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This week’s topic: Top Ten Book Related Resolutions for 2016


I reflected on my 2015 goals and resolutions and how I did with them a few days ago and now I’m SO ready to set some goals and resolutions for 2016. I’m setting pretty attainable and realistic goals for myself because I don’t want reading to feel super rigid but I also like setting these sort of intentions to guide my year of reading.

So let’s take a look at what I’m aiming for this year:



1. I want to continue my journey with comics and read 30 comics/graphic novels in 2016: Towards the end of last year I just started reading comics and graphic novels for the first time and in 2016 I want to explore them even more by reading at least 30 more. I want to explore all the different genres. You can check out what I’ve read so far.

2. Continue culling my Goodreads TBR list: This year I embarked on a journey of cleaning up my Goodreads account and get rid of books I don’t really want to read as well as add some prioritization and organization so it’s more useful and representative of what I want to read.  I’ve been on Goodreads since 2008 and have A LOT of stuff on there and my tastes and interests and how I use Goodreads has changed. This past year I managed to cull 261 books off of it which is great but I still have 1,100+ books on my TBR and that’s not including the books that are on my “to check out” list (books I’m curious about but unsure or books that I saw randomly and want to remember, etc).

3. Cull my adult fiction and non-fiction titles on my bookshelves: In 2015 I did a really great job culling my YA books but I never made it over to my bookcase that houses my adult fiction and non-fiction. It needs a major culling. After I cull it,  I will  make quarterly book cullings a thing (god, that sounds like The Hunger Games or something) so that I can stay on top of it and always be making sure the books on my shelves are the ones I genuinely want to read.

4. Read 30 books I already own (ie no arcs, library books, etc.): I feel like I have a hard time getting through the books that I bought with my hard earned CASH MONAYYY because I’m always getting new review copies and I have a library habit that ensures I bring home no less than 4 books every library visit. EVEN WHEN I JUST GO TO PICK UP ONE BOOK….ooops how did these come back with me?? So this year I’d like make a HUGE dent in my owned books. Because, like, why own them if they are going to just sit there!

5. Reread at least 5 books this year: I had a re-reading goal last year (and probably the year before it) but I failed it pretty hard. Going to have at it again. This post right here probably represents why I have such a hard time with this goal.

6. Read more adult fiction than I did last year: I didn’t really want to put a number goal on it so I figured JUST DO BETTER THAN LAST YEAR. I read 15 adult fiction books last year. Adult fiction used to be my main love until I started blogging and got super into YA fiction. I still super love YA fiction but I do miss being up on the adult fiction books. YA fiction is what I hear about more often and what my friends are reading so this year I’m going to try to read more.

7.  Read a 900+ page book: I was proud of myself for exceeding my goal of reading 2 books with 500+ pages which I know doesn’t sound like a crazy goal but, for me, I always cast aside bigger books because I knew I could read a couple in that same amount of time (mostly why I decided not to do a numbers based challenge last year because I knew that fueled it). So I’m going to pick up a super chunky book this year because I don’t know when the last time I picked up a 900+ page book was. ANY AND ALL RECS WELCOME. I have a couple that are already on my TBR that meet this goal but I’m not set on what I’ll read.

8.  Spend less time checking Goodreads reviews before I pick up a book on a whim from the library/bookstore: I’ve lamented my habit of immediately checking goodreads for average rating and reviews if I find a book I’ve never heard of but sounds interesting to me. Many a times I’ve put down a book because I’m like “oh well this book has this rating and such and such people didn’t like it.” And, I mean, yes sometimes it is helpful to weed out books this way and save yourself the agony but I rely on it too much especially for books that I would read ASAP if the average was good. I know it’s faulty because some books I’ve loved with all my heart have HORRIBLE average ratings so I know the average rating doesn’t mean anything in reality because I AM MY OWN PERSON. So this year I will try to do this LESS because, I mean, if it ends up that a book has a bad rating AND I’m hating it as well? I CAN ALWAYS PUT IT DOWN. NO HARM.

9. Finish 6 series this year: I’m carrying this goal over from last year because I really need to finish series! Even though I didn’t meet this goal last year I was really proud of myself because I finally officially quit a bunch of series that I had been hanging on to like “oh I should finish this” but I realized I just don’t care about them anymore. So now at least the series I have on my “series I need to finish” shelf on Goodreads are all ones I’m super excited about.

