Retail Therapy: In Need Of Cute Mugs/Tea Cups

So a long time ago (circa 2011-2012) I used to have this series on here called Retail Therapy but I let it fall to the wayside like many other reoccurring posts I used to do. I reevaluated for a while and I tried to save it again in 2014 and did it a whopping ONE TIME then and so far in 2015. So, let’s maybe go for more than once in 2015…okay self? Because I genuinely love doing these posts…I just am bad at remembering to do them.


Since getting married I’ve had to start a new collection of mugs because all the mugs I used in my life were ones from home and I’m pretty sure my stepdad wouldn’t have been happy if I took them all with me. We got a small set that came with our plate set and my sweet friend Ginger got us cute Mr. & Mrs. mugs and I had maybe one or two assorted ones from the years or as gifts. We need more — especially with how much we go through them with my tea habit and Will’s coffee habit. I miss the eclectic mix of mugs from my childhood — The Beatles mug I got my stepdad one Christmas, some of my mom’s old mugs or even the ones that were her and my dad’s from when they were still married, or the mugs from various travel destinations went to. I miss all my mugs that all have these great stories to them!

However, I’m ready to start my own collection and I’m on the prowl. Please share with me your favorite mugs or places to buy mugs! PS. How are Target’s mugs?? I feel like they are always cute but how is the quality?


Throne of glass merchandiseFind it here!

I love this mug from Gillian’s Society 6 shop! My Throne of Glass series feels are all amped up just looking at it!!! I tried to hint to Will that I wanted this but picking up on my hints is something he needs work on.

bookish mugFind it here!

Β This one is from Bookworm Boutique on Society 6 which has allll sorts of cute bookish mugs and I had a hard time just featuring just one because I wanted lots of them. But I like this one because reading past my bedtime is likely why I am in need of caffeine.

Β Sherlock mug fandomFind it here!

Β I found so many Sherlock related mugs I wanted but I really loved this one. A Sherlock mug is a must for my mug collection because that show is the best.


il_570xN.745835508_rzohFind it here!


As a huge Gilmore Girls fan I need a Luke’s Diner mug. Maybe there’s something in that coffee that made Rory and Lorelai so witty and banter about like they did. MAYBE IT IS ALL IN THE LUKE’S DINER COFFEE.


Find it here!

I’m typically so miserable in the morning that I’ve been trying to surround myself with positive things and WILL myself to start the day out on a good foot rather than grumbling about the fact I have to be up and out of my pjs. UGH LIFE IS SO HARD. This shop has sooo many other ones that I love and that I had favorited on Etsy! Like so many. I could buy my whole collection from her shop.


29416849_002_bFind it here.

I love this floral tea cup and the fact it says one classy bitch on the inside. This is tea cup is so me.

30446942_000_bFind it here.

As a Friends fanatic, UM YEAH. Favorite fictional coffee shop ever.

33454042_042_bFind it here.

NEED. Although I’ll probably be sipping my tea and dreaming of faraway places only to look up and realize that I’m late for work.


Find it here.

Always loved this Tolkien quote!

il_570xN.785806734_bdksFind it here.

Because I’m like 12 at heart.

Okay so are you rushing off to find any of these? Do you have any recs for where I can get awesome mugs? Tell me about your favorite mug!!!

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  1. Always. I always find amazing mugs that I want. I know BuzzFeed has a few “articles” featuring cool bookish or nerdy mugs.

  2. Christmas Tree Shop!! If you have one around you, gooooo. Their mug section is so good! And their stationery section is good too πŸ™‚

    Also, I don’t know how you feel about used ones, but you can find really good ones at thrift stores!!
    Or you can also design your own on Shutterfly πŸ™‚ If you check out my instagram (likewhoaaemmy), you can see the mug I just got from them πŸ™‚

  3. My favorite mugs come from the Disney store, and you can also find them online. They are cute (because Disney!), and they hold the heat well since they are ceramic. I just love them πŸ™‚

  4. I love mugs! Of course, I don’t always buy them but I love looking at them and finding witty ones. Oh gosh, I love all of the ones you’ve posted. I found this one that says, “Paris is always a good idea” and it reminded me of “Just One Day” by Gayle Forman.

  5. One of my all time favourite mugs is my Harry Potter mug:

    I like mugs a lot, but they’re kind of hard to store. They don’t exactly stack well, so they take up a lot of room!

  6. Wow, you found some really great ones! I have an “official” Luke Diner’s mug–from the WB store–but I really want the one you featured too. Coffee mugs are one of my favorite things! I try not to collect many things because having too much stuff gets overwhelming, but I make exceptions for a)books, and b)coffee mugs.

