Best Of 2015: All Things Not Books!

The past three years I brought you the best of all things NOT books and it was fun so I figured I’d do it again!

If you want to read all my best of books posts we’ve got:

End of Year Book Survey (my answers still to come)
Best 2015 Debuts
Best 2015 Releases
Best Backlist Books I Read In 2015
Most Underrated Books Of 2015


So let’s get to this:

best music 2013

10 Favorite 2015 Albums

(in no particular order)


This is so fun for me always because 1) I keep meticulous track of my music (a habit dating back to college before I had Spotify and things like that) and 2) because I keep track of it meticulously it’s SO easy to put this together.

Halsey — Badlands: OMG ever since I heard Ghost and Hurricane in 2014 I checked pretty much weekly on Spotify for new singles and Room 93 was one of the best EPs. And I have to say…that the whole album held up to those singles. It is DEFINITELY my most listened to album of the year and my #1 fave if I had to choose.
Alessia Cara — Know-It-All: According to my meticulous records, I listened to her single Here in June and then every month after that, until the album released, her singles kept being on my top 6 picks for my Monthly Rewinds! Really enjoyed the album and I have a feeling she’s going to blow up because Taylor Swift had her come out in October I think during her 1989 tour and I think they are friends now? Girl is young and I can’t wait to see what she does next!
CHVRCHES — Every Open Eye: CHVRCHES is one of my all times faves and their newest album is SOSOSOSOOS good. I had loved their first album and I have to say I love this album even more.
MS MR — How Does It Feel: Another album I was super anticipating because I SUPER loved MS MR’s first — Secondhand Rapture. And then the singles started coming out and I was like OKAY this is good I’m enjoying…and then the album which I’ve thoroughly enjoyed. I can’t decide which one I love more but time will tell!

Ryn Weaver — The Fool: Another one of those artists who I stalked their singles obsessively until the album was released (no surprise to anyone who has followed my music interests this year because Ryn was all over — starting in 2014 with OctaHate). I REALLY loved her debut album and cannot wait to see what she does next.
BORNS — Dopamine: Again, BORNS has gotten much love on this blog with every single (late last year I think started the obsession with them) and this album is crazy good. It’s just so dreamy. I can’t even describe it.
James Bay — Chaos & the Calm: Oh James my love. I heard Let It Go September 2014 and then I kind of forgot to check back with him…and then I heard Hold Back The River and When We Were On Fire and I knew this album was going to be a favorite. AND IT WAS. I looove his voice. This album is on a lot when I blog…his voice is just magic.
Zella Day — Kicker: I’m not going to lie I first heard of Zella Day because of her cover of Seven Army Nation (one of my fave songs ever) and then I saw she had some singles up last year (I think it was Hypnotic and East of Eden) and then from there I kept following her singles and oh man I love her so much! I think she has a Lana del Ray vibe but I actually think I enjoy her more.

Matt and Kim — New Glow: I remember discovering Matt and Kim (their song Daylight) when I worked at Forever21 the year after I graduated college (2009) and even after listening to that song overandoverandover again every shift…I was still in love with them and I’ve really enjoyed every album they’ve put out. New Glow was so ridiculously fun I can’t even tell you and even more fun that I got to see them in concert this year…it was just one giant dance party! I have a mega girl crush on Kim you have no idea.
Misterwives– Our Own House: I can’t say enough about Misterwives and I don’t know why they aren’t more popular. Our Own House was definitely in my top 5 most listened to albums for sure. They are super fun indie pop and this album always puts me in a great mood!


Concerts I Went To:

We went to quite a few!!

1. Taylor Swift 1989 Tour — This was so much fun!!! I wrote about my experience seeing her when her first album came out in 2007 vs now and a recap of the concert. But I had the BEST TIME. She sure knows how to put on a good show and I had a blast singing awfully at the top of my lungs, dancing and giving zero shits that I was almost 30.

2. Radio 104.5 Block Party  (May)  — I mentioned this before but our local station puts on this amazing and free concert series every summer! Saw Airborne Toxic Event, Banks (who I SUPER love), Catfish and the Bottleman (def a fan now!), Bad Suns and Mo Lowda and The Humble — we didn’t actually see Mo Lowda because we were drinking beers at Yards brewery instead haha.

