Top Ten Inspiring Quotes From Books

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This week’s topic: Top Ten Inspiring Quotes From Books

I have a kept a quote notebook since long before I started blogging 5 years ago. My high school graduation I got a new notebook and a card that had a quote on it that really inspired me and I wrote it down. And then I collected quotes that I liked and along the years a lot of the quotes have come from books I’ve read. So this topic was pretty easy for me…except the fact it was SO HARD to pick. So many quotes have inspired and challenged and moved me!

// ONE //Throne of Glass quoteI read this line and I was like FUCK YES. True in the book and true for my life. We’ve all got the ability to rattle the stars if we dared too but too often we are held back our own hangups and fears and such.


even-in-paradise-quoteThe last page or so of this book is so quoteable and beautiful I couldn’t grab my quote notebook fast enough. This is the wish for my life, too.


finnikin-of-the-rock-quoteLOVE THIS. “I choose to drown in hope rather than float into nothing.” YESSSSS FINNIKIN YES.


quote-golden-jessi-kirby I literally could have made this list JUST by using quotes from Golden by Jessi Kirby. One of my favorites and made me think a lot. When I read this book and this quote I wrote this on a post-it note and put it on my nightstand so that in the morning I’d look at it and adopt it as my mantra for the day. Every day is a fresh start. Every day is a chance to step outside of your comfort zone and experience new things.


two-boys-kissing-quoteI left out “and deem them so” at the end of the sentence but was too lazy to go back and fix my graphic. But anyways, this quote inspires me to remember that magic is all around us in the moments we make and that I have the power to create magic — I don’t have to wait for it to happen. Also, this book in general, SO MANY DOG EARS.


Just One Day

One of my favorite quotes out of the whole book. (I could have filled this post with Just One Day posts as well as Golden ones like I said above). I tend to underestimate the power and importance of a day. But life is made of days. This quote and what it embodies is something I try to keep in perspective daily.




I loved this quote and even wrote a whole post inspired about it. But it really inspired me as a reviewer. That the way I look at books vs. how YOU look at books really has a lot to do based on our past, our experiences, our values, who we are as a person, etc. I think it made me realize how even MORE special art is because there really isn’t a wrong or a right way to see it.



just-one-day-quote4I’ve talked about how this book changed my life and this quote hit on a big thing I was struggling with. I was so frustrated with things not being how I wanted them and yet I wasn’t putting myself in the path of THINGS. I was just doing the same old thing wondering why nothing was happening. The page this quote was on was dogearred and stained with some tears when I thought about this.


mary-oliver-quoteI love Mary Oliver’s poetry. I know everybody knows her for the one wild and precious life line (which is one of my faves) but SO MUCH of her writing is amazing.




This is one of my favorite books and I very much identify with the idea of wanderlove and some of the ideas about travel in this book. But I loved this quote (sorry it’s so long and hard to read..I had to add it) because it really challenged me to look at how I view things as a traveler.

So tell me…what are some inspiring quotes from books that you have taken note of? Have any of my quotes inspired you? Or at least inspired you to check out the book they are from??

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  1. That is a fantastic Throne of Glass quote – I’ve seen it pop on a few other lists today. I really wish I would have added it to mine. Thanks for sharing. 🙂

    Check out my TTT.

  2. Although I didn’t put Chelsey Philpot’s quote in my list, I agree that its beautiful! I like the book, especially the epilogue.

  3. I’m planning a painting for that ToG stars quote 🙂 (will probably post pictures on my instagram @likewhoaaemmy whenever it’s finished)

  4. You’ve got some amazing quotes on your list. Very thought provoking. I can’t believe I haven’t read Just One Day. I really need to get on that! I absolutely love Golden as well. That book surprised me.

    • Yes Golden really surprised me too. I was pretty sure I would love it based on her other two books but didn’t expect to give it 5 stars!! And yes…READ JUST ONE DAY!

  5. Such great quotes! I especially like the one from Golden. It’s so easy to get stuck in life and wonder why things aren’t happening the way I want them too; but most of the time, it’s because I’m in my little comfort bubble and don’t want to leave. But of course then, nothing will change. Golden sounds like a book I need to read; thanks for sharing!

    • YES. It really is. I’m always like, “sighhh why am I not making any new friends?” Oh wait…bc I’m not putting myself in any situation unless someone is going to crawl through my window and plop on the couch and watch Netflix with me haha. I highlyyyy recommend Golden!! A full 5 stars from me!

  6. I really love your Gayle Forman quote. I really need to read that book ASAP. Great list thanks for sharing!

  7. Great list! I love the quote from Two Boys Kissing. 🙂

  8. The last quote was sooo beautiful! *-*
    Well.. yeah, all of them were u.u <3

  9. Such an awesome list with so many wonderful quotes. Thank you for sharing them and your reasons for the love of them as well, it’s always interesting to hear what words have touched other people.
    My TTT

    • Thank you! I think that’s what I love about this whole community…how words and books all touch us in a different way!

  10. I am loving reading all of these posts! The quote from Golden really speaks to me.

  11. Oh wow! Lovely set of quotes! All new to me books too!

    Here’s my Tuesday Post

    Have a GREAT day!

    Old Follower 🙂

  12. i LOVED that one from TOG! actually, there were alot of quotes from TOG that i really loved, so much so, that that book was the first book (EVER) that i actually used post it notes and wrote stuff down as i read it. great post this week!

