I’m having one of those weeks where I can’t get my brain to really focus on any of the posts on my long list of posts to write. None of them sound appealing or, if they do, they feel time consuming and my brain doesn’t want that write now. I’m just staring at my screen blankly yet again this week.

I’ve seen these sorts of posts all over blogs in every kind of blog niche so I thought it might be fun to create my own version and let you know what’s currently happening in my life and also it helps me not have to admit defeat and close my computer yet again.

currently post


Currently reading: I just started Ramona Blue by Julie Murphy

Currently listening to on audiobook: I’m in between audiobooks right now but I just finished Wedding Night by Sophie Kinsella

Currently listening to: My May playlist

Currently eating: Two eggs with a piece of Ezekiel bread that I toasted.

Currently drinking: Trader Joe’s Watermelon Cucumber Cooler (it’s baaaaack! I always look forward to this seasonal drink!)

Currently wearing: One of Will’s t-shirts and a pair of his smaller basketball shorts #pregnancystyle

Currently watching: CNN….idk why, the news makes me ragey.

Currently waiting on my DVR: We have last night’s episode of Fresh Off the Boat to watch!

Currently looking at: a huge pile of baby clothes from my baby shower that I need to take tags off of and wash

Currently opened tabs: UM embarrassing I have like 40 open. Highlights: gmail, Amazon, Goodreads, Feedly, an order screen for RMS Beauty to get some concealer

Currently texting: Will (I sent him a screenshot of my FB memories for today in which we were in Spain and he just sent me a crying emoji)

Currently on my library holds list: Into the Water by Paula Hawkins and Windfall by Jennifer E. Smith

Currently on my to-buy list: Always and Forever, Lara Jean by Jenny Han (I haven’t had time to stop by my local bookstore since it released because I’m a lazy pregnant lady and I can’t wait any longer so I might just Amazon it)

Currently waiting to be released: Words in Deep Blue by Cath Crowley (I love her books!!)

Currently adding to my Goodreads TBR list: Just added Release by Patrick Ness to my Goodreads TBR

Currently adding to my physical TBR: When Dimple Met Rishi just showed up in the mail and so that’s definitely added to my physical TBR because I’ve been coveting that like woah. Oh also lots of books for the baby that I got from my baby shower.

Currently recommending: I feel like I can’t recommend My Not So Perfect Life by Sophie Kinsella to everyone in my life if they are in need of a fun read!

Currently talking about on the blog: Yesterday I posted a gift guide of sorts of what to get your book-loving mom for Mother’s Day

Currently coveting for baby: This hot air balloon mobile on Etsy

Currently coveting for myself: this clay mask

Currently contemplating: BABY NAMES. We are never going to freaking decide. We are in between 3 names and just at a complete standstill.

Currently loving: This BB cream (I resisted the BB creams for forever but this is so perfectly lightweight for summer and also will be PERFECT for right after I have the baby and don’t want to put makeup on but want a little evening out of my skin when people come to visit. I’ve also been using it and then putting my Alima Pure powder foundation over it for a little more coverage which has been a win. Make my skin feel glowy).

Currently learning: all about things like sleep training and birth and RECOVERING FROM BIRTH (yo don’t google that stuff. I’m freaking out).

Currently dreaming of: Last year when, on this day, I was in Toledo, Spain.

Currently looking forward to: nicer weather + our pool opening

Currently craving: I really want Shake Shack — burger, cheese fries and a shake. Pregnancy makes eating healthy hard.

Currently procrastinating: Putting my bookshelves back in order. We moved furniture around and had to take all my books off one of my bookcases and we just kind of threw them back on the shelves in no order and it’s really bugging me but ALSO that’s a lot of effort.

Currently griping about: a pregnancy woe — how I can’t get comfortable at all. When I lay down my hips hurt and when I sit I feel like I can’t breathe a lot of the time.

Currently need to do: Get ready for work….procrastinating that for sure.

Currently celebrating: 9 weeks to go until my due date! Feels insane that we are in single digits now.

Currently feeling: the baby’s limb of some sort in my rib. OW.


Anyways….that’s what’s currently happening in my life! Would be fun if you would pick a couple of my “currently” topics in the comments and told me what you are currently up to!


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About Jamie

Jamie is a 32 year old married lady (with a new baby!!) who is in denial that she's actually that old to be a married lady and a mom. When she's not reading you can find her doing Pilates followed by eating ice cream, belting out Hamilton (loud and offkey) and having adventures with her husband, daughter and rescue dog.


  1. Slumps are the worst! Here’s to finding your groove again soon.

    • Thanks! It’s not so much a slump just my brain not feeling like working much while pregnant. It’s stolen my focus lol.

  2. Amazon, Gmail, Goodreads and Feedly are four tabs that are permanently open in my browser! And my husband is going to be SO HAPPY that the Trader Joe’s watermelon drink is back! He was just craving it last weekend! You’ve also made me feel like I need to read My Not-So Perfect Life, like, ASAP.

    • SAME. I don’t think I ever close any of them. And omg YASSSS run to Trader Joe’s. Will stocked up this time because last year he only got one and then they kept being sold out every time we went. It’s so refreshing! It’s also great with some vodka in it haha NOT THAT I CAN HAVE THAT RIGHT NOW. And yesssss My Not So Perfect Life was exactly the funny and light read I needed recently. Highly rec!

