfriend in high school where we were in the same class. We were casual friends for years until we got to spend a lot of time together one summer because of our mutual friends. We realised we actually really really liked each other, and we’ve been together ever since ^^ It’s okay if you’re opposites (I’m introvert, my boyfriend extrovert) as long as you’re the same in things that really matter.

  12. What a cute & honest story! I met my husband in high school (different schools) through a mutual friend, but we didn’t start really talking until I was in my second year of university. We started hanging out with groups of people, and eventually by ourselves, and that was it. We spent our entire first date making fun of each other (lovingly, of course), and I still laugh at him because he wore slippers! Great love is never easy, or simple, but it’s always worth it.

  13. This is such a cute and lovely story (in-progress!). I kept smiling the whole time as I was reading it. Happy anniversary and here’s to many more wonderful years to come!

  14. <3 <3 <3

  15. Happy anniversary! I really admire you guys for embracing each other’s differences and pushing each other to be yourselves.

    And yes, you do go to bed angry sometimes and it’s okay! I really believe that it’s better to sort out your problems after a good night’s sleep – it’s terrible, but you CAN sleep after an argument because you’re exhausted, and the rationality comes much easier in the morning.

    After I Do was so great for perspective, huh? I can’t believe how much I’m still processing and learning from it…

  16. YOU. YOU MADE ME CRY. Ugh. I love that Will is younger than you just how Jon is younger than me πŸ˜‰ I love that you said you never want to stop fighting because I agree. What good is being solved from YES BABE? NOTHING – if you have a difference of opinion on something that matters, fight it out and settle it then. YES> WIN.

    I love that you didn’t fall in love the moment you met. I knew Jon several years before we dated and we were both with other people and then at some point after we were both single [not immediately by a long shot] it just happened.

    Happily ever after isn’t always gonna be the storybook version, but as long as we get one, and its OUR happily ever after, thats all that matters, isn’t it?


  17. That is such a sweet story! I have been married for almost 5 years and it totally gets better every year! Paul and I are opposites on quite a few things and we work really well too.
    Missie @ A Flurry of Ponderings

  18. Amazing post! Thanks for sharing. I especially love the whole never stop fighting thing. I agree! I think the moment you stop pointing things out and voicing your opinion is the moment you already stopped caring. Happy Anniversary girl!

  19. Congrats on 2 years, and respeeeeect for total of 10! I think you are beautiful couple and this was such an true and beautifully written post.

    It kind of brought me to thinking that everything mostly falls in place with time. I wish you 2 all the best andto you: keep being a bookwarm :))

  20. Jamie, this is such a sweet post, happy anniversary! You have so many great pictures together. (Ryan and I really just have wedding/engagement pictures. He’s NOT a camera person.) Your wedding picture! Will’s suit! J’adore!

    I relate to so much of your story. One of our big relationship moments was when his dad was diagnosed with brain cancer and we drove cross country though the night to be with him. We were already engaged at that point, but it really solidified for me that I’d picked the right guy. And I know what you mean about feeling like you’ve always been married. We’re coming up on 4 years in December, but we’ve been dating since I was 16, soooo. πŸ˜›

    Congrats again. <3

  21. Aww, how you met and everything is so sweet! Happy 2nd Anniversary!

    I don’t have a story to share (since I’ve never had a bf or been kissed), but your story was so sweet!

  22. stupid ninjas and their onions.

    You are one of my favourite bloggers and I’ve never commented because my english is really really bad, but I just want to say: Happy wedding anniversary! You’re an amazing person and deserve amazing things

  23. Owww, congrats you two, lovelies!!! I love how candid you are about relationships and how you break away with the “perfect” image shared nowadays in social media. It is so sad that even knowing those images are constructed we can get mad at them! I especially loved:

    ” Most of my ideas about love and marriage were highly romanticized and were mostly based on movies and tv”

    It is so, SO important to realize that real life is not like that at all. And that you sometimes will go to bed angry, and that’s OK.

