Ten Bookish Problems I Have In My Life

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This week’s topic: Top Bookish Problems I Have In My Life

This list could have been easily a list of 50. I have many, many “problems” of the bookworm variety.

1. A TBR list longer than I can handle: I count my TBR list as the thing on Goodreads in which I add things I own/want to read/want to check out at some point. So it’s pretty MASSIVE. And it keeps growing and growing. You can learn more about my TBR list here. I’m so happy to have so many choices but pretty much HAVING such a huge TBR list means that I get overwhelmed by the “what to read next?” question because I HAVE TOO MANY OPTIONS and basically an indecision massacre happens every time. Jamie’s TBR: 1, Jamie: 0. You can read more on my recent musings about having too many choices.


2. Not enough shelf space: There are books on books on books. My shelves are overcrowded.  I AM DROWNING IN BOOKS.There are piles that I try to discreetly hide. I’d LOVE to add more shelves but we’ve maxed out the space in this here one bedroom apartment.


3. I am the worst at quitting books I’m not into: I’ve talked about this extensively throughout this past ~5 years but I am not good at putting down books when I’m not digging. I’ve tried to be better at it and I HAVE come a long way compared to back in the day but MAN…I wish I was easily able to just make that decision. Related Reading: Reasons Why I Stink At Quitting Books


4. Being a mood reader is a pain in the ass sometimes: I’ve written about what it’s like to be a mood reader (the good, bad and the ugly!) but basically sometimes it is a pain because of meeting book club deadlines, not being able to choose what to read, library books I was excited about go back unread, I can’t keep a schedule, etc. etc.


5. A very small book budget at this season in my life: This is a money problem really. I JUST WANT TO BUY ALL THE BOOKS SOMEONE GIVE ME A MONEY TREE. Although, apparently I’m a reformed book buyer? But who knows what I’d be if I had a book buying money tree!



6. Being too addicted to the internet that I get distracted from my books: I’ve already admitted to being a VERY distracted reader these days thanks to my brain and technology. BUT REALLY. I would get far more reading done if I didn’t have all these DISTRACTIONS. I need to be better about focusing.




7. This beloved hobby makes my butt hurt too much sometimes: OKAY FOR REAL THOUGH? I know it’s absurd that I wrote a whole POST on this a couple years ago but both of my hobbies (reading and blogging) require a lot of time sitting on my ass. And SOMETIMES IT IS UNCOMFORTABLE. It’s VERY hard to find the right position that will sustain long-term reading.




8. Too short of a life span: SO MANY BOOKS, SO LITTLE TIME ON THIS EARTH. I need about 5 lifetimes (or more) to get through all the books I want to read!


9.  Forgetting what happens in between series & also sucking at FINISHING series: Okay so this is two in one but I SUCK AT SERIES.  I am the wooooorst at remembering what happens in between series. (THANK GOD FOR RECAPTAINS.) But I also am the worst at following through and finishing series…even series I really like. My list of series I haven’t finished is AWFUL (I’ve finished a couple since).


10. I always forget about the books on my Kindle: Out of sight, out of mind! I always go for the physical books when I pick what to read next and never think of all the poor books on my Kindle.


So tell me some of your bookish problems!

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Jamie is a 32 year old married lady (with a new baby!!) who is in denial that she's actually that old to be a married lady and a mom. When she's not reading you can find her doing Pilates followed by eating ice cream, belting out Hamilton (loud and offkey) and having adventures with her husband, daughter and rescue dog.


  1. I have so many of the same problems on my list! I desperately need more bookshelves and I have room for more but not enough money to dedicate to getting more right now. I get distracted allll the time (twitter is a black hole i swear). I also recently voiced my fear of dying before I can read all the books I want to read to my husband to which he responded: of course you will. there’s just too many books. me: …….. Yeah, that was not comforting at all. If only I could not work and read all the time? And have someone support my book habits. Oh in the perfect world….

  2. #2 is my living situation right now.

  3. I have no problem not finishing a book if it is because the writing is bad. If the writing is at least okay, and I think it is because of my mood, I will push through (I lean towards being a mood reader, too). My main problem is moving, or expectations of moving, and not wanting to unpack books even though I miss them. I also have a problem with lighting and sitting position having to be perfect when reading physical books. This is why I love my Kindle books. 🙂

  4. We bookworms share so many of the same problems 😛 I would lOVE a book buying money tree too!

    Here’s my list of bookish problems!

  5. Great list! Made me laugh a lot. Completely agree with these, except for the Kindle thing. I’m not an e-book girl. Especially agree with how annoying it is to have hobbies that all involve sitting!!

  6. Forgetting about what happens in between books in a series is a real problem for me! I also agree with too long of a TBR list and not enough time to read all the books I want to!!!! Great list!

