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gift ideas for book lovers


Many years ago I used to do gift guides on this blog and I THINKKKK I remember why I stopped doing them…they are fun to do but OMG I have been working on this post 5ever (no REALLY I stopped doing them because I started doing my Handmade Holidays series instead and couldn’t juggle both). But really I thought MAYBE this would be ready for next Christmas especially with having a new baby that makes my blogging time limited! BUT I abandoned some sleep and household chores (eek!) to get this done.

I LOVE LOVE LOVE gift giving and I love when I find the ~PERFECT~ gift for somebody. I try to be thoughtful and really think about the person I’m giving to! I love someone knowing I really put thought into a gift rather than them being impressed with a price tag (although $$$ presents TOTALLY can be thoughtful FOR SURE). But you know what I mean….I’m trying to really make them know how much they mean to me and that I really KNOW THEM.

SO today’s gift guide is all about those book lover’s in your life…aka basically my wishlist because *waves* hello book lover here in case you didn’t know!!

(P.S. I also stand by everything I talked about in this post in 2014 and some of it still is available on Etsy!)

gifts for book lovers

[Disclosure: This post may contain affiliate links which means that if you click on a link and purchase something I’ve talked about or recommended, I’ll receive a very small percentage of the sale. Please see my disclosure policy for more info.


You know the book lovers in your life will be DELIGHTED to receive a book as a gift or even a gift card to a bookstore. But sometimes, as the gift giver, it can be tricky to pick out the perfect book and also sometimes you just want to show them I APPRECIATE YOUR LOVE FOR BOOKS without buying them a book!

So what to do?

I’ve got you covered with a list of unique gifts for bookworms that AREN’T books. Ready? The book lover in your list will thank you!

(It also is super acceptable to treat yourself to things on this list…you deserve it!)




I’m not affiliated with any of these companies (would love to be so..hey hit me up…let’s work together!) just genuinely think they are great!



A Book Subscription Box


Okay okay so technically these ARE books but I vote it’s different than buying them a book! Book subscription boxes are wonderful and I think they make a spectacular gift idea! Particularly if your resident bookworm doesn’t tend to buy a lot of books on their own. Plus it’s super fun to get book mail! This is one thing that I probably wouldn’t purchase myself but if someone gave it to me as a gift?? I would be so delighted!! I did a review of 2 YA book boxes a while ago that you can check out!

My picks:


Book of the Month club: I love this one because the person gets to choose the books that they want out of the selection for the month. A good option for someone who might buys a lot of books and doesn’t want a surprise duplicate book.

Owlcrate & Uppercase: Love both of these for the YA book lover in your life! A surprise book every month plus some fun bookish goodies! Owlcrate has themed boxes each month, Uppercase doesn’t. Uppercase is cheaper of the two. Both are high quality — just depends what you think the book lover in your life will enjoy most. The themes can be fun but maybe the person you are buying might not be into that!

Cozy Reader Club: Maybe the book lover in your life loves tea/coffee/hot cocoas with their book?? I love love love this idea! Book + delicious treats = ULTIMATE TREAT YO SELF TIME. As a new mom, if I got this as a gift I would probably cry tears of joy because it seems so cozy. ALSO a super good idea to integrate if you are trying to make winter suck less for you, like I am.

My First Reading Club: Maybe the bookworm in your life is a kid? I actually put this on Riley’s Christmas list for my mother-in-law because I think it’s a GREAT idea. I’m actually contemplating also getting it for my nieces as an alternative to getting them toys! Kids love fun mail — they were delighted for weeks when I sent them a postcard whilst on vacation!

Bookroo: This one is another one I’ve been scoping out for the kids in my life! Looks cute!



An Audible Subscription


Another one of those things that I would love as a gift because I never treat myself on stuff like this because I use my library’s free Overdrive and Hoopla programs. BUT those selections are limited and I just love the choice on Audible! If the book lover in your life loves audiobooks, this is a must! I’ve done the free trial and really enjoyed it. I was thinking of different sorts of gifts for my own Christmas list and I thought how nice this would be!



Kindle + Kindle Accessories


I love love love my Kindle Paperwhite even though I am a physical book reader through and through.

Maybe the reader in your life is in need of a Kindle (my picks are the Paperwhite and the new Kindle Oasis which I am PINING OVER hardcore but have no reason to upgrade mine just yet because it’s pretty new). I’ve had a Nook in my life but I preferred the Kindle 1000x more.

And a case for your Kindle is a must (at least it is for me because I’m clumsy)! Amazon has a pretty good selection (I opted for a cheapy cheap plain one that I don’t even see offered on there anymore) but I plan on upgrading soon and I’ve been perusing Etsy’s kindle cases and there are SO many cute ones!



Literary Candles


Oh yes, literary candles are a thing! Handmade candles with a literary twist are a great gift!!


Some of my favorite shops include:


Canterbury Road Co

Paper Street Candle Co.

