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It’s that time where I dole out recommendations according to what kind of mood you might be in at random — whether that be an actual mood or a specific type of book. Check out past Whatcha In the Mood For recs!


I would LOVE LOVE LOVE if you could also leave some recs for my categories in the comments to further help people looking for books that fit! Also, have a good idea for a category or something you have been looking for? Leave it in the comments!


Wanting a new YA fantasy without a ton of hype?

The Imposter Queen

The Imposter Queen by Sarah Fine

Why?  The Impostor Queen is book 1 in a series I cannot WAIT to really get into and is totally deserving of hype…but didn’t seem to get a ton of hype the way some new YA fantasies have recently! It has great world-building, I really enjoyed the magical elements and it kept me thoroughly engaged! Book 2 comes out January 2017 so you’ve got plenty of time to be prepared because I have a feeling book 2 is going to be even more amazing considering all the twists and turns in this one.  (Read even more thoughts on The Impostor Queen here)

In dire need of a comfort read?


Summers at Castle Auburn Sharon Shinn

Summers at Castle Auburn by Sharon Shinn

Why?  I read this book back in March and it made me soooo ridiculously happy. It was so charming and delightful — just had this absolute comfort read feel even though normally my comfort reads are rereads. THIS is my new ultimate comfort read I KNOW I will pull out often. As I said in my book talk about it: it felt like cozy over-sized sweaters, a good cup of tea, hot cocoa with big ol’ marshmallows, blanket forts and sitting by the fireplace. It’s an older fantasy (not high fantasy) with a super charming slooooow burn romance and I highly recommend you take a chance on it when you are just in need of a comfort read because coming of age with Corie during her summers at the castle is absolutely going to do it for you. (Read even more of my thoughts about Summers At Castle Auburn here)

Craving A Historical Mystery?

these shallow graves cover

These Shallow Graves by Jennifer Donnelly

Why? After I started watching Miss Fisher’s Murder Mysteries (GO WATCH IT ON NETFLIX GUYS IT IS AMAZING) I was reallyyyy craving more mysteries (especially historical) and this was on my shelf so I decided to pick it up and this mystery really kept me turning the pages! I loved that it was set in New York City in the 1890’s and I love a headstrong female MC who is like “idgaf about your ideas for how a lady should act.” (read even more of my thoughts on These Shallow Graves)

Looking for a book set in nature?

Happiness For Beginners

Happiness For Beginners by Katherine Center

Why?  This book is about a 32 year old woman, who isn’t particularly outdoorsy, who is on a tough 3 week wilderness expedition following her divorce to try and get her life back on track and prove she can still be happy and strong after all this. You really feel the physical and mental journey she’s going on and I really enjoyed it! (Read even more of my thoughts on Happiness For Beginners by Katherine Center)

In the mood for an intense contemporary read that will get your blood boiling & give you major #girlpower feels?

Rites of Passage by Joy N. Hensley

Rites of Passage by Joy N. Hensley

Why? I was physically squeezing this book so hard while reading it because I was having such a visceral response to what is happening to the main character. The main character, on a dare from her older brother who has since passed away, enrolls in the military school her brothers went to when they announce that they will be accepting females. Being part of the first class of female recruits when a lot of people are NOT okay with the idea makes it a hostile climate for heroine Sam and her fellow female recruits and I FELT IT. It actually surprised me with how intense it all was. But lemme tell you the #girlpower feels are strong here and I was ACTUALLY fistpumping and cheering while reading. Sam is a badass — especially mentally with what she endures. (Read even more of my thoughts on Rites of Passage)

Have you read any of these? Agree/disagree with my recs? Have any to add?? Also, if you have a specific mood you think I should do next time….drop that in the comments!

P.S. Books To Read If You Are in the Mood For YA Books Set Outside the US // top ten books for people who enjoy not-so-easy-to-like characters

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  1. Great recommendations, and I haven’t read any of them.
    For a book set in nature, I’d recommend The Last Season. It is non-fiction about a National Park Ranger that goes missing.
    For historical mystery, I’d recommend Out of the Easy by Ruta Sepetys. It’s set in 1950s New Orleans (so not too long ago), but it has great characters with the city of the “Big Easy” playing a character all by itself.

    • Ooh will check out The Last Season! That sounds so up my alley! Thank you for that rec!

      And yassss so seconding Out of the Easy! LOVE THAT BOOK SO MUCH! Well all her books actually and yas I thought the city itself played the most compelling character ever!

  2. I’ve got a series that nails both the Comfort Read/Historical Mystery categories for me! Have you read any of the Maisie Dobbs series, by Jacqueline Winspear? I haven’t finished them ALL but the ones I have…spot on, for both.

    • OOOH I have not!! Thank you for this rec!! I think a trip to the library is going to happen for me to check this out!

  3. There are Phryne Fisher books! They’re by Kerry Greenwood, and even ones that have already had TV adaptation will be fun because you get inside characters heads and their interior motivations a whole new way.

    • I did see that but I was on the fence if I wanted to read something I already watched! But you’ve made me rethink that and I just may check them out any way!