  24. I absolutely adore the fact that you decided to share the details of your love story with Will today! Though I’ve heard most of it from you, it’s still nice reading all these little details that you’ve mentioned (and a lot of it made me go “awww” in response). I think you two complement each other well, even though you might not share the same interests. (In fact, I actually think that makes things more interesting for you both!) At the end of the day, you’ve chosen each other, and will choose each other in spite all odds, and that’s definitely the most important thing.

    Geez, I kind of want to cry now just thinking about how beautiful that is.
    Happy anniversary, Will & Jamie, and here’s to many many many more!

  25. Thanks for sharing your story! It is nice to read about how real life people fall in love and it is good that you didn’t know you liked him that way from the start. Maybe I like that because it was the same way with my boyfriend.

    I only wanted to be friends with my boyfriend from the start because I was getting out of a serious relationship and didn’t want someone to date. I also didn’t think he was going to be for me at all because of how opposite we are. He is an extrovert and I’m an introvert but at least we both love reading. Eventually everything worked out and we have known each other for over 4 years and have been dating for 3 of those years. Sometimes it all just works out. Like you said we can never stop fighting, in a good way.

    Great post!

  26. Sometimes it makes me laugh when I realize how similar Chris and I are to you and Will. We actually met as kids and we were friends for a very long time. In high school, we actually went on 2 dates, but realized that we were better off as friends. When I started college in 2004 and he was still in high school, that’s when we really drifted away. It wasn’t until 2010 that we reconnected after I found out that his longtime girlfriend died while waiting for a heart transplant.We picked up our friendship right where it left off all those years ago and it was effortless.

    He and I were and still are so different. He hasn’t picked up a book in like 3 years, so when I;m bawling over a book, he doesn’t get it. He’s a ginormous football fan and I couldn’t care less about it. He hates to cook, I love to cook. He’s very quiet and easy going whereas I am extremely opinionated and bluntly honest to a fault. I’m a neat freak, he’s on the slobby side.

    We started realizing that there was something there a few years ago, shortly after my mom left her verbally abusive 2nd husband. He was there for me and my family and I valued that support so much. We started dating August 2011, but we took it slow because I have some serious hangups about marriage. I wanted to be married, but given my family’s history of multiple divorces, I was terrified. He was willing to go as slowly as I needed.

    When I realized I had fallen in love with him, it was like a ton of bricks hit me and I could barely breathe. My mom had knee surgery in May and even though it was a minor arthroscopic procedure, Chris met my family at the surgery center. I didn’t even need to ask him to do it, He just did it. He showed up with coffee for me and tea for my grandmother. I looked at him as he sat down beside me and I just knew. It sounds corny, but I just knew.

    We actually just got engaged last month and are taking our time with plans. I just know that we are supposed to be together. Opposites be damned.

    Happy Anniversary to you and Will <3

  27. *wipes away tears* This such a sweet story. I’m really glad you shared!
    I hope I’ll find a guy that makes me feel as wonderful as Will makes you feel πŸ™‚

  28. Jamie this was so lovely to read. Thank you for sharing it. At 24 I’ve become a little jaded and cynical and more realistic about love (Dept. of Speculation was the tipping point… but in a good way? I’m obsessed with that book) – but it’s so good to hear about people who have been together for so long and still love and are committed to one another. <3

  29. What a sweet story. I love origin stories. It does kind of sound like a romantic book. I am also 3 years older than my hubby and I don’t think he ever tires of the “old lady” jokes. I hope your hubs is more mature πŸ™‚

  30. This is incredibly sweet and heart-warming. I am pretty sure there are onions hidden in this post. Happy anniversary to you guys! πŸ™‚

  31. This whole post makes me happy, although like I told you yesterday, I’m still laughing because up to what, six months ago your about me said engaged. I’m not sure why it makes me laugh. Probably says a lot about me.

  32. Awww you guys are so cute! I love that your relationship started out with you not liking him AT ALL. Those are the best. πŸ™‚ Congrats on two years! My husband and I just celebrated two years actually last month. I can’t believe we’ve been married two years already, but it also feels like we’ve been married for forever. 6 years total for us. πŸ™‚

    So we met when I was still in high school. He’s four years older than me so he was in college. I was having a really rough time in hs at the time. No friends. Constantly taken advantage of by guys. My self-esteem wasn’t all that great. I had just lost my job.

