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  • So Will’s mom keeps asking me what I want for Christmas and I am seriously considering asking for the new Kindle Oasis!! It looks SO NICE. Nothing is ~wrong~ with my Kindle Paperwhite — I’ve had it for a few years and no problems and it doesn’t need to be replaced — BUT THIS THING IS SO NICE LOOKING. Plus, I like to live on the wild side and read while in the tub and in the pool when it’s nice and that sometimes is scary when I have my Kindle so the fact that this thing is (allegedly) waterproof?? I NEED because I seriously read so much near water. There’s a bunch of other features but my brain was basically BLAH BLAH BLAH wait WATERPROOOOOF OMG. Does anyone own it?? What do you think?? Or should I just stick with the Paperwhite?? They are also doing a trade-in to get money off a new kindle by trading in your old one that I think runs through December so I’d want to make a decision regardless if I’m going to treat myself or put it on the X-mas list.



  • This post (and then her follow-up) really resonated with me in where I’m at in reading a lot of blogs (mostly outside of this bookish space). I’ve been blogging since 2010 and I’ve seen a shift for sure. I miss the personal aspects of some blogs and blogging spaces. It’s easy for me to sometimes feel like “oh man my blog could really explode if I would do x, y & z” that all the blogging blogs tell you to do but I’ve always felt like I wouldn’t be happy. Where I’m happy? Having a mix of ~useful~ content that can help other readers (book lists and book recommendation type posts) and more personal content even if that typically is my least popular. I don’t care. I’ve blogged for long enough to know what makes me happy, what inspires me and what keeps me going. I think that’s why I’ve just never gone to the super critical side of things when it comes to talking about books, not because I’m not critical or I’m afraid to, but because I’m mostly happy talking about how a book resonated with me and how I connected with it or didn’t. Sure, I talk about what I like and dislike but sometimes I like doing posts like this even though I get less feedback. That’s okay with me. So I think if you are a new blogger…always think about what truly makes you happy and keeps you inspired to create content. And remember that “successful” is subjective — successful might mean getting x amount of page views or comments to one person and may mean just having a really awesome community of people to talk to on a regular basis. Define success on your own terms. And make sure you are always reevaluating — it’s okay to change! I know I’ve added way more non-book content because that’s what I want. Sure it might send some readers running in the other direction but maybe another reader finds it to be exactly what they are looking for!


  • On that note, I really do feel like I’m making more of a shift towards a more lifestyle/personal type blog but way more heavy on books than most of those? So I mean basically what I’ve been doing already but maybe a little more? It’s a little scary to “officially” make a shift and potentially a name change (I’ve had the domain for YEARS because I kept going back and forth) but the book blogging community feels like home for the past 7 years and it feels weird to maybe not have my blog be a part of it anymore. I mean, I think I’ve done enough lifestyle/personal posts that the people who are here might take the transition with me and then I have a chance to meet even more people who maybe weren’t interested in such a book centric blog. CHANGE. I struggle.


  • Okay you guys were suuuuper helpful when it came to snow boots in this post so I’m hoping to crowd source again! SO I am in need of jeans. I’ve been going through my closet and…I’ve just kept a lot of jeans that don’t fit anymore or aren’t flattering. I can fit into a couple pairs of my jeans almost 4 months postpartum but some were already iffy before I got pregnant so I think I just need to let them go. My go-to black skinnies have been these from Pacsun. They are stretchy and awesome and they haven’t faded as badly as some other brands of black skinnies I’ve bought (cough UO cough). SOOO I’m looking for those PERFECT jeans. Like perfect fit that makes everything it covers look awesome. And comfy! I typically stay with the skinny (mid or high rise because low rise = buttcrack errry day all day) but I AM in the market for a comfy pair of boyfriend jeans. I like a little bit of stretch too! I tried on these from Nordstrom and they were really comfy (and on sale) but I got flustered because Riley started freaking out so I left without buying anything/trying on other jeans.



  • LOVE Robin Benway’s books and she is a delightful human being. This article was so great and I’m super happy for her!