3. Radio 104.5 Block Party  (June) — A Silent Film, MISTERWIVES (omg that was the highlight), Big Data, New Politics and Foxtrot and the Get Down

4. Radio 104.5 Block Party (August) — We were bummed about skipping July (Nate Ruess! MS MR!) but we were coming home from Michigan but this one more than made up for it. We saw Matt and Kim, Atlas Genius, Wolf Alice and Saint Motel. SO MUCH FUN. Loved all of these bands previously so it was great!

5. Radio 104.5 Winter Jam — It was so cold and we were so layered up but worth being cold for because I got to see Andrew McMahon who has been a favorite since his days in Something Corporate and then Jack’s Mannequin (I literally cried when he sang a SC song), Walk the Moon (love them and they were such a blast!), Cold War Kids and the Gaslight Anthem. We actually ended up leaving before Gaslight Anthem because we were so cold and reached our threshold.

You can see more of my monthly music choices in my Monthly Rewinds



Best shows I started watching this year (some long overdue & some new!) in addition to the shows I’m already watching (Walking Dead, Scandal, Grey’s, How To Get Away With Murder, Nashville, The 100, House of Cards, etc.)

Game of Thrones: I binged watched this in an embarrassingly short period of time. Like SUPER EMBARRASSING HOW I STOPPED LIVING LIFE DURING THIS BINGE. I am obsessed. Still debating on reading the books at some point.

Jessica Jones: I LOVED THIS. Cannot wait to read the comics after watching this. Even Will enjoyed it…and he, besides Walking Dead, hates shows that aren’t based in reality. But he thought the “superpower thing” wasn’t overpowering for him. Jessica Jones is so badass! And David Tennant is incredible as Kilgrave.

Dance Academy: Another embarrassingly short binge I’m not proud of. THIS SHOW. It’s such a good teen show and I’m obsessed with all the characters and I WILL NEVER BE OKAY AGAIN AFTER A THING THAT HAPPENS. It’s really a shame it was only 3 seasons but it ends incredibly and omg I’m so obsessed.

Orphan Black: I binged it so I could catch up to this current season and omg LOVE LOVE LOVE. Why did I not get into it sooner?!??!

Better Call Saul: I was a HUGE Breaking Bad fan (like in my top 5 fave shows ever) and I was soooo excited for this spinoff featuring SAUL FREAKING GOODMAN. It was everything I hoped it to be and I loved getting this backstory of Saul. His story slays me <333.


Honorable Mention: Will and I totally got into Baby Daddy this year and I’m not even embarrassed. Will and I LOL at that show like you have no idea. Very “stupid funny” but so fun and we really enjoy it. Like MAJOR HAPPY FEELS.


I honestly didn’t watch as many movies as normal. You can check out my What I’ve Been Watching posts to see what I watched.

My top 4 (the links take you to my mini-review of them):

Rudderless: OMG. I can’t even talk about this movie. MUST WATCH.
St. Vincent: I always love Bill Murray.
Wish I Was Here: I looove Zach Braff. Loved this movie.
Whiplash: I haven’t talked about this one but I super loved it. Very deserving of all the praise.



Here’s five blogs I loved and discovered this year!

1. Rubies & Radishes

2. Girl Lost in the City

3. Alex in Wanderland

4. The Everywhereist

5. Life As A Teacup — I THINK it was this year that I found her or end of last year maybe? IDK.

In previous years I’ve done a “Moments” section with my top 5 moments of the year but I’m going to do THAT differently this year so be on the lookout for that!







Tell me if you listened to/watched/used/did these things!! Also, I’m so down for other recs if you think there is something I’d like! Tell me what your best moments were!

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  1. David Tennant is in Jessica Jones? *drops current read and locks myself in room with Netflix and an endless supply of food and water*

  2. Yay for Dance Academy!! THAT THING THOUGH, SOBS. A little tidbit… I saw you were looking into starting The Fosters and I wanted you to know that Christian (Jordan Rodrigues) from DA comes into that show during… season 2, I want to say.
    You still gotta check out Marvel’s Agents of SHIELD!! And I don’t know when it’ll be added to Netflix, but when it is… Agent Carter!!
    Other TV recs: White Collar (Matt Bomer is in it. Along with Tiffani Thiessen and Tim DeKay) and Merlin!

    I haven’t seen any of the movies you saw this year (top 4)… but here’s some recs that I discovered this year (all on Netflix):
    -Not Another Happy Ending
    -How About You (has Hayley Atwell in it)
    -Home (animated – w/ Jim Parsons voicing a character)

    • I WILL NEVER BE OKAY EMMAH. And yes I saw that he was in that soooo I think I’ve convinced Will that it will be our next binge watch. I think he will like it. It didn’t watch all of Dance Academy with me but sometimes I would watch it when he was home and he sooooo was watching it and into it.