Hearth & Hammer

The Melting Library

See also: these candles from Uncommon Goods (seriously a great place for gifts!!)



Literary Tote Bags/Purses


Listen…I don’t know about the book lover in your life but I need a sturdy tote (for many reasons) but especially on my trips to the library or to a book event.

Library Card Tote // Banned Books tote


I’m also suuuuper obsessed with Litographs tote bags (their t-shirts are awesome…I have a Throne of Glass one that is so comfy!!)

nancy drew tote bag

And, again, Etsy is always my go-to when it comes to literary totes! SO MANY…check them out!

My fave shops:

Literary Supply Co

Evie’s totes are to DIE FOR!


And sometimes you just need to show off your literary flair with an amazing purse.

Yoshi bags and purses


(Or maybe your literary love needs this book spine lunch bag….Will said this was VERY EXTRA but I think it’s delightful and way better than a brown paper bag)


Literary Accessories & Jewelry




// Pride and Prejudice scarf // Alice in Wonderland scarf  // Alice necklace // Banned Books socks // Jane Austen socks // Books & Wine socks // Literary Scarf 1 // Literary Scarf 2 // Library Card Socks // Book Necklace // Kate Spade Bookshelf Scarf // Library Card & Stamp pin // Ampersand pin

(As you can tell…I really like Uncommon Goods for gifts and frequently get quirky gifts from there!!)

I did a Handmade Holiday series two years in a row and one of my favorite shops was TinyBookTown — cute book charms!

Honestly Etsy is mostly where I go for bookish jewelry…so many options for every kind of reader! I couldn’t even begin to narrow down picks. Seriously…take a look!



Literary Clothing


All Booked Tee // Favorite Workout tee // Sleep disorder tee

Some of my favorite shops on Etsy for literary tees:

My other favorite place for fun and quirky bookish clothing is actually MODCLOTH!! They always have such cute stuff! Like this adorable reading cat tee, this gorgeous book dress, this tee perfect for library lovers, and this fun tee that gives classic authors a punk rock twist.

I also, like I mentioned above, super love Litographs tees…they are so comfy & awesome! Here’s my Throne of Glass tee! It’s literally made up of the words from the book. Teeny tiny words. I’m obsessed with their collection!

throne of glass tee


Also, I mentioned Evie’s shop above and all her designs can be put on shirts!


Book Accessories


What if you put together a little package of book-related essentials/accessories? Like:

Crafted Van bookmarks

Fancy Bookmarks: My favorites include these super unique bookmarks and these magnetic bookmarks which I own a billion of as evidenced above with some of my collection.

Book light: I don’t know about the reader in your life but I need to read in bed and the husband gets very cranky if the light stays on…so a book light is a MUST. I have this one — just clips on easily to my book!

Book Beau: Is the reader in your life particular about keeping their books in pristine condition? (That is not me, look at all my book sins, but most of my reader friends are). They need a Book Beau book sleeve in their life!!



Literary Papergoods


Maybe your resident bookworm loves to send cards to people or enjoys stickers!

These cards from Minted are cute as are these custom stickers! Really digging these literary notecards from Uncommon Goods!


Also really love these literary postcards!

Etsy also has some good literary cards/stationary but there isn’t one particular shop that I would say is a go-to! But if you search you can find good ones particular to your lovely bookworm’s taste.


Or maybe your beloved bookworm loves a good literary print?


Uncommon Goods has some really great ones right now:


Novel Poster // Jane Austen poster // Books & Bouquet collage

If classic lit is their thing, check out ShopNevermore:


Probably my most purchased bookish gift are these types of posters made from upcycled book pages because I think they are so cool. The shop I normally used to buy through is no longer in business but I found a few options.






Perfect for any book lover’s walls:



bookish wall art giftsRead More Books Print // Anne of Green Gables Print // Read Past My Bedtime Print // Books Wash Away print // Dumbledore Quote // Hogwarts print // So Many Books So Little Time // She Is Too Fond Of Books



Reading Journal/Notebook


A Reading Journal/notebook is such a fun way for book lover’s to record what they are reading. Maybe it has specific questions or maybe it’s a notebook that they can have freedom to use as a reading bullet journal of sorts (ideas for that here!)

I have this one that I got as a gift and I love filling it out! But some of these options look really fun:

Literary Classics set // Adventure Classics Journal set // Romantic Classics journal set // Horror Classics Journal set // Well Read Women Journal //

I am also really obsessed with this Kate Spade “Hers For The Reading” notebook if you are looking for a bookish notebook that isn’t really a reading journal and is more freestyle!



Literary Mug & Tea


Nothing better than to cozy up with a good book and some tea (or a cuppa coffee if that’s what you are into):



Stackable Bear & Books Mug (soooo adorable) // Library Card Mug // I Like Big Books & I Cannot Lie mug // Banned Books mug // Coffee mug (PERFECT for the writer in your life!) // My Weekend Is All Booked mug//


Also a big fan of these mugs from Evie’s shop that I’ve mentioned several times:



And now for some literary tea:





I’ve also really enjoyed this Reading Nook blend from Plum Deluxe! They also have a tea subscription service which could also be a fun gift!