  • I was looking through Feedly at all the food blogs I have to look for a side dish to make for our Friendsgiving that is happening today and I found this amazing roundup of healthy side dishes from one of the blogs I follow! SAVING IT FOR ALL THE HOLIDAYS.




Happy Sunday!! What are you all reading this weekend??



















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  1. I think “always think about what truly makes you happy and keeps you inspired to create content” is so true when it comes to blogging. It can be incredibly easy to get caught up in the numbers game and be competitive about blogging, but at the end of the day, it’s about how people present themselves and if they’re happy with what they’re creating. For what are people creating for? Success is incredibly subjective as you said, and fleeting at the same time.

    Also, re: the domain change, I think people read your blog for you, not necessarily for your blog name, so I think you should go for it!

    • YES it really can be. Through the years (especially during the big BOOM of book blogging when it seemed like the industry really took hold of us) it messed with my mind quite a bit! Then I would get burnt out and then refocus like THESE THIGNS DO NOT MAKE ME HAPPY!!

  2. Okay, this is kinda random, but my fave jeans are actually some skinny mid-rise jeggings from Target! They fit so well and have some stretch! I have them in dark blue and black. The one bummer is that they only have back pockets, but buying jeans is such a struggle that I can deal with that!

    • OOHHH I am obsessed with Target so I need to go check them out!! And I’m okay with only back pockets…totally not a deal breaker! Thank you!

  3. I’ve been reading your blog for a while but I don’t think I have ever commented before. I just wanted to say that personal/lifestyle blogs with a healthy dose of books are my favorite kind of blogs. It is what I write myself. Books are my true love but I really like knowing a bit more about the person behind the blog and I feel like a mix of books and personal posts provides that. So, if you have more personal posts, I will continue to be a happy reader.

    Also, since I have never commented here before, I just wanted to say congratulations on your beautiful baby.

    • Thank you for commenting!! Nice to “meet” you!! And thank you for the encouragment…I feel like definitely for the past few years I’ve had more of that kind of stuff anyways so I don’t know why I’m so hung up on what I categorize myself as?? Maybe it’s that if I call myself more of a lifestyle/personal blog then I can give myself free reign to post things I might otherwise feel awkward posting while being known as a book blog?

      And thank you for the congratulations! It’s been a whirlwind but in a good way mostly <3

  4. So, they are kind of expensive- but I️ only own like 2 pairs of Jeans and wear them in heavy rotation so it’s worth it- Kut From the Cloth’s Catherine jeans are awesome and definitely work with the changes your body experiences after making a person. The Kate style is cut the same but distressed if that’s what you’re going for. Don’t know about their boyfriend styles, but angry rabbit makes awesome high waisted jeans. I’m wearing them right now and not only are they comfy but my tush looks amazing.

    I’m all for a change if that’s what you’re feeling- I talk to my Irl girlfriends about books and cute jeans and how obsessed we are with authors (one of my besties and I had custom made socks with a Roxane Gay tweet on them) so I’d be all in for a blog that does the same.

    • Ok that is SO me re: only wearing the same jeans haha. I don’t know why I have a closet full of them when I only wear the same like 3 or 4. DEFINITELY checking out these jeans!! Thank you!!

      YES okay that last paragraph…that is how I feel! I started as a book blog and then over the years I’ve definitely added a lot of OTHER stuff because it felt more home-y to me that way and my view of my blog was always like it was supposed to be two friends sitting down and chatting over books…so now maybe it’s just friends chatting over books and like so many other things!!

  5. I’m reading The Great Gatsby (for the first time!) and The Lost Girl of Astor Street.

    Also loved that interview with Robin Benway. So inspirational, and it makes me want to read Far From the Tree even more now.

    • How are you liking The Great Gatsby? It’s been AGES since I’ve read that one! I wonder if I would still like it!

      I thought it was really inspirational too! I love Robin’s books so it makes me super happy for her!! Cannot wait to finally dive into Far From The Tree!

      • It’s…interesting. I’d already seen the recent movie adaptation, which I think definitely affects my perceptions. I can see how it appeals to people, but Nick as a narrator kind of gets on my nerves.

