When Plans Get Derailed

It’s been a little quiet around here for the past week or so. Maybe you noticed. Maybe you didn’t.

Either way, life. If you caught up with me via my Coffee post I expressed how super motivated I was about a lot of my goals so far this year and I’ve been doing great. That motivation was still going strong for so many things in my life.

And then I messed up my right wrist last week. It was a little sore from too much computer use and scrolling one day so I was doing wrist stretches and think I overextended or strained it or something because there was a definitive pain in that moment and then it felt weird/hurt. So I took it easy for a couple days, iced it and took some anti-inflammatory. It was feeling better on Saturday and Sunday and then Sunday night it killed even worse so I got a wrist splint (thank you Amazon Prime one day shipping) and have been resting even more…and that’s about where we are now.

I know it’s not the end of the world (I mean, hopefully it’s just a strain and I didn’t like REALLY mess it up) but it’s so frustrating to have my dominate hand out of commission a bit. Plus I’m a big baby when it comes to pain. I’ve had to modify my workouts (I do Pilates and HIIT stuff and a lot of the moves are on your wrist). All the plans I had involving my computer — like a really cute post I was in the middle of for yesterday that was Valentine’s Day related, general blogging stuff, doing some planning for our upcoming trip, stuff related to my goals — were sidelined because it hurts too much to do a lot on it.

But…it could be worse? And it’s a good reminder that I just have to roll with what life gives me sometimes and it’s not always a bad thing — sometimes it’s like a little gift from the universe you didn’t know you needed. It’s given me some down time to read more and watch some tv and movies. It’s given me a break from the internet, because it hurts too much to scroll or type, which is always needed. I’ve caught up on sleep. It’s weird not to be tackling a to-do list but it’s a nice break.

I have to say I’m surprised at how I’m really disappointed about not working out. For the past few years I’ve always worked out off and on (going through huge ON bursts for months and then slacking for another month or two and hating myself for it when I try to get back on the wagon) but this year so far I’ve been really INTO it. Like wanting to do it. Actually feeling energized by it because I think my mindset toward working out and my goals surrounding it have changed from past years.

If this was even last year I would have been like HELL YEAH NO WORKOUT TODAY and not even tried to modify it but this week I’ve been really bummed about it…about all the progress I’ve been making in my fitness goals.Β  I’m proud of myself for still sticking with it and modifying the workout to still show up and take care of my body even if it’s not the workout I want to be doing. I think maybe this is what dedication looks like??

So what HAVE I been doing?

So in between social plans I’ve kept and work I’ve:


  • watched Season 1 of Poldark (which OMG AMAZING YOU GUYS), HappyThankYouMorePlease, the midseason premieres of Baby Daddy & Fresh Off the BoatΒ  (oh the lols these shows bring), lots of election coverage stuff even though it makes my head want to explode


  • went and got my new passport photo — I finally changed my name but then have been putting off doing this because all of our trips since our honeymoon haven’t required a passport. But now I need to change that before our upcoming trip at the end of April. HALLELUJAH I can get rid of my awful passport picture that I have now. This one isn’t model worthy by any means but at least I no longer look like a strung out serial killer mugshot.


And now it’s time to get going because I don’t want to overdo it and it’s starting to hurt again. I hope I’ll be back soon…even if it’s not quite at full capacity. The splint I have seems to be helping so hopefully it will be soon.

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About Jamie

Jamie is a 30 year old married lady who is in denial that she’s actually that old. When she’s not reading you can find her doing Pilates followed by eating ice cream, listening to music with oversized headphones and having adventures with her husband and dog.


  1. I am right there with you. My knee has been messed up for a couple months and it has totally screwed up my workout routine. And somehow, lack of physical activity has a way of throwing off the rest of my routines, too. Hope your wrist feels better soon!

  2. Oh dear! hope your hand is much much better now πŸ™‚ I think it’s amazing that you’re so positive about it, that you take into consideration all the things you got to do instead of all the things you couldn’t do. You rock *hugs you*
    Being a very unfit potato myself, I think your motivation to work out is awesome. Get well soon!
    Plus, Saga vol 3 is the bomb argh I loved it so much β™₯

  3. Get well soon! xoxo

  4. I hope your wrist feels better soon!! I hate having to wear one of those splint things, but they work!

  5. “I finally changed my name but then have been putting off doing this”

    Omg me too! I just changed my name. It’s a terrible process for me though.

    – Change passport – easy.
    – Change account names in ALL THE PLACES – annoying.
    – Update my biometric residence permit – costs like Β£150 and takes FOREVER.

    Anyway I’m sorry about your wrist! I know it’s a major PITA but it’s better to take time to heal than risk doing something more to upset it.

    I’ve been totally motivated fitness-wise too. I’m branching out like I never have before and really focusing on improving, rather than simply ‘doing’. I have a free strength training session with a personal trainer today and I’m NERVOUS AS ****!

