2016 Goal Check-In


I always like to check-in with myself midway through the year to see where I’m at with goals and refocus myself. I ~try~ to revisit my personal and bookish goals every month to break it down on actionable steps but I don’t always make it happen so this always helps give me energy about my goals OR helps me decide that it isn’t really a goal for me anymore — which is totally okay with me. I don’t want to plug away at anything I don’t care about anymore.

So, here was my original post about my goals where I talked about them more in detail than I’m doing here.


1. I want to continue my journey with comics and read 30 comics/graphic novels in 2016: I’ve read 5 so far sooo I have some work to go! I read a bunch in the first couple of months of the year but slacked the last couple because I was reading Harry Potter and was on vacation.

2. Continue culling my Goodreads TBR list: I honestly haven’t done much — just here and there. It’s so hard because I need to just SIT DOWN and do it. Like carve out time. Plus it’s hard to cull because I want to read SO MUCH but it’s not realistic. I’ve made it a little more manageable by making a To-read list for things I know I want to read, a secondary TBR for things I’d like to read if I get to them and a To Check Out shelf because sometimes I’m not sure or I don’t have time to look into the book but I don’t want to forget about it.

3. Cull my adult fiction and non-fiction titles on my bookshelves: On my to-do list for this month as I get ready to revamp alllll my shelves. Also, please tell me your thoughts on bookshelf organization as I get ready to tackle all that.

4. Read 30 books I already own (ie no arcs/review books, library books, etc.): I’ve read 7 books I owned that weren’t review books or library books. I need to be more intentional about this one. It’s kind of sad that I have all these books I bought but I always reach for other things first. MAYBE need to reconsider WHY some of these are on my shelves and why I’m not reaching there….and if some of them need to remain. Am I just distracted by the shiny new things and things I don’t have but want (so I get from the library)? Or am I just not interested in some of these/they don’t excite me anymore?

5. Reread at least 5 books this year: ZERO. Gawwwwd I love rereading in theory like I said here but I suck at doing. Gotta try and do it via audiobooks. I always grab for a NEW book rather than even think about a reread when I’m faced with the decision to pick a new book.

6. Read more adult fiction than I did last year: Last year I read 15 adult fiction books and so far this year I’ve read 8 sooo I am pretty sure I will be making this goal.

7.  Read a 900+ page book: I came so close with Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix at 870 pages but nada otherwise. I’m just going to have to pick a 900+ page book on my list and read it.

8.  Spend less time checking Goodreads reviews before I pick up a book on a whim from the library/bookstore: This one is such a vague goal but I feel like I’ve gotten a little better?

9. Finish 6 series this year: I’ve finished two — Harry Potter and The Winner’s Trilogy. Gotta go through my list of unfinished series and start tackling.

10. Leave at least 40  reviews for books I’ve read on retail sites like Amazon and B&N: LOL…umm maybe like 5 of them? Gotta carve out some time on my to-to list to get this done.



Soooo I’ve done well on a couple goals but am totally failing on others. I’m still interested in all my goals so it’s just a matter of being more intentional about them.

How are YOU doing on your goals for 2016??

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Jamie is a 32 year old married lady (with a new baby!!) who is in denial that she's actually that old to be a married lady and a mom. When she's not reading you can find her doing Pilates followed by eating ice cream, belting out Hamilton (loud and offkey) and having adventures with her husband, daughter and rescue dog.


  1. Oh my goodness, I dread checking in with my goals. I gave up on a few of them months ago!
    I love your number 6 and definitely want to incorporate that into my goals for next year. The wording of just “more than last year” makes it so relaxed while still being something to aim for.

    • Well there is always time to turn some of them around after you check in with them 🙂

      And omg yes it was the BEST decision I made to word it like that because even if I read ONE MORE than last year I still succeeded. I definitely want to utilize that idea again!

  2. It looks like you’re making pretty awesome progress on your goals. Also — even just writing about it I think makes you more likely to achieve the goals. Also yay to adult books and finishing series. I for real cannot get enough of non-fiction and books for adults lately. It’s quite the change.

    • Yeah I feel like I’m not doing too badly and now I can refocus on the ones I haven’t made progress with! I really do think writing down and talking about goals = way to success on them. I’m planning to start writing them in my monthly calendar so I can remember them even more.

      Yeah I’ve definitely been feeling more drawn to non-YA lately. I mean I’m still reading a lot of YA but I def was feeling burnt out from it after all these years.

  3. I reached my Goodreads challenge goal of 24 books the other day, which felt so amazing! Granted, I didn’t set it that high to begin with because I wasn’t sure how much time I would have to read with college or anything, but I’m still really happy with the progress I’ve made. I’m hoping to try and double that number by the end of 2016 (eek!), but we’ll see!
    However, one goal I haven’t been particularly great about is reading books I already own… I just can’t help buying new ones! They’re all so pretty and enticing!! Someone needs to lock my wallet away whenever I go into a bookstore. 🙂
    Best of luck with all of your goals!