  7. 3. I find it hard to put down books too. I’ve gotten better, but then I have the problem off dropping it and promising myself I’m going to get to it later. IT’S JUST NOT GOING TO HAPPEN.
    4. SO YES. It’s a fucking bitch to be a mood reader, especially as a reviewer and blogger. It just sucks. You want to read something that matches your mood, but then you look at all those arcs you have to read.

  8. #4!!! I never thought being a mood reader was troublesome, but now that my TBR list is so large I understand all the problems you mentioned. Especially library books going back unread. I sign out way more books now because there are more books I’m interested in, but I’m still bound to my moods when it comes to reading them or not.

  9. I think the main problem all readers face is so many books, so little time! I completely agree with you about the Kindle – I have about 150 books hidden away on there that I never look at and sometimes forget I own!

  10. I’ve gotten a lot better at DNFs in the last few years. If I’m just not enjoying it, or it’s just not picking up enough, I won’t force myself to read all the way through. I kind of wish some awful books I’ve read in the past had been DNFs, though I’ve also forced myself to finish some awful books, like Beatrice Sparks’s, to kind of take one for the team and write thorough reviews.

  11. Ohh, I always forget about the books on my ereader as well! Just a couple of minutes ago I was like “crap, I still have an egalley I was going to read a MONTH AGO.” Oops.
    I never really thought about the butt-hurting as a reading problem before but it DEFINITELY IS. I thought that was just me, haha! I can rarely get completely comfortable when reading, even though I have the most comfy couch in the world. Holding up books is sooo tiring, lol.
    Oh, and getting distracted by the internet? That’s basically my entire life, haha.

  12. Hahahaha yes to ALL of these! Especially #1. And a big shout out to Internet distractions and ass-sitting problems. I feel you on those! And sometimes when you have a day where you’ve had to sit down all day, no matter how uncomfortable you are, you just get too lethargic to get up and go to the gym to feel a little better. It’s a vicious cycle. :/ haha

  13. I tend to forget about the books on my kindle too. It really is out of sight, out of mind. Hopefully I’ll get to them at some point… but again, too many books, too little time!

  14. I get all of yours, seriously.
    I am terrible at remembering what happens in series, that’s why I try to marathon them whenever possible! Also, my ass? Yep, you’re totally right about that one.
    And lately, whenever I look at my WL on goodreads, I panic because seriously, when will I ever be able to read that many books??

    My TTT: http://frannieinthepages.blogspot.com/2015/02/top-ten-tuesday-top-ten-bookish.html

  15. LOL. You win the most-creative list prize. I’m still laughing at #2 and can totally relate to #7.

  16. Yes – I’m always forgetting what happens in a series book – it’s so hard some time

  17. Heyyy we used exactly the same GIF for problem #2 :D! I forgot all about forgetting what happens between books in series and finishing them as well. I am SO BAD at that. Though with the forgetting books on your Kindle I’m more of the opposite. I seem to pick up my Kindle more and ignore all the physical books I have. Other than that though I can totally relate to everything else! Being a reader is hard!!

  18. I go through huge periods of reading loads and just not reading at all, even though I really want to 🙁

  19. My TBR has become just a suggestion list. When I am looking for something new to read I check the TBR because I add everything that LOOKS GOOD to that list. About once a year I cull it, knowing full well I am not going to read these specific books… sounded good in May but then I read something else and it was similar so no I am not reading the same thing.

    The other issue is that once I find a really good author I need their entire backlist. And then i stress myself out trying to read them all and I don’t have TIME!

    I solved part of my ‘need to buy new books’ habit by subscribing to NetGalley and Edelweiss. I always search for upcoming books by my faves and when they pop up, I request a copy. A review of a book I love is not labor at all!

    Biggiest biggest issue? I see a new book. oooooooh it sounds good. But it’s #17Million in the series! I can’t start at #17million! I need to read the whole series! Just……just go! I can’t. I CAN’T!

  20. the pain in the a$$ from blogging and reading is such an accurate consequence of this world we love and inhabit! and I’m happy to know I’m not the only one who gives up on a series ~ I try now to only read series that have all the books published and available at my fingertips

  21. Yes to every single one of these!

  22. I decided to do a literature degree because of my love of books – little did I know this would create the biggest bookish problem of my life! I never have time to read what I WANT to read. That doesn’t mean I don’t enjoy any of my set texts, but I can never just go into a bookshop and CHOOSE. You’d think after exams when summer came round I’d have a chance, but the reading list for next year is already released and I have to start on that! There aren’t many reasons why I’m looking forward to graduating, but I cannot WAIT to start my OWN to-read list! Great post!

  23. Pretty much yes to all! I want them all but I have soo many that when it comes to choosing I kind of lock up. Luckily I’m not too bad of a mood reader so blog tours and stuff kind of set the list for me.

