Top Ten Books I Want To Reread

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This week’s topic: Top Ten Books I’d Really Like To Read

I talked last week about how IN THEORY I like re-reading and listed why I do like it but why I don’t do it. It’s a struggle for me so, in that post, I decided that in 2015 I would vow to reread one book per month. This list is going to be SO helpful for me next year!I will just say this was SOOOOO hard. I got hit real hard with the desire to read all these books as I was preparing THIS post and as I was going through my “read” list on Goodreads so many books jumped out at me like OOOH THAT ONE TOO.


Books I Want to Reread

Β Eat, Pray, Love by Elizabeth Gilbert: I know this is a hate it or love it book but, when I read it as an early 20-something, I loved it and it gave me a lot to think of. When I read it back then I thought about how curious I would be to read this again in 10 years. I plan to do it!

If I Stay/Where She Went/Just One Day by Gayle Forman: I would have added Just One Year but I read that most recently and it’s been FOREVER since I read these 3. I’ve read passages I love here and there but never a full re-read. They are my faaaaves.

Code Name Verity by Elizabeth Wein: I really want a re-read of this one because I know there are so many details I want to see the second time around.

On The Road by Jack Kerouac: Okay I was a bit pretentious as a college student. I can admit that. This was one of my FAVORITE books when I was 19 & 20 and I am REALLY curious to see how I feel about it now.
Golden by Jessi Kirby: This one was pretty recent but I just have this urge to read it because it made me think a lot!
Fangirl // Eleanor & Park by Rainbow Rowell: I just really want to read my Rainbow books again. SO MUCH.
Extremely Loud & Incredibly Close by Jonathan Safran Foer: This was the book that got me back into reading after quite a while of NOT reading. It was a FAVORITE (I just talked about it recently) and I just want to revisit it after all these years.

The Bell Jar by Sylvia Plath: I read this book when I was 18 and going through a really awful time. It was one of those cases where it was the RIGHT time and it really was what I needed. I’m curious how I feel about it as an adult.

The Hunger Games by Suzanne Collins: I didn’t reread before the movies but now with Mockingjay coming out I really am craving a re-read.

The Sea of Tranquility by Katja Millay: I read this earlier this year but I really, really want to reread it already which is saying something (for me).

Jellicoe Road by Melina Marchetta: This is one where I was confused for a bit until it all came together so I would now like to re-read it because I KNOW THE THINGS.


BONUS: Books I Read As A Kid That I Want To Re-Read

The Giver by Lois Lowry: This was my favorite book ever and I re-read a bajillion times. But that was forever ago.
All of the Judy Blume books: No seriously her books were everything to me as a pre-teen!
The Little House on the Prairie series: One of my all time favorite series as a kid.

So tell me…what are some books YOU want to re-read? ALSO…what makes you WANT to re-read a book? I have a couple of reasons I want to re-read: previous favorites, childhood fave, want to see how I view a book now vs. then, comfort, made me think.

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  1. I absolutely loved Judy Blume’s books as well. I’m feeling really nostalgic now. I recently read Golden, and I thought it was a beautiful book. I think it’s a great idea to try and reread a book a month next year! I wish I could find some more time for my favourites.

    • Right? I think about Judy Blume books and my heart swells with nostalgia. GAH. I even remember going to the library with my stepmom and I’d stand in front of the Blume books trying to pick one out for this week. It’s so hard to find time to reread but I SHALL DO IT. And I figure..some of these books I never reviewed anyways so I COULD now. And plus I think it would be fun, even if I already did review them, to revisit them. MUST NOT CAVE TO THE BLOGGING PRESSURE.

  2. I definitely want to do a reread of Fangirl, even though I already reread it this year. πŸ˜› It’s just one I truly enjoy the most of all her books!

    I think I find myself rereading for comfort. If I want something specific and don’t want to read something new with the chance it doesn’t meet my current craving I’ll just read something I know will, because I’ve read it before. Also, if I love a world and characters enough I’ll want to experience them on more than one occasion. Good choices!!