    • Great job!! That’s awesome progress and you will def far surpass that so that’s exciting!! That’s nice that you can kinda set another fun goal to double it but don’t have to beat yourself up if you don’t get it because you ALREADY completed your goal!

      UGHHH reading my own books is also going to be the death of meeeee. WE NEED AN INTERVENTION.

  4. I’ve been doing a bingo sheet for my goals to make it more fun. So far I’ve done pretty well with it. I have already got bingo 🙂
    I stopped looking at reviews on goodreads as well when I’m trying to pick out a book. Granted the book I read and got without looking at goodreads I didn’t actually like – I did finish it but I didn’t like if. So I’ve learned a lesson. Good reads could have helped me avoid this book. Oh well.

  5. I was just revisiting my classics club list goals. I’m failing–but not so much that I can’t make up for lost time. So, I think I will concentrate on that list over the summer. Plus, I just bought some beautiful cloth bound Penguin classics with some gift cards. Beautiful books should get me in gear!

    • Ooooh yes BEAUTIFUL BOOKS ALWAYS HELP. And yeah, I like checking in half way through the year bc I feel like I can still accomplish a lot of this if I refocus!

  6. This is a really good time to be checking in!! I didn’t set very many book goals this year (mostly just a GoodReads goal, and participating in the ReadHarder challenge), but it’s nice to check in a see what progress I’ve made. I also really wanted to a read more graphic novels, and I’ve been doing great at that! We just kicked off a new series on graphic novels and trades at Imaginary Book Club, if you need some recommendations. I blew through Lumberjanes and Fun Home recently.

  7. One of my goals for the year was also to read 30 books I already own, and I’m failing so hard at it. I definitely fall prey to the “shiny new books” thing, and instead of reading books I own I’ve been requesting all the new releases from the library. But as of this month I’ve decided to stop requesting books and just “shop” my own collection once I’m finished with my current library stack. I’m hoping that mindset works, because I’ve purchased so many books I was really looking forward to and haven’t touched!

  8. One of my goals that I’m having a hard time with is reading more classics! I’ve only read Pride and Prejudice so far. I think it was described so well in one of your posts that it requires a different reading muscle, so I really have to push myself to grab a classic instead of a ‘faster’ read.

    • YES I’m so the same way…I really need to push myself to grab a classic. Even though I WANT to. I just look at all my books that I know will be ~easier~ to read and am like YEAH LET’S DO THAT.

      What if you did a buddy read with someone? Maybe that will make it more appealing? I also had a Sparknotes type website open when I was reading and would like after I completed each chapter JUUUUUST to make sure I understood everything and honestly I was glad I did because a few times I didn’t read careful enough and missed stuff or just didn’t understand their language.

      Good luck with your goal!!

  9. Wow, your reading goals are so structured & organized. I’m the worst at checking in on my personal goals because I’m constantly aiming for way too many things. :X But you’ve inspired me to have another look at how I’m doing & reevaluate and maybe turn some things around…!

    I’m in the process of reprioritizing the books I need/want to read and have just been ruthlessly batching deleting books from my Goodreads shelf. I’ve also created a shelf for (1) books to read ASAP, (2) books/series to read/finish because I’m already emotionally invested in the characters and/or because I purchased a copy of the book, and (3) books that I want to read but need to think twice about because do I REALLY want to commit myself to yet another series? My to-read-ASAP shelf is great because it’s a list of all the books I’m genuinely excited about, so it keeps me engaged & looking forward to reading.

    I’ve loosely been reading more adult fiction (well, more books that just aren’t YA in general) – let me know if you need any recs! (And yes I realize how contradictory this is, since you’re trying to cut down your TBR list!)


  10. I own a lot of books but then reach for library books more often than not, too. (oops) Something that helped was reading books in the following order:
    – owned fiction
    – owned nonfiction
    – borrowed fiction
    – borrowed nonfiction
    It a) helped me read more nonfiction and b) actually had me either finish a book I owned (and then, 95% of the time, donate it) or start something and then realize I didn’t want to read it anymore. So helpful!!

    Maybe devising a clearer way to pick new stuff to read would help? (But you also read for mood a lot and I don’t…. so maybe not.)

    • Hmmm I like this idea!! You are right..I’m a mood reader first and foremost but I do have a loose “order” to help me narrow down what to read that I try to do like: ARC current month, backlist, ARC from current year I missed, FREE, ARC any month, Book from Kindle. Sometimes I get a feeling I want to read a certain book and it’s not next in my category and I’ll just read it anyways and than try to go back to my “order”. So your idea is actually something I could incorporate as a category because it’s loose like my other categories where, unless I WANT or need to read a certain book in the moment, I can really let my mood still dictate within a category. Definitely going to add a category to read an owned YA book and an owned adult fic/non fic book. LOVE IT. Thank you!!