Ten Books I’ve Recently Added To My TBR Lately

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This week’s topic: Top Ten Books I’ve Added to My TBR Lately (inspired by my New to the Queue posts)

It’s very clear I’ve been into comic books and graphic novels lately (see the comics I’ve been reading) so naturally I’ve been adding even more now that I’ve fallen into this wonderful world!


1. Keturah and Lord Death by Martine Leavitt: I don’t recall how I came across this one but I think it was randomly at the library but I wanted to check it out later on Goodreads. It seems like a fairytale-esque fantasy and I really want to read it!!
2. Girls Who Travel by Nicole Trilivas: I believe I added this because a travel blogger I follow read it and rated it well? I THINK. I always love any type of book — fiction or non-fiction — that involves travel so I was instantly down for this!

3. Lady Killer (Volume 1)by JoΓ«lle Jones: I’ve been on a comic/graphic novel kick lately and this one looks awesome. Pretty much was sold by this: new original comedy series that combines the wholesome imagery of early 1960s domestic bliss with a tightening web of murder, paranoia, and cold-blooded survival.”

4. Assassin’s Apprentice by Robin Hobb: I know a lot of people love this author for good high fantasy and I was browsing the library and read the summary and I decided to add it to my official TBR list. I couldn’t pick it up then because I already had too many books out but soon!

5. It Wasn’t Always Like This by Joy Preble: I still haven’t read Joy’s debut novel, though I own it, but this one sound awesome and in a different direction than her debut. I LOVE Tuck Everlasting so this line made me add it: “Part thriller, part murder mystery, part fairy tale in the vein of Tuck Everlasting comes a story of accidental immortality, star-crossed romance, and a forever-seventeen-year-old girl who won’t give up the search for the boy she loves.”

6. The Coincidence of Coconut Cake by Amy E. Reichert: I think I added this book because of Leah. It looks super cute and I love books involving FOOOOOD. Also, a You’ve Got Mail comparison? YESSUM.

7. Alex + Ada, Vol. 1 by Jonathan Luna, Sarah Vaughn: I was perusing the comic books at my library and came across this one but I already had too many comic books out and I didn’t want to end up returning it without reading it. Sci-fi drama!

8. A World Without You by Beth Revis: Very interested in this one from Beth Revis! It’s about a boy who insists he has time-traveled (seen the Titanic, been in the Civil War, etc) in his life. His parents send him to get help for these delusions though he’s convinced he’s in a place for people with superpowers. It looks like an amazing book that tackles mental illness and I’m so anticipating it.

9. Autofocus by Lauren Gibaldi: I really enjoyed Lauren’s debut novel, The Night We Said Yes, so I just saw she had another book coming out and instantly had to add it. It looks like another great coming of age story that explores friendship and family and love.

10. Becoming Unbecoming by Una: This graphic novel looked so interesting! I think I saw this on a comic book vlogger’s channel! A devastating personal account of gender violence told in comic book form, set against the backdrop of the 1970s Yorkshire Ripper man-hunt


So tell me…what books have you added to your TBR recently? Have you read any of these? Which ones should I make sure I get to soon??

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  1. I LOVE Keturah and the Lord Death. Lanna recommended it ages ago and it was so good. But I’m excited about quite a few of these other ones!

    • Ooh I’m so excited to hear you say this!!! I hadn’t really heard of anyone talk about it ever..just randomly came across it so this makes me very happy!!

  2. I have read ZERO of these and only even own THE COINCIDENCE OF COCONUT CAKE and A WORLD WITHOUT YOU, but I’m also excited to read both of those! And definitely AUTOFOCUS – I also loved THE NIGHT WE SAID YES and am so excited to read something else by her! Also think Joy Preble’s sounds totally killer, though I also own but haven’t read her last book yet! Ugh I’m so behind… Why do so many books have to sound so good?

    • I feel like I screwed up our TTT twinning that we always do because our contemporary tastes are like so on point. I’m so excited to read more from Lauren!! She’s so great. I’m thinking this year I will try to get to Joy’s before this one comes out. And seriously….WHY SO MANY BOOKS AND WHY DO I HAVE TO DO OTHER THINGS THAT AREN’T READ BOOKS.

  3. I hope you enjoy Assassin’s Apprentice when you get to reading it, it’s definitely a classic in the high fantasy genre. I am curious about Alex + Ada, I kept seeing it pop up on other blogs and on GoodReads towards the end of last year…

    My TTT

    • I’m hoping I love it! Do you have any other recs for other classic high fantasies I should make sure I get to??

