Retail Therapy: The Travel Edition

Perfect gifts for travellers


Oh man…it’s been like a mega long time since I did one of these posts (the last one was my droolworthy Throne of Glass series edition back in the fall).

I figured it might be fun, since I’m currently on vacation, to share with you some of the wanderlust-inspired things that are currently sitting on my wishlist on Etsy and elsewhere.


I have a TON of wall hangings and stuff on my wishlist (as if I have THAT may walls), travel inspired and bookish alike, so I know it would be hard for me to choose but these are the travel-themed ones that have been sitting in my Coveting Like Woah wishlist on Etsy for a while.


From Paintspiration — find it here!

decor for travelers

From oflifeandlemons



Oh man I so want a home office to hang this up in!
From SamsSimpleDecor



I love the idea of a travel map (this comes with heart stickers) that Will and I can mark all the places we’ve been together. There are ones just of the US and I so want that one too because we do a decent amount of domestic travel but I want the whole world one too. GAH.

From PaperPlanePrints


And then just generally for the home — which I can’t wait until we buy a home so I can add these travel touches (in addition to my bookish ones) and just make it mine…because we’ve been very ~minimalist~ by choice when it comes to decorating (because lack of funds also) with the intention of saving money to decorate when we buy a house.


wanderlust decor

From DeetsandCo


Obsessed with this handmade wanderlust sign. We have a shelf that it would look perfect on right now and I have had to talk myself out of getting it like every other day because omg we don’t have money for non-essentials with our trip right now!!


cute globe decoration

I have a globe that is in our apartment on a shelf that was my mom’s but oh man I want this one too.
From SimplyGypsyDesigns



map pillow

Will hates throw pillows but he can get over it.
From HLBhomedesigns




I’m not a HUGE keepsake person but I always try to keep a little something from every trip and would definitely like to be even more conscious of it when I travel and this keepsake box could be really cute.



And I have a few travel-inspired jewelry pieces I’ve been ogling!

wanderlust jewelery

From TesoraDelSol



From A Twist of Whimsy



charm necklace for someone who travels

From InitiallyCharming



airplane charm necklace

From WildAuroraCharms



And for the travel accessories on my list!


Most of the time I just use a bright ribbon my luggage but I love this cute luggage tag!

From Wonemet



cute leather passport holder

How cute is this passport holder!

From Exsec



travel journal

The first time I went to Europe I had to journal it for school but I also brought a second one for myself (I’ve always been a journaler since I was a kid) and it was the best over. Mine was just a journal I had that was unused but this is super cute.

From Aperture For Adventure — find it here!



Sorry not sorry if your wallet is screaming right now!! Did you find anything you want?? Any travel-inspired things you own??

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  1. Can I just have one of everything? My Etsy “favorites” is full of travel-themed jewelry and decor…which makes no sense since I’m downsizing to travel…

    My all-time favorite purchase from there is a ring from StampinOffthePath that says “to travel is to live”. One of the best gifts I’ve ever received, I think!

  2. That globe would look so cute next to a framed family pic! And I love throw pillows- and so does my son. He loves to throw them all over the living room and den. Which I guess means he takes it literally… 😉 We’re not big travelers, we just don’t have the extra cash. Though we did splurge last year and went to New Orleans, just me and the hubby. So glad we did, b/c I’ve got great memories, and it’s such a fantastic area.

  3. All these are absolutely gorgeous but my favorites are the travel map prints. Now those are my wishlist and I can’t afford them :/ Anyways, glad I found your blog.

  4. I hope your enjoying your trip!

    I love the globe and the “It doesn’t matter where you’re going, it’s who you have beside you,” poster.

    Haha, I love that, “Will can get over it,” 🙂 But where are you supposed to put your book when you put it down for a few seconds to grab a cuppa? It needs a throw pillow throne!

    Speaking of thrones, I know you love Throne of Glass, have you seen that it’s Forever Young Adults book club pick for May? They’ve made wallpapers and things you can download of Throne of Glasses 🙂

  5. The globe, I want it right now please!! It’s beautiful and I love that wanderlust necklace and the notebook with and the adventure starts now! So many beauties in this post 🙂

  6. Oh wow, these all look great, I can’t decide what I like most! And just looking at them gets me in the mood to travel (which I guess is kind of the point but okay) 🙂


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