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This week’s topic: Top Ten Facts About Me


I feel like I had such a hard time with this one. Because 1) I feel like if you’ve read this blog for any amount of time that I’ve written in in the past 6 years you know a decent amount ABOUT me and 2) this exercise makes me feel completely boring. Like WHY DO I NOT HAVE INTERESTING FUN THINGS TO SHARE? Like that I’ve punched a shark in the face and lived to tell about it or that my second cousin is Taylor Swift.

I tried to make a mix of things to share for those who haven’t been around these parts ever/for long and things maybe you didn’t know even if you’ve been around this blog for the past 6 years.

1. I hated my husband when I first met him.

No really…I REALLY could not stand him. Once I started to not hate him I tried to hook him up with my sister because I felt like he was more her type. You can read more about that here. But here we are like 10 years later so.

2. I finally read the Harry Potter series for the first time at 30

Being part of the book community online for the past 6 years and being a person who hasn’t read Harry Potter has been interesting but I FINALLY read it and loved it and you can read more about reading it for the first time at 30 if you want.


3. I am the worst at quitting most things.

I have seriously SUCH a huge problem quitting books and tv shows especially. I mean, hello, I’m still watching Grey’s Anatomy and people regularly are like WAIT THAT SHOW IS STILL ON??? Okay yes it got bumpy there and like most people have left but I am COMMITTED apparently and cannot quit and it’s gotten REALLY good after some bumpy seasons. I’ve talked about my issues with quitting books in my 8 reasons I just can’t quit you post. But it just isn’t even entertainment…I struggle to quit things I don’t enjoy anymore, people who make me miserable, etc. It’s something I need to work on clearly.

4. I was named after Jamie Lee Curtis

Totally for reals. Plus Lee is my uncle’s middle name. And my full first name IS Jamie Lee. I have no middle name. People are always like okay that’s your first name? But what’s your middle name? And I’m like LITERALLY I HAVE NO MIDDLE NAME. You can call the government and ask them…it’s not there. None. I leave it blank.

5. My family situation has always confused people when I meet them and try to explain my family

I have 3 sisters — one from my dad’s first marriage, my biological sister who is younger than me and my baby sister from my dad’s current marriage. Everyone always got confused if they only knew my sister who lived with me like WAIT you have other sisters because I didn’t live with them even though I’m close with them. I have a stepdad and also a stepmom. I lived with my stepdad after my mom passed still because I wanted to still be around that area and people always just assumed he was my real dad in college. I have 4 nieces and nephews from my oldest sister but I don’t get to see them often. But my biological sister, who is 28, has 3 of her own and is a step-parent to 5 other kids who range in age from 9 to 19. People are always like YOUR SISTER HAS HOW MANY KIDS? I’m like well she only birthed some of them. I love my complicated family and am so close with them but I pretty much should type up a handy chart so people can keep up with who I’m talking about because I’m constantly having people be like “wait I’m confused back up.” And that’s not even adding in Will’s own interesting family dynamics.

6. I have never listened to Hamilton

It isn’t even that I don’t WANT to. I’ve wanted to see Hamilton since I first heard of it but I’m such a weirdo in that I like to see a show first before I listen to the music from it. I’m slowly thinking I’m going to cave since the likelihood of me seeing Hamilton anytime soon isn’t going to happen but I feel like SOOOO out of the pop culture loop LEMME TELL YOU.

7. I like nature in theory but in practice I realize I hate a lot of things in nature

I like really enjoy nature and fun activities to do in nature — hiking, camping, swimming in bodies of water, exploring, etc. However, bees ruin everything because I end up trying to have a nice relaxing day reading outside and I end up running and screaming because I’m terrified of bees. I love hiking but the whole time I’m doing it I’m thinking about the fact a snake (which I’m honestly like terrified of to the point I get panic attacks) is probably lurking. I want to go tubing this summer on the river but I’m like WILL I SEE A SNAKE SWIMMING ALONGSIDE ME? I want to go swimming in the ocean but like that lady in that one viral video said “That’s the shark’s house.” Myself and my limbs DO NOT WANT TO BE DINNER.  Don’t even get me started on ticks and spiders. I just genuinely love outdoors things but half the time I’m too freaked out by the things that lurk to fully enjoy it.

Literally saw a snake 5 minutes after this hike and I was jumpy af for the rest of it. And it was a small snake. Harmless. But I wanted to jump out of my skin.

