New To The Queue {12}

New To the Queue is a sporadic thing around here wherein I give you a tiny glimpse into some of the books, movies, tv shows and bands I’ve recently added to my never ending queue of things to read/watch/listen to. For past posts, go here!


Angelfall by Susan Ee

 Angelfall by Susan Ee  (Amazon // Goodreads)
Publication Date – 2012

Why I Added It To My To-Be-Read list: The last book in this series is coming out and everyone is going wild for it so I figured I should check this series out at some point soon!

What It’s About:It’s been six weeks since the angels of the apocalypse destroyed the world as we know it. Only pockets of humanity remain. Savage street gangs rule the day while fear and superstition rule the night.  When angels fly away with a helpless girl, her seventeen-year-old sister Penryn will do anything to get her back…



Broken Heart Society of Suite 17c

The Broken Hearts Society Of 17C by LeighAnn Kopans ( Goodreads)
Publication Date- May 22, 2015

Why I Added It To My To-Be-Read list:
It looks so fun! Also, looks totally like the sort of New Adult books I’ve been looking for + college setting FTW!

What It’s About: Rion, Amy, and Arielle meet on their first day of college as roommates. They all find out they have all been involved in AWFUL breakups before college. As they mend their heart break together and take control of their love, plus have a whole lot of fun as roommates, the Broken Hearts’ Society of 17c is born and they vow to never date anyone like the guys that broke their heart. With college comes new guys that tempt them…and Society promises that become hard to keep!


Fans of the Impossible Life

 Fans of the Impossible Life by Kate Scelsa  (Amazon // Goodreads)
Release Date: September 8th, 2015

Why I Added It To My To-Be-Read list:
It just so looks like a me book!

What It’s About: “This is the story of a girl, her gay best friend, and the boy in love with both of them.


fig by sarah elizabeth schantz

Fig by Sarah Elizabeth Schantz ( Amazon // Goodreads)

Release Date: April 7, 2015


Why I Added It To My To-Be-Read list:
It came in the mail and I had never heard of it before so I checked it out and it looked really good!

What It’s About:  “Love and sacrifice intertwine in this brilliant and provocative debut of rare beauty about a girl dealing with her mother’s schizophrenia and her own mental illness.





12154319Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt

Why I Added It To My Netflix Queue:  I was at my dad’s for Easter and my 20 year old sister was like, “OMG IT IS SO FUNNY YOU MUST WATCH IT.” So we watched the first two episodes and I was like OKAY FINE I SHALL WATCH THE REST AT SOME POINT.

What It Is About: “From “30 Rock” executive producers Tina Fey and Robert Carlock comes this hilarious comedy series starring Ellie Kemper (“The Office,” “Bridesmaids”) as a woman who is rescued from a doomsday cult and starts life over as a nanny for a socialite (Jane Krakowski from “30 Rock”) in New York City. Armed with just a backpack, light-up sneakers and a couple of past-due library books, she takes on a world she didn’t think even existed anymore.”

 Obvious Child

Obvious Child

Why I Added It To My Netflix Queue: It was recommended to me by Netflix based on my interests of Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind, The Royal Tenanbaums & Lost in Translation. HAHAH OKAY YOU WIN. I LOVE ALL THOSE.

What It Is About: “After being fired from her job and dumped by her cheating boyfriend, a comedian bottoms out and has a drunken one-night stand with a nice guy who’s not her type. Weeks later, she finds out she’s pregnant.”



80017263 Cake


Why I Added It To My Netflix Queue: It definitely piqued my interest with some of the reception on this one. But truly like seeing Jen play different roles outside of what she typically gets cast in.

What It Is About: “Saddled with chronic pain, Claire Simmons has kept a sense of humor, even if it’s of the acidic, angry variety. Upset but gripped by curiosity when a member of her support group kills herself, Claire decides to excavate the truths behind the suicide.”



