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a4Queen of Shadows was everything I had hoped for. When I finished it (literally binged it from Friday night, went to bed, then woke up and finished it Saturday which was intense because that book is THICK) I was just like BRAIN. EXPLODING. BRILLIANT. OMG. I LOVE THESE CHARACTERS. I LOVE EVERYTHING. CAN I HAZ BOOK 5?? I’m just so obsessed with this story and world and obviously the characters. I can’t really put into words, non-spoiler words, to explain what this book did to me and why I loved it so much…it was just everything and made my love for it expand all the way to the undiscovered parts of the universe and back. Sarah is just so brilliant in the way she truly makes me feel and understand these characters, why they do what they do, their struggles, what they are fighting for, etc. Everything was epic. I am so, so beyond invested and basically will sign a deal with the devil not to die before this series ends haha.  Sooo I’m just going to talk in spoilers now because that’s the only way I can discuss it.


[spoiler]We are just going to go straight up lists for this because it’s been over a week and my brain still is like HAHAH YEAH COHERENT THOUGHTS WHAT ARE THEY.

1. SHIPS AND THINGS: So it’s no secret that there has been lots of speculation about ships and where those would go in this series. I take my ships seriously. But I’ve realized some people take their ships EVEN MORE SERIOUSLY (ie. death threats to authors and crap). What I’m always more concerned about, especially with a fave series, is the integrity of the story that author is trying to tell rather than an author feeling pressured to give reader wish fulfillment. What I mean by that is I WANT CELAENA TO END UP WITH WHO SHE NEEDS TO BE WITH REGARDLESS OF HOW I FEEL ABOUT IT. If it happens to be the popular ship, cool. If it happens to be my ship, even better. But like…I need to BELIEVE that this is true to the character and their journey and this is what has to happen. Now, I rarely jump ships. I’m truly loyal. But QoS made me jump ships faster than a pirate looking for more booty. I was so team Chaol. And then I wasn’t. We saw his lack of acceptance for certain things about Celaena in HoF and (it should have raised red flags for me but I’m a hopeless romantic) and it struck me pretty early on in QoS that they couldn’t be together in my mind. At least not right now. Or ever. Maybe they will just be good friends. WHO KNOWS. You can’t be with someone who doesn’t get these essential parts of you. Who doesn’t accept them. Things that are you to the core. That are an important part of who you ARE and who you are going to be. Chaol can’t get past some of these things. I think he tried to believe she could be who he wanted but couldn’t altogether. She deserves to be with a person who gets her. Truly. She deserves to be understood to her core. Chaol loves her no doubt…but it might not be in the way she NEEDS or WANTS to be loved romantically. ALSO, we always knew early on that Chaol’s allegiances would always be to Dorian. That was evident from book 1. That was his King in his mind. And now he is the King. And he needs to be there while she is figuring shit out with her kingdom. They have dueling and conflicting journeys right now. I know lots of people are going to be upset about the turn in ships but I actually find it hella refreshing that a young female character doesn’t have to always be with their first or second love etc. That they can learn and grow and appreciate what that person brought to their life. Chaol did so much to help her to realize who she is and what she is fighting for. He is part of her journey to where she is now. I mean, this happens in life. Someone is right for you at a certain chapter in your life and then sometimes you both are still moving…but in different directions. Like hello my whole high school and college until I met Will. I thought I wanted vastly different things as I was coming of age. I don’t know what the rest of the series holds for them but I am SO OKAY WITH WHERE THEY ARE RIGHT NOW. And maybe they will be right for each other again….but they both of things to deal with in the remaining books…you never know where life is going to take you. But Sarah made me feel like THIS IS THE RIGHT THING. This is right for my girl. She is so complicated and still figuring her shit out and she deserves to be able to do that. She was a different person in some ways when she met Chaol. She deserves to keep figuring out who she is and what she wants –and decide who she wants to love. It’s an important decision when it comes to matters of the heart. I will defend this until the end of time. I HAVE SO MUCH PEACE ABOUT IT.

2. Manon continues to be one of my favorites EVER and I think her character is even more fleshed out here. She still feels like who she is but these shifts within her in this book are SO believable to me and I can’t wait to see what she does in next book with all the info/perspective she has now. I have been waiting for an epic showdown between them and IT WAS THE SHOWDOWN THAT DREAMS ARE MADE OF. I burst into tears at the two acts of kindness they showed toward each other. THE MESSAGE ABOUT DORIAN. OMG OMG. BAWLED. I can’t wait to see when they meet again.

