Monthly Rewind: June 2016


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1. We went to the US soccer match against Paraguay: We had SUCH a good time tailgating and watching the US win! We sat in the Sam’s Army section which was super rowdy and exciting and fun!


2. I finally got to see Florence and the Machine live (along with others I love) — FLORENCE WAS EVERYTHING AND MORE. I can’t even tell you. It’s hard to listen to her NOT live afterward. Like she’s incredible. Also got to see Elle King, Violent Femmes, The Lumineers, Cold War Kids and Silversun Pickups. It was a long but great day!

3. My niece graduated from high school: I’m so proud of my niece (she’s my brother in law’s oldest from his first marriage) and excited to see where the future takes her. She’s a good kid and has been through a lot growing up with her biological mother and I’ve just always been so proud of her. We had a nice graduation party for her and it was a lot of fun!

4. Lots of pool days: Even though we have a pool of our own at the apartment we always end up at my sister’s on the weekends to hang at their pool with them. Their new house is so great..just the setup, the pool…everything! Plus I’m sure my sister, who is due any day now, enjoys having someone else entertaining Genevieve and Adela.


5. I got back into my workout routine after being on vacation: I feel great to be working out again and feeling stronger and more flexible and able to do see progress in my workouts and also with my body. It hasn’t been EASY getting back to it but I’ve been working really hard and am proud of myself.  I talked a bit about it here.




I put all my Monthly Rewinds in a Spotify playlist so you can listen to them here !



1. Heartlines — Broods

2. All We Ever Knew — The Head & The Heart

3. Paul — Big Thief

4. Good Grief — Bastille

5. Got Your Number — Serena Ryder

6. Church On Sunday — Grace



Check out the rest of my June playlist for more of what I was listening to this month!



I read 7 books this month.


One True Loves by Taylor Jenkins Reid


1. One True Loves by Taylor Jenkins Reid: I freaking love her books and this one just slayed me. I have a more detailed post about it soon but OH MAN. READ IT.




Girl Against The Universe Paula stokes review

2. Girl Against The Universe by Paula Stokes: This book was just so delightful and made me happy — even though it dealt with something hard. LOOOVED the positive therapy rep in it!






Dahlia Adler Last Will & Testament

3. Last Will and Testament by Dahlia Adler: I’m such a picky New Adult reader but oh man I loved this one so much! College setting! Shippable romance with wicked sexual tension! Great characters!







My review of Girl Against The Universe!


Elsa decides that even if people she likes have been shits on earlier occasions, she has to learn to carry on liking them. You’d quickly run out of people if you had to disqualify all those who at some point have been shits.”   — My Grandmother Wants Me To Tell You She’s Sorry by Fredrick Backman
 GUYS. This book was wonderful. It easily could have been on my top 3 of this month but I decided to go with Last Will and Testament because I’m SO picky about NA books. So definitely read this one, too!




1. 10 Years Ago Today This was a really hard post for me to write to share this story but I’m so appreciative of all the love you guys showed me. I’m trying to tell stories more often and this made it feel less scary to share moments in my life that have mostly remained in my memory.

2. When Your Go-To Isn’t Your Go-To Anymore: Loved hearing your experiences with this!

3. 10 Books On My Summer TBR: Can’t wait to dive into all these especially the ones you guys were enthusiastic about!

4. 6 Years Of Blogging..SAY WHAT: Thank you guys for letting me reflect and celebrating with me!

5. My Favorite Releases Of 2016 So Far: Make sure you check this out so you don’t miss some awesome books of 2016!



Maybe my list of beach reads for people who don’t read contemporary YA!



1. Inside-Out Peanut Butter Cups: I need to eat these.

2. How To Balance Your Day Job and Your Passion Project: Some good tips!

3. Going After What You Want Vs. Letting Things Come To You: This is one of my biggest battles internally!

4. Reasons To Read Summers At Castle Auburn You may have heard me raving about this delightful backlist fantasy novel earlier this year? If not, go read my post but also read Gillian’s post as she just recently read it and we are on a mission to make everyone read it!

5. It’s Worth The Risk: I liked this story + reminder! I’m so often afraid to do this but have been a little bit better at putting myself out there like this recently.



1. Starbucks Pink Drink : I finally listened to everyone and got it and like the basic biotch I am I loved it! It’s too good to care!


2. PETSTAGRAM– lololol I made an account for my dog Finn in June. You should probably go follow him if you like happy dog photos.


3. This chocolate, peanut butter and banana smoothie: It’s my new fave smoothie to have after a workout and it reminds me of this not-as-healthy smoothie I love, the Chocolate Elvis, from Planet Smoothie. It’s not as sweet as that one but it’s pretty darn close in taste.

