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Gift Guide 2017


Hellllooo back this week with another gift guide! If you are like me, you have quite the array of people you might be shopping for — parents, siblings, co-workers, bffs, a significant other, people you don’t know that well but feel obligated to buy for for some reason, a Secret Santa exchange recipient and they all have different needs and wants and likes. I love finding fun things for people so I’m giving you some inspiration from my own lists that I need to buy for and putting it into a gift guide to (hopefully) help you with everyone on your list (or with your own list for yourself).

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gifts for everyone on your list


I’m just saying…my categories are super random and inspired by the people on my list (and also things I put on my own wishlist). BUT maybe you have that person in your life too?? 😛


best gift guide for all the people on your shopping list


Gifts For Your Besties


For The Besties:

Thank You For Being A Friend Mug: For all those friends in your life who you know you will be causing trouble with you when you are 90 and in a nursing home. I have no doubts that would be my girls and I! GOLDEN GIRLS GIVE ME ALL THE FEELS.

Kate Spade Best Friend Ever Bangle: Really cute! They have it in gold and silver too but I love a good rose gold. Around the band on the outside it says: ‘birds of a feather, two of a kind, perfect pair, partners in crime, peas in a pod, sidekicks” and then the inside says “best friend ever.”

You Are Amazing, I Know mugs: I don’t know about you but my besties are my personal cheerleaders and never fail to remind me how awesome I am and remind ME to remind myself how amazing I am! We don’t downplay our awesomeness around here. Self-confidence, y’all! Love this mug set!

Anatomy of A Best Friend’s Heart Screenprint: If you are looking for an AWWWW type gift!

I’m Glad You’re As Weird As Me Candle: Seriously, every time I meet someone who becomes my close friend I swear we utter this at some point. KINDRED SPIRITS.

LuMee Selfie Phone Case: So that your bff selfies can look flawless! I was asking a friend how her selfies always looked amazing and this was her secret — the light on this selfie case!

Polaroid Pop Instant Digital Camera: To capture all your girls nights and adventures! I think it would be super fun to only take pictures of the times you hang and then reminisce at the end of the year at what a fun year you had! Glitter Cocktail Shaker: A glittery cocktail shaker for all your drinking needs on girls night!

Alex & Ani Best Friend Charm bangles: All the nostalgia for a good BFF necklace from middle school!

Bestie Gift Box: If I was even remotely crafty or good at putting together aesthetically pleasing packages I would try to make one of these myself but ALAS. This comes with: 11 oz You’re My Person mug, polka dot matches, 4 oz Trust and Loyalty Scented Candle, 2 Soft and Chewy Chocolate Chip Cookies, small envelope of tissue paper Confetti, personalized greeting from you.

Life Gives You Lemons Tumbler: My exact routine when things go to shit basically!

No Drama Club flask: LISTEN, it is possible to have a lady squad with zero drama — my girls and I seriously always laugh that in the few years we have been friends we have had zero friend drama together. It’s refreshing and totally possible. A toast to the drama-free friends who just make life super enjoyable and fun!


For The People Who Are Obsessed With Their Pets

Gifts For Dog & Cat Lovers


Team Dog:

Paw Print Charm: I put this on my Christmas list actually because it’s too cute! Finn will always be my OG baby. Sweet gift for the dog mom in your life!

IQ Treat Ball: For all the good dogs in your life! We have this for Finn and I don’t know if he gets more joy out of it or us because watching him nose it around the apartment is HILARIOUS and entertains Will and I greatly.

Namaste Home With My Dog tee: I can relate.

No Need To Knock Dog Mat: I mean, true? All dog owners know that! And likely if you hang with a dog owner you’ve been greeted by the bark squad a time or two.

Be the Person Your Dog Thinks You Are tote: Something to strive for!

Team Cat:
(Sorry I know zero about cats so no cat toy picks here)

And can I just preface this with I’m TEAM DOG all the way but I want all this stuff. There is not much cute dog stuff unless it’s a specific breed and Finn is the muttiest of mutts.

Cat Measuring Cups/Baking Bowls: HOW CUUUUTE. I don’t even know if I’d want to use them..just display them.

Cat Umbrella: This is the cutest umbrella I’ve seen in a while! There IS also a dog one but I like the cat one better!

Cat scarf: They have other colors but I really liked this pink color!

Cat eye mask: How cute!


I also totally saw these two cat things OF COURSE when I was already done with the graphic portion of the post and I’m too lazy to add them: Cat candle (with a…surprise…as it melts) and this mug that made me lol and need this for one of my friends who has a lot of cats and frequently jokes about her status.


Gift Guide For Wine Lovers, Coffee Addicts, Beer Lovers & Tea Drinkers


For Your Wine Drinking People:

Stop and Smell the Rose/You Had Me At Merlot stemless wine glasses ( I also really like this Yes Way Rose’ one!)

