On Trying New Hobbies & Learning New Things

I admire and love a lot of things about my friends but I was thinking the other day how there is something about my friend Jessie that I just admire so much and it inspires me quite a bit. Jessie is literally the most interesting person I know — she is always trying new hobbies or taking classes. Right now she’s doing tap dancing classes (just because) but before that she’s done things like glassblowing, art classes or taking an ESL class and countless other hobbies. She’s just always trying out new hobbies or taking classes to learn things.

I’ve realized that pretty much since my mid-20’s I’ve just decided (unintentionally?) that I know the things I’m good at and like and I know the things I’m not good at and don’t like and that’s that. No need to try out new hobbies because I felt like I’m past the age of discovering that I could be good at other things. Which is WEIRD because I’m all about trying new things like new foods, new places to hang out, different places to discover locally, attending things I’ve never experienced before (I went to this cool aerial art storytelling thing with my friends recently that was really different though I think the story went over my head) or even something as simple as a reading from a genre I don’t really read.

I’m always TRYING new things one-off but the thought of trying out a new hobby or learning a new skill has just not been at the forefront because of whatever internal BS going on in my head.

Maybe it’s because I’ve always maintained that I’m not really GOOD at anything. I was never great at sports or art or any typical hobbies kids/young adults pick up. I also was a serial hobby dropper, too. I did dance as a kid for a few years but never went forward with it (I have NO idea why because I loved it). I played softball growing up but as soon as I moved to high school I was too scared of how intense it was getting and my little chicken arms did not want to face girls throwing a bajillion miles per hour. I played lacrosse in high school but I was really not good at all and quit my senior year. I tried to learn how to draw but I quickly got frustrated that I sucked at it and wasn’t improving (like after two times of trying). I took drum lessons from my friend one whole time before I realized I didn’t have the dedication. I just never found my THING besides reading and writing. So I kind of wrote off trying new hobbies.

Or maybe it’s the thought of being a beginner. Maybe I’ve looked at the idea of ~being a beginner~ as a bad thing at 31. Like starting something all over again when people who are your same age are probably super competent at it.

But I’ve been inspired by my friend Jessie lately. I want to explore new things. I want to learn a new skill. I want to dabble in potential hobbies. It’s not like I HAVE to commit to any of them…so what’s the harm? I mean, I’m not TOO OLD to learn new things or pick up a new hobby. PEOPLE DO IT ALL THE TIME and they are decades older than me. I kind of get a thrill thinking about the possibility that after 31 years of life I could discover a new passion or hobby that I never knew I would have enjoyed.

It’s that thrill of meeting new parts of yourself and realizing that maybe the person you pegged yourself isn’t totally the whole picture of who you are. After all, I feel like I’m always learning so much about myself and I’m changing all the time.

But of course I get all inspired as I’m pregnant and ready to have a baby so my hobby undertaking is slightly limited but I’m going to get brainstorming. Any ideas for me??


Tell me about your hobbies (past or present) or classes you’ve taken or things you are learning! Maybe I will find some inspiration from you guys!

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About Jamie

Jamie is a 32 year old married lady (with a new baby!!) who is in denial that she's actually that old to be a married lady and a mom. When she's not reading you can find her doing Pilates followed by eating ice cream, belting out Hamilton (loud and offkey) and having adventures with her husband, daughter and rescue dog.


  1. I used to horse riding for a couple of years, and I did tap dancing for 7 years, but unfortunately I had to quit because doing the dance exams and eisteddfods was beginning to become too much on top of all the schoolwork I had to as I was going into year 11 at the time. So now I no longer do any hobbies anymore which makes me kind of sad, but luckily blogging helps with that :). I recommend piano maybe? Because you said you loved dance as a kid, and piano is obvs full of music? LOL I’m literally the absolute worst at suggesting hobbies, sorry!

    • I feel sad too about all the hobbies I let go of! But yeah blogging has been a very wonderful hobby for me for the past almost 7 years. I’ve learned so many new skills and challenged my stuff. I guess I shouldn’t discount that fact that I gave something a shot and have stuck with it for so long!

