Top Sixteen 2016 Debuts (Jan-June) That I Am SO SO SO Excited For

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This week’s topic: Top Ten 2016 Debuts

I chose to talk about debuts that are published from January to June because 1) I have so may I’m excited about next year and 2) some of them don’t have covers and let’s be real we are all here for the pretty covers instead of a blank NO COVER rectangle I would have made.


2016 YA releases - debut novels

  1. The Girl From Everywhere: TIME TRAVEL (omg so many time travel books in 2016 and I’m pumped). I am already loving the locations and the time periods referenced in the summary — modern day NYC, Honolulu in 1868 and mythic Scandinavia.
  2.   A Fierce And Subtle Poison: This one showed up randomly in my mailbox and the cover was SO striking. Then I read the summary? MAGICAL REALISM + MYSTERY. Thank the book gods.
  3. Into The Dim: More time travel, yo! EEEEEP. Scotland and time travel and a main character trying to save her mother (in 72 hours) who is trapped in the 12th century. *empties wallet*
  4. The Serpent King: I’ve been following Jeff for a little bit on Twitter and he’s a really top notch dude and I’m sooooo excited for his book as I’ve heard sosososoooo many amazing things! It seems like one of those contemporary books that will be a favorite for me from what people say!
  5. Suffer Love: I LOVE Ashley (go follow her on Twitter!!) and cannot wait to read this! Looks like a fun and complicated romance!!
  6. Ivory and Bone: I first heard about Ivory and Bone after I met Julie at a event locally and I went to follow her and saw her book was coming out and immediately was like OMG NEED. Set in a prehistoric age? TAKE ALL MY MONEY, JULIE.
  7. Where Futures End: I can’t even explain what this book is about so here is part of the summary: “One year from now, Dylan develops a sixth sense that allows him to glimpse another world. Ten years from now, Brixney must get more hits on her social media feed or risk being stuck in a debtors’ colony. Thirty years from now, Epony scrubs her entire online profile from the web and goes “High Concept.” Sixty years from now, Reef struggles to survive in a city turned virtual gameboard. And more than a hundred years from now, Quinn uncovers the alarming secret that links them all. Five people, divided by time, will determine the fate of us all. These are stories of a world bent on destroying itself, and of the alternate world that might be its savior–unless it’s too late.” HOLY EFF.
  8. These Vicious Masks: “Jane Austen meets X-Men in this thrilling Victorian adventure” YEP YOU BET THIS IS ON MY LIST.
  9. The Love That Split The World: Friday Night Lights meets The Time Traveler’s Wife. Two of my favorite things in life???????
  10. Love, Lies & Spies: 19th century + spies + romance!
  11. The Year We Fell Apart: God this one is going to kill me. A girl coping with her mother’s cancer diagnosis, makes mistakes — including destroying her relationship with her best friend — and trying to learn and right her past mistakes. Looks like an emotional one fo sho.
  12. Assassin’s Heart: Fantasy! Assassins! Yeay!
  13. If I Was Your Girl: This sounds like a beautiful book about a transgender girl falling in love with a guy and navigating this secret she’s kept about the fact she was physically born Andrew and not Amanda and wondering if he can see her for who she is.
  14. The Way I Used To Be: :In the tradition of Speak, this extraordinary debut novel shares the unforgettable story of a young woman as she struggles to find strength in the aftermath of an assault.” Speak is one of my all time favorite books and this looks to be another powerful one albeit going to be hard to read.
  15. Sword & Verse: A world where literacy is a capital offense? Take me to the jails then! This fantasy sounds awesome!
  16. The Museum of Heartbreak: Reminds me a tinge of Jenny Han’s To All The Boys I Love Before in a way. Looks like a super cute contemporary and I’m curious to see what her little museums of heartbreak looks like and how it helps her deal with life things.

So tell me…what debuts are you super excited about? Which ones are not on my list that you think I’d be into??

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  1. Where future ends sounds absolutely fascinating–and great cover art to go with it! Will definitely have to keep my eye out for that one. Awesome list! I’m hopelessly behind on debuts and stuff but the books you mentioned all sound really interesting. Happy reading 🙂

    My TTT

  2. There are so many books that look AMAZING debuting in 2016. It should be another great year for books!

  3. I got an ARC of Where Futures End as a surprise from my Penguin contact and I’m not sure what to think of it at all…I’m not sure whether I’m excited or just confused?

    Other than that, there are SO MANY FRIGGIN TIME TRAVEL NOVELS this year – I didn’t have space for all the books, but the one adult one I wanted to read it called “The Next Together – have you heard of it? Into the Dim sounds so great!