      • Off the top of my head that I highly recommend:

        – The Lord of the Rings and/or The Hobbit by JRR Tolkien (the writing is something to get used to, but it’s so worth it IMO)
        – Memory, Sorrow and Thorn trilogy by Tad Williams (vastly underrated IMO)
        – The Elfstones of Shannara by Terry Brooks (they adapted this into a tv show recently, airing on MTV. Have yet to check it out myself but it was my favourite book from the original Shannara trilogy)
        – Tigana by Guy Gavriel Kay (a standalone :))
        – The Riddlemaster trilogy by Patricia A. McKillip (I love her fantasy novels, there’s a dreamy quality to it that I don’t see often in other fantasy books. And she writes a lot of standalones, which is great, haha)

        And for more recent high fantasy titles that I think are awesome and also worth checking out:

        – The Lighthouse dulogy by Carol Berg (Flesh & Spirit; Breath & Bone; it’s not as sprawling an epic but it’s just as amazing and something different)
        – the Mistborn books by Brandson Sanderson (I’d recommend all of his books, haha, but his Mistborn books has all the feels, not to mention turning a few basic fantasy tropes on its head)

        Oops :3 I could go on and on about fantasy books to check out but I hope this helps! πŸ˜€ Let me know if you ever need more recommendations πŸ˜‰

  4. Interesting mix of books you’ve got there. πŸ™‚

    Marie @ Pages to Explore

  5. I’m adding Lady Killer to my tbr right now! Great picks!

    Check out my TTT and Music Monday.

  6. Oh my goodness! I loved Alex + Ada! I hope you can get to it soon! It’s awesome!

    • I’m so happy to hear you did! I haven’t heard much about it bc it was just a random one that I came across at the library and I didn’t investigate who has read it and if they liked it yet. But it looked awesome enough for me not to care whether people did or not haha

  7. Assassin’s Apprentice is one of the books I hope to read this year and I hear Lady Killer is really good. I might check that one too. Here’s my TTT.

  8. I hadn’t heard of A World Without You. I think I’m going to have to add it to my TBR. I love your New To The Queue feature!

  9. I’ve only heard about A World Without You, so I’ll definitely need to check some of these titles out. Great list, and thanks for sharing! πŸ™‚
    Here’s my TTT

  10. OMG, Becoming Unbecoming sounds AMAZING! *adds to wishlist*

    I love Beth Revis’ books and I can’t wait for this one to come out. I’m not even a big fan of contemporary but this one sounds too good.

    • RIGHT?!?! Plus the cover is eye-catching! I honestly haven’t read any of Beth’s books yet despite owning them. JAMIE FAIL.

  11. KISSY FACE EMOJI! Really, Coconut Cake is fluffy and fun + there’s food and a British love interest. Total win! (esp. since it’s a hate-to-love kind of thing: she owns a restaurant, he’s the critic that gave it a scathing review, only they don’t know who the other person is when they happen to meet on the street one day.)

    Alex + Ada is great too! Curious about Lady Killer now – I’ve been on a comic kick too and the last series I read was a dud. I’m ready for something good!

    I’ve heard fab things about Robin Hobb!!

    • I think maybe I was creeping on your convo with Ginger? And I’m like OOH WRITING THIS DOWN. I love hate to love storylines!!!

      I will be curious what you think if you get to Lady Killer before I do!

  12. I haven’t seen most of these books before, but I hope you enjoy them. Have a great week!

  13. Ooooh. Robin Hobb. Great choice. That series has one of my all time favourite fictional relationships – Fitz and The Fool. Enjoy. The magic systems are wonderful, too.

  14. Ooh, I’ve been interested in Lady Killer too. It sounds right up my alley. I really liked The Coincidence of Coconut Cake — the You’ve Got Mail comparison was really apt in my opinion, and there were a lot of cute & funny moments.

    • I’m so happy you said that about the You’ve Got Mail comparison because I haaaaate when I want a book based on a fave thing and then it’s not at all like it lol.

  15. I haven’t read any of these books. A World Without You sounds really interesting! I’ll wait for your review though because deciding whether I want to read it. Enjoy!

  16. Great list! I’ve only read Assassin’s Apprentice and it was quite slow, I liked the second book, Royal Assassin a little bit better, still slow, but there are a lot more interesting secondary characters! Hoping to read the third book soon! Happy reading!

  17. Holy crap, It Wasn’t Always Like This and A World Without You both sound AMAZING! I’m adding them to my TBR right this second so I don’t forget. πŸ™‚

  18. I’m hoping to get to some Robin Hobb this year as well!

  19. I am definitely going to take a look at Girls Who Travel. That sounds like it’s right up my alley. I’m presently contemplating trying to do a tour of coffehouses in Prague–if I could just jump over after a conference I have this summer in England. I haven’t yet been to Prague and really want to go! Also, I have a Robin Hobb book but haven’t yet gotten to it either. I also have the Beth Revis book on my TBR! πŸ˜€

  20. Ooh Alex and Ada looks really good! Also, the plot for Lady Killer. Wow!

  21. So…. I’ve never read a graphic novel. It’s one of the categories I failed to complete in last year’s reading challenge.
    Can you recommend something fantastic for me to get into the genre?

