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Gifts for harry potter fans


Hellllooo back this week with another gift guide (check out last week’s gift guide if you happened to miss it — chock full of gifts for the book lovers in your life/yourself let’s be real).


gifts for Harry Potter fans!


This gift guide is dedicated to all the Harry Potter fanatics on your list (add yourself to your To Buy For List…treat yo self). As you know, I read Harry Potter for the first time at 30 and while I was the Harry Potter festival near my house this year I was thinking how sad it was that I have ZERO Harry Potter merch. NOTHING. All my friends have been accumulating their Harry Potter merch FOR YEARS and I’m starting now and have a long way to go. This Hufflepuff needs to GET ON IT. Although what to get first??

Anyways, it might feel like the Harry Potter fanatic on your list has EVERY HARRY POTTER THING IN EXISTENCE…but I’m hoping this list will at least find you something to gift them that they don’t actually have yet!!

I would love love love for you to let me know in the comments some of YOUR favorite Harry Potter merch…for gift guide purposes….totally not for myself. NOPE. Nu uh.


[Disclosure: This post may contain affiliate links which means that if you click on a link and purchase something I’ve talked about or recommended, I’ll receive a very small percentage of the sale. Please see my disclosure policy for more info. I’m not personally affiliated with/sponsored by any of the companies in this gift guide just genuinely think they are great!


Mostly everything that is Hogwarts house related had other House options..I just chose them randomly!




Omg I added so many of these to my wishlist and cart. THIS IS A PROBLEM. Can my whole wardrobe just be made up of Harry Potter clothing? I THINK SO.  Tell me about all the Harry Potter clothing you own!! Also, since I loooove a good deal, just know that some of this stuff is super on sale (I don’t know for how long!) so YAY for your wallet!


Harry Potter clothing

Harry Potter Pajama set // Exceptionally Ordinary hoodie // Expecto Patronum tee // Up To No Good Tee //

  // Hogwarts Alum tee // Trouble Tee //Harry Potter joggers // Hogwarts Hoodie //

Harry Potter sweatpants & tees

Hogwarts crest joggers // Hogwarts colorblock leggings // Harry Potter graphic tee // Hogwarts house graphic tee (they have other houses)

Hogwarts tees

Harry Potter clothing

// Hogwarts alumni graphic tee // Harry Potter symbols graphic tee // I Solemnly Swear tee // Foiled Hogwarts crest tee // Muggles tee // Pajama Set // Crest Hogwarts colorblock tee // Hogwarts sweatshirt



Clothes for Harry Potter superfans

Quidditch Team Hoodie // Harry Potter Glasses tee// Marauder’s Map fleece leggings // Hogwarts Teacher shirt // Deathly Hollows Tee // Harry Potter couples shirt // “I Don’t Give A” sweatshirt (super need the Hufflef*ck one)//Squad Goals tee // Mo Muggles Mo Problems tee // Everyday I’m Mugglin tee // Harry Potter dress //



I Solemnly Swear wristlet // Mischief Wristlet // Up To No Good wristlet // Letter To Hogwarts tote // Harry Potter phone case // Hogwarts Alum hat // Hogwarts backpack // Mischief hat // Infinity scarf // House scarf // Beanie // 3 pack socks // Knee socks // Crew socks // Snape socks // Gryffindor socks

Harry Potter phone cases

Phone Case 1 // Phone Case 2 // Phone Case 3



(Note: Alex & Ani has so many awesome Harry Potter things…I just picked a couple so definitely check those out!)


Alex and Ani Deathly Hollows Bangles // Alex & Ani Hogwarts bangle // Alex and Ani Harry Potter ring //Always Pendant // Nimbus 2000 Broomstick necklace // After All This Time bracelet // Harry Potter choker // Deathly Hallows necklace // Harry Potter house tie necklace //


Most of these Etsy shops have SOOOOO many other options too. SO MANY.

Best Harry Potter jewelry on Etsy

Golden Snitch inspired necklace // Deathly Hallows ring // Doe Patronus necklace // Harry Potter Watch // Deathly Hallows charm // “The stories we love best”  bracelet // Deathly Hallows earrings //






I wish Will would read Harry Potter so I could get him the apron since he does all the cooking in our home! I think he would be Slytherin! Also…who’s going to make me Snitch cookies???