  6. Aww boo I’m so sorry to hear that! I definitely know how you feel – and it’s so frustrating when things that you didn’t expect to happen derail your plans (that, at least in my case, sometimes you’re not too keen to do anyway!) Take care of yourself, and enjoy the recovery time with some good books and long walks instead of the usual workouts xxx

    Sending good vibes your way! x

  7. Take care of yourself! There’s nothing wrong w/having to take it easy for a bit. And yay for non-serial killer photos. πŸ˜‰

  8. Oh that stinks so much about your wrist! That just makes so many things slightly more difficult and annoying. But good on you for modifying your workouts and still doing that. I have been in the same mood with my workouts. I think I have finally gotten fed up with myself and I want to try. I am for 4 days a week with my schedule and it’s crazy how off I feel when I miss it, and it’s only been a month. A cold has temporarily sidelined me but hopefully i’ll be back at it soon!

    Hoping you have a speedy recovery, but I also hope you enjoy this slightly more calm and relaxing time too!

  9. I am so sorry you hurt your wrist! That really sucks. I know what you mean about working out. There was a time when I would have found any excuse not to do any exercise. But for the past six months, I have developed a great habit of exercising 6-7 days a week. I only miss a day if I have to and I hate doing it. Working out always puts me in such a great mood! I hope your wrist feels better soon. Just listen to your body and rest your wrist!

  10. Oh I hear ya! I have Pre Carpal Tunnel, so my wrists have flare ups all the time. Currently, I’m nursing my left wrist and have been for the past couple of days. I need to get a new splint though. Because those helps so much!

    And you finally changed your name! I am dreading having to go through all of that stuff! So many different things you gotta do in order to change it! But after my wedding in April, I will most likely start doing that. πŸ™‚

    Hope you get better soon! <3

  11. Hope your wrist feels better soon, Jamie! <3

  12. Ahhh I’m so sorry your wrist still hurts so much! You seriously don’t realize how much you use something until it has a constant pain. That’s awful!!
    Omg I JUST changed my name for my iPass literally today and my utilities still are in my maiden name. It’s such a pain!! I honestly just don’t even remember where my old name is LOL

  13. Hope it gets to feeling better soon!

  14. Taking a break, even if it’s a forced one can be good for other stuff, catching up with reading & shows sounds like a good idea indeed!

    I hope the rest and the splint will help your wrist get much better soon! My ex had two different types of them because his work required loads of typing and computer stuff and he ended up with carpal tunnel syndrome… Hopefully yours is just a sprain!! And GO YOU for continuing with the work outs lady, you rock!!

  15. Wishing you a speedy recovery, Jamie!
    Sometimes life sends little reminders letting us know that it’s OK to slow down and take some time for ourselves. Life is to be enjoyed. Feel better soon!

  16. I hope your wrist feels better soon! I understand what you mean about the universe giving us a little break sometimes with injuries or illness. It’s not nice by any means but it always pushes us to stop and take some time out. I also love how when we take some time to relax we can catch up on TV and books! I always think if you can still manage to read then it’s not too bad!
    Feel better soon : )

  17. I looooved “Poldark”! By some crazy magic, I even managed to get my husband to watch it with me. Looking forward to season 2! I saw you’re reading “One Plus One” — I thought that was such a cute, fun read. Totally different from “Me Before You.” Hope your wrist is on the mend soon!

  18. Oh boy, I feel you on your pain, I have a *thing* that one of my tendons on my right thumb just swells from time to time when I write to much and oh my god that hurts like hell, like seriously cry worthy pain and I’m not one for crying when in pain so yeah, I get you and you’re def not a big baby when it comes to this. Hope it gets better, these sorta of things usually pass after a week or so of resting.

  19. I hope your wrist is better, Jamie! I definitely feel you on the pain thing; I’m not great with it either. I’m such a big baby about it, and will often just wallow because I hurt in some way. Definitely hope it heals fast for you! AND I’m surprised to be able to say that I agree with you about working out. For some reason, I’ve been feeling a wee bit more motivated to actually go out of my way to do some exercise every day – and it’s been nice. I hope that attitude sticks around πŸ˜‰

  20. Oh no! I hope your wrist heals soon! It must be annoying to have to wear the splint. πŸ™
    So excited to hear you’re reading Order of the Phoenix! It’s so good, and it will definitely make you feel all the feels! I just finished The Love That Split the World this week too, which I really enjoyed. Emily Henry is an awesome writer!

  21. Bother! Hope the wrist is healing well (as I’m so far behind in my blog reader that it’s now been days since this post went up) and you’re able to get back into your workouts soon. Isn’t it amazing how once exercise becomes a routine, it really truly starts to be something you miss when you can’t do it?

  22. Ouch! Sorry to hear about your wrist … I saw the picture but didn’t read anything about it – I thought you were wearing cute fingerless gloves or something! lol. I’ve had wrist pain in the past. Pregnancy brought on carpal tunnel for both of my pregnancies and it was so much pain. I was able to push through knowing it would go away but having my dominant hand out of commission would drive me crazy! Hope it heals fast!