3. Aedion: I’m just saying I want Aedion for MYSELF. He is a character who I loved getting to know better in QoS as I already loved him in HoF. “And Aedion grinned at his queen as the entire world went to hell” I DIED I DIED. The first eye contact between them after these years. DIED. And their first real conversation after they got to have after they rescued him….KILL ME NOW. EPIC REUNION IS SO BEYOND EPIC. The plan and execution was flawless.

4. Dorian’s POV: One of the most distressing, and I mean heart in the pit of my stomach distressing, was Dorian’s POV. Oh my heart I wanted to puke. It was breaking my heart to watch him not remember and try so hard to. To be aware and acknowledge the demon in him and trying so hard to fight it. I cried so hard when he remembered his name. I LOST MY SHIT when C says to him, “We get to come back from this loss — this darkness. I came back for you.” LOST IT. LIKE SOBBED. And I totally felt like as much as she was saying it to him…she was reminding herself of this.

5. THE BATTLE IN THE END. Her plan. Slipping the eye in Chaol’s pocket. How she saved Dorian. The banter with the king. THE FUCKING FIRE WALL. I was had to remind myself to breathe during this epicness.


7. HOT SEXY ROWAN. Please make that towel drop next time SARAH!!! “You make me want to live, Rowan. Not survive; not exist. Live.” HEART STOPPED. This is what I want for her. This is why I ship this.

8. HOLLA BADASS LADIES: I’m so all about all the amazing dudes that Sarah writes (no seriously how does she?) but I was soooo in love with the roles that the ladies played in this book. It’s magical what Nesryn and Lysandra brought to this book. SQUAD GOALS ALL THE WAY. Badass, unapologetic ladies in the house! And seriously Kaltain quite literally blowing shit up?? And obviously Manon being Manon and what she did. IT WAS ALL ABOUT THE LADIES SAVING THE DAY IN THIS BOOK. [/spoiler]



factors+ EVERYTHING.
Not a thing I would change. Honestly. I mean, I would change that I have to wait for so long for the next book?? Or that like it’s not a zillion more pages so I can be with them for forever.

Re-readability: UH YEAH. Will probably reread a whole lot of times.
Would I buy a copy for my collection? ALREADY HAVE.

a5EVERYONE. DUH. No seriously, if you were mixed about it in book 1 I think you should give book 2 a try because maybe it really IS for you and you will miss out on so much epic like in this book.

a8Queen of Shadows is all I had hoped for and more. All the love I had for this world/characters/story before x 1000000000000. Sarah continues to deliver the perfect amounts of everything I need: amazing character development, complex romances/relationships, hella interesting plot and flawless writing. It’s just one BIG, and I mean big, book of badassery and perfection. GIRL SQUADS, HOT DUDES, HOLD-YOUR-BREATH MOMENTS. SCENES THAT WILL MAKE YOU LAUGH AND CRY AND HAPPY CRY. It was all glorious and I am basically dead still after reading it.

review-on-post-itQueen of Shadows


a8j* Have you read this one? What did you think? Similar or different from me? I would LOVE to hear regardless!



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  1. Excellent! I’ve just started to listen to it now.

  2. I can’t wait for it to arrive on my doorstep!!

  3. I NEED MY COPY RIGHT THIS MINUTE, I think I may just die from anticipation! *flails*

  4. Wonderful, wonderful review! I especially liked what you said about the ship – yeah, I’m bummed my proverbial ship has sunk, but what you said is totally true. Gosh. Can’t wait to see where the next two books take us!

    • * potential spoilers*

      Thank you! 🙂 It’s always hard to see something you were rooting for suddenly not become what you want to root for but soooo often that happens in life too. They were different people when they met. A lot has happened. Not everything is able to be reconciled so that they can BE together in that way. It hurts the heart but I love both of them so much I want the best thing for them! WE SHALL SEE WHAT THAT IS. GODDD and yeah I can’t even dream up what will happen…hopefully more epic showdowns!!!

  5. I shall be commenting on le spoilers, so anyone who’s reading this comment and hasn’t read it – don’t read this. Go read QoS instead.