    • It’s just so fun and SUCH a comfort read. Everything about it is just perfect. I re-read for that reason too..sometimes I am just in a MOOD and I know that a book I’ve already read can satisfy that and a new book is so unknown so I won’t know if it will.

  3. I would definitely reread Fangirl, even though it’s only a couple of months since I read it the first time. I just loved everything about it – Cath, Levi, the writing of fanfiction, the world of Simon and Baz, it was all just wonderful πŸ™‚

    The Hunger Games is a series I raced through first time around, so if I reread that one i’ll probably do it much more slowly, and take in the details I must have missed on my first read. Great list!

  4. I also reread Fangirl whenever I need comfort. Some people eat casseroles as comfort foods. I read Rainbow.

    I also want to reread Maggie Steifvater’s The Raven Boys, Dream Theives, and Blue Lily, Lily Blue now that all three are out.

    And with winter approaching, it’s time to reread Let it Snow!

    • Hahaha that should be a t-shirt. “Some people eat casseroles as comfort foods. I read Rainbow.” We could even make it a generic books to replace Rainbow.

      • I want this T-shirt πŸ™‚ Rainbow is definitely a comfort read for me. Side note – the audio books for E&P, Fangirl and Landline are awesome and a great was to re-read and get a different experience.

  5. The only book I’ve read that’s on your list is the Little House on the Prairie series πŸ™ BUT you have given me lots for my TBR!!!

  6. Fangirl! How could I have forgotten Fangirl! That book is so good in so many ways. Silly me! The other books you have listed are on my TBR pile, so it bodes well that you listed them as books you need to reread! πŸ™‚

    My Top Ten-ish Books to Reread

    • YES if I’m wanting to re-read it…it’s for a good reason because I rarely re-read! Although some of these were from before blogging and I’m REALLY interested to see if they hold up for me.

  7. Deb Nance at Readerbuzz says:

    Your post is a reminder to self to get busy on Jellicoe Road. I’ve started it a dozen times. Maybe it’s a slow starter?

    Here’s my list!

    • No it absolutely IS a slow starter. It’s not you!! It took me a bit to get into it and I think that’s why a reread would be nice after the fact. It will come together for you eventually but it might take a bit to get there. Which is unfortunate but it was worth it for me.

  8. I just re-read Mockingjay!!! First time I have reread a book probably ever and it was worth it. I don’t think I’ll be doing it too often because there are way too many books I want to read that I haven’t yet read, but i am glad that i did with this one and i cant wait to see the movie

    • That makes me even more motivated to get to it!! I think Mockinjay was so intense that I probably missed good details bc I was flying through it! And yeah, I struggle with that feeling too…too many books I’ve never read and WANT to so it’s hard to make time for re-reads. SIGH.

  9. Hunger Games seems to be on everyone’s lists and I can’t believe I left it off mine!

  10. I’ve been wanting to re-read Fangirl for a while now, and I read it for the first time probably in May. It’s just so good!!
    In order to help me re-read books I loved as a kid, I started a Throwback Thursday series on my blog ( I have a list of books I read as a kid that I’m re-reading, such as The Giver and The Westing Game. It’s a lot of fun because I read them so long ago! I definitely recommend it πŸ™‚

  11. Cool list. I haven’t read any of these either but would like to read Gayle Foreman’s works along with Rainbow Rowell’s.

  12. I tend not to re-read, since I have so many books that I have not read for the first time! I would like to read The Hunger Games trilogy again, as well as Nineteen Minutes (my favorite Jodi Picoult novel to date, starting her new one this week). The book I read as a kid would have to be A Tree Grows in Brooklyn. That was the first really long book I read (like reading something at 1000 pages now!), and I just adored it!

  13. Yay for the Little House on the Prairie books! That is a series I have been planning to re-read this year. I have the yellow boxed set, but now it would be packed in a box somewhere. So I would have to do some serious exploration to get to it. The Anne of Green Gables books is another series I’m hoping to re-read.