      Thanks for the movie recs!!

      • It’s been a couple years since I watched it, AND I’M STILL NOT OKAY. We’re in this together, Jamie haha.

  3. Haha I’m listening to How Does It Feel as I’m reading this. LOVE this album. All a MEGA fan of Badlands. I only just found her EP the other day but that is on repeat too. I always love looking at what your listening to because there’s always something good!

    • Yay I always hope people like the posts where I talk about what I’m listening to! And gahhhh I just want more from Halsey. LIKE COME ON HURRY UP AND GIVE ME NEW MUSIC SO I CAN BE OBSESSED WITH THAT TOO.

  4. Rudderless is such an underrated pick for your favorite movie I guess but I liked it a lot too! I watched it in the beginning of 2015 and I still feel the emotional impact it had on me. So sad, so heart breaking and so underrated, like I said.

    • Definitely an underrated pick! It wrecked me! I remember finishing it and then going to Twitter and nobody, at least who was on, had seen it and I was like OMG I NEED TO TALK ABOUT THIS WHY ARE YOU FAILING ME TWITTER.

  5. I LOVE JAMES BAY. I actually found him because my fiance bought the new Madden game and one of his songs is in it haha. I LOVE his voice. Also that CHVRCHES album is excellent. I just looked up some of your other music recs on Spotify and am currently listening to Badlands which is awesome!

  6. I also discovered Orphan Black this year and absolutely died over how phenomenal it is! Another show I would highly recommend is The Americans… Riveting!

  7. I finally took the plunge into Black Sails a few weeks back and it is absolutely outstanding. I will rave to everyone about this show. Excellent stuff! I also surprisingly got into Baby Daddy as well. Not my typical show but it is so funny.

  8. Here for the Andrew McMahon love – he’s just amazing, isn’t he? I’ve also really liked what I’ve heard of Halsey so far, but I have to listen to Badlands in full! I’ll definitely check out some of the other bands you mentioned, I’m always on the lookout for new (to me) music! 🙂

  9. 1) JESSICA JONES was fantastic and smart and awesome, and I need more of this show in my life.
    2) I am in the midst of the honeymoon stage of my love affair with David Tennant, and I never want it to end.

  10. Have you watched Bloodline? It’s a Netflix original and just one season so far, but I binged it a couple of weekends ago and OMG SO GOOD.

  11. Chvrches Every Eye Open has been on repeat on my Spotify. SO SO GOOD! Also I need to get my Jessica Jones on since I’ve seen praise for it everywhere and also David Tennant rocks my world, obviously.

  12. Alice clayborne says:

    There is going to be a Dance academy movie

  13. Five of your favorite albums of the year are mine, too! Yessss. Good taste so high five on that. The ones I love too are Misterwives, Halsey, Alessia Cara, Zella Day, and Chvrches. I also have been listening to Borns a lot lately. MSMR is a sometimes listen for me. I am not as familiar with the other 3, but since you’ve shown excellent taste in music I shall load them up on Spotify directly. Are you on Spotify? It is seriously a godsend to me. My iTunes are sorely lacking so Spotify helps make up for the difference!

    I haven’t been in a movie theater in several years so I can’t comment on 2015 releases there unless they found their way to Netflix already. I’m usually pretty behind on movies.

    I am planning on doing more music posts in 2016. My 2015 blogging year kind of derailed somewhere along the way and I didn’t really do them much.

  14. Completely agree about Dance Academy! I watched it two summers ago and I was OBSESSED! Too amazing and yes that certain thing that happens only cemented my absolute love for the show it is just so heart-wrenching and beautiful and amazing not to mention I found two really good artists from the music on that show (Coby Grant and Kate Miller-Heidke). So phenomenal especially for someone who loves dance like me.

  15. I added Dance Academy to my watch list after seeing your enthusiastic tweets about it! Can’t wait to watch, but before that I really want to get into Nashville which, unfortunately is not on Netflix. I watched the first five episodes for free on Hulu and I got pretty hooked, but since I’m in Ireland they won’t let me sign up to watch more. Like, I can’t even pay to watch it. Boo.

    I did a little round up of my fave movies and TV from 2015 over on the blog –loved Bloodline so definitely check that out if you haven’t watched! Also, Mr. Robot!