    I got a new job working at a grocery store in a bakery. Turns out they made a mistake when they hired me bc I wasn’t 18 and wasn’t supposed to be using the ovens and the bread slicer. So they told me I had to get moved up front. I was pretty upset because I really liked the bakery. I trained as a bagger and then cashier. My first day bagging “live” as they called it with customers, I got put on register where Phil was checking. We pretty much talked all day. I was a huge flirt, still am. To me, he was just fun and different at the time. I never ever in my wildest dreams I thought I would marry this somewhat nerdy guy. (He played tons and tons of video games and I saw myself with more of a jock type). But we started talking more and hanging out and before you know it, I was in love with him and then we were getting married. So that’s my love story. <3

    Congrats again on your anniversary! You guys are so cute together!

  33. Your love story is so stinking cute! I am such a sucker for love stories, especially real life ones! Congrats on your anniversary!

  34. YAY! Thank you for sharing your beautiful, complicated, non-traditional love story! Also, this made me fistpump to the stars: “They are what make us remember that as much as we have become β€œone” in marriage we are still very much our own person.” YES JAMIE YES

  35. happy anniversary! I loved reading this. I knew the basic outline, but I like knowing all the details!

    My story: back in fall 2009 I had been with this other guy for 4 years. We lived together, we had a pet together, I spent a lot of time with his family, and it seemed like we were probably going to get married at some point. I hadn’t felt any kind of spark in a long time, but we got along well and I sort of told myself that that was just what happened in long relationships.

    Then I met Tom in the elevator at Harper. I didn’t think anything of it the first time we met, just like “oh yeah that guy seemed nice” but then we met again and talked for a really long time. My friend who was with me that day said “oh, that guy’s really into you” but I brushed it off. Then the next week at work, Tom emailed me to ask me about a book I had recommended in our conversation that he couldn’t remember the name of bc he was going to the library that night and wanted to get it (In the Woods by Tana French.) From then on we just kept emailing and exchanged over 100 emails that first week–all completely innocent. But I knew I was feeling something I hadn’t felt in a while and I was terrified. I hoped it would go away if I just didn’t admit to to myself.

    But after another week, I knew I had to do something, that I was lying to myself if I was happy in my then-relationship. So after a particularly rough weekend where I tried to end it and he kept fighting against it, I finally broke up with him the Tuesday before thanksgiving. Thanksgiving weekend tom and I texted the entire time and then when he got back from rhode island we made plans to meet up and get a coffee and within 30 seconds we were kissing. When I ended it with the other guy I didn’t really know what would happen with Tom, but it showed me how unhappy I was. And then things turned out pretty well πŸ™‚

  36. Happiest of anniversaries to you both! From the looks of it, I’m guessing Will is a huge soccer fan? I seriously love your love story. Annoying freshman-turned friend-turned soulmate are my favorite kinds love stories. Congratulations on overcoming what people claim is the hardest year of marriage (PFFT!).

  37. Happy Anniversary! Love the fact that you tried to set him up with your sister. I’m sure she continually gives you grief on that one. I hope you two had a wonderful day. You’re an adorable couple. Cheers!

  38. I just teared up reading this. So glad you’ve each found your happily ever after.

  39. I love your story. It should be a book! But seriously, I think that when people go through things that you both have gone through it makes you realize the important qualities in a person’s character. The kind of person you want to be, the kind of person you want to be with. Congratulations on your anniversary.

  40. Beautiful story, thanks for sharing it with us! ~*Happy anniversary*~

  41. It’s always refreshing to read about what happens after the “I do…” And it’s even better because this is real. Thank you for sharing this. πŸ™‚

  42. I love this post so much! I even got a little teary eyed. SNIFF. This would make a really great book, actually… πŸ™‚

  43. WOw! I love this so much and I feel like it (the elements of what happened) would make a fantastic contemporary novel. You should think about it because it would be great! Thank you for sharing. I am sixteen, so I don’t feel that I am there quite yet. My love story is still forming and changing every day. Great post/story πŸ™‚


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