    • SO many great quotes from that whole series. AHH I LOVE IT. And that’s awesome that THAT book is the one that got you into writing stuff down! Such an empowering series.

  13. christine danielle says:

    I really like the quote on Golden <3

    Top Ten Tuesday

  14. Oh geez. I have a whole document (31 pages) of quotes that I’ve found and loved. Some from books. The Two Boys Kissing quote I have on there. I got kind of excited when I saw it. I think a lot of times I forget to write down really awesome quotes because I’m sort of sucked in the story. Hopefully I catch them on the re-read.

  15. I’d forgotten about that idea in Wonderlove! I definitely agree with it about traveling to foreign countries. Loved that book! Great quotes and I loved reading your comments on them! 🙂

  16. I picked this Throne of Glass quote too! Like half of my list was Sarah J. Maas quotes. Because if you want an inspirational, badass, powerful sort of quote she’s got like all of them! And I resonate so much with the Golden quote, I read the book at a point in my life when I needed that sort of push, so I’m thankful it fell into my lap at just the right moment!

    • SO AGREE. That series has so many amazing quotes. And same here…I NEEEDED to read Golden when i did. I want to reread it SO badly right now.

  17. This is such a beautiful list, but that last Gayle Forman quote about putting yourself in the path really hits me. That’s definitely something I always struggle with.

    • ME TOO. So much. And then I wonder why nothing is happening. Oh wait because I’m not putting myself in the path of anything. SIGH. Working on it though!

  18. I want to hear more about this quote notebook. Do you carry it with you at all times? If not, when do you transfer quotes? Is this a handwritten thing or an electronic list? I have always wanted to copy down quotes but never have paper or when I do have paper, I forget.

    • I don’t carry it at all times but I do keep a teeny tiny notebook ALWAYS in my purse that I put random things in when I’m not at home with my other various notebooks for things. I’ll typically transfer when I get a couple in there or if I’m thinking about it…I’ll like do it when I’m watching tv or something. MULTITASKER. Or sometimes I’ll just take a picture of the quote on my phone or doggear it if I don’t have time to write it down right then and then transfer it. Definitely takes effort but I love being able to read through quotes I love.

  19. Ah, what a gorgeous selection of quotes. My personal list would contain a LOT from Melina Marchetta, and probably The Night Circus. It must be so hard to narrow down to just ten though!

    • I had some from Jellicoe, Saving Francesca and The Piper’s Son I wanted to have on here in terms of favorite quotes but they weren’t necessarily “inspiring” if that makes sense. Like they made me FEEL all the things and were favorites but didn’t fit under the topic necessarily. Still need to read The Night Circus!

  20. Really cool list. I’ve only read one of these books, but now I’m definitely putting the rest on my TBR. I also really like writing down quotes and even song lyrics. It reminds me that words, when put together in a certain way, can be really beautiful.

  21. Really great collection of quotes. Really like that Graffiti Moon one!

  22. The Throne of Glass quote is one that I absolutely ADORE. It’s so powerful (A lot of the quotes in those books are powerful – they really make you want to be a badass – especially the ones from Heir of Fire). This was a great post!

  23. I swear David Levithan creates the most beautiful quotes ever 🙂 Thank you for sharing these Jamie! Here’s my TTT @ Emma’s Bookery if you would like to check it out 🙂 Have a great day!

  24. That Throne of Glass quote is FANTASTIC! I am kind of sad that one somehow slipped out of my mind when I was putting my list together. You have A LOT of quotes from books that I have no read, which is actually causing me to go look up these books. Love your list lady!

  25. The first quote is such a great one. I love the use of “rattle.” I relate soo much to the Golden quote. It’s such an inspiring line to do something you aren’t exactly comfortable with and that’s okay.

    • Right…it’s just so powerful? RATTLE THE STARS. chills. I get CHILLS. Have you read Golden, btw? There was so much in that book that resonated with me!!

  26. The Throne of Glass series is filled with so many good quotes!

    Rachel @ Beauty and the Bookshelf

  27. Really amazing quotes all of those, Jamie! I especially adore the Wanderlust quote! It’s such a wonderful way to make us think about the differences and how we travel!

    • It was one of those quotes that I really really thought on for a while. It changed my outlook and attitude for sure!

  28. Love the quote from Wanderlove. It was such a special book for me to read. I went to your review for Wanderlove and agreed with what you wrote. I just wish I read the book sooner.

    • Very special for me as well. Also did it make you just want to like pack up and GO somewhere?? Every time I even glance at it on my shelves I’m like YEAH LET’S GO.

  29. Love just one day, one of my favorite books 🙂

  30. First of all, your blog is GORGEOUS. Everything about this post is just beautifully put together. Throne of Glass is on my TBR list, and your quote is really making me want to read it!

    • Aw thank you <33 That is so nice of you to say!! ToG is really good but the next two books in the series are even better! Like I rated ToG 3.5 stars and then the other two 5 stars!! Hope you enjoy! You'll have to let me know 🙂

  31. Wow. I really love these quotes. The ones from Gayle Foreman are beautiful. I have not read that book Just one day but I think I need to!

  32. Snap on “Even in Paradise”… a life so bright and brave – what more could you want, after all, you only get one 🙂


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