What I’ve Been Audiobooking Lately

I used to do audiobooks all the time (exhibit A) but then I stopped. Mostly it was due to the fact that I changed workouts and couldn’t listen to audiobooks anymore while doing it and also just having this feeling like I’d rather listen to music all the time. But I have found my way back to audiobooks when I feel like it in the second half of April and May I finished 3 audiobooks.

Also, side note THANK YOU SO MUCH for all your amazing recommendations in the comments of this post. I’m STILL going through them all and adding to my list! THANK YOU THANK YOU!


First up I did a reread of one of my favorite books:

If I Stay by Gayle Forman

I had been wanting to reread If I Stay for a while (it’s been YEARS since the first time I read it) so audio was the perfect way to get to it. It was a really solid audio performance. Really solid narrator. I will say I’m glad that I READ the book first as a physical book because I think I was way more connected to that. But as a REREAD…the audio was great. It was nice to revisit a story I know so well as a favorite but also experience all these details you’ve forgotten. It made me love this book one hundred times more. I really appreciated the details. Also, I realize how many details I “remembered” were actually things from the movie which I saw more recently than I read If I Stay obviously. Even knowing everything that happened this was just as emotional for me as it was the first time. I’ve talked before about why I’m afraid to reread books sometimes and I’m happy that this one held up for me…because it’s a major fear of mine.


Then I went on a little Dessen binge which I so enjoyed. As a general statement I find that her books make nice audiobooks (at least for me).


First up was Someone Like You:

Someone Like You by Sarah DessenSomeone Like You by Sarah Dessen



I really loved this one. Some of my friends say they didn’t like some of her early books but man did I love this one. I hadn’t read a ton of Dessen prior to this — a few books here and there — but this one was a little bit more serious or darker (I don’t even know if those are even the right words) than I remember the ones I had read a long time ago. I loved the friendship of Hayley and Scarlett in this one and how they were there for each other through some hard times — loss, day to day struggles, pregnancy, boy drama, etc.. The relationship between Hayley and her mom was an interesting one — I related with having a mom kind of similar to her — very overbearing and strict. I was actually REALLY surprised about the romance (he’s a bad boy type) and how it developed/where it went and even more shocked about how it all ended. I was REALLY happy with the ending — very refreshing and not something I see a whole lot. Regarding the audio, I had no qualms with the narration. Easy to follow.

And then I followed it with:

Lock & keyLock & Key by Sarah Dessen



Oh man did I love Lock & Key!! My heart was just so full and happy listening to this one. Teared up quite a bit. Dessen is just so damn talented in having complex and great relationships — romantic, family, friendships. Ruby’s home life is so sad to me and I was really excited to see her reunited with her sister Cora and how this sister relationship was explored — all the hurt of these years apart, the mistrust, the shared history as kids. It was so touching. And OH MY GOD I LOVED JAMIE. Jamie is Cora’s husband and he just made my heart so happy with his enthusiasm for holidays and family and his earnest welcoming of Ruby into their family. I just LOVED how much about family this book was. Like I’m tearing up thinking about it now — the family we have and the family we make out of friends and romances. And Nate. Oh man, Nate. Loved that dude. Such a great relationship between he and Ruby. I just really didn’t want the audio to end at all. I want more of all these characters. Again, I enjoyed the audio and found it engaging and easy to follow.

Have you read either of these Dessen books? I’m also curious if anyone has reread If I Stay &  if so how it held up for YOU.

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  1. Between Audible, Scribd and my library’s audiobooks I’ve been bingning on audio too ! What did you think of the cello music in If I Stay ? I had never heard music during an audiobook recording before.

    • I really liked that they incorporated the cello! Very cool!! I know a little about Audible but what is Scribd??

  2. I’ve never gotten into audiobooks, and I’m very curious to see if I would like them. I’ll have to try one out.

    I’ve read both of those Dessen books! I’ve actually read almost all of her books, and I think they are great. She is one of my faves. I’d have to say though, The Truth About Forever is still my favorite book of hers. Have you read that one? 🙂

    • I personally love them! It can take a little to get used to them so maybe start out with a reread or a book you know is a little bit lighter? I use them in the car, when I used to go on the treadmill, while I clean, when I cook, when I’m getting read (those last three provided that my husband isn’t around bc I don’t use headphones..just set my phone down and let it play out loud). Check out your library’s website and see if they have Overdrive so you can try the audiobooks out for free!