    One of these days I also want to re-read a few of the Babysitter’s Club Super Specials–those were so fun to read growing up! And I have my copy of Sea of Tranquility–I will get to it soon! πŸ™‚

    • I have no idea where my Little House books ended up!! This concerns me. I might just end up buying a new box set. And YESSS the babysitter’s club! Also I kind of want to reread Sweet Valley High and Boxcar Children!

  14. Great list. There are a few on my TBR list that I need to get to.

  15. I would love a Gayle Forman, Rainbow Rowell and Laura Ingalls Wilder read-a-thon!!

  16. I almost put Extremely Loud and Incredibly Close on my list too, but I was trying just to put the ones that I’m really getting quite desperate for. I think that one will be in the second wave of rereads, now that I’m finally making time for me to read more books that aren’t review books. It was so creative and unique. LOVE.

    • Yes! It was the first time I ever really read a book that I was like WOW I haven’t read ANYTHING like that before. Also, I’m really happy you are making more time for YOU books because I know it’s been far and few between for ya!

  17. Eleanor & Park! Loved that book.

    I usually re-read books because of how they made me feel when I read them. If it wasn’t just one or two scenes that made me swoon of awesomeness, then I re-read because I want to experience the thing all over again.

  18. Ahhh The Giver! Such a good one. Did you ever see the movie? I didn’t because I was afraid it would be too far from the book, but maybe I’ll watch it when it comes out on DVD.

  19. I’m not gonna let loose and write a novel here because you know how I feel about rereads but YES YES YES to this!! I **will** say that Where She Went and Eat, Pray, Love are GREAT in audiobook format!! (:

    Cheering you on with your 2015 goal, xo

    • You are my #1 re-reading cheerleader and, because of you, I’m already making a list of re-reads to do on audio. I really do think it’s the perfect solution for me! And thanks for alerting me to the fact those are great on audio!!

  20. I also had Jellicoe Road on my list. I only read it for the first time this summer, but I was so, sooooo confused for basically the whole first half. And then the second half was just pure pain. Everything hurt. I want to reread maybe sometime next year after I’ve distanced myself from exactly how painful it is. I think it’d be an interesting reread knowing all the confusing bits in the beginning.

    • YESSS that is why I want to reread it too. For most of it I was like WAHH MY BRAIN HURTS WHAT IS GOING ON. But KNOWING..I think a reread could be such a different experience. IDK if I’m ready for that pain again though. *sobs*

  21. Code Name Verity definitely made my list of books to reread! I devoured that book in a day and am really starting to think of how awesome it would be to reread.

    I love the idea of rereading. I think that going back to books that were once your favorite is an excellent idea. There are so many feelings and emotions that I felt while reading some of the books that I put on my list, and I am curious if I will feel those things again. Also, reading these books now at 25 gives me a different perspective and I pick up on so many things. I reread The Great Gatsby last year and I was amazed at how much I had picked up on with that second time reading it. Not only do I get a fresh perspective on the books, but I think it’s also comforting to read something I once loved so much and have such fond memories of. I love getting that feeling of nostalgia when reading. Plus, it could help me get through some of the reading slumps that I am prone to once a year. I love the idea of rereading, and I’m hoping that I can finally get myself to do it.

    • YES that’s one thing I love most about re-reading…that different perspective I have. I would LOVE to re-read Gatsby and also some of the Salinger I loved!

  22. Great List!! I loved Fangirl. Eleanor and Park is VERY close to the top of my TBR list. If I Stay and Just One Day are also on my TBR list. I tried to read On the Road and just couldn’t get into it.

    Here is my TTT:

  23. A lot of these books match my own rereading list. I’m almost too scared to read The Bell Jar again incase I don’t love it as much as I did the first time around, I think I’d be heartbroken if that was the case. I’ve literally only just finished reading Code Name Verity but I’m already looking longingly at my copy, I won’t be leaving it too long before I reread my copy I’m sure.

  24. Every time I re-read Fangirl I find new details and I fall in love with it even more (which is saying something considering I rated it a 5/5 on my first read).

