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  • I’m always fascinated by articles about technology/the Internet because I grew up mostly “offline” as the Internet was still new and it wasn’t in our hands. I can see the evolution of my online habits and I’m just endlessly fascinated with the research about living our lives online. This article about why personal tech is depressing was really interesting! I’m not going to give up tech any time soon but I am trying to be aware of my consumption and how it is affecting me.


  • I spend a lot of time thinking about what kind of parent I want to be but I 1000% know I want to raise a kid who wants to learn and is curious…loved this article!


  • Do you ever have these trends you just aren’t sure if you are into? Okay, like I really love cardigans…like I own ALL SORTS of styles of cardigans and in all sorts of colors. But I cannot figure out if I love cardigans this long. I saw a fashion blogger I love have this on in their Instagram story and it looked great on her (and it is on sale!!) but I just don’t know if I can pull of cardigans that long. The longest I typically go are ones that go past my butt a little. WHAT DO YOU THINK, FASHIONABLE PEOPLE? Even when those long duster sweaters were IN when I was a teen back in the day I only bought one because I just wasn’t sure about them.


  • I had some birthday money from my family to spend (because PSH I’m not going to save it, nope) annnnnd naturally I went to TARGET. I have been finding so many clothes for myself there these days that I’m in love with (I’m really loving the Who What Wear collection)! I got this sweater in pink (I own like NO pink so this is outside my comfort zone a little haha), this blouse and this cardigan in grey.


  • Was already dying to read Dear Martin but ESPECIALLY after this article!!


  • I had the pleasure of meeting Jason Reynolds when his debut novel was coming out and he was a delightful human being and his books are fabulous! I am OBSESSED with this interview and spotlight on him! Seriously…go read his books!!



  • So as we are starting to venture into the cold weather I’ve been perusing sites for snow boots because I don’t own any even though I live in Pennsylvania and we get snow. I was resorting to wearing my adorable rain boots when I was taking Finn out but I was miserably cold in them as I trudged out there in the snow every winter that we’ve had him. So 1) PLEASE COLD-WEATHER FRIENDS PLEASE RECOMMEND ME YOUR FAVES and 2) I’m torn between these and these as of right now (I am picky about snowboots even though I know I shouldn’t care what they look like because I will literally only wear them in the snow). Okay but these are kind of cute too but do I want short snow boots?? I hate when the snow is deep and snow can fall into my boot! HELP PLEASE..I know the first step to stop being miserable in cold weather is to dress better for the weather so this seems like a good step…to not have freezing cold feet!



  • I’m a list junkie (especially to-do lists) but I found this “burner list” interesting! Always trying to find better ways for myself to get shit done! May have to give it a try! What is your process for the to-do list??




Happy Sunday!! What are you all reading this weekend??












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  1. Re: snow boots, I have some short Sorel ones similar to the ones you linked and I love them! I live in Texas so I don’t wear them much but we have family in Wisconsin and they work perfect when we go up there, even doing outdoorsy activities. I’ve never had an issue with the snow falling in because they cinch up really well without getting uncomfortable!

    • Oh that makes me so happy to hear that because I’m liking those ones a bit more than the others. Thank you for sharing!! I think you just helped me actually make a decision!!

    • I was legit going to recommend that same brand. I live in Wisconsin and they are a lifesaver! My feet are hardly ever cold. And they have a decent life. I have had mine for about 5 years and am now thinking of maybe getting new ones (just maybe though. I hate winter boot shopping).

      • AHH definitely sold. Just added them to my cart!! I will trust the advice of people who live in places that get more snow and worse cold weather than we do!! Will was like, ” you finally decided??” and I’m like YES the internet helped me out greatly haha I had been going back and forth and adding and deleting boots from my cart.

  2. I basically live in duster sweaters 3 seasons of the year because I hate coats. At first, I felt a little like I looked like Doc Holiday (the Val Kilmer version from Wyatt Earp), so I embraced it and did a side by side photo to share with my friends. This lead to work outfits inspired by Ms. Frizzle, The Dude & Captain Jack Sparrow. It’s fun and I’ve fullyembraced dusters as a staple in my wardrobe.

    As for to do lists, I have started doing rows of NOW!, soon, someday. It’s helped me prioritize because I always have a million things I could be doing that would be valuable to my work, but also things I should do that I might not want to. It’s super helpful and has helped me rock it out at work.

    • HAHAH I LOVE IT!!!! Maybe I will have to find one (for kinda cheap so I don’t feel too bad if I don’t wear it often) and just try to embrace it.

      I LOVE YOUR IDEA FOR TO-DO LISTS!!!! I love that!! Going to try to do that in my bullet journal!! Thanks for the idea!

  3. I’m dying to read Dear Martin as well. It sounds AWESOME.

  4. I grew up in Michigan, and Sorel is 100% my go-to for winter boots.

    • You and the two others from colder weather states than where I am just sold me on them!! Added to my cart!! Thank you :))

  5. I love duster sweaters. I wasn’t sold on them either, but they are perfect for skinny jeans or leggings. I feel they dress them up a bit more than normal, especially with flats or booties. I love using the ends of the sweater as a blanket if I am cold and they make for great coats when the weather is cool.

  6. That article about questions to ask when you’re stuck is just what I need at the moment. Thanks for the recommendation!

  7. Oh I love cold weather boots! If you’re in the market for a really good quality pair, I cannot recommend Sorel enough. I wore them in all the snow last year and my feet / legs never once felt cold. And they’re waterproof and have good grip on the bottom so you won’t slip! Here’s a great black pair! https://www.zappos.com/p/sorel-joan-of-arcticc-black-2/product/7333234/color/60041

    • EXCELLENT! Thank you!! So much love for Sorel in the comments! This is why I love the internet…I can buy boots I know are actually good!!

  8. I think about being online a lot too. I think our micro-generation is so interesting because I remember our first computer, when we got internet, my first cell phone, etc. But it also all feels natural. So strange. Target!!! I really love their new clothes! I’ve gotten a few sweaters that are my absolute favorite work clothes now. And I have The Little Book of Hygge, I’ve been meaning to read it 🙂 I like those Gwyneth snow boots a lot! I need a good pair too for when we go to the mountains.

    • YES we just kind of grew into the technology as it evolved. It’s so fascinating!

      And yes omg Target’s clothes have gotten to be my favorite…I really love their Who What Wear collection also!

  9. I wear long sweaters with above-the-knee skirts or with straight-leg jeans, and I tuck in my shirt bought ways. Be brave!