I put together one of these Currently posts that I see in other blog niches back in May when my brain was not functioning and I decided I should do another one right now because my brain is 99% full with thinking about impending labor and the fact that soon I will be responsible for a tiny human. So not much space to think about posts that require more brain power than that.


currently post


Currently reading: I just finished Who’s That Girl by Blair Thornburgh and am going to start When Dimple Met Rishi.

Currently listening to on audiobook: I’m actually not listening to anything because I’m officially on maternity leave so I don’t have a commute to listen to an audiobook.

Currently listening to: Cruel by Kacy Hill (via my July playlist)

Currently eating: Trader Joe’s Triple Berry O’s & strawberries. I’m so hugely pregnant and miserable and normally I make smoothies or eggs but I told Will I was done with making anything and wanted cereal this week which I rarely eat haha

Currently drinking: Lemon iced tea (Honest tea brand)

Currently wearing: One of Will’s t-shirts and a pair of his smaller basketball shorts (again…that was my answer last time lol) but soon I will change into a maxi dress because I have an OB appt soon.

Currently watching: Catching up on the latest episode of Orphan Black

Currently waiting on my DVR: Last night’s episode of Big Brother. Will and I decided there was no way we could stay up until 10 (he really has adjusted to my new sleep schedule while pregnant lol)

Currently looking at: my baby Finn snoozing next to me. I love this pup so much! Makes me sad that he is going to be so confused at first when we bring this baby home.

Currently opened tabs: Goodreads, gmail, my blog, Pinterest, Feedly, my library account website (adding books to my Need to Get Out list), this recipe on Skinnytaste

Currently texting: Will…texted him to make sure he has his phone on him and has service (impending labor and all that paranoia because he is working kinda far away today)

Currently on my library holds list: The Alice Network by Kate Quinn — I’ve been so excited about this one and trusted bloggers have LOVED it which makes me even more excited.

Currently on my book to-buy list: Honestly I’m on a little bit of a book buying ban since money will be tight while I’m on maternity leave

Currently waiting to be released: The Belles by Dhonielle Clayton

Currently adding to my Goodreads TBR list: The Epic Crush of Genie Lo by F.C. Yee

Currently adding to my physical TBR: ARCs of Jane, Unlimited by Kristin Cashore and Beasts Made of Night came in my mailbox yesterday so those definitely went on my physical TBR

Currently recommending: Warcross by Marie Lu but sadly it doesn’t come out to the Fall. My teen nephew was bouncing off the walls when I gave him my copy because Marie Lu is his FAVORITE author and I was just gushing about how great it was. Could not put this book down!

Currently talking about on the blog: I recapped the month of June in life and books and all the things

Currently coveting for baby: nothing really…I just want her to COME OUT ALREADY. So done with being pregnant…peak uncomfortableness here.

Currently coveting for myself: a beach day…I keep seeing pictures of people on beaches and I can’t go that far from home right now because my luck is that we’d be an hour and a half from home and I’d go into labor and then get stuck in shore traffic.

Currently contemplating: If I want to leave early for my OB appt so I can get Starbucks

Currently loving: Burt’s Bees cucumber and sage facial wipes. I normally buy the Acure ones but these were on sale at Whole Foods so I grabbed them instead to try.

Currently learning: all about cervical exams during pregnancy because I HAVE to get one today. I opted out for the past few weeks because I don’t think they are medically necessary (I mean, my friend was dilated for 2 cm for weeeeeks and still had to be induced) but they told me I had to get one this week since we are days out from my due date.

Currently dreaming of: a time when I will be able to turn over in my bed and not feel stuck like a turtle.

Currently looking forward to: meeting this kid who is currently kicking my ribs.

Currently craving: POPSICLES…weird right? I just have been craving a good popsicle lately lol

Currently procrastinating: actually putting my hospital bag together….I have the stuff in a pile but it’s not packed

Currently griping about: the lack of snacks in my apartment right now. I AM 39 WEEKS PREGNANT WHY ARE THERE NO SNACKS (I mean, I have ~healthy snacks~ here but I don’t want any of them)

Currently need to do: Get a shower and remember to pack my book for my appt because nothing worse than sitting in a waiting room without a book.

Currently celebrating: Brody’s 1st birthday (well, it’s tomorrow but my sister had his party last weekend just in case I went into labor this weekend)

Currently feeling: like I’m in a holding pattern. We are ready as we can be for this kid to come and now it’s just a waiting game and I am not patient.


Anyways….that’s what’s currently happening in my life! Would be fun if you would pick a couple of my “currently” topics in the comments and told me what you are currently up to!


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About Jamie

Jamie is a 32 year old married lady (with a new baby!!) who is in denial that she's actually that old to be a married lady and a mom. When she's not reading you can find her doing Pilates followed by eating ice cream, belting out Hamilton (loud and offkey) and having adventures with her husband, daughter and rescue dog.


  1. I am so excited for Jane, Unlimited! I heard Kristin talk about it like a year ago, and it sounds so amazing! I am so excited for your little baby to come into the world. My sister is pregnant and I get so tempted to buy my future niece book themed stuff for the Nursery but it’s not my sister’s style at all haha

    • Doesn’t it sound amazing?? I’ve heard good things from people who have read it already!

      And thank you! <3 I'm excited too! Haha and being an aunt is literally THE BEST. How exciting for you! You can always infiltrate your bookish ways into her life..I sure have 😛

  2. I just got my hands on a copy of The Alice Network and I’m really looking forward to reading it!

    All the best! x

  3. Heather says:

    You’ll love When Dimple Met Rishi! It’s super cute! I listened to the audiobook and I was constantly smiling.

    • YAY exactly the kind of book right now! It was one of my most anticipated contemporaries for this year so I’m happy to hear this!

  4. Audio books will become your friend, especially when the baby comes. You can listen while feeding and rocking and doing housework.

  5. Love this post! Can’t wait for you to have her already! I love Honest Tea, it’s sooo good.

    • I think I have tried every Honest Tea at this point. Haven’t found one I dislike. Will was at the grocery store and the big ones were like half off which made me day…the problem is I could drink the whole thing in one sitting honestly lol.

  6. the waiting at the end is like the worst thing of all with pregnancy. and then it happens or in my case you get induced because you are forever past your due date and then nothing goes the way you thought it would! haha! and then it’s the greatest thing in the whole world and you LOVE that little squishy faced poop machine. like seriously, they poop ALL THE TIME, no one really tells you about all the poop. so let me warn you. poop. all day, every day.

  7. Glad to know about what you’re currently doing, Jamie. I hope everything’s going great with your pregnancy. Have a wonderful weekend. 😊

  8. When Dimple Met Rishi is on my TBR list for August too! And I’m so glad you enjoyed Warcross! I’m so excited for its release!!!! So jealous you have Kristin Cashore’s new book! I LOVED Graceling and I’ve been waiting for a new book for the longest time!