    OMG THE SHIPPPP. To be honest I was never a Team Chaol, haha (don’t kill me please). But he REALLY annoyed me! The way he acted towards Aelin sort of pissed me off, and I could see that they wouldn’t really end up together. (I mean, he called her a MONSTER. Nu uh. No thank you.) Goddamn the girl power in this book was ASDFHJK SOOO AWESOME. There’s a lot of kickass males in the book, but the girls DEFINITELY stepped up their game. The badassery levels were just too much for me to handle. Dorian’s POV were definitely hard to read. It was so sad and empty and I just…WAHHH. I LOVED Heir of Fire but Queen of Shadows just had 10000x more action/kickassery/amazingness and just blew. me. AWAY.

    Fantastic review – took the words right out of my mouth.

    • *SPOILERS*

      Haha I have no hard feelings re: you not shipping Chaol! And YAS when he realized she wasn’t who HE thought she was…he just changed towards her. Plus she changed towards him too after everything with Nehemia. And like I think those things they said to each other cut deep. Could they reconcile? MAYBE. But she deserves someone who is going to love every part of her and he should love someone who he can see past even the stuff he doesn’t like. I just love that it’s like real life…sometimes you grow apart from someone after you see who they really are with time and you move your own ways but you are better for what that person brought to your just wasn’t meant to BE. And like I can never understand the people who think that she can’t fall out of love or that she HAS to be with the first guy they see her fall in love with. Sarah is just soo amazing at writing the messiness of these things.

      AND OMG GIRL POWER. It was ALLLL about the ladies in this one for me. They are so badass.

      OMG EMPTY. Perfect word to describe Dorian’s POV. I was sooooo sad.

      I agree with you. QoS is my fave to date!


  6. I agree with so much of what you say, Jamie!! You’re summing my thoughts up so well. And I agree about how I am okay with the direction this ship is going, and if it doesn’t go there, I think I’ll be okay, too, because Sarah is just handling everything SO WELL. At peace, that’s a perfect description. And yeeeeeeees, the love for Manon. I cannot WAIT to see how important she becomes to Celaena! And the thing with Chaol at the end…Sarah just continues to eleveate her books and characters to new levels! I think your phrase of AT PEACE also works for how I felt at the novel’s conclusion. I want the new book so badly buuuut I am at peace with where we are and I am content with the way the book closed.

    • *Spoilers potentially*

      YES SO WELL. Like as long as I can BELIEVE that this is where the story needs to go I’m good. I mean, at one time I thought I was going to marry my high school boyfriend like for reals. If I were in most YA novels we would have overcome everything and be together now. But NOT REAL LIFE ALWAYS. Sometimes it happens and you end up with them and sometimes you both move on to better things which is just best for everyone. But yeah SO AT PEACE with where everything is. Which is a good place to be.

      MANON MANON MANONNNN. God I love Manon. I also really like saying her name. I would LOVE a badass Manon and Aelin scene where they work together to save the world.

      I think you were right…like obvi I’m itching for the next book but I feel so content with how it ended. We are in a good place but we know how much is going to happen as Aelin takes back her kingdom and they battle Perrington!

  7. I’m back and I just finished the book. I agree 100% with your review. You took the words right out of my mouth and made it sound coherent. Thank you!

    • EEEEE SO HAPPY YOU LOVED IT and thank you <333 I feel like it was not at all coherent but maybe our brains are all just speaking the same incoherent language right now and it SEEMS coherent hahahha

  8. I couldn’t agree more with your review. This book was a whirlwind of emotions. I laughed, I cried, it hurt, it made me happy…ahh. I have a serious book hangover. Some readers are going to be up in arms about a few things but Sarah knows what she is doing and I do think all of the characters are going to end up where they belong. I can’t wait for book 5!

    • OMG SUCH A BOOK HANGOVER. GAH. Such a whirlwind — you are right about that. I really had such extreme emotions. I remember one moment I was like weeping and my husband was like DID SOMEONE DIE IN YOUR BOOK and I was like no I am just really happy! There were sentimental parts, intense parts, happymaking parts, funny parts, sad parts, etc. etc. It was just PERFECT.