Kodaline — Coming Up For Air


Why I Added It To My Musical Rotation:  I really loved their 2013 (and debut) album In A Perfect World so I’ve been waiting for a new album to see what they had up their sleeves next! Digging it! Favorite songs so far: Honest, Ready, Autopilot, Lost, Better

Sufjan Stevens – Carrie & Lowell

Sufjan Carrie & Lowell

Why I Added It To My Musical Rotation: Well, I’ve been a Sufjan fan for like the past 10+ years sooooo EVERY NEW ALBUM IS LIKE CHRISTMAS AND GETS AN AUTO ADD TO MY QUEUE. And this one does NOT disappoint. Dudes, I can’t pick favorites for this one. I CANNOT. I have been listening to it A LOT since it released at the end of March!!!

Matt & Kim – New Glow

New Glow Matt & Kim

Why I Added It To My Musical Rotation: Been a big Matt & Kim fan for a while and was REALLY digging the single “Hey Now”. Faves so far: Hey Now (obviously), Stirred Up,

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YOUR TURN! Tell me one book you added to your TBR list recently! Tell me a movie/tv show you added to your must watch list! Tell me a new band/singer you just added to your musical rotation! Also, have you read/watched/listened to anything on my recently added list? Or did I make you add something to YOUR queue? Tell me, tell me!

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  1. Tell me one book you added to your TBR list recently: “Finding Audrey” by: Sophie Kinsella! (I’m reading “Just One Day” by: Gayle Forman, right now)
    Tell me a movie/tv show you added to your must watch list: Noah! It just got put on Netflix instant watch! Emma Watson, Logan Lerman, and Douglas Booth? Yes!!
    Tell me a new band/singer you just added to your musical rotation: Not super recently added, but Dan + Shay! You gotta listen to them! I think my favorite song is “Nothin’ Like You”, but their whole album is AMAZING.

    • I was just looking at Finding Audrey the other day! You’ll have to let me know if you read it! AND YAY JUST ONE DAY!!!!!

      I don’t know if I’m super into NOah but you’ll have to let me know what you think!

      I’ve listened to them! Good stuff! 🙂

  2. I’m so jealous that you guys have Netflix because my country still doesn’t have it. BOO!

    Anyway, Unbreakable looks to be really good! Have you watched Walking in Sunshine? It’s a movie musical using songs from the 1980s. It’s a bit of a rom-com with more emphasis on the “rom” part. It’s really good and I think that you’ll like it. 🙂

    Happy reading/watching/listening, Jamie! I can’t wait to hear your thoughts on the books mentioned above.

    • WHAT?!? That is so sad :((( You can come visit me and binge watch alllll the netflix you want :))

      I haven’t seen Walking in Sunshine! Going to check it out..thank you!!

  3. The unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt gets so much better. I thought the first couple of episodes were only okay too. I think it just takes a while for a sitcom to get a rhythm. I ended up loving it.

    • I can’t wait!! I thought it was funny but not like OMG MUST WATCH IMMEDIATELY. My sister said the same thing as you though!

  4. I very much commend your choice to start the Angelfall trilogy!! I absolutely adoooore that book and series and I’m dying to get my hands on the last book!! Also the LeighAnn Kopans book because I adore her and everything she’s written so far!

    I have so many series I want to start, two of them come highly recommended but I don’t know when I’ll start them, Parks & Recreation and Hannibal… I’m still behind on Castle episodes, so I better watch up with that first!

    • YAY I’m so glad to know you love it! That makes me feel better! I’ve never written anything by LeighAnn…what should be my first??!

      I really want to watch Parks & Rec after all the tweets from the finale! Will and I watched one episode and weren’t really into it but maybe we should have given it more time!

  5. Love your Netflix picks! I want to see all of those as well as Bloodline.

  6. I thought Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt really found its stride in the middle of the season(the first couple eps were okay, kept watching, & wasn’t a huge fan of the last two, but really enjoyed the middle ones). & I say that as a person who doesn’t usually like sitcoms. I’ve also been digging Kodaline’s music lately! As for as things I’ve added to my rotation lately, mine I think are:
    Book: The Sacred Lies of Minnow Bly(which I believe is coming out in June) It’s about a girl in a cult, & I’m always drawn to YA books about cults(I took a whole class on them in college, so I’m fascinated)
    Shows: I will probably check out Netflix’s Bloodlines(Bloodlines? Or is it Bloodline? Not sure of the plural on that one) because Kyle Chandler.
    Music: I found January May through random spotify browsing lately & am really digging their stuff! Also American Authors.

