5 Quotes To Help You Refocus & Finish The Year Strong

5 Quotes To Help You Refocus & Finish the Year Strong


Every time September hits I have this back-to-school nostalgia that overcomes me. September always brought a new school year and I always felt the way I did about it as I did the New Year — fresh & new possibilities and goals and declarations of things I would do differently.

Having been out of any sort of schooling since 2008 I still get those feelings in September but nowhere to channel them. Instead, I’ve taken to freaking out about how OMG THE END OF THE YEAR IS ALMOST HERE I ACCOMPLISHED NOTHING WHERE DID THE TIME GOOOOOO?

In the past couple years I’ve been trying really hard to realize that I can have a  “New Year” mindset at any time. I can always start new. Have a fresh start every month, week, day or hour. Every new week and month I try to check in on my goals and look at what I want to accomplish at the beginning of each. That’s been helping in trying to cultivate my “New Year” mindset even if it’s not a perfect system because I still *am* myself and I still freak out.

In the midst of my September “where has the year gone?” freakout I thought that, even though I’m not going back to school, I can still use this time to reset myself for the rest of the year. After all, I still have 4 months left of the year that are filled with possibility. I can accomplish things. I can work towards my goals. I can be energized by this!

So, I put together a few quotes to motivate myself and give myself that boost I need and I decided to share them because maybe others out there need some motivation or encouragement or a spark to re-energize and refocus them for the rest of this year (or any day really).


Motivational Quote To Get You Pumped For The Day


motivational quote to start your day


quotes to motivate


Quotes to motivate you


Motivational quotes to refocus



What are some quotes that get you pumped and motivate you? Share them because I need more in my arsenal to keep my butt motivated!

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  1. Ooooh, I love that Eleanor Roosvelt quote the most! I think I need a nice print of it and frame it in front of my bed to see it as I wake up in the morning!

    September has always been very much New Year feels for me, given that it’s my birthday month, but I usually have a hard time of it, wondering about what have I accomplished, what I am doing with my life so far??… Ya know…

    • Right?? It’s so lovely! She actually has some really great quotes that I love!!

      Ooh yes I feel the same way around my birthday (October) and I’m always like AHHH WHAT DID I DO IN THE LAST YEAR?? 30 was pretty nice so I feel good about going into 31!

  2. I love this! I always find myself more motivated in September than January. I think it is a combination of the new school year nostalgia, and actually the fact that I only have four months to go acts like a deadline. And as cliche as it is, I do work better with an imminent deadline!

    Those school habits stay with us longer than we know, right?!?

    Stephie xx

    • It really does act as a deadline! I’m sooo the same re: deadlines. In college I think that’s why I always worked better last minute than trying to get stuff done earlier. The pressure worked even if I was suuuuper stressed!

      And that is the truth..those habits really do stay with us! Also because I just want to go buy new clothes every September because NEW SCHOOL CLOTHES haha

  3. Great quotes! Thanks for sharing!

  4. Love it! I tend to get in a little bit of a slump around this time of year – it happened to me last year, where I actually lost a lot of motivation in my life to a very dangerous point. This year I’m starting to feel that again, but your post reminded me to keep encouraging myself and inspiring myself!

  5. “Believe you can and you are halfway there.” I have found that confidence in myself is the biggest differential in my pursuits…outside of ability, likelihood, or whatever else. It’s something I really struggle with, though.

  6. I have just had the worst week (following about a month of bad weeks) and I’ve been trying to figure out how to get my life on a track that I actually want to be on and actually start to be able to enjoy my life, but no idea where to even start. All of these quotes, but especially the Jessi Kirby one, just spoke to me so much and I feel this confidence in myself, that I can do this for myself. So thank you. You just lit a light at the end of a very dark week for me x

    • *hugs* Sorry to hear things have been the worst!! YOU GOT THIS! We can take this overwhelming thing called life moment by moment and change it. I think I feel defeated sometimes because it doesn’t feel possible to do the things I want/design the life I want but I try to remember that all it takes is me choosing even the little moments to take a step in the right direction.

  7. One of my favorites aligns with your “New Year” at anytime mindset. It is “Every moment is an opportunity to turn it all around” or something, this is a paraphrase but I saw it once and it stuck with me. Good luck to all as we wrap up 2016!!


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