  24. Loved all the Gif’s accompanying todays top 10!

  25. I can TOTALLY agree with the mood reading bit — especially when it comes to books from the library. I’m notorious for taking home a dozen books that I was SO EXCITED ABOUT and requested … and then returning them unread because I just wasn’t in the mood. Then I feel bad when the librarian asks how I felt about a book and I have to say I didn’t read it. Of course, that’s a much better scenario than buying all the books (another thing I’m guilty of) and then not being in the mood to read them. The library is much more cost effective. 🙂 And yeah, don’t get me started on series — I’m TERRIBLE for finishing them. I’m actually not too bad if the entire series is out, then I’ll just read them all at once, but if I read one book, then have to wait a year for the next one, and so on, then I’m so bad at reading them all — especially the last one.

    Great (?) bookish problems!

  26. You are not alone on #6. On the days that I stay logged in to Tweetdeck in the evening, I get WAY less reading done. It’s a very tempting distraction. WHY MUST YOU GUYS BE SO FASCINATING?

  27. Hahaha, those GIFs are perfect. I love the Crowley one and the Silver Linings Playbook one. When I first saw that movie, that scene cracked me up because I feel the exact same way about Hemingway as Pat did (just thinking about him throwing that book out the window makes me laugh).

  28. Pretty much all of the same problems, although I’ve gotten much better at not buying as many books – I used to go book shopping almost every week, but after moving several times, I’ve decided to cut back on book buying and borrow from the library more as well as just buying eBooks. Plus with kids I just can’t read as often as I used to. Distractions and lack of time are my biggest problems, though… and the series thing. So often I have to go back and reread so all of the earlier books are a lot more worn than the more recent ones.

  29. I have all of these problems!
    But space is a massive issue, i look at my bookcases and I’m waiting for them to collapse. They will die very soon… 🙁

  30. I am only good about quitting books I get from the library… if I pay money for a book (even $2), gosh darnit, I’m gonna finish it. It’s ridiculous, really.

  31. The issue of space is gonna be solved for me rather soon, thankfully! But the fact that I am a bloody book hoarder, and I want to buy ALL THE BOOKS no matter the amount of books I still have to read!! =/

  32. I’m right there with you girl! My TBR drives me crazy and makes me want to cry half the time! It is so overwhelming! There are so many books I want, but can’t have because of money. I want a money tree too. I am trying to be better about quitting books that don’t snag my interest. It’s hard though because I don’t like NOT finishing things. I am bad at finishing series too. 🙁 I am also a distracted reader. I can’t sit down and plow through a book anymore. I’m constantly checking my phone or jumping on the computer to do things. Sigh. And it is SO NOT FAIR that we will probably never get through all the books we want! 🙁

  33. Seriously, #7 is a real problem! I also have a problem with my arm hurting from lying on my side too long or my hands falling asleep and then going all tingly. Does that happen to you? I definitely agree with #8 and #9, too. I WANT TO READ ALL THE BOOKS, is that really such an unreasonable goal? Haha. And yeah, I struggle so much with remembering what happens in series. Even if I absolutely love the book, it just goes right out of my brain as soon as I’m done. It’s so annoying! I was always jealous of the kids in high school English who would spent 1/4 of the time that I did on the reading, and yet because they could remember all the details, they’re the ones who sounded smart. Ughhh.

  34. These are great!! I also think there is not enough time in our lives to read all the books! I used to dream of owning a bookstore when I was a kid, thinking that meant I would have the time to read all the books in the store. My TBR is growing way to fast, a side effect of blogging apparently. 🙂 I also have a terrible memory for series, I try to read them close together but things don’t always work out!

  35. I’m also not very good at quitting books! I even stay up late to finish some books that I’m not enjoying, just so I can get it over with and start a (hopefully) better one. In terms of forgetting that I have copies of books, I’m your opposite because I tend to ignore my physical copies and read more ebooks instead. Mostly because it’s more convenient for me to bring my Kindle around with me.

  36. Great answers! I have the shelf issue too but wouldn’t have it any other way than tons of books. I always dreamed of growing up and having tons of books, envying literary characters I’d read about who had this. That has come true and it makes me happier than anything.

    Being a mood reader – yep thats me, and probably the thing I most sympathize with on your list. I do this too and binge read, then dont read enough and feel annoyed about it.

  37. I once calculated that I’ll have to read ~180 books a year in order to have read 10,000 books before I die (assuming I die at a normal age). Ten thousand sounds like nothing! I want to have read a million!

  38. I think the ereader one is certainly my problem. I like physically going to my bookshelf and touching each book and looking at page count and descriptions so it makes it hard to pick up my Nook or Kindle.
    Also I do agree with sitting down too much for reading and blogging. However, I do have a job where I stand 90% of my day so I guess sitting down evens out with that.
    Great list!

  39. I basically think that we have the same problems when it comes to our books. But today, my brain has decided to focus heavily on the TBR one! I’ve been trying to be good and whittle down the TBR pile, but… I may have tripped and accidentally bought and borrowed books in the last two weeks. So now, I’m surrounded by unread books and trying not to drown! Hopefully, I work it out soon 🙂