8. I pretty much don’t have an athletic bone in my body

I mean, unless you classify organizing my shelves as athletic. I can hold a stack of books like a boss. Like I played softball as a kid and pre-teen and thought I was pretty good until I tried out for a more competitive league. Same with dance. I wasn’t bendy enough for gymnastics but I had fun as a kid. Also I was too timid as a kid. I played lacrosse in middle school and some of high school but I was awful at it but also didn’t really have the drive to practice to be better? I run funny (or at least I have a complex about it because my mom told me I run like my dad and that it looks funny) so like anything with running is a hard pass. Plus I hate feeling like I’m going to drop dead. I never worked out. I will say as I got into my mid-20’s I started to enjoy Pilates via Cassey Ho on Youtube. I’ve been working hard to become more fit and “athletic” with that and through her PIIT28 program and it’s been fun to see the progress in my flexibility and my endurance and I’ve learned that maybe I’m not an organized sports athletic kind of person but I enjoy pushing myself and stuff.

9. I used to be such a book snob


I feel like I need to go back and make amends for my past self. I totally shamed a friend for her love for Nicholas Sparks and Jodi Picoult back in college. I was suuuuuper pretentious in college even though I genuinely enjoyed what I read. I totally pretended to read books that a smart hipster guy that I had a crush on was obsessed with. I totally stuck my nose up to Twilight and pretty much any YA and then I read Twilight and it got me out of a long reading drought (you can read more about that) and then I stopped being a douche about that sort of thing and am Team READ WHAT YOU LOVE/Team No Such Things As Guilty Pleasures Because LIFE IS TOO SHORT FOR THAT. Reformed book snob right here!


10. I hate coming up about facts about myself and feel super boring right now but am totally happy to answer any of your burning ~about me~ questions in the comments

Such as:

Favorite color? YELLOW
Most annoying habit according to my husband? Leaving the cabinets open all the time, setting 10 billion alarms and sleeping through all of them, asking him to do something for me right when he sits down
Favorite place you’ve ever traveled to? Rome and London for sure.
Favorite food? ICE CREAM
Favorite ice cream? This lavender blueberry kind I had one time, my classic favorite is mint chocolate chip, I also really like banana peanut butter chocolate chip, most all Ben & Jerry’s flavors. I’m not picky I like ice cream.
What makes you cry? Pictures of animals, videos of servicemen and women surprising their family (ugly sobs for any dogs involved), pretty much every show I’ve ever watched at some point, anytime I peruse my local shelter and want a dog but realize I can’t have 50 dogs, random acts of kindness, injustice, anything said, anything happy, etc. My husbands answer? EVERYTHING MAKES YOU CRY.
Weird thing about you? My toes are super long except my pinkie toe is a little runt.
What keeps you up at night? Fear of dying, overthinking everything I said and did, worrying about not living up to my potential but also worrying about the fact that sometimes I don’t care, worrying about money….the list could go on because I spend a lot of time tossing and turning and thinking.

Biggest life achievements? Winning a jelly bean counting contest in 2nd grade
Are you a princess? Well, yes. Yes I am. One time when I was like 4 or 5 I won the Little Miss Princess contest of the small town where I grew up. I totally crushed on the prince and have tried to find him on facebook. I still have that tiara and really enjoyed getting to wave at people in our local parade from the back of a corvette.

So tell me some fun things about you!!

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About Jamie

Jamie is a 32 year old married lady (with a new baby!!) who is in denial that she's actually that old to be a married lady and a mom. When she's not reading you can find her doing Pilates followed by eating ice cream, belting out Hamilton (loud and offkey) and having adventures with her husband, daughter and rescue dog.


  1. So funny! I hated my husband when I first met him too!! Then I finally started to get to know him after a few months, then 3 months later we were married! Haha. Crazy how it works out.

    • That’s too funny!! Maybe that’s one it’s one of my fave romance tropes??? I love me a good hate to love story!

  2. I thought I was the only one who was in a committed relationship with Grey’s Anatomy. Hasn’t listened to Hamilton. And stayed up late with fear of dying and not reaching potential. Goes to show we are never alone even in the things we think we are.

    • YASSSS. I *almost* quit after McDreamy but I stayed and Shonda rewarded bc I feel like it’s been REAL GOOD. Also lol that THAT was the thing after all these years that almost made me quit. I will be here to the end with this show at this point.

      I AM glad to know I’m not the only one who spends too much time thinking about these things late at night. Will just falls right asleep the moment his head hits the people so I start to think I’m abnormal lol

      • I wasn’t that bothered by his death, only because it was the only way he could leave the show. It was that or have him turn out a cheater and THAT might have resulted in me not watching anymore. There are seasons I’m not as into but others are really good and I feel I’ve made the commitment so I can’t turn away now! For better or worse right? LOL

        I have determined it is a man thing. I’m not sure if they even worry during the day but at night they have the blissful, and frankly sensible, ability to turn it off.