    Please my dear friends skip this comment, since it’s gonna be rather full of **SPOILERS**


    Now, I was Team Chaol through and through and Crown of Midnight gave me all the feels, but what re-reading Heir of Fire and then reading Queen of Shadows is that Chaol was perfect for Celaena, but here we don’t have Celaena at all, she is not JUST Celaena, she is finally Aelin and Chaol cannot seem to reconcile Celaena with Aelin, and if someone cannot accept all of that she is, cannot love her really. So despite having a really hard time reading how my ship was sinking on the beginning of the book, I clearly could understand why it was sinking… the magic of Sarah J Maas is that she makes these amazing characters, so complex and so real and their relationships so amazing… I now totally ship Rown & Aelin like there’s no tomorrow!! Oh dear, the whole pink nightie and the dragon dress!!

    I was close to having various heart attacks at some points and stopped breathing at some points of the book too, from the moment that Rowan arrived in Rifthold and they rescue Aedion… I don’t think I took a deep breath until Aelin took her first step into Terrasen!!

    I was so wary of Lysandra at first but oh boy, I was so happy when she and Aelin mended their bridges and became friends for good and bad, for dresses chats and plotting Arobynn’s assassination! I was so worried that poor Lysandra might end up like Nehemia, so I was beyond happy when she totally kicked arse in her ghost leopard self to destroy Valgs and rescue Rowan and Aedion!! GO LYSANDRA!!

    Dorian… Dorian gave me ALL THE FEELS!! And strangely enough… I ship him and Manon!! That final scene when flies over Rifthold and he sort of waves at her? I SHIP IT! I TOTALLY SHIP IT!!

    And talking about Manon, I love how she kept on growing as a character, she might be ruthless and strong and cruel, but she doesn’t take well to obedience and even less when it comes to putting the witches in danger and submission. I loved also how she came for Elide and rescued her in the end. Also… ELIDE HAS ONE OF THEM!! Will she find Aelin and ask about Celaena, or the whole “only to Celaena” thing will complicate things dearly???

    GAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAH!!!!!!!!! I need book 5 NOW!!!!



      YES EXACTLY THIS. When C & C meet in the early books she is someone different than when she starts to let herself be Aelin. She is not the same person he fell in love with. That’s what I loved about as I was reading it. I was like WAHH CHAOL but then I was like BUT BUT I want Aelin to have someone who will love every bit of her. She deserves that. Chaol can’t do that right now and to be honest…I don’t think he is endgame for her. I really don’t. He is such a massive massive part in who she is now. AELIN. And like, in my life when I think about ex boyfriends, a lot of them played such great roles in my life for that time and I think so fondly upon that. I really do. And I really think that is going to be Chaol and Aelin. They love each other but I don’t think it’s going to be in that way. I think it’s so refreshing if that’s the case. I really do.

      OMG AND SAME. Will was laughing at me at one point when I waas reading because he’s like YOU SHOULD SEE YOUR FACE. I’m like I AM NOT SURE IF I AM BREATHING AND AM ALIVE OR WHAT. I kept moving all around. it was SOOOO intense.

      OMG I thought Lysandra was going to die too and I was like NOOOOO PLS DON’T. Aelin is going to need some amazing ladies by her side. She was such a great character! BADASS GHOST LEOPARD.

      omggggg i am so okay with this shipping.

      I loved your whole paragraph about Manon. YES. So much all this. Her character is so well written. I wouldn’t turn my back bc I’d be afraid she’d kill me but you see compassion in her — with Elide and with the kindness she repaid Aelin with to save Dorian. I mean, literally, Dorian would have been killed by them had she not done that. She changed the game.

      And omg I was thinking that at the end…like is this going to cause problems with the whole name thing??? I HOPENOT.

      • I second all of these feels.


        Kaltain is so insistent on “Celaena only!!” and Aelin herself said that Celaena is no more, so what no?? There a Wyrdkey at stake here!! I mean, Elide will probably join Aelin but what if someone poses as Celaena to get it???

        And yeah, I think Chaolena was the right ship, but there’s no more Celaena, and Chaol cannot handle that, and Aelin needs someone that will take her as she is and help her heal and I think Rowan is the right person! And like you I love that this series allows the main character to go through relationships honestly and realistically!

        And talking about ships… Aedion and Lysandra?? Because I totally can see that become a slow burn for the ages!! Both are so strong and sassy!! And Aedion needs a kick arse lady like Lysandra!!

        I’m also really wondering about Manon’s golden eyes, how they had always been considered important for the Blackbeaks, and how they’re supposed to be the eyes of the Valg Kings… BUT WHAT DOES THAT MEAN REALLY??