  7. Ooh, I really like the Today is Going to be Amazing one, I’ll have to check out her shop. I always like to look at the mugs in the cafe at Barnes and Noble. They have some neat literary ones, plus pretty florals, and usually some pop culture ones. Also TJ Maxx, they have cute mugs. I have one of theirs that is yellow chevron w/a bicycle on it and two birds that says Together is the best place to be. =)

  8. My absolute favorite mugs that I own are the ones from the Disney Fairytale collection! They’re such a beautiful shape and the art on them is so so beautiful! I feel like an actual princess when I drink tea out of them πŸ˜€

  9. Gillian’s stuff is amazing. I just ordered her Anna-Lola-Isla one for a friend! =)

    This is pretty corporate, but I actually love the mugs that the big bookstore in Canada, Chapters/Indigo, sells – I rarely recommend anything corporate, but they do a good job and they’re inexpensive! I have a Reading is Sexy Mug and a few others.

    Also, I love this mug (and a lot of the work by this artist) on Society 6

  10. My husband got me this mug for Christmas. I like it even though I don’t recognize many of the quotes. It just makes me happy that he bought me something bookish.

  11. LOVE all of these! My favorite place to get mugs in Anthropologie’s sale section. I can get them for around $4 and no matter what pattern I choose, I feel like the style all goes together and I’m recreating the Mad Hatter’s Tea Party.

  12. I am generally not a mug girl (I have a serious Starbucks problem), but this post is inspiring me to rethink this! I sooooooooooo love so many of the mugs that you have shown us! I’ve actually found some cute ones on Etsy if you are ever in the mood to do some browsing!

  13. Love them! World Market always has cute mugs. πŸ™‚ I also like getting them as souvenirs when I travel. (Right now I’m drinking out of a mug from Portugal!) I really want to get some cute bookish mugs – they seem perfect for #bookstagrams. πŸ˜‰

  14. These are so cute!! I love Gillian’s mugs, I have two πŸ™‚ I collect mugs also, starting to run out of space! A lot of mine are Disney and their online store has them for pretty cheap, around $12 each. They are always adding new styles too, some are more abstract and not just characters. I love them. I also have quite a few of those Starbucks “You Are Here” mugs i.e. the ones with city skylines on them. So fun to collect and they hold so much! I’ve also found cute ones at Crate & Barrel and Pier One, including a Christmas mug that reminds me of my grandma’s mugs πŸ™‚ Happy hunting! Love this post!

  15. My favorite mug is a ridiculous,oversized, camp rock mug from the Disney store (?) with a picture of an unidentified Jonas brother on it (not knowing which one is part of the fun). It has a huge handle on it and was given to me by a dear friend as a joke. I love it so much. The handle is perfect and it still makes me smile after many years.
    I’ve collected my mugs slowly whenever I see a super cool one or am traveling and there’s a fun souvenir. Modcloth sometimes has fun ones.

  16. I love to collect the Starbucks “You Are Here” collection from everywhere I visit. Theyre only 10 bucks each and a fun thing to grab every time I go out of state, or just to another city.

  17. These are awesome! I just found this one and I NEED IT:

  18. I own two bookish mugs and I’m addicted to them. I definitely want to add more to my collection: I’m in love with the Throne of glass mug <3

  19. Stephanie Volkmer says:

    Some of my favorite ones are from cafepress (I have 2 from there a read sleep eat repeat and a keep calm and read Jane Austen) a few from Barnes and Noble and also I love bookworm boutiques stuff I have one mug already from her and am getting another one soon! 😊 also Cracker Barrel has some really cute ones around the winter months. That’s where I found a few for my mom and dad last year. πŸ˜Šβ˜•οΈ

  20. Love the “I Read Past My Bedtime” mug. The colors are so cute.

  21. I feel like I always have a million mugs (where do they come from?) so I can’t ever buy cool ones that I see. But I did buy some for my coworkers one time, and I got them from The Unemployed Philosopher’s Guild: They have one with first lines of famous literature, one with Shakespearean insults, one with a TARDIS that disappears and reappears on the other side – so many awesome mugs!

  22. Oh my gosh. I have a coffee mug obsession! Over the years though I’ve finally realized I can’t just buy any mug. It has to be one I like to use, which means it has to be the right size and have the right type of handle…I know. So picky! Anyway…you should search “literary coffee mug” on Amazon. My favorites are the Jane Austen and first lines of literature. So fun and functional. My recent favorite fines are mugs by “life is good”. They’re perfect size and have such sweet uplifting sayings <3

  23. I’m digging the Luke’s Diner mug!

  24. Love them all! Mugs makes me happy! ^_^ My friend and I just launched out own bookish Etsy shop of mugs
    (and more to come). As a mug connoisseur, if you get a chance to check them out (we currently have three designs up), and if you have any ideas for designs, let us know!

  25. I love the mugs you’ve listed in the post especially the map one! My favorite mug that I own is a Books Turn Muggles Into Wizards one:

  26. My weakness for cups depends on how tiny they are. I prefer short cups, and they’re just my favorite. When it comes to coffee, though, I’ll take a coffee pun please, or something about how tired I am. Death by university, anyone?

    And if you like Pablo Neruda, then there’s this Pablo Neruda mug that I made (and S6 has free shipping and $5 off of it right now!), as well as a “Love is an Open Bookstore” mug.


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