    Here’s my list, we have a few YAs in common =)

  4. The Girl from Everywhere, Into the Dim, Suffer Love, and These Vicious Masks were all on my list as well. I love any book that has to do with time-travel (I have no idea why, I just love the idea of being able to visit different eras and such!)

  5. A Fierce and Subtle Poison sounds so interesting! Green skin and grass hair? Okay! You’ve got a really great selection here 😀

  6. YASSSS! I had The Serpent King on my list too — Pam has been talking it up on Facebook so I was like, this DEFINITELY has to go on my list!

    I am so excited for all these 2016 debuts. There’s a few on your list that I was thisclose to putting on mine, but somehow other books won out.

  7. Jamie as someone who has read THE YEAR WE FELL APART by Emily Martin I think you’ll relate to a lot – it’s about a girl and her best friend, but also about a girl and her mom. <3 It is SO well written and reads like a Sarah Dessen/Kasie West combo 🙂 I've also gotten a chance to read SUFFER LOVE & IF I WAS YOUR GIRL and both of those are amazing!!!!! SUFFER LOVE is so beautifully written and IF I WAS YOUR GIRL is going to change lives I swear–it's just an important book. I am also excited for THE MUSEUM OF HEARTBREAK (plus that title totaaally rocks, no?). Great list 🙂

  8. I am so excited about the 2016 debut releases!! There were so many to choose from, it has hard picking 10. We have a few of the same ones listed, and you have a few I haven’t heard of, that I’m definitely going to be checking out.

  9. The Love That Split the World does look really interesting! My TTT

  10. I had not heard of If I Was Your Girl before your post! Putting that on my list! Thanks!

  11. Great picks! A few of these made my list as well. The Serpent King looks awesome and I hadn’t heard of that one before. I’m going to have to add it to my wishlist.

  12. My TBR is getting bigger and BIGGER!
    Great Top Ten!
    My Top Ten Tuesday. 🙂

  13. I’m also really excited about Girl From Everywhere, But your list definitely had me add A Subtle Poison and Ivory and Bone!! Here’s my Top Ten Tuesday

  14. Great list!! Love, Lies and Spies and The Year We Fell Apart are on my list this week as well. I hope you enjoy all of them when they come out.

    My TTT:

  15. I literally just came across THESE VICIOUS MASKS, otherwise it would be in my TTT list as well! Dying to get my hands on a copy 🙂

  16. I considered a lot of the same books for my list (and picked some of the same ones as well). Plus, more books to add to my TBR list. Thanks!!! Here is my list.

  17. We share five books this week and like you I couldn’t narrow it down to just 10. 🙂

    Check out my Music Monday and TTT.

  18. Ooh nice! I just finished Into the Dim today and loved it! Hope you enjoy it and all these other lovely debuts next year!

    Here’s my Tuesday Post

    Have a GREAT day!

    Old Follower 🙂

  19. Great list! Love, Lies and Spies sounds fantastic – definitely adding that one to my TBR!

  20. So many great ideas here! I have been keeping a list trying to prepare for 2016 and there are a few that I am going to have to add to my list based off this! 🙂 Thanks for the suggestions.

  21. I’m so excited for Sword and Verse, The Girl from Everywhere, Into the Dim, and Assassin’s Heart! I’ve heard AMAZING things about them!

    My TTT

    Lizzie @ Big Books and Grande Lattes

  22. Love, Lies & Spies looks fabulous — I am all for a good spy story set in Victorian times with a dollop of romance 😀

  23. Hiya Jamie I hope you’re well! Great choices, I’m also looking forward to The Girl From Everywhere, Where Futures End and Assassin’s Heart! I’ve seen a lot of the others on lots of blogs so I best check them out too haha 🙂 Thank you for sharing!

    Here’s my TTT @ Emma’s Bookery if you would like to check it out 🙂 Have a great day 🙂

  24. The Girl From Everywhere: I really liked it!
    A Fierce And Subtle Poison: I looooove the promise.
    Into The Dim: WANT IT.
    Assassin’s Heart: assassins. I know enough 😀

  25. Ohmygosh! They’re so many amazing debuts coming out in 2016. Some of these books are on my list too. The rest were on my extended list of 2016 debuts. It was so hard to narrow down my list! The Year We Fell Apart and Vicious Masks are definitely ones that I’m excited for that didn’t make my top ten list. Great list of books! Can’t wait for 2016 to come, so i can read these books!

  26. Great list. I don’t pay enough attention to debuts to have a top ten of this, unfortunately.