    • Yeah, I typically don’t watch a lot of sitcoms either so that’s good to know from someone else who doesn’t either!

      Ooh have to check out The Sacred Lies of Minnow Bly. I think cult books/movies etc. are SO interesting too!

      YES I want to watch that too solely becuase of Kyle Chandler.

      Never heard of January May! Will check them out! And yaaaas love me some American Authors though I heard him perform live on one of those shows like Ellen or something and they sounded SO awful. Think maybe something was off timing wise!

  7. The Broken Hearts Society Of 17C sounds so good! Definitely adding that to my TBR. Recently, I’ve really been itching to read Finnkin of The Rock by Melina Marchetta – it looks so good and i’ve heard great things. I also really want to read Under a Painted Sky by Stacey Lee and All The Rage by Courtney Summers.

    • Doesn’t it sound so good?? I always want college settings! (seriously college was the best time of my life haha). OOOH FINNIKIN. I highly recommend!! And I also really loved both Under a Painted Sky and All the Rage — so good picks!! All the Rage is super intense though so make sure you are in the mood for that!

  8. Fans of the Impossible Life sounds very intriguing. The last book I added to my GR TBR was Made You Up by Francesca Zappia

  9. The new Sufjan is SO good. Much better than the last one, in my opinion. I keep forgetting to download it (Evan is my Spotify, he just plays stuff while we’re making dinner, and I’m always like “What’s this?”). I will check out the other two – I keep hearing about Kodaline and how good they are.

    Broken Hearts Society looks great – added to my TBR. I just added The Readers of the Broken Wheel Recommend to my TBR thanks to a rec from my friend Lynne – it’s a book about loving books, and it sounds quirky and sweet. Maybe one for you, too?

    • YES I so agree. I loved the last Sufjan album but not as much as this one!! (My fave is Illinois though certain days I think it is Seven Swans — all depends on my mood haha). Yes check out Kodaline for sure! Their first album is great too!

      Oooh never heard of The Readers of the Broken Wheel but I trust you if you say it might be one for me!!

  10. There are some really great things there! I’ve heard loads of praise heaped on Angelfall, so I hope you enjoy it. It’s one of those YA books that I’ve been meaning to read for ages, but just haven’t for some reason. TV shows wise, I’ve been watching Game Of Thrones, which is incredible, even though I know most of what’s about to happen. However, it is Community that is my true love at the moment. Community is easily the funniest show I’ve seen since probably The Office (UK original, I’m one of Those People). It is total insanity but it is easily way more original than basically every other sitcom I’ve watched. Sorry that I’m rambling, I just love it. The last movie I watched was Children Of Men, which I really enjoyed. It was really gritty and bleak but it’s definitely the most realistic science fiction movie I’ve ever watched. Finally, CARRIE AND LOWELL! YES! 2015 has been a great year for music so far and Carrie And Lowell is definitely up there for me (To Pimp A Butterfly takes the top spot though). Prior to it I hadn’t listened to anything by Sufjan Stevens (my musical self-education is still ongoing. I have a lot to learn) but I’m really looking forward to exploring his discography. Great post!

    • I’ve always been a liiiiittle bit wary of it just because I’m super picky about paranormal but I’m like OKAY LET’S JUST PUT MY BIG GIRL PANTIES ON AND GIVE IT A CHANCE.

      I am hoping to start GoT this summer (it was featured on my last month’s New to the Queue post). I wanted to start it immediately but the husband was like WE HAVE ENOUGH SHOWS RIGHT NOW so i said okay FINE summer time.