Cat Wine Bottle Opener (I don’t know what my obsession is with cat stuff lately…I’m not even really a cat person?? Also, my friend has this electric wine opener from Target and it is THE BEST!)

Merlot Infused Coffee: Okay this could be in the coffee lover section but this is for that friend who you are pretty sure would drink wine in the morning if it was socially acceptable!

For the Coffee Lovers In Your Life:

Runs On Coffee ornament: Really cute handblown ornament shaped like your favorite beverage!

But First Coffee mug: For that person who needs their coffee before they can even function!  ALSO, I’m super obsessed with this “But First Coffee/But First Milk” Mommy and Me tee set and I’m probably getting it for somebody I know so if you have a new mom friend this could be a really cute gift.  Also these cute mug sweaters are amazing too!

Starbucks Coffee Gift Set: I have given so many variations of these Starbucks coffee sets over the years and they are always a hit. Definitely a good gift for someone you don’t know THAT well but you know they go on Starbucks runs all the time.

Stainless Steel Vacuum Bottle: I picked this up from Target on a whim for Will because he started making coffee again before work and complained we barely had any to-go type mugs and he loves this thing! Definitely pick this up for the person who you never see without coffee in their hand! It apparently keeps it real cold too if you have cold beverages but we’ve only used it for hot!

For Your Beer Enthusiasts:

Assorted Beer Glasses: I got these for Will this Christmas because he uses the same two beer glasses! I love that each glass is for a different type of beer (ie a stout/porter (my faves) glass, Belgian ale glass, etc.). I am hoping he loves it! It is currently hiding behind my shoes in the closet and I hope he loves it!!! Definitely a good gift for the craft beer fan/beer snob!

Most Wonderful Time For A Beer growler: If the beer lover in your life goes to breweries a lot this is a great gift! It’s growler central up in our home!

BottleLoft: I saw this thing while I was perusing for beer-related gifts for Will and thought it was so cool!

Beeropoly: For that person who is also looking for a new drinking game!

I had to share this (but didn’t want to put it in the collage because the background they used to display the t-shirt is ugly) because I got it for Will a couple years ago for Christmas because we had just started really exploring all of our local breweries.  A nice gift if the beer lover in your life likes to drink local! Will still wears the shirt and I was pleasantly surprised with the quality!

For the Tea Drinkers:


Glass Tea Cup with Lid & Strainer: Comes in other colors too!! It’s so adorable! (seriously what is UP with me and cat things lately…I’m like really drawn to them! I keep picking out clothes for Riley with cats on them and Will keeps saying I’m betraying Finn haha).

Teapot With Infuser: I actually got this a couple of years ago as a Christmas gift from my stepmom and I LOVE IT! It’s really cute! I’ve actually gifted 2 times since I got one as housewarming type gifts with some personalized tea cups. It comes in SO many other colors. I have the one shown!

Wooden Tea Box: I actually was just saying to Will that I need one of these because my tea stash is SOOOO disorganized and all over the place and it’s annoying me. I think this one is so cute!!

For Your Disney People


Gifts For Your Disney Loving Friend / Holiday Gift Guide



Disney Villains socks: I AM OBSESSED WITH THESE. Sorry not sorry that I love the villains.  Also really love these Minnie themed socks from Target and these awesome Nightmare Before Christmas socks (MY FAVE!!).

Minnie necklace: Kohl’s actually has a lot of cute Disney stuff!

Mickey clock: I’m not normally into like fandom decor like a clock but I love this!

Mickey cheese board set: Really cute! They have other ones but I like this one best! I found it when I was perusing cheese boards (omg such a boring adult thing to do) because all my friends have these cheese boards and trays and we have nothing to serve anything on lol. TRYING TO ADULT BETTER AND BECOME A BETTER HOSTESS.

Disney Vintage Cosmetic Bag: This is so cute! I put a new cosmetic bag on my Christmas list for my MIL but I’m kind of sad I saw this after!


gift guide


For that person who likes to be cozy af:

Faux Fur Robe from Target: Literally one of the coziest robes in the whole world.

Velvet Slippers: I thought my Uggs were comfortable until I put these on my feet while Riley and I were perusing Target during a diaper run. They are on my Christmas list soooo fingers crossed. I’ve had my current slippers for like the past 6 years so I could use

For the person who loves to make lists:

52 Lists of Happiness: There are a bunch of other ones that I mentioned in this post!


For the millennial who will never be able to buy a house because they pay too much money for avocado toast:

Avocado PJs:(referencing this in case you think I’m serious….these pjs are super cute!)


Gift Guide For Everyone On Your List


That friend who would never call it a macaroon because it’s a mothereffing MACARON

Macaron Pillow: No but really. This could be one of my biggest pet peeves.