10. Leave at least 40  reviews for books I’ve read on retail sites like Amazon and B&N: I had a vague goal of “crosspost my reviews more” or something for last year but this year I wanted to be more specific and intentional with it because it’s really important to me. This way I can pick and choose which books I want to review on retail sites. Most of the time I leave a review it’s for the ones I think are underrated or aren’t as mainstream popular. This goal feels less daunting to me because I think, with the other one, I felt like I needed to crosspost everything.



Tell me all your book related goals and resolutions!!!

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  1. Re: #2, I’ve been slowly doing the same thing on my Goodreads account; so many books I’ve added but no longer recall why I added it nor am I terribly interested in picking up in the near future or otherwise! It’s such a good feeling to clear things out 🙂

    I’ve been asked maybe once or twice about cross-posting to retail sites but I’ve honestly been hesitant to do so for some reason (maybe it’s because “omg it’s outside the book blogging/bookish community!”? or something like it…lol)

    Best of luck with your resolutions this year Jamie! 🙂 My TTT

  2. I definitely want to read more comics and graphic novels this year, too. I’ve found so many that I would like to begin, or continue. 🙂

    Check out my TTT.

  3. Do you have any recommendations for a complete graphic novels newb? Reading a graphic novel is one of my goals for the year, but I don’t really know where to start.

    Best wishes for you in your resolutions!

  4. Good luck with all your goals! Some of them sound hard (especially the culling down of the TBR list! XD) so all the best!! 🙂

  5. I LOVE your blog and it’s so cute and quirky!

    Your reading resolutions are so much fun too 🙂

  6. Wow. A 900+ page book is very intimidating but I think it’s a great goal to work towards. I hope you achieve these goals.

  7. Omg these are SUCH good goals…and you’ve inspired me to consider picking up some books without knowing anything about them! I used to do it all the time, but now? Gah, I guess my goodreads to-read list is SO LONG I don’t even give myself the leisure of just librarying whatever happens to catch my eye. So that’d be a nice thing to do this year!
    Good luck with all of these! 😀 YOU GOT THIS.
    Here’s my TTT!

  8. These are great goals! I’m going to try and check Goodreads less too before picking up books – sometimes going in without any expectation makes the reading experience even better. I’ve been hearing more about crossposting lately and wondered if it would be worth the effort and time. I like that you’ve given yourself a specific number to achieve with that goal though! Good luck with all of your resolutions – you’ll rock 2016 I’m sure!

  9. I am definitely with you on 4, 8 and 9! And I would like to read more adult fiction too but I know the YA will always be grabbing my attention first. Good luck with these goals and happy reading in 2016!
    My TTT

  10. I am pretty good at leaving retail site reviews because I copy and paste the mini-reviews I post on Goodreads, but man, oh, man I need to clear up the backlog of reviews I need to do on my blog. Happy New Year

  11. Great goals!! I put off reading the final book in the Harry Potter series until last year because of the 700+ pages as well. I like your goal of reading a larger book. Finishing some of the series I had started was a goal that I had last year and plan on continuing as well. It is nice to see a series through to the end instead of leaving it lingering.

    My TTT: My TTT:

  12. I have to say I don’t check goodreads ratings before I read a book but I sometimes do it after I’ve read it to see if my thoughts match up with “everyone else”.
    Good luck with all your resolutions!
    My Ten Goals for 2016.

  13. Rereading seems to be quite popular with many this year – I think it’s great that so many people are wanting to reread more, whatever it may be, because I’m a big rereader and am always championing it!

    A 900+ page book?! Wow! Go you! I struggle when a book is more than 300. Haha!

    Always I hadn’t really thought about posting my reviews elsewhere as a goal, but I know it is something I’m terrible at. I may well put a little focus on that in the new year too.

  14. Great goals! I delved into graphic novels for the first time last year and I’m definitely going to continue exploring the genre. And I really need to do a nice, big purge of my to-read list. All the end-of-year posts have me adding a zillion things, and my to-read is now up to 560! If I continue reading 80 books a year, it would take me 7 years to read everything that’s already on the list! I’m also with you on trying to go into more books blind, without looking at the Goodreads rating or other reviews, and continuing the many series I’ve started and only read one or two books of.