      I don’t watch a lot of sitcoms but I’ve heard good things about Community and the praise you are given it makes me even more intrigued.

      YAS Children of Men is SUCH a great movie! OH MAN.

      AHH yes you must go back and listen to Sufjan’s older stuff. My favorite albums are Illinois and Seven Swans!!

  11. Angelfall is great! It’s pretty dark, gory and messed up, but if you are in the mood for such a thing it’s mind-blowing. I also love Penryn. She is kick-ass, but without the whole too-good-to-be-true aspect. She has her vulnerability and her loyalty towards her family is admirable. Not to forget: Rafe and their chemistry 😀 I can’t wait for the conclusion.

    I add books to my TBR list all the time, haha. I like far too many things, so I have no idea what the last title is.. TV show was Vikings. I’m really curious, because it does look like a lot of violence and blood, but I hope there is more story to it as well :).

    • Ooh good to know because YOU KNOW I’m a mood reader so this will help me be able to give it the best chance! I’ve seen so many people just DYING to get their hands on the conclusion!!

      Haha mainly I just look at my Goodreads and sort by date added and that’s how I get my picks for this hahah.

      OOH VIKINGS. Yes someone has been tweeting about this one (I forget whoooo) and it has been piquing my interest! If you watch it before me let me know!!

  12. Okay, so I’ve read Angelfall, and it was pretty great. Unfortunately I didn’t get to World After in a timely fashion, so I’m going to have to start that series over at some point, because my memory is most excellent. It’s very dark and creepy – can’t remember if that’s your thing – but good.

    Oooh, I’d love to hear about Leigh Ann Kopans’ new one, so I’ll watch for that review if you read it (not like I don’t watch for all of them but whatevs).


    I watched a couple episodes of Kimmy Schmidt and it didn’t grab me but people keep talking about it, so I might try again.

    New to my TBR: I added Play On by Michelle Smith very recently, and just got that book in the email. I’m hoping it’s adorable and swoony. Ummmm, I’m not really watching anything that’s not America’s Next Top Model right now. Today, I just discovered Keaton Huston, and it’s really relaxing and beautiful, and I’ve been working to that.

    • Ooh the fact alone that you liked Angelfall gives me hope. I do like dark and creepy but am kind of picky about it? And ughhh I have so many series where I read the first book years ago and there is NO way I’m going to be able to move on unless I reread it or at least skim.

      I’ve never read a Leigh Ann Kopans book before but I’m sure excited because YAY COLLEGE.

      OKAY THAT WAS WHAT I WAS HOPING TOO. Like I really hope it’s not a fakeout.

      Apparently, according to my sis and another commenter, it takes a couple episodes to get better!

      OOH I’ve been seeing people talk about Play On…been thinking about adding it because it looks SOOO ADORABLE!

      Keaton Huston! Checking that shit out now because we are musical soulmates.

  13. Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt is incredible! It’s funny and smart, and even if you rewatch you are constantly finding new jokes and one-liners that you hadn’t seen before. I’m currently on my 4th rewatch of it because I just can’t get enough! I really hope you enjoy it 🙂

    • I LOVE shows like that! I felt that way about Friends! Even when I rewatch it I laugh at new jokes and one-liners that I never took notice of before. And 4th rewatch?? HIGH PRAISE! Making me more excited!

  14. OBVIOUS CHILD IS SO GOOD. I’m really not a movie fan at all, but I saw this one when it was playing at the movie theater and I immediately fell in love. Jenny Slate is perfect, as always, and the topic is dealt with in an incredibly amazing way. Also, I’m in love with all three of the albums you listed so woooo I love your queue (I did not try to rhyme on purpose).

    • Oh I haven’t heard anybody talk about this one so I’m glad you’ve seen it!!

      WOO all 3 of those albums are so great!!! And yeah, this past month seemed like A LOT of previously loved artists were releasing new albums. I HAVE SO MUCH TO LISTEN TO. And like, I like to LIIIIIIISTEN to albums. Not just put them on. Like it’s a do nothing else and listen kind of thing hahah


    Recently on my TBR: Wild Sargasso Sea, and Harrison Squared.