      I had taken a piano off someone’s hands bc I realllyyy wanted to learn but then I moved and ended up leaving it where it was at my stepdads house bc we had no room in our one bedroom!

  2. I don’t really have any hobbies either. I read or watch Netflix when I’m off work. I bake, but stuff I know how to do. I wouldn’t really call it a hobby. BUT my mom is 54 and just learned how to crochet in order to stop smoking. So you CAN do it!!

    • Those are the same things I tend to do when I get home from work! I’m so low key about my after work activities bc I’m so tired haha

      That’s awesome that your mom is learning how to crochet! I wonder if it will be a hobby she will keep! Good luck to her to quit smoking!

  3. Great discussion Jamie! My hobbies are reading, baking, blogging and writing mostly! I also love to play tennis and travel. I like to take up new hobbies such as learning calligraphy and learning to code because it keeps me active and engaged and it’s fun to learn new skills!

  4. I don’t have a lot of hobbies besides reading and hiking. I want to be good at things right away, so I get frustrated when I’m not! My stepmother started a crafting club recently, so a few of us have been trying new crafting techniques, which has been fun! Ribbon wreaths (super easy), watercolor painting (definitely not super easy), and making no-sew blankets are just a few of the things we’ve done. I’ve also been wanting to try paint-chip art.

  5. I’ve been kind of expanding on a hobby lately. I’m an artist but usually only with pencils and paints. I’m trying to learn to do all that digitally now! So many if your email not ready to try something completely new then maybe expand upon an existing hobby!

  6. I was never really good at crafty things. I had no patience for it; but a few years ago I decided to try again (because sometimes you enjoy something the second time you try). Now, well now I’m hooked on sewing (by hand and machine), knitting, cross stitch, and embroidery. I’m sure you’ll find lots a hobbies to not only try, but one’s you’ll enjoy and make time for. Just have fun with it!

  7. I’ve always wanted to learn to knit, and I finally took a class last fall at my local craft and yarn shop. I love it so much! I love watching football and baseball on tv, and now I have something to occupy my hands (that isn’t pinterest or playing games on my iPad!) while I watch. And the best part is enjoying and gifting the things I make!

  8. I can soooo relate to this like crazy. I’m constantly shocked at how long I’ve kept up with blogging because of how quickly I usually drop hobbies. I tried most sports and activities for one year apiece as a kid, but dropped them immediately afterwards. I always thought I was bad at them (even if that maybe wasn’t true) and would just stop them in case I looked like a moron. It was stupid. I always tell my parents they should have forced me to keep up with things so I could have more hobbies now 😉 I hated icebreakers because I was always wondering what I could say for my hobby/interest. Reading? Hanging out with friends? Meh.

    I still tend to pick things up and drop them, unfortunately haha. But they’re more basic things like planning (bullet journal, Happy Planner, Erin Condren) or crafting or even Rainbow Loom bracelets when they were popular hahah. I hope to find more things that actually stick now that I’m older but really don’t know where I’d begin.

  9. I’ve really enjoyed knitting, which I learned off of Youtube, and asking an aunt when I couldn’t figure out why the fuck my purl’s weren’t looking right. It’s relatively inexpensive to start, and to put down when you need to, because baby. It’s also really gratifying when you do small projects because it’s like “Look! I did a thing!” and then you can throw that thing at people.

  10. Pregnancy has really been the best for coming up with a million projects that went to wayside as soon as the third trimester fatigue set in, but I think I will get to them eventually. I started a new blog two weeks before my due date (which is today), because why not?! I say go for it while the motivation is striking you. Baby doesn’t seem to want to come out, so maybe I’ll start learning a new language!