  3. I love these Currently posts by other bloggers too! I’ve done similar ones on my blog before, but I like the flavor you added for books and pregnancy things!

    • I’ve seen so many of my favorite food/fashion/lifestyle bloggers do them and I’ve never had the urge to because normally I do little updates with my If We Were Having Coffee posts but I felt like doing something a little more fun and less lengthy. And thanks haha I was like well I have no idea what categories to add but then my brain kept coming up with more and more random things. Felt like a good mix of books and life haha

  4. I really like the formatting of this post! It’s really cool how it just goes “currently..’

    I can relate to you (except I’m not pregnant) because the news makes me ragey too (we can all guess why) and I procrastinate on EVERYTHING!

    I wish you luck during your pregnancy time period and especially when the baby comes!

    • Thanks! I’ve seen these kinds of posts on some of my fave lifestyle and fashion type blogs so I figured I’d join but just add my own categories!

      UGH THE NEWS. We are all going to have a shorter lifespan bc of this nonsense I swear.

      And thank you! <3

  5. I laughed at the don’t google recovery after birth because it is true. I felt like everyone lied to me after I had the first baby. They told me labor would be painful but they never told me anything about recovery. I never googled it and even tho I have three kids now I don’t think I even want to.

    I really enjoyed this post! I’ve been in a slump for over two months and can’t seem to come up with content so I think I might do something similar to this! Thank you for the inspiration!

    • RIGHT?? I have always feared the birth part the most but had no idea recovery was such a terrible thing (my sister had a C section so her recovery was different). I was reading this post of like “things you’ll need after birth” and I’m like OMG I NEVER THOUGHT ABOUT MY FIRST POOP AFTER BIRTH BUT NOW I AM. Or that I will need a numbing spray for my hooha. OR THAT I WILL LIKE ADULT DIAPERS FOR THE CRIME SCENE LIKE SITUATION AFTER. *faints*

      You should absolutely do something like this! It felt good to get something down and not feel defeated! Plus maybe it will inspire a post of some sort while you are working on it! I also highly (and humbly lol) recommend doing my A to Z bookish survey that I created a few years ago and still keeps on making the rounds

      Hope you get some inspiration soon!! 🙂

  6. That hot air balloon on Etsy is so cute (but so expensive)! Don’t be too hard on yourself about your slump – you’ve still managed to post something so that’s definitely a win.

  7. I’ve heard amazing things about Ramona Blue, so I hope you’ll enjoy it! Always and Forever is also on my to buy list, I just need to make a trip to my local bookstore hehe!

  8. I can totally relate to having 40 tabs open at once! I always open soo many tabs open on my computer, but it’s like I always flick between tabs. And I want to read so many things, so I open one t hing and then on that page there’s something else I want to read so I open it as a new tab so I can read it once I’ve finished with this page. And so on and so forth…

    Eee good luck for choosing baby names! I reckon once baby comes you’ll be able to decide then. A lot of couples decide on one name but then when baby comes they realise the name just doesn’t suit the baby, and they change it. I feel like so many of me friends ended up doing that! It’s a totally fine way to do it heh.

    I’m currently sitting in bed sick at home with an inner ear infection. These things are so frustrating. I feel fine, until I stand up and the room spins and my head gets too heavy and I need to lie down again… So I’m just reading bloglovin’ and catching up on commenting on other peoples blogs 🙂

  9. I loved WHEN DIMPLE MET RISHI! I read a digital ARC a couple months ago and really enjoyed it. If you’re interested, here’s my review: It’s cute, nerdy, and so fun. I especially loved the cultural insight.

    OMG, MY NOT SO PERFECT LIFE is fantastic! I could really connect to Katie, and all the shenanigans that happened on the farm cracked me up. Glad to hear you enjoyed it too!

    Dude. When my friend sent me pictures of adult diapers and massive pads that she poured aloe and cooling gel into, and then FROZE in her refrigerator, I’ve been stunned and nervous about post-pregnancy and afterbirth ever since. She read so many mommy blogs to prepare! All these things about pregnancy, and all these things about raising the child, but NOTHING about “cool, you popped this human out of you, but you also have this and this and this…” You’ll be okay. You will. But oh man. At the same time, I’ll be thinking of you <3

    Let's see….some currently topics…I'm currently:
    -READING: Who knows. I've been in a rut. I'm debating between LIKE A RIVER GLORIOUS, THIS ADVENTURE ENDS, and a Sharon Shinn fantasy. I don't know!
    -DREAMING OF: A trip to Greece I'm taking next year. I've never been to the Mediterranean area, so this'll be fun, new, and totally out of my element.
    -GRIPING ABOUT: How I've been treated lately as an officer in a volunteer position. Thankfully today's my last day, but oh my gosh. I hated it the last few months. The other officers brushed me off because of my age or income when it came to making big decisions, constantly saying things like "well you're a millennial, you don't understand XYZ" and I'm like "YES I'M A MILLENNIAL, BUT I REPRESENT EVERYONE WHO CAN'T AFFORD XYZ, WHO AREN'T BALLSY ENOUGH TO SPEAK UP, SO $*%&ING LISTEN!" Gah. Sorry. Anyway. Moving on.
    -FEELING: hungry. I'm thinking some sherbet is in order…

    Hope you're well, Jamie! xx