        Oh gods, I need to re-read the book!!!

        • AHHH yeah. I am so nervous for how THAT is going to play out. CONFUSING NAME CHANGES FOR EVERYBODY.

          YOUR SECOND PARAGRAPH — hands up emoji!!

          I am SO down for Aedion and Lysandra!!! Like I need this to happen. I love Aedion fiercely and have def grown to love Lysandra!!

          HMMMMM. HMMMM. Omg now I need to reread it. The golden eyes. I hadn’t thought much into this but now you have me wondering!!! Good thing we will be rereading this series like a bajillion times we will have new theories on everything!

  10. Oh boy. So much emotion. Heart broken for chaol. I love rowan but I’m finding the turn around a little hard to take because there was plenty of love between them on heir of fire but no romance. I need time to process. My head hurts. But in a good way. I live Sarah 😏

    • SO MUCH EMOTION. Def heartbroken for Chaol but I am also hopeful with the possibility for him to find love. I don’t think they would ever get over certain things with each other and would have little lingering resentments. But I think they still love each other and will look fondly at the people one another helped them to grow into.

      Ah see with the Rowan romance I saw maybe a little seed for it in HoF but also I think it was a good move on Sarah’s part not to have a romantic relationship there because Celaena needed to get her shit together so she could really BE Aelin. I think there was a lot of sadness in her and she was in a bad position so to start a romance would have really rushed it bc I personally don’t know if she would have been in a good place for it. I was thinking, at first, how I also thought the romance part of their relationship came on kind of quickly but then I was thinking that their time apart kind of was that catalyst for them to realize how they felt about each other…now that they weren’t together. But I can def see the need to have time to process hahah! Gahhh cannot wait for the next book! I trust Sarah wholeheartedly but I’m still nervous haha.

      Thanks for chatting with me! I just like HAVE to talk about it because I have so many feelings!

  11. I struggled with the Chaol part also… even though I was happy with how the book ended. But I went back through HOF and COM and read some of the conversations that Dorian and Chaol had about Aelin and I see now why Sarah wrote it the way she did. Chaol loved her but from the very first moment that she saved him by shifting…their dynamic changed. He just couldn’t accept her 100%. The girl he thought he was in love with was only part of the story. And when Chaol chose his duty to the king over her (even though he deeply regretted it later) and Nehemia died…their love and trust was irrevocably damaged. I can see the bigger picture now. Chaol helped her piece her life back together after Endovier and I think that bond will remain. I think they will always be friends and allies. But I also believe that she belongs with Rowan. Rowan has always embraced her nature, he understands her struggles and loves her unconditionally. I don’t believe that they were ever really “platonic”, more that they were both fighting to remain neutral because their hearts were not ready for it. But after they separated and started missing each other those feelings became impossible to ignore. My only criticism is that I felt like Chaol gave her up a little too easily but I trust Sarah. In the meantime, I’ll be shipping the fool out of Dorian and Manon. I love that idea. 🙂

    • YES I think that is what is so brilliant about it….there were totally seeds for them NOT to be together. You WANT to root for them still but it’s not until later that you see some of those things just might not be able to be resolved after that change. He fell in love with Celaena not Aelin as hard as he might try or want to. He loves her in a “I’ll always care about you way” but there’s too much between them to be romantic I think. I think you bring up a good point…as much as he couldn’t get over things about her…I don’t know that she would have ever truly gotten over how he ended up being a big part of why Nehemia died. So many fractures and I think finally in QoS as they’ve both had time apart you just see that too much has changed and too many things have been broken. AND YES…sure Sarah could have been super obvious with their (Aelin & Rowan) romance in HoF but instead she planted seeds. She was in NO place to start a new romance and neither was he. I think I would have been more angry had she gone right into a romance with him. But I TOTALLY saw seeds of one in HoF so I was surprised to hear people felt it was out of left field because I definitely felt vibes in HoF!

      I will totally agree with you!!! Chaol did kind of give up too easily. I was surprised. I think he just realized maybe how different their paths are right now.

      I am so glad you came to chat!!! I feel like I can’t chat about this book enough. I WANT TO REREAD IT.

      YOUR COMMENT IS AMAZING. 100% with you. I think this should be like the explanation for people who don’t get it haha

      • I totally agree. The seeds planted in HOF were subtle but brilliant. Their relationship had time to develop on a non physical level and that made their bond so strong. They’re so evenly matched and I can’t wait to see more from Rowan & Aelin.