  3. I actually always knew I would marry him, even if he didn’t!! Then one day, when we got back together, I told him we were going to get married and here we are four years later!!

  4. I love that you hated your husband first of all! 🙂 I loved getting to know you more and don’t think your facts are boring at all!

  5. *raises hand* Also reformed book snob. I still love classics and “literature,” but I am totally about reading what makes you feel good now. Even after the English degree! *gasp*

    • YES! I still love all that stuff to but now I’m not like OOOH LOOK AT ME I’M READING REALLY SMART BOOKS AND OHHH *turns up nose* YEAH I DON’T READ ~THAT~ KIND OF STUFF I LIKE TO THIIIIIINK. 😛

      God, I sucked back then. I’m so glad I see the beauty in all books now and that reading one or another doesn’t make me better or worse than anybody. YAY TEAM READ WHAT YOU WANT

  6. AWW I totally ship you and Will haha! :’) My parents were next door neighbors and best friends and they always said they could never imagine liking each other in that way…and this year they celebrated their 20th wedding anniversary! Funny how things work out 🙂

  7. My husband is the same way about nature. Loves the idea of it but BEES. 🙂 I love all those facts. Thanks for sharing.

    My Top Ten

  8. Haha I totally understand your thing about nature 🙂 I love it as well in theory, but then there are bugs and other creatures and I think I’ll just look at nature from afar maybe…
    Also, go Team READ WHAT YOU LOVE 🙂

  9. I hear you on the HP thing! I have only read the first 4 books (which only happened in like the last year) and people are all…YOU NEED TO FINISH HP. (Sadly I was spoiled not that long ago by another book. Sigh.) HP fans are definitely passionate.

    • I think it’s just definitely an assumed thing that if you are in the YA community you have read HP so it always shocks people! Also, it felt weird to feel like everyone talks about this THING all together and you are like I just don’t even.

      BOO FOR SPOILERS. Very curious what thing got spoiled! I managed to make it through only knowing like one big spoiler which was one of my greatest achievements to date I think.

  10. That’s so funny you hated your husband when you first met him! What was the turning point?

    • HOnestly that’s such a good question. He came in as a freshman and started tagging along with all the guys I hung out with bc a couple of them were on the basketball team and so was he. I just thought he was a stupid kid (I was a junior) and he did dumb things all the time and he was just annoying. Then I became friends with him the more he hung with us and found out he wasn’t so bad. Then when I stopped hating him that’s when I tried to hook him up with my sis bc I didn’t see him like ~for me~ but I didn’t hate him. Even when I first got together with him I didn’t really see it being serious to be honest.

  11. Awww… I didn’t know all these things about your family. I love when you’ve got a lot of relatives.
    At least you will never feel alone. I think it’s good to always have someone to rely on.
    I’ve always wanted that, but sadly my family is really small :(((

    Btw. I’ve never listened to HAMILTON too. So I can’t stop to be ashamed of myself, I’m not alone anymore.

    • Yeah, I do feel very lucky I have my family. I hope that even though your family is small that you are close with them <3

      YAY another person who doesn't apparently know the magic of Hamilton. I really do WANT to be into it as someone who looooves history but I just really do not like listening to stuff before I see the show.

  12. Love the story about your family. My best friend in high school (and we later roomed together after college), her father would say “my first wife this…” and “my first wife that…” Finally, after knowing her and her family for several years, I asked at Thanksgiving if he was still in contact with his first wife. The laughter than ensued was tremendous. He was referring to his current and ONLY wife, my friend’s mom! I still giggle over it decades later.

  13. It took my boyfriend months to convince me he wasn’t a creepy weirdo after we first met haha. I am the opposite for quitting shows – I never watch anything longer than it holds my attention unless I watch it with my boyfriend 🙂 Also weird thing – I also have a super stumpy little toe!

    Here’s my top ten 🙂
    And here is my blogoversary giveaway as well! Help me celebrate six years!

    • Haha why did you think he was a creepy weirdo??


      Stumpy toe club! I remember one time in college, like in the first month, a guy who was in our new group of friends was walking behind me and whispering and I heard my name and I was like WUT!?! He finally was like I was just trying to figure out if you only have 4 toes because it doesn’t look like you have a pinkie toe. I’m like lol it’s there..just way stumpy.