  15. These are all really practical, measurable goals! That’s supposed to be one of the things that helps a person meet their resolutions — making goals actually measurable/trackable. I’m thinking of “stealing” your goals to cull the good ol’ Goodreads TBR and to avoid relying on reviews so much when choosing what to read next. In fact, I am off to investigate said TBR right now….


    I feel #2 so hard. And #4, 5, 6, and 8.

    But as for your other resolutions, I had no idea you were into comics. If you’re looking for a good fantasy series, I’ve heard SAGA is pretty great. LOL at the Hunger Games book culling. Every time I seeing “culling” I think of HG too. There’s something so…fierce about it. Your goal to post more reviews on retail sites is sooo good. I’ve never posted my reviews on these places, which is unfortunate because a lot of shoppers look to those retailers for reviews, not goodreads (many don’t even know goodreads exists!).

    Your 900+ page book rec: OUTLANDER. I cannot stress that enough.

  17. Not checking ratings for books before reading them is such a good idea! I feel like sometimes when you know what people thought of a book it predetermines how much you’ll like it. Or you end up reading the book and spending most of your time trying to figure out what people loved/hated and why. Lol I’m kind of doing that right now with the book I’m reading 😊

  18. Those are some great resolutions! My goals are to read at least 40 books this year and have at least one of them be a classic. I think I will be adding culling my goodreads tbr list, too.

  19. Great goals. ‘re reading is super easy for me for some reason it’s actually my favourite things to do. Finishing series and reading books I own are too of my goals as well. I have so many series to read it’s not right. Good luck!

  20. These are some great goals! I can agree with every single one of these, but the biggest one for me that I haven’t even verbalized anywhere yet is READ MORE ADULT FIC. I’ve been creeping on Hannah’s and Cassie’s reviews/recs/GRs and always add the adult fic books they read, but I still hone in on YA too much. It’s definitely a goal of mine to read all of those books this year. I started reading YA when I was an actual young adult and have always read it, but there was a time where I moved towards adult reads. I bought so many a few years before blogging and they’ve sat there. AND Goodreads ratings have been killing me lately. I put too much stock in them! Also, the last one – crossposting. I’m terrible with this.

  21. Great list! I also need to finish some series. Quite a few of the points you have on your list are either the same or similar to those on mine! Good luck!

    Lizzie @ Big Books and Grande Lattes

  22. These are all great goals. I have been going steadily through my TBR and removing books that I am not serious about, and rehoming books on my physical shelves. Best of luck with all of your goals in 2016!
    -Smart Dames Clever Books

  23. There have been several moments where I looked at Goodread and got rid of books I’m no longer interested in, but it takes SO much time and it is so much work.. Perhaps I should spread it out over a longer period and get it over with.
    I’m aiming for: finishing 10 series and reading 35 of my own books, so we have these resolutions in common!

  24. These are some serious goals – I particularly like the goal to read more adult fiction. I know it’s easy to get caught up in the book blogging world and obsess over YA, but the adult fiction deserves love too!!

  25. These are fantastic goals!

    The only 900+ page books I can think of are some of the Game of Thrones books and Under the Dome by Stephen King. Woooo, that one hurt to hold.

    Can I be nosy and ask what is the name of the font you used in the first image for ‘Bookish Resolutions’? I’ve been seeing it everywhere and I’ve used it as a reference for hand lettering before but wish I could find it for digital use too.

  26. Nice goals! I spent some time at the end of 2015 culling my Goodreads TBR as well, and it was completely and utterly LIBERATING! I’d like to make that a quarterly habit as well, just to keep things realistic 🙂

  27. wow! you have an intersting list there! thats quite a lot of books! check out my list of ten books i want to read this year. 🙂

  28. Excellent bookish goals, Jamie! I’m particularly fond of your goal to read more books that you actually own. I saw a marked improvement in my own reading stats when it came to that last year, and I’m certainly hoping that trend continues in 2016! It’s definitely something that requires conscious effort, but it’s so worth it when you whittle away at the books you own that remain unread 😉 Happy 2016 reading!

  29. These are great book resolutions! I also need to work on not checking the ratings before I make a decision.
    A book recommendation for your 900+ goal would be Memoirs of Cleopatra. It is an amazing, historical fiction account of her life, told in her voice. It was a book I could not put down!
    Good luck on your goals!