  4. YAAAAAS The Impostor Queen! I just finished that one and adored. I am so sad that it’s not getting the hype I feel like it deserves. As for your other recs, I will have to check them out. I am really trying to branch out more, but I always get suckered back into my go to genre. Love that you do this post. As far as any I could recommend…I finished the 2nd book in the Madion War Trilogy. By an indie author. I think it’s classified as NA Fantasy (ish). It’s filled with romance, political tension, and had me totally hooked. 3rd book comes out beginning of next year. Definitely a series I am trying to push because I adore it and I think it needs all the love.

    • YES SAME. I’m like come on where is the hype for this great fantasy novel!! I feel like S&S didn’t do much marketing for it.

      Thanks for the rec! Totally going to check it out! I love checking out indie books that have been read and loved by people I trust! I’m not always the person who will accept them for review or check them out first but I do love reading the ones I know people love!

      Glad you enjoy these posts!!

  5. Imposter Queen and These Shallow Graves have been on my TBR list for FOREVER. I need more time!! (I’ve had These Shallow Graves checked out from the library for, like, a solid 2 months and still haven’t gotten to it) Definitely going to move these up on my list!

    • Eeee I hope you get to them soon!!

      Also, I feel you on checking out things from the library and still not reading them. MY LIFE.

      • It’s worse when you WORK there. I go to shelve because that’s what I’m supposed to do and I end up taking half of the books home with me.

  6. It’s so awesome to see Summers at Castle Auburn on here! I feel like most people have never heard of that book, and yet it’s absolutely charming and I kinda love that it’s a standalone when so many fantasy books are in a series. It’s also a real coming-of-age story; Coriel is quite immature and naive at the start of the book, and the reader watches as she grows up and realizes that the way she’d seen things as a kid was far different from reality.

    • YAS I picked it up on a whim from the library and I loved it. And yes I looooved that it was a standalone and a coming of age story. I really enjoyed watching the way she views life at the castle at a younger age vs when she starts to get older and sees things for what they really are and becomes a little disillusioned by it the way one does when they grow up and start to ~know~ more.

      Have you read any of her other books? I’m definitely wanting to read more!

      • I have! I’d recommend Archangel, which is an adult fantasy (one of a few books that are all set in the same sci-fi/fantasy world but feature different main characters). Archangel has a very different feel to Summers at Castle Auburn — larger in scope, completely different world — but the characters are well-drawn and the romance is compelling (especially if you enjoy dislike-turned-to-love romances).

        I’m also fond of The Truth-Teller’s Tale, which is one in a YA companion series — probably closer in feel to Summers at Castle Auburn than Archangel is. It features “mirror twins” (sisters who are mirrors of each other), one of whom always tells the truth and the other whom keeps everyone’s secrets.

  7. Funny that you mention The Imposter Queen…I just met the author and got the hardcover signed over the weekend at a teacher/literacy conference! It’s been on my TBR list and I keep seeing good reviews, so I’ll have to get to it soon.

    I also keep forgetting that I have Rites of Passage on my kindle! It sounds right up my alley and I have no idea why I haven’t read it yet!

    • I hope you enjoy it, Kyle!! And yes omg read Rites of Passage. It is SUCH a quick read because you will just be like soooo glued to what is happening because it gets so intense.

  8. i totally agree with rites of passage – gave me all the girl power feels, and everything she went through was so intense… i couldn’t have survived! or, i would have bailed like immediately haha. the rest are on my list!

  9. Pui-man says:

    Usually my comfort reads are rereads, but sometimes I want to read something that makes me feel warm and fuzzy that’s not a reread, so thanks for including a comfort read category. I will definitely have to check out Summers at Castle Auburn!

    • I hope you love it!!! And same — I always turn to rereads when I need a comfort read but sometimes I WANT that comfort read feeling but for it to be a new experience!

  10. YES to These Shallow Graves!!! I loved that book. A fantasy I haven’t heard much about lately but super-crazy-love is the one by Rachel Caine. Ink and Bone came out last summer (I missed it entirely) and the sequel, Paper and Fire came out last week. Both are so good. I pretty much read them both back to back without stopping. At least two of my friends are now hooked on the series, too! 🙂

    • Okay I keep hearing about Ink and Bone but really didn’t know much about it! Off to investigate because I’m SO in the mood for a series that will hook me like that!

  11. I am so freaking excited to read Imposter Queen. It’s on my TBR but you’ve catapulted it into first!

  12. So many good recommendations! I’ve had my eye out on The Impostor Queen, and I’m so glad you enjoyed it. And I remember wanting to read Rites of Passage, but it dwindled towards the end of my TBR list. Now I totally remember why I wanted to read it, and I definitely need to pick it up soon!

    • I hope you end up getting to both of them! Will be super curious what you think! And I totally get what you mean…I have books that I KNOW I want to read but somehow they just end up towards the bottom of the list somehow until I see someone raving about them or something about them sparks my interest again!

  13. I love this! Thanks for sharing 🙂 🙂 I really need to read The Impostor Queen because I have heard so many great things about it!