      I have NOT read The Truth About Forever yet but I feel like everyone LOVES that one!! Have you read Saint Anything yet?? I super loved that one!

  3. Katrina says:

    I love Sarah Dessen although I must admit neither of these are my favorites. Still both wonderful books though 🙂

    • Which SD ones are your faves??

      • Katrina says:

        Oh gee, now trying to think about which ones are actually my favorites…….

        Well after finishing Saint Anything yesterday I think it’s one of them, but my all time favorite would probably have to be The Truth About Forever, which may have to do with how it connected to my life the first time I read it but it I’ll always hold a special place in my heart. Probably closely followed by This Lullaby, Just Listen and Along for the Ride.

  4. I listened to my first audio book a couple weekends ago – your blog post with all the recs in the comments was super informative and helpful 🙂 I had a great experience and I will definitely be doing more audiobooks from now on. Audiobooks are definitely a very different way to experience a book thank reading, but comes with its own positives too. What I learned from reading the comments on your previous post is that it’s all about the narrator, not necessarily the story. I haven’t read If I Stay at all yet but I’ve heard/read that the narrator is really good – so I fully intend to listen to that one on audio. Not sure if I will read it before hand or just start with the audio – we will see!

    • YAY this makes me happy…I remember chatting on Twitter about it!! Definitely is a different way but still enjoyable in its own way. MAKES MY COMMUTE SO MUCH BETTER..I am less ragey haha.

      And yes DEFINITELY about the narrator. I have stopped listening to some because I was like EH CAN’T DO IT.

      I can’t wait for you to experience If I Stay!!

  5. I loved If I Stay. I cried throughout reading it. I like your rating scale. The other books you talk about sound great as well.

    • YES I remember reading If I Stay years ago and just SOBBING. I thought maybe the second time around I wouldn’t cry but NOPE. Tears everywhere. I sobbed through the whole movie too haha.

      And thanks! 🙂

  6. I loved Lock and Key too! I’m thinking of reading another Sarah Dessen book before the summer ends in our country. It’s been my “bookish tradition” two years now.

  7. YAY for those Dessens! I loved both of them back when they first came out. I plan to reread (probably via audio) all of her books within the next year or so. I’ve officially read all of her books now – well, except I just recently DNFed The Moon and More 🙁 I didn’t like the romance at all but liked everything else so it was a hard choice. Anyways I love the audio narrators for her books though! I think they sound great and super realistic. All of them are on Scribd and that’s where I listen to most of my audiobooks.

  8. I love Sarah Dessens book, she’s one of my all time favorite authors since high school 🙂 I haven’t ever really listened to an audiobook, I tried when I was 12 but then I gave up lol. I still want to give it a go someday though especially with a contemporary YA novel. I rather not listen to spooky thrillers on audio. Awesome post!

  9. I am CONSTANTLY forgetting about audiobooks … I’m sure I could get more books read with them! And rereading with audiobooks is a lot of fun. I should see if my library has any Sarah Dessen … I’ve been wanting to reread a lot of her stuff lately!

  10. I haven’t read either of those Dessen books yet! My favorite I’ve read so far though is probably Along For the Ride or the Truth About Forever. I’m really hoping to read a bunch of them this summer though.

  11. Looks like you were able to get through some rockin’ audiobooks! I need to get better about listening to them…It was a lot easier when I traveled for my job.

  12. I haven’t reread If I Stay or any Sarah Dessen book for that matter, but I really want to read Saint Anything though! I prefer to listen to books that I’ve already read, because this way I don’t have to put my full attention to the audiobook (I’m a terrible multi-tasker).

  13. I still haven’t gotten around to reading any of these books, an I know I really need to as I have heard such amazing thinigs about them. Glad you enjoyed them! XD Happy reading!!