  6. My best fitting jeans come from The Gap. I also love their khakis. I like their boyfriend style and they have many different shades to choose from. They also have skinny jeans and they come in tall and xtra tall and they really are tall. I can’t tell you how many pairs I own ( I’m too embarrassed). Check out their sales and their outlet stores for great savings.

    • Ooh I don’t know why I have NEVER checked out the Gap for jeans! And they always have great deals lately (plus I’m always buying Riley stuff from Old Navy haha) THANK YOU!

  7. I just got a pair of Wit & Wisdom skinny jeans from Nordstrom and am in love. The fit. Oh, the fit. They are the first pair of jeans I’ve had in years that actually fit well. Stretchy, fitted, and so, so comfortable. I would wear them every day of the week if I could.

    You are not the only person who has or is actively considering a switch from book blogging to more lifestyle blogging. I haven’t gotten to that point yet, but I do understand what is driving everyone to do so. We are so much more than the books we read, and you have just experienced one of life’s biggest changes. It makes sense that you want to shift away from talking about books all the time. Personally, even though I am pretty much all books all the time, I love the non-bookish posts on everyone’s feeds. It makes me feel like I am getting to know them (and you) even more than I already do, solidifying our friendships even more.

    • Well with a raving endorsement like that!!! This is why I like crowdsourcing! Reading reviews is okay but getting input from real people I know is so much better!!

      I don’t know why I’m making such a big deal about it since I have, for a while, posted about a lot more stuff than just books on here! Maybe because then I won’t feel like I have this tight-knit community in the book blogging world but feel out of place posting about fashion or baby stuff but maybe would be too bookish for most lifestyle books? But then, all these comments on this post, have made me realize that I don’t think it really matters because I have a tight-knit community HERE on my blog so I don’t really need to fit into one or the other! PLus..with most blogs I read..I skip the stuff I’m not interested. It’s not an all or nothing!
      THank you for your thoughts <3

  8. Okay, so they’re a bit on the pricier side but after putting a pair of Madewell jeans on my body, I will NEVER wear anything else. They’re so comfortable and they really hold their shape and color after years of wearings and washings. I also just have to say that I really enjoy your voice and reading anything you decide to blog about so no matter where the next stage takes you, I’ll definitely be following along!

    • I am TOTALLY okay with pricier if it means a great fit and quality that holds up…plus I realize I only rotate the same like 3-5 jeans ever haha. There is a Madewell near where I work so perhaps I will be taking a trip to check these jeans out!! Thank you for the recommendation…I love your style so I value your rec!!

      And thank you! <3 That's how I am with most blogs...I mostly (besides recipe blogs) follow for the voice of the person and sometimes I do skip things I'm not interested in but I know that I'm always excited when they post something I AM interested in! Thanks for your thoughts <33 I really appreciate it!

  9. This week, I am reading some Non Fiction for Non Fic Nov (on Booktube) and getting into Book 2 of Elena Ferrante’s Neapolitan series.

  10. A bunch of bloggers I follow just got the Oasis. I have been dreaming of it, but I have a perfectly good Paperwhite AND a Fire. The guilt would eat me alive, but if it was a gift……. I plan on reading my first Benway book soon. I bought Audrey, Wait! last week, and I am also hoping to get Far From the Tree (everyone is raving about it).

  11. <3 It is great to be able to talk with each other. I love that about blogging.

    I also agree with the post about getting back to basics. Personality is what draws me to a blog. I like coming to your blog because I can see Jamie (obviously not all haha) and you interact. The books might be what made me come over in the first place but the person is what makes me stay. And in that I never mind when there are other posts than bookish posts.

    I am no help with jeans. I haven't worn any jeans in a year. I could not get used to them after my c-section. So now I am skirts and dresses.

  12. For jeans, my coworkers recommended TopShop ultra high waisted denim (I think they’re called the Jamie, actually) and I LOVE them. We all wear them at work. At first it was weird getting used to jeans that were stylish but still went up past my belly button, but I love how they really contain everything and they have sort of a 90’s vibe to them with the ultra high waist that I love, plus I don’t have to worry about wearing tops that may be a little more on the cropped side riding up.