Retail Therapy: Valentine’s Day Edition

So a long time ago (circa 2011-2012) I used to have this feature called Retail Therapy but I let it fall to the wayside like many other features I used to do — which is fine with me because I don’t want to do things I’m not passionate about anymore. I reevaluated for a while and I tried to save it again in 2014 and did it a whopping ONE TIME. So, let’s maybe go for more than once in 2015…okay self? Because I genuinely love doing these posts…I just am bad at remembering to do them.


So, Valentine’s Day? Will and I never really “celebrate” it though last year he surprised me with early fan event tickets to see the Veronica Mars movie (so our date wasn’t technically ON Valentine’s Day but a couple weeks later). I think this year we MIGHT go get Mexican food at our favorite place. WE SHALL SEE.

But every Valentine’s Day I think about how I love being my OWN Valentine’s Day date. I mean, Will is great and thoughtful but pretty much I am my own best V-day date because we don’t really go all out for Valentine’s Day. LET’S BE REAL. Sometimes you just have to treat yo self.

So if I were going to be my own Valentine this year, this is what I’d gift myself with and how I’d spend my night. You’ll see it’s VERY low-key!

Treat Yo Self Valentine's Day



1. Mickey & Minnie I Love You socks, $1.90: I always like to buy cute socks for holidays and I love these as my V-day socks. Gotta keep those feet warm!

2. Cupcake wine: I’m not a fancy wine drinker so my go to is either the Cupcake brand or Yellowtail. I really want to try the angel food wine that Cupcake has!

3. Pizza Is My Valentine tote: I thought this was so cute and, um, I’m going to be eating pizza on my dream V-Day date.

4. Sheswai nail polish: My nails deserve a little TLC while I watch a movie.

5. Amelie: This is one of my favorite movies of all time and makes me happy so I’d definitely be watching it on my date.

6. Deep Steep Passionfruit + Guava bubble bath: I LOOOOOVE bubble baths and I love reading in the bathtub. I would be taking the longest bubble bath with my glass of wine and my book. (I love their sugar scrub in this scent too)

7. Thesis Strawberry Dessert Face Mask: TLC is all part of the game here and a facial that is pretty much like dessert? YUP.

8. Soy Book Lover Trashy Romance candle: Setting the mood!

9. CUPCAKES!!: Gotta have dessert, yo! This is a white chocolate pretzel cupcake!

10. Mine Til Midnight by Lisa Kleypas: This would be my pick for my Valentine’s Day reading — a historical romance I haven’t read! Hope it’s super swoony!

11. Cute jammies: I’m going to be lounging and all comfortable after my bubble bath so I need some cute jams.




Tell me your ultimate “Treat Yo Self” Valentine’s Day date!! Into any of the stuff I posted?

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Jamie is a 32 year old married lady (with a new baby!!) who is in denial that she's actually that old to be a married lady and a mom. When she's not reading you can find her doing Pilates followed by eating ice cream, belting out Hamilton (loud and offkey) and having adventures with her husband, daughter and rescue dog.


  1. The Angel Food Cupcake Wine is phenomenal! I also suggest Red Velvet.

  2. Was Lisa Kleypas followed by the words “Hope it’s super swoony”?? *insert gasping emoji here* because there is no ‘hope’ about it! The Swoon Queen de-li-vers. (sorry, I can’t turn my LK radar off. Im drawn to these things :P)

    Nothing beats treating yo self. Unless one’s significant other gets them a month long trip to Hawaii. Otherwise, treat yo self is the way to go. *off to buy the bubble bath and fcae mask* Thanks, Jamie!

  3. Mine Till Midnight is totally swoony!!!

  4. Cupcake wine. Yep. Gimme. *grabby hands*
    Also, Amelie. So much love for that film.

  5. I love Amelie so much! Such an amazing film with incredible music and fabulous acting!

  6. My Treat Yo’Self date is pretty much the same! A long hot bath with fancy bubbles, yummy snacks and get into my favourite cosy PJs, then watch my favourite film or play video games.

  7. I’ve only seen Amelie once but I loved it! You’ve just reminded me that I should really own it on DVD. Movies are definitely my way of treating myself on Valentine’s Day, especially since it’s on a Saturday this year so I can just stay in bed and watch as many romance movies as I want and eat whatever junk I want to because that’s one of the best ways that I can treat myself.

  8. I have that candle and it smells amazing!

    We don’t really go all out for Valentine’s day either, and I totally agree sometimes the best thing you can do is buy yourself a gift and a little pampering.

  9. This is so cute Jamie and yes sometimes we do need to treat ourselves, VDay or not.
    My ideal would be a bottle of Moet, macarons, a Lush bubble bar bath, a good steak for dinner (medium), watching a cute chick flick like maybe Love Actually or The Holiday and re-reading something swoony like Vampire Academy or Gayle Forman πŸ˜€

  10. I got some really cute Valentine’s Day socks from Forever 21 too! My favorite are the kissing Mickey and Minnie.

  11. I love that you’ve picked out some awesome items to pamper yourself! It’s so perfectly in theme, and I kind of want those PJs and socks… Happy Valentine’s Day, Jamie!

  12. Ya know, I’ve just started getting into cozy socks πŸ™‚

    I love pizza too. And not a wine gal. Only wine that’s decent to me is the Barefoot Dessert wine.

    Those book lover candles look so cute, have seen them on the webverse before and been tempted.

  13. Yes I’ll take one of everything please!