1. HAVING A NEW BABY NEPHEW: My sister is due like any day now soooo NEW BABY IN JULY.

2. Pool party with friends: Excited for a pool party/picnic at my friend Abby’s house with my friends and their husbands at the end of this month!
 3. More summer adventures: June was so crazy that we didn’t have many free weekends to just do random things so this month is definitely going to about those random summer adventures like exploring new places to take Finn for walks and beer gardens in the city.



What’s a thing you want to accomplish for the rest of this year or a goal you need to refocus on?
(I’m all about the goal check-in and mid-year goal lists mode right now)




Pick a category (or 5… or all of them) and tell me what went on in YOUR life this month!! What sort of things were noteworthy for you this month? New obsessions? Any new song recs?? Best books you read this month? Great posts I missed on your blog? Answer to my question of the month?

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  1. I saw Florence live in June as well! She was incredible 🙂
    Happy July!

    • SO INCREDIBLE. It’s so hard to getting back to listening to her just on Spotify or something. I WANT HER REAL LIVE VOICE. And wasn’t she just an incredible performer??

  2. I just added One True Loves to my TBR because of this post! The premise sounds gutwrenching to me. The Finn-stagram account is adorable!

    • YAY I will be so curious what you think about One True Loves!! It’s so gut-wrenching!

      And Finn says thank you 😛

  3. One True Loves in in my TBR pile!

    Now following you on your Insta accounts and Finn too!

    I can’t think of anything specific for the rest of the year. My reading is going well, I’m over halfway to my goal (hmmm…maybe I should increase it? lol!)

    • YAY!

      Oooh way to go! I’m about halfway through with mine too! I think we should BEAT IT and revel in being overachievers 😛

  4. I LOVE Dahlia Adler’s book. I’ve read all of them. My favoritesnare the under lights books. I’m always up for good NA so if you have any other recommendations, I’m down!
    Congratulations on our new baby nephew to be. New babies are my favorite.
    I need to hunker down and start writing the lit review for my dissertation. I wanted to finish a hunk of it this summer and haven’t written a word yet. Sigh.

    • I’ve read this one and Just Visiting as well as the first in the under the lights books! Other NA I’ve enjoyed: The Deal by Elle Kennedy and Boomerang by Noelle August!

      And thank you! I’m so excited to meet this baby!

      Good luck with your dissertation! YOU GOT THIS! Plenty of days left to get words written!

  5. Thanks so much for including me here! <3 Loved your music picks for this month, too!

  6. One True Loves is on my nightstand! Once I’m done with my library books I plan on reading it. I also just ordered Summers at Castle Auburn after seeing you AND Gillian rave about it, so I’m super excited for that!

    The goal I need to refocus on is definitely wedding planning. I’ve been putting some things off because it’s stressful, but I have to just sit down and get as much out of the way as I can.

    • YAY will be interested to hear what you think about One True Loves!! And YASSSSS SUMMERS AT CASTLE AUBURN HALLELUJAH !! I hope you love it!!

      Wedding planning is SO stressful and overwhelming!! I feel for you ugh. I tried to break down tasks to help myself feel less overwhelmed. Like okay this weekend I will get through wedding invites or this weekend I will figure out all the music stuff. And if I had any energy left for any other stuff..then I would do it. It helped a bit. Also asking for help if you have any! I always felt bad asking people but it really did help when I finally broke down and bridesmaids were actually really willing to help with stuff. GOOD LUCK!!

      • I’m really excited for them both! I’m a new TJR fan after reading Maybe In Another Life and getting ALL the feels so now I’m hunting down all her books haha.

        And thank you! It’s definitely stressful and with family having their own expectations and opinions it kind of makes me want to hibernate for the next year haha. One step at a time is definitely looking like the way to go!

  7. I saw Florence live two years ago, and she BLEW MY FREAKING MIND. I rarely think that anyone is better sounding live than they are from a fancy studio recording, but wow, she was just incredible. I’ve been dying to see the Lumineers too, so you basically nailed music this month.

  8. yay new baby nephew! how exciting 🙂 i am SO happy you liked one true loves, i absolutely loved that book. good job on getting back into workouts after vacation, it is always so hard! the goal i need to focus on for the end of the year…. two main ones really, workout more and pay off debt. they are the most important! i love that you created an instagram for your dog, i should do that with my cats…. but then i wouldn’t have anything to post on my normal instagram hahaha

  9. I will be going back through and catching some of the posts I missed. I am not a Contemporary YA lover so that beach reads post you felt needed a little more love looks good to me. Yay for new baby nephews! I guess my refocus would be to get my plans for an Etsy shop with handmade cat toys back on track. With my son still in college I need some fun money to spend on books that I won’t feel guilty about. Ha ha. Here’s to a fabulous July!