Hogwarts House aprons // Hogwarts House spatula // Hogwarts House Tumbler // Hogwarts water bottle // Up To No Good tumbler// Harry Potter glasses tumbler // Hogwarts House mug //


Fun Harry Potter stuff for your kitchen

Hogwarts Wooden Spoons // Lil Harry Mug // Harry Potter wine glasses // Golden Snitch Cookie cutter // Harry Potter mug // Personalized Harry Potter cutting board // Kitchen towel




Golden Snitch Metal Model Kit // Harry Potter Trivial Pursuit // Harry Potter chess set // Pen set // Bookmark set // Collectible Wand (SO MANY…I just picked Hermione’s) // Time Turner // Funko set//Harry Potter Clue game // 3D Puzzle Harry Potter Hogwarts Great Hall// Music From Harry Potter instrumentals // Hogwarts Express Train (VERY SPENDY but could make a really, really nice gift for someone close to you who would appreciate it) // Quidditch Set // 2018 Calendar // Ornament // Hedwig Figurine





Fill every inch of your home with Harry Potter goods!!


Hogwarts House lap desk // Harry Potter duvet & sheet set (also have pillows) // Daily Prophet bed set// Harry Potter house throw // Hedwig Jewelry Cage // Throw Pillow // Marauder’s Map pillow // Platform 9 3/4 pillow // Hogwarts house pillow

Harry Potter Gifts

Hogwarts house clock // Harry Potter music box // Tea box // Ring Dish // Book Jewelry Box // Wooden Box


There are SO SO MANY amazing Harry Potter wall art for your home and I refuse to pick a few so definitely peruse these.




Maybe the Harry Potter fan in your life needs some Harry Potter reading outside of the series?

Seriously SO HARD TO JUST CHOOSE A COUPLE THINGS. Etsy has some amazing Harry Potter Christmas stuff!!!
Harry Potter Christmas
What would be on your Christmas list?? Tell me your favorite HP merch that you own!

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  1. I really love my Gryffindor pajamas and my Gryffindor cardigan 🙂 I have lots of Harry Potter bookmarks too.

  2. Kat_thebooknerd says:

    Have you noticed how little Hufflepuff merch there is? As a fellow Hufflepuffer (lolol I just made that term up) I get annoyed at all the Gryffindor and Slytherin only stuff (I was originally a Gryffindor for YEARS, might I add, but Pottermore changed it -.- rude). Most of my HP clothes are from Hot Topic and/or Primark. I also have a cushion that says “I solemnly swear I am up to no good” from Society6. I got a few things in the GeekGear Wizardry box in August 2017 and that had posters and a tiny Helga cup. It’s so CUTE! it’s funny how much merch is out now compared to when the films/books were being released. OH and I have most of the Funko Pops for HP! From the things you listed above, I love the books that turn out to be tiny drawers. aww

    • I have noticed that!! RUDE. Hufflepuffs are awesome. The first time I took a quiz it told me I was evenly a Gryffindor or Hufflepuff and for a while I thought of myself as a Gryffinpuff but then I decided to just choose (and took the Pottermore quiz on the site) Hufflepuff bc I think it’s totally me and the quiz agreed this time.

      Isn’t that adorable?? So creative! Esp for the Potter fan who has everything!!

  3. I want all of the kitchen supplies! And some clothes. Slytherin for the win!

  4. So many good things. I’m glad Primark these days has a lot of HP stuff so I can get some cute t-shirts. I love my marauder map sweat shirt. And I am currently sitting under my hp blanket. 😀 And I just got a hp bag. Christmas came early. 😉

  5. I own quite a lot of Harry Potter merch but there’s so much I still don’t have and want on this list! Harry Potter clothing is my favourite type of merch – it’s practical and fun to wear! My favourites that I own are my Hufflepuff jumper, Ron’s Christmas jumper, my Hufflepuff scarf and these Marauders’ Map pyjama pants that are SUPER COMFY. They’re so soft omg.
    That said, I love all other types of merch too of course haha. Hope you’ll get a lot of great stuff for Christmas!


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