  11. Yes to trying new things! I definitely think for me I get put off by the idea that I’m older so I can’t? Which is a ridiculous thought but somehow whenever I think of me taking a class to try something new I imagine myself in a room with twenty five-year-olds and it freaks me out. As a result, I still try to do new things, but I do them alone. Like yoga. I’ve been doing Yoga with Adriene every morning and it’s something I’m totally new at and not super great at (so not flexible), but I like it because it feels like I’m getting a personal one-on-one class and I can see myself growing without having to deal with those feelings of being judged. Hopefully you’ll do a little better than me and actually get out there and explore some new hobbies, but hey, if you don’t, there’s nothing wrong with doing it from the comfort of your own home like me. 🙂

  12. Might be a good time to take up knitting or quilting? Both hobbies can be done at home in between caring for baby!

  13. I totally applaud you for recognizing this and wanting to make a change! Just know that you are not alone. I’ve been feeling the same way recently. One day I just started thinking about what I’m good at and what I know really well, and in the future when I have children what I’ll be able to pass along. My list was SADLY short. So I’m thinking about picking up some new hobbies too! I’m considering scrap booking, kickboxing, or maybe an instrument (guitar? drums?).

  14. I ad too many hobbies haha. My biggest right now are dance (aerial arts and ballroom) and quilting! I love trying new things though!

  15. My biggest hobby is color guard, particularly winter guard. Most people don’t know what it is, but it’s slowly gotten bigger over the last couple of years. I’d basically describe it as interpretive dance with flags, rifles, and sabers. It’s super fun, sometimes dangerous and one of the most entertaining shows to watch. If you are interested in looking at some videos I highly recommend typing in winter guard in the YouTube search because it will blow your mind (it blows mine constantly!) I’ve been spinning for five years now and do it at the collegian level. It’s awesome because I get a scholarship for something I love doing!

  16. I’m with ya. I’ve started so many hobbies and only blogging has stuck so far. I’ve scrapbooked (got bored after three books and sold most of my supplies), had aquariums with real plants (very cool and fun but when we moved we gave away our big tank), and played beach volleyball and dodge ball (they were house leagues and I didn’t sign up again).

    Here are the things I’d like to learn soon. Just want to crochet because there are such cute things to make for baby and family. My MIL said she’d teach me, but I just haven’t gone over to get started and I’ve even bought some hooks and yarn. This is need to do before my maternity leave is over because I’d love to make Christmas gifts for people this year. And I want to get into photography. I took classes in college and loved it, but never really followed through. If I get good enough withholding my current crappy camera then I’d like to buy a decent one. Just just can’t justify buying one until just know it’s something I’ll stick with.

    And I’ve started baking. I was never really good at it, so I’m teaching myself. Oh and gardening… it’s a love/hate relationship. Most house plants died jntil we moved to this house… now they are doing great. And we have huge gardens outside. I get gungho at the start of the year to weed them and tend them, but as the summer goes on in loses interest every year. This year i am determined to keep them looking gorgeous.

    Hope you find something to try. I’d like to try sign language classes too! Oh and maybe you can fido something to take baby to, like a yoga class for mommy and me?

  17. You could make a mini herb garden? Super easy to keep up with, plus you can grow them from inside your home if you don’t have an outside space. Also, they make your cooking taste amazing!
    Or, knitting! You could make some new little booties for your baby daughter! I realy like cross stitch at the moment, super easy to do but looks really great when finished.
    Good luck with trying new things!

  18. Looks like you’ve got a ton of great suggestions so far! I mirror the people who have recommended sewing, knitting, crocheting – you could start off simply making burp cloths and simple blankets for the baby. I would also say scrapbooking might be a good hobby so that you can chronicle baby’s early life!

  19. I’ve been trying heaps of different things recently. Most recent being crochet but I simply cannot do it and I don’t know what’s wrong with me. Nevertheless, I will keep trying. I more successful hobby I recently started is gardening. I have an array of succulents that I tend to when I can. I chose succulents because I don’t have all the time in the world to regularly check on them and I need them to be okay if I go days between checking up on them. I’m finding it incredibly satisfying to watch them grow and I’m currently trying to work out how to successfully propagate them. Succulents are also great because you can grow them inside and most of them cope okay outside too!

  20. Yay for scrapbooking! Let me tell you as a much older reader than your demographic…… Having those little stories and photographs is such a treasure. Also quilting and sewing are great too!

  21. My husband and I are going to France for our belated honeymoon this September, so we decided to try to learn some French together. It’s become such a fun hobby! We use apps like Rosetta Stone and Mango through the library, and we watch TV shows and movies together in French. I know pregnancy brain is real, but learning a language could be a fun thing to try!


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