  14. Show me a family anymore that isn’t complicated & I’ll show you a rarity.
    I still watch Grey’s too… but I also have a hard time giving up on things. We’re just LOYAL people – there’s a good quality in that 😉

    • Too true! Family dynamics have definitely changed through the years. I love my complicated family that takes more than one go to explain and understand 😛

      YES! We are just very LOYAL. *pats ourselves on the back*

  15. I love all these fun facts about you! So cute. I also feel very similar about nature and bees… but I’m getting better! And as someone who has literally just barely (like, last week) listened to Hamilton, you should definitely listen to it! It’s freaking amazing. I am resigned to the fact that I probably won’t get to see it for years, at the earliest, so I am just enjoying the music! 🙂 Love that you hated your husband at first! That makes for such a cute, quirky story!

    • I can feel my resolve slowly slipping away with not listening to Hamilton. Might as well enjoy the music and be excited when we can see it in a billion years 😛

  16. The great thing about Hamilton is that unlike other musicals (I’m thinking Wicked), almost every word is sung instead of spoken, so you get the full story/experience by listening to the cast recording, similar to Les Miserables. I was worried I wouldn’t understand what was going on, but from what I’ve read, there are only a few words that aren’t included on the cast recording, and they don’t impact the understanding of the story.

  17. Hahaha! I love these! So, do you ever tease your husband about the fact that you couldn’t stand him when you first met him?

    I am like you on the nature thing. I like it in theory, but once I get out there I obsess about spiders or sharks or poison ivy or ticks and then there is no point. I always say I want to start family hikes, but so far that has not happened.

    • Haha sometimes I do! He’s like “I always knew I liked youuuuu” to play the victim 😛

      Oh my gosh same. I’ve been saying we should do some family camping and hikes and then I’m like ehhhh maybe I will just lay by the pool where the only thing I might have to contend with are bees.

  18. I’m with you on the Hamilton thing! Glad I’m not the only one, sometimes it feels like literally every other human on the internet is obsessed with it!

    • SERIOUSLY! It’s not even that I don’t WANT to. I so do. I just want to see it first. But the hype at this point. OOF.

  19. I can relate to #5. I started to type out a long explanation, but lets just say I can relate. LOL! I think complicated families are becoming more and more the norm. 😉 But I was wondering how the heck your sister had so many children who were older! When you mentioned faux parenting them I was all WHAT?!?! And re your comment on twitter about not even being able to pee in peace. I HEAR YOU. 🙂

    • Yeah, I think they are def becoming more normal. And hahhaha I think A LOT of people get confused when I talk about them when they know my sister is younger than me! And oh man, between the littles and the dog or someone knocking on the door to ask me a question I’m like OMG CAN I JUST PEE IN PEACE. It’s like that when I nanny too but then I get to go home. THERE WAS NO ESCAPING. It takes a lot out of you as an introvert bc I never felt like I got a moment to myself. I’m nervous for when that time comes for Will and I.

  20. I’m the same way about quitting things. I’ll stick with things, especially TV shows, far longer than I know I should. I’m trying to get better about it. Recently, I stopped watching a TV show because I realized that I would rather be watching just about anything else instead, so I should spend that time watching those things instead. I’m happy I did that really because it led me to watching a different show that I enjoy much more, but there’s still this part of me that wants to go back and catch up. I feel like such a failure when I quit things even if I rationally know it would be a good decision, but I’m hoping that the more I do it, the easier it will be.

  21. This was so funny and I shared with you that I don’t have a middle name either. I’m gonna try to do this Top Ten, but I don’t promise it. Have a good day sweetie.

  22. I met my husband at a rave when we were in our early 20s, high AF and I thought he was asian (due to me being high AF) so when he came up to me at a bar, I was like, who the hell are you and why are you talking to me LOL!

  23. I was a little bit of a book snob back in the day, but as long as people are reading… that’s a good thing! Who cares if it isn’t something I would read?

    So glad someone else is still watching Grey’s Anatomy. I feel like I can’t give up on it even if there have been a lot of moments where I’ve seriously considered doing so.

  24. You totally should have came to BEA this past year because JAMIE LEE CURTIS was there!! And then you could’ve met the woman you’re named after 🙂 I don’t GET the Hamilton craze. I’m like, OKAY, it’s a musical…. and why do we like it so much?? I mean, I’m sure it’s awesome, but usually Broadway musicals don’t burst out into pop culture until Hollywood makes it into a movie. And like very limited amounts of people who are obsessed over it have ever even seen it. It would be like having The Little Mermaid soundtrack on blast, but never actually watching the movie???? But yeah, I also don’t like “crazes” or super popular things bc the rebel in me won’t allow me 🙂

    Also— yay for HP, that is a SUPER popular thing I can get behind!! And I also have a love/hate with nature. It’s the damn bugs!! WHY MUST YOU RUIN EVERYTHING BUGS?!!!?!?!?