        I’m grateful that Sarah felt bad enough for us to give us Nesryn. She is badass and I think she is going to be essential in helping Chaol as he tries to piece his life back together. And he does deserve to be happy, to find his place in the world. He made some stupid mistakes but you can’t help but love Chaol a little bit.

        I am already re-reading it. That is how much I loved it! I can’t wait to see what the next installment brings. Aelin in Terrasen, Dorian on the throne….and MANON. I can’t wait to see more of her story arc. That scene with her & Aelin in QOS still gives me chills!

  12. **SPOILERS**
    I agree with everything in your post and ALL the lovely comments! What I can’t wait to see is what happens with Chaol and Nesryn when they go off on there own adventure! Though, I’m REALLY hoping that Dorian can manage his kingdom on his own. Not going to lie, I’m super worried about it. Because it feels like everyone is leaving him behind!!! Especially with the twist of his dad not being the big bad :-/ He’s got so much to deal with, and i’m hoping that someone comes along to help him through it. I would definitely be up for a Manon/Dorian ship because MAYBE it would allow the witches to kind of switch sides and become good-ish.

  13. 100% LOVE and agree with everything in your review!!! I read QoS in two days over the weekend and couldn’t get enough, I thought it was so fantastic!!! THE BADASS LADIES. MANON’S ARC. THE ENDINGGGGGGG. And you are speaking truth about Chaol; I really felt the way you did, you explained it so brilliantly. I can’t wait to see where this series is heading! I’m scared because ummmm there are two books left but I’m so excited! And YES Aedion omggggg. I just really loved a lot about this book. And your excellent review 😀

  14. You summed up my feelings about all the shipping perfectly. Sarah completely changed my mind and I’m so happy that our badass assassin is with the person who excepts her for who is she is now, not some idealized future self. Also #girlpower #squadgoals is hilariously spot 😂


    Okay, your review is perfect and JUST YES.

    YES!! I have SO much peace about the ending of Chaolaena/Chaolin. I kind of fully ship her with Rowan now haha. I was very iffy about it because of the blood oath/carranam thing, but as soon as I found out he liked her BEFORE any of that, I was like “okay yes, I can get down with this” lol. Plus… Rowan’s really sexy (and he truly loves her and helps her grow).
    Yes!! Manon’s message to Aelin about Dorian! ALSO I LOVE ABRAXOS. THAT LITTLE WILDFLOWER LOVING PUPPY.
    I kind of ship Lysandra with Aedion… (and I totally want Dorian for myself)
    OMG YES! Heart in the pit of my stomach and stinging eyes every single one of Dorian’s chapters.
    I had to remind myself to breathe during the battle at the end too haha.
    It was so nice to learn Asterin’s back story too. It was heartbreaking and explains SO much.

    I think the only thing I would change is Ress dying 🙁 My sweet bashful sunshine bby :'(

  16. Great review! I didn’t mind one bit when the relationship dynamic changed between Chaol & Aelin. There was no way that he could have sustained her in the way she needed. Rowan can match her and that’s why things shifted. I knew from the minute he started training her that he could take her to a place she needed to become Queen. Chaol took her a place she needed to regain strength and determination after Endovier. I loved this series. The females in this series are bad ass – not just a little bad ass, but I’m talking everything a women can be, compassionate, forgiving, resilient but EXTREMELY strong. I read all 4 books in under a week and I’m not sure my children and husband were very impressed, ha! Can anyone recommend another good series if I loved this one???

  17. This review is one of the main reasons why I decided to start my own blog to begin with!! I’m so glad I found this! HOnestly though, aren’t the Throne of Glass books the best books ever?!?!?!!

  18. Shea Vatalaro says:

    I love this book so much!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I was sobbing laughing and dying from happiness all at the same time when I read it!

  19. Cassidy Allitt says:

    I love your blog. I love to read and write as much as you do!Im the kinda reader who gets to know the characters,the plot and always has a soft spot for the bad guys. I wanna write and talk about somethin I like to do (read…read…READ) So I wondering if you need help with your blog.I have written a few books myself and I consider myself a pretty good writer.I can send you opinions on my favorite book s if you havnt already written about them. I love your personality and I can tell a lot about you from your writing and im sure your a great person.

    -Cass A