  25. I just read Jellicoe Road for the first time last week (per your recommendations, so thank you!!), and I felt the same way! I have it on my TTT as a reread, even though I finished it 5 days ago, because I KNOW I’ll catch so many more details now that I know how it ends!

    Also, On The Road was a college read for me too, but his grammar really, reallllllly bothered me. Just couldn’t get it.

    • YAY that makes me sooo happy!!! Thank you for telling me that you read it on my rec <3

      Haha and I can see how his grammar could be bothersome. I totally can!!

  26. I was just thinking about re-reading the Little House books. Loved those as a kid.

  27. Where She Went is an absolute favourite of mine and after watching If I Stay and jumped on it. It was just as amazing as the first time around.

  28. I think I might be the only book blogger in the world who’s still a Rainbow Rowell virgin. (Yikes!) I’m a HUGE fan of If I Stay and Where She Went, and of The Hunger Games as well. I recently reread one of my favorite childhood trilogies — how’s this for a throwback — the Fear Street Saga by R.L. Stine! It was nice to temporarily feel so young again!

    • AH you must read Rainbow!! If you want something lighter, go with Fangirl. If you want your heart to be stomped a million times, Eleanor & Park. Her adult stuff is great too!

      OMG I LOVED THE FEAR STREET SAGA!!!! I need to reread it now!!

  29. I’m actually a huge re-reader. Like I finish a great book and then immediately start over at the beginning. Part of it is that I read so fast the first time through that I know I missed small things that I’ll catch the second time around.

    When I first read “The Sea of Tranquility” I liked it but there were elements about it that bothered me. Wasn’t as excited about it as everyone else. But somehow I’ve been drawn to reread it 3 times since then so obviously it snuck up on me.

    • Yes that’s what I love about re-reading — catching those details you flew past!! And that’s so interesting that you didn’t LOVE it but you’ve reread it that many times! That’s awesome. Love when a book can get its claws into you like that.

  30. Great list! I’ve been thinking about listening to Eat, Pray, Love lately. It’s definitely a love/hate book so I’m curious to see what I think of it. I loved the Rainbow book I read and Forman is on my authors that I really desperately need to read! I reread the first Little House book and really enjoyed it but didn’t get much farther in the series.

  31. Golden — yes! I remember absolutely loving that one! And it’s been so long since I’ve read The Bell Jar! I think I would be due for a reread soon … Great picks!

  32. I’m actually rereading The Giver right now and while I really loved it when I was younger, I think I’m enjoying it more now because I feel like I understand it better. This is why I love rereading books I really enjoyed the first time because I always discover new things in them.

  33. I also just posted a list of books I want to re-read:

    We have The Bell Jar in common – I also haven’t read it since I was really young and having a rough adolescence. (Is adolescence ever not rough?)

    But I also really agree with wanting to read all the Judy Blume – she is so awesome! And the Little House books have also been favorites my entire life. I recently re-read the entire series and not only does it hold up, but I picked up on a LOT of things that totally went over my head as a kid. SO INTERESTING.

  34. Great re-reads! I haven’t read If I Stay yet, but it’s on my TBR. I refuse to watch the movie before I’ve read the book so I won’t be spoiled, so I really need to pick it up soon-ish.

    I like your goal to try and re-read one book per month. I’d love to try that too but I think I’m too whimsy when it comes reading: I read what I feel like (review copies are the only exception to this rule) and it’s not guaranteed I’d pick re-read over new ones. It’s so hard even though I used to re-read my favourites all the time!

  35. I’ve reread the If I Stay duology two or three times now (I think I may have read If I Stay three times and Where She Went twice, but can’t remember) and I still want to reread them. They got me back into reading years ago and are still my favorites.

    I would also reread any of Rainbow Rowell’s books anytime!

  36. I’d love to reread The Hunger Games series too. I read them a few years ago and would love a refresher since the movies leave so much out.

  37. I definitely need to reread Jellicoe Road and The Bell Jar and Eleanor & Park.