Literary Soaps



Love these little literary soaps from Modclothliterary soap




And OH EM GEE you need to check out The Soap Librarian on Etsy!



Special Editions or Boxed Sets Of Their Favorite Books/Authors


Okay so again TECHNICALLY a book gift but oh man special editions can be very spend-y and what better way to show the book lover in your life that you take notice of their favorites and accept their need to own 409940 copies of the same book!

My picks because 1) I NEED that Harry Potter set IT’S SO BEAUTIFUL 2) this box set of my favorite childhood classics is just too gorgeous to behold and 3) THIS EDITION IS THE PRETTIEST OF ALL EDITIONS like honestly every book in there could be garbage and I would still buy it for the aesthetic.


If you know what your beloved bookworm enjoys…set if any boxed sets exist for it or a special collector’s edition. SO MANY OF THOSE.



Any of these delightfully bookish things:






What are your go-to gifts for book lovers that aren’t books???
Stay tuned next week for another gift guide — I’ve got a few coming (of the bookish & non-bookish variety)

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  1. Those Yoshi bags are incredible! Love them! I wish someone would buy me bookish things, but they never do. They know I am always reading and that I blog and go to cons, you would think “bookish gifts”, but alas, not even an Amazon gift card. This is a fabulous list though. So many items I want.

    • RIGHT?? They are so beautiful! I feel sometimes some of the bookish purses I see are tacky but these are lovely!

      UGH you need to mail them this list!! HOW RUDE. My family is okay about it…like sometimes they will gift me something bookish and other times not so much. BUT they do think I’m hard to buy for because they are like “WELL I DON’T KNOW WHAT BOOKS YOU HAVE BC YOU HAVE A MILLION!!” I think they just don’t KNOW. I mean, Will got me my current Kindle as a bday gift so he’s pretty good 😛

    • I saw the cream colored applique bag in a shop this summer in Oxford while I was traveling and I’ve been thinking about it ever since! I had no idea you could get them anywhere else except the little leather shop in Oxford where I saw it! It’s on my wishlist for the holidays…but if nobody gets it for me… I may just have to get it for myself!

  2. I love these ideas! I think I am going to be giving literary subscription boxes to my whole family this year.

    • They are SUCH a good idea! My nieces have soooo many toys and I’m like I don’t want to get them MORE toys but they LOVE reading but, bless my sis, she rarely buys them books so all the books they mostly get are from me. so this will be fun for them to get mail…especially at that age. I mean, I KNOW I AM EXCITED ABOUT FUN MAIL!

      I’m going to put the BOTM one on my Xmas list. I’ve been so iffy about YA sub boxes for myself just because I’m super in tune with all the new release and most of the boxes I saw I either had the book or got an ARC of it so it would be fun to do that one and get more adult fiction bc I mostly just go to the library for that!

  3. Why does the “Always” print make me so emotional

  4. Thank you for such a complete gift guide.

    And sometimes you just have to skip the household chores. 😀

    • You are welcome! And yeahhh sometimes it’s just like WELP I can handle dirty dishes for another day lol So long as we have no surprise visitors lol My mother-in-law is coming over on Tuesday when Will is off to hang out with him and Riley so I’m going to be cleaning like MAD this weekend!

  5. I LOVE my Book of the Month subscription that my mom got me for my birthday. I plan on renewing it every birthday until I die. Yet, I had NOT thought about getting my nephew (who is 2) a book subscription, but I love that idea!

    • It’s SUCH an awesome gift!! And yeah I kept trying to think of creative things to get my nieces that weren’t toys (bc omg they have sooooo many) and a book subscription box came to mind and a thing called KiwiCrate you should check out! I don’t know how young that’s for though!

  6. Thank you for this great list. Planning on getting a monthly book box subscription for my granddaughter for Christmas. Books all year long- love this!

  7. well, there goes my entire bank account 🙂 it’s a good thing i don’t know too many book lovers in real life, otherwise i’d be doubly-broke. i want all the things!

  8. Thank you so much for including Novelly Yours on your list!!! Ahh there are so many amazing bookish items! I LOVE those stackable mugs and some of those prints are so awesome!!! <33

    • You are welcome! <33 I KNOW..I'm obsessed with those stackable mugs! The bear is so cute and looks so cozy! That's basically what I turn into in the winter haha

  9. First thanks Jamie for such nice post, well spent time on reading. Books are such nice gifts for anyone who can read, most of the people forget this in this modern world. Thanks

  10. Oh, I’m loving all of this. I would totally take anything book themed like a tote bag, a candle, a shirt, etc. I really love those litograph items!


  11. Ohmygod, girl this is a LIST!
    I’ve been working on my own gift guide for my blog and it’s just a time-sucking vortex of links and madness!
    Thank you for writing this! I definitely have some shopping to do!


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