  22. KETURAH AND LORD DEATH is also my TTT this week! You have such a great and versatile list, Jamie.

    • Ooh if you get to it before me you will have to let me know how it is! And heh I looked at my list when I was done and I was like YEP shows what a random reader I am!

  23. Girls Who Travel sounds like my kind of book; although I feel like this book will make my wanderlust go wild. I have that uncontrollable itch to travel at the moment so this sounds like a good book to curl up to.
    A World Without You also sounds very interesting. I haven’t read anything by Beth Revis but I’ve seen her name floating around the blogoshpere so I’ll have to check her work out.
    I’ve been interested in reading more graphic novels but I have no idea where to start. Lady Killer sounds morbidly hilarious.

    • THAT IS MY PROBLEM TOOOOO. I read wanderlusty books and I’m like LET ME QUIT LIFE AND JUST GO TRAVEL THANKS.

      You should read Nimona! That one eased me into the graphic novel scene! ALSO, I *liked* not love (so maybe borrow it from your library) French Milk by Lucy Knisley which you may be into because you haz the wanderlust.

  24. Lady killer has been in my wishlist for so long. It’ll be purchased soon, hopefully. I can imagine a Stepford wives meets Mr&Mrs Smith. You’ll love Alex and Ada. It is one of the first comics I really fell for.

    • Eeee so happy to see you say that about Alex and Ada! I hadn’t heard much about it or investigated that much so I had no idea about it other than it caught my eye at the library!

  25. I really enjoyed Girls Who Travel but beware there isn’t as much travel as you would think. Still lovely London setting for most of the book. Great other choices!

    • Oooh good to know! Seriously. I thought it would be lots of travel. Still excited to read it but I’m glad to set my expectations right in regards to the travel. And PERFECT…I’m going back to London for a week come April so YAY I should read this soon!

  26. It Wasn’t Always Like This, A World Without You and Autofocus are a few of my must reads for this year! I haven’t ear of the others. πŸ™ I read Joy and Lauren’s debuts and I adored Lauren’s and Joy’s wasn’t bad either.

    A You’ve Got Mail comparison? I’ll have to check out The Coincidence of Coconut Cake for sure!

    Hmm, recently I’ve added Being Fishkill by Ruth Lehrer, The Last Life of Avrillis by Bethany C. Morrow and Sleepless In Manhattan by Sarah Morgan.

    • I heard such mixed things at first about Joy’s so I had it as a maybe for a while. You think it’s worth the read?

      And yes apparently according to a friend the You’ve Got Mail comparison actually lives up! HALLELUJAH!!!

      Checking out your latest TBR adds!!

      • I definitely understand the mixed reaction to Joy’s book. It was an interesting, somewhat predictable, quick read, I think it may be worth the read, just don’t go into it thinking “Okay, this will be the greatest book I ever read” and it should be okay. πŸ˜‰

        The comparison lives up? Yes please! I adore You’ve Got Mail.

  27. A World Without You sounds so good but so sad! I’m really glad that it’s about mental illness as I think that’s a topic that needs to be written about more – hopefully the author can make it work as it’s quite a tricky subject to write about. And OOH I really want to read Autofocus, it looks so good!

    Kyra @ Blog of a Bookaholic
    My TTT Post!

    • Yeah it really is such a tricky topic to write about. I’ve read some great books about mental illness…and some not great.

  28. OOoh nice picks! Have to say that they are totally new to me! Hope you end up enjoying them all!!

    Here’s my Tuesday Post

    Have a GREAT day!

    Old Follower πŸ™‚

  29. The first time I heard about Keturah and Lord Death was when Maggie Stiefvater recommended it on her blog. And then my coblogger confessed she loved it. It’s a book I really want to get my hands on sooner rather than later!

    • Oooh it’s Maggie Stiefvater recommended?!?! That just shot it up on my TBR hahah. Hopefully we will both get to it sooooon!

  30. Lady killer is on my tbr also! The others look great as well.

  31. Alex and Ada is so good!! So good! I measure everything by the yardstick of The Wicked and the Divine because I’m utterly obsessed with WicDiv, but Alex and Ada is really really far up there. Also Bitch Planet if you’re in the mood to be both angry and righteous.

  32. I just read Assassin’s Apprentice, and really enjoyed it so I hope you will too! The Alex + Ada graphic novels seem really interesting, I definitely want to read them too.

    I hope you’ll enjoy reading these!

  33. I NEED to read Lady Killer! I hadn’t even heard of it before now and I am all about the graphic novels as of late.


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