    Fans of the Impossible Life looks so cute and fun. I may have to add that to the queue!

  16. I’ve also recently added Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt to my Netflix queue and I’ve added The 100 to my TBR list! I’ve read Angelfall and tbh the hype is underdeserved. It’s not a terrible book by any means but I didn’t think it was as great as everyone said.

    Hana @ToBooksAndBeyond

    • OMG THE 100!!!! DROP EVERYTHING AND WATCH THAT SHOW. I loooooove it so much.

      Hmm and I heard from another friend that she was NOT impressed with Angelfall either. I think I’ll try to make my expectations simmer down a little considering all the hype surrounding it!

  17. Dude, UNBREAKABLE KIMMY SCHMIDT and OBVIOUS CHILD are sooooo good. KIMMY is hilarious and I do have to say OBVIOUS CHILD deals with pro choice/pro life issues and while is a bit funny, it is also serious. I really enjoyed both and can’t get over KIMMY 🙂 I still laugh about one liners!

    I just started watching STAR-CROSSED on Netflix. It’s a CW show that got cancelled after one season.

  18. Bahhh, Kimmy Schmidt, so good! I also watched Obvious Child and while I wasn’t super into it, I did enjoy it! It was interesting because I feel like there just aren’t many movies that deal with surprise pregnancies, and hello, they happen, so! All I can think of is Juno… Are there more??
    And I’ll need to read some of your book picks too!
    I just finished Amy Poehler’s Yes Please (and I’m currently watching Parks & Rec for the first time – you definitely should give that another try because I was wary at first.. Didn’t think I liked ANY of the characters and now I love them all!) and now I want more strong female books! So after I finish what I’m currently reading, I’ve got #GIRLBOSS and Marina Keegan’s Opposite of Loneliness on my list. And Sisterhood Everlasting, because WHY DID I NEVER FINISH THE TRAVELING PANTS BOOKS?! Jeez Louise.

  19. Omg my husband got really into unbreakable actually haha. He made me watch the first ep and I was like eh it’s pretty funny. I’ll prob watch it at some point. 🙂 We’ve also been watching Daredevil, the netflix show and I REALLY like it! Bookwise… I’m sort of fail at reading right now. Just haven’t had TIME. And I seem to be continuously sick this year. UGH. Sufjan!! Husband and I have tickets to one of their concerts later this year! I can’t remember when exactly it is but I’m so excited!

  20. LOVED Kimmy Schmidt! I can’t wait for more episodes! And I haven’t even heard of Cake … I’ll have to look into that one since I love Jennifer Aniston.

  21. I may have to check out The Broken Hearts Society of 17C as I love (the idea of) college settings. I wonder if this one is more NA though….

    I’m so happy to see Fans of The Impossible Life on here, I just requested that one from EW and it sounds so amazing. Fig’s on my TBR too.

    I’m going to check out all of your movies/tv shows listed, Cake sounds so good.

    Yayyy, I’m so happy to see Kodaline, Sufjan Stevens, and Matt & Kim listed. <3

    As for music, last month I added Marina and The Diamonds "Froot", Smallpools "LOVETAP!", Kelly Clarkson's "Piece By Piece" albums to my playlist.

    Some songs I've added are both of Breaking Benjamin's newly released songs, both of Brandon Flowers' newly released songs, "I Really Like You" by Carly Rae Jepsen, Jojo's "Far From Heaven", and Hilary Duff's "Sparks".

    I also have The Duff's soundtrack on repeat a lot lately. 🙂

    As for books, I added Get Happy by Mary Amato, Playing For The Commandment/The Wrong Boy by Suzy Zail, Disappear Home by Laura Hurwitz, Paper Things by Jennifer Richard Jacobson and Halley by Faye Gibbons to my TBR.

  22. I definitely want to see Cake! It intrigued me from the moment I first heard about it, and I have a big soft spot for Jennifer Aniston. Also, Kodaline <3