  25. Haaha that’s an interedting story about your husband dear. http://www.curious-daisy.com/top-ten-tuesday/top-ten-facts-about-yours-truly/

  26. I really enjoyed reading this. I also hate writing facts about myself because I’m always tryin to come up with really interesting things, but fail to come up with anything.

  27. I also have weird family dynamics. I have three brothers, but I’m my mom’s only child. I also have two brothers the same age, but different mothers. I don’t find it hard to figure out, but other people do for some reason.

  28. Love this list. I went and read your post about Will and teared up a little. :'( I can’t quit things either; however, I did quit Grey’s after McDreamy made the house of candles. I too have never listened to Hamilton and I’m ok with that, but sometimes I do feel out of the loop. Well I loved reading about this and thanks so much for hosting! I had fun thinking up 10 things for my post.

  29. I was legitimately laughing out loud as I was reading. I haven’t listened to Hamilton either! I’m determined to wait for them to release some sort of DVD for it before I listen to the soundtrack.

  30. haha my first name is Kristen Lee! My mum’s name is Lee. I unfortunately did have 2 middle names though, and 2 last names, so I changed my name when I was like 16 and Lee is now my legal middle name.
    i am the same with reading outside.. like this is so calm and peaceful… IS THAT A WASP?!
    also fellow greys anatomy watcher here too. i haven’t watched the latest season because i’m still sad about the last person they killed, sigh.
    Twilight got me out of a reading drought as well, and it will always hold a special place in my heart because of that. team read whatever you want over here too!
    i’m so jealous you’re a real princess! my dream right there. everything makes me cry too. KC always looks over at me during sad commercials and is like I KNEW you’d be crying. haha.

  31. Haha 🙂 This was really cool and… enlightening? I really need to read the husband hate story now! I have mixed feelings about the great outdoors as well, mostly because I hate spiders. If you would like, please go ask me a question for my TTT: https://aubreysbooknook.wordpress.com/2016/07/12/ask-me-all-of-the-questions-that-have-been-melting-away-at-your-soul/

  32. Would you recommend buying the PIIT28 program? Or do you just use the App/Youtube? I’m constantly trying to find ways to be healthier. I just finished my grad school program where I was not very healthy for two years, so I’m trying to get back on track.

    • I did her stuff from the youtube channel for years and def highly rec that! However, I found the program to be a really good challenge for me and I like the structure of it and I def see results — physically but also in my flexibility and endurance. If you haven’t worked out in a long time I wouldn’t suggest going right into PIIT but if you’ve been doing stuff then I say it’s worth it to purchase and give yourself that challenge! If you already eat healthy, like I did prior, I don’t know that you NEED the food portion but if you struggle to know WHAT to eat to be healthy I think it can be healthy.

  33. I can’t quit either-Grey’s Anatomy and me will go down together. And it all honestly, that show will probably outlive me.

  34. HAHA, I’m still committed to Grey’s too. Except I wait for the current season to be over with, and then I binge watch it. How can I quit now after investing all those years into watching it?! 😉 I’m terrified of bugs and snakes and all those things too. It’s a really good thing I live in a climate that has actual winter so that most of those things are killed and we don’t get the really nasty things like cockroaches and scorpions *shutter*. My mom’s first name is Sheri Lee and she doesn’t have a middle name either.

  35. Haha, funny how life works out like that (in regard to your husband) and your complicated family sounds great. 🙂

  36. Love this list. So glad you read Harry Potter!!! And Hamilton? I still kind of don’t know what that is.

  37. I feel weird because I don’t really have an interest in Hamilton, however, if I saw the show I could see where I might get into it and come to love the music, but I’m pretty sure listening to the music first would do nothing for me.

  38. Christina says:

    I literally laughed out loud at number 7…that’s the sharks house! I remember that crazy lady! In theory I also love to be outside but I HATE being hot. So I need to find a place that’s like 40-70 degrees year round.

  39. Haha, I love that you hated your husband at first. It sounds like the start of a funny contemporary book. Your family dynamic sounds interesting and hectic, haha. I used to be a bad quitter, but I’m getting better at it, since I really understand now ‘ain’t nobody got time for that’ I am not athletic AT ALL. And I am way too lazy. There are moments where I am ashamed, there are more moments where I don’t care :’) I just haven’t found the thing I really like to do, plus I’m a bit scared to do things on my own and it is hard to stick with it, especially since I’d rather sit and read a book.