For The Harry Potter fan

Buttery Brew Candle: They have a bunch of other HP-inspired candles, too! Also, I wrote a whole Harry Potter gift guide so you should probably check that out!

For Your Workout Buddy

Yoga/Pilates Mat: I probably should replace my yoga mat (it’s kind of embarrassingly falling apart/gross…but alas I didn’t work out during pregnancy/haven’t since having Riley so haven’t thought about it til this moment) and, well, if this isn’t my life philosophy I don’t know what is. (the brand that makes this) also has a “I Tried My Best” mat that I like too!

For Your Friend Who Runs On The Tears Of The Patriarchy & Fights The Good Fight Alongside You

Tears of the Patriarchy Mug: Need fuel to fight the patriarchy!

The Patriarchy Isn’t Going To Smash Itself tee: Rally cry!

That Person Whose Aesthetic is 95% Succulents

Concrete Desktop Planter: OMG I WISH MY JOB REQUIRED A DESK (lol #nannylife)/WE HAD ROOM FOR A DESK HERE IN THE APARTMENT. I am obsessed with this. I love that it’s dual purpose —  a plant AND a holder of pens & other things. One of my former work friends used to always have plants and I always thought her space seemed so much more lively than the rest of ours in the drab office.

That Person With The Dad Jokes

Hi I’m Mat: I had to laugh when I saw this because I have someone in mind that this would be perfect for but now I need to do some recon if they have a doormat these days.

For That Person Who Understands How Luxurious A Home Spa Day Is (Or maybe someone who really deserves a spa day)

Bath Bombs: Ahhhh nothing like a luxurious bath to unwind! I know this is sacrilege but I don’t love Lush stuff?? I was looking for an alternative and this seems like a good one!

Clay Face Mask: SO one of Santa’s elves may have let me know I’m getting this for Christmas! I put it on my Christmas list (and forgot I did so!) and ran out of my current face mask and Will saw this in our cart and was like UMMMMMMMMM you can’t. I cannot wait to get this in my hands!!!! I hope I love it because this brand has a lot more products I’d like to try out!

For That Person Whose Paycheck Goes Directly To Sephora or Ulta

Mermaid Makeup Brush Set & mermaid tail multifunctional brush: One of my favorite things in life is to find good dupes for expensive makeup/makeup tools. I really hate paying an arm and a leg for makeup brushes (I love the Ecotools brand) and especially ones that are pretty enough to be displayed in your bathroom? I don’t have that kind of money. SO…I saw a beauty blogger talk about these and said they were pretty good for the price especially and I’m thinking about getting them for my teenage niece (oh god wait she’s actually 20 when did that happen!) who is really into makeup these days.


Gifts For People Who Love Technology



Apple Watch: Okay this is a little spendy so obviously it will be someone you are very close to that you might buy this for a group gift (maybe your siblings go in on it for Dad??) BUT Will is OBSESSED with his Apple Watch when I asked him for gift ideas because I was coming up kind of blank for gifts for guys (seriously Will is the hardest to shop for).  Also, if the person you are into is a runner? This one is great! (That’s the one Will has!)

Beats By Dre headphones: So I had always just used the Apple ones that came with my phone but then Will bought these (grey ones, not the rose gold) and I maaaaay have kept stealing them until they became mine (but also he wanted to get a pair of wireless ones for the gym so a win for both of us)

Bedside Phone Charger Vase: I want this sooo badly! Function + beauty = my kind of item!!

Fossil Hybrid Smartwatch: So I was really into the idea of the Fitbit but I always hated how sporty all those sorts of things looked and I knew I wouldn’t wear them so I just put the idea of  it out of my mind. BUT THEN the other day Will and I were shopping and I went into Fossil and I saw THESE babies and I’m getting one (my dad told me he’s sending me money for it for a Christmas present because he doesn’t want to try and find it lol). Tracks steps and sleep and all that good stuff but, for me, I would actually wear it more because it looks more stylish. Still trying to decide what color though!


Monogrammed/Personalized Gifts


Personalized Gifts // Gift Guide


Personalized Hammer: I was perusing Etsy for something unique that my sister and I could go in on for my dad for Christmas (literally one of the hardest men to buy for ever!!) and I saw this and I thought it was cute. Definitely want the “if Dad can’t fix it nobody can” because let’s be real I still call my dad when things are broken and he lives 4 hours away lol.

Kate Spade Initial Pendant: I was thinking about getting this for my stepmom who doesn’t really wear a ton of jewelry but when she does it is very minimalist!

Monogrammed Travel Jewelry Case: My baby sister is finishing up her internships for her Masters and she’s constantly going back and forth between home and also her fiance’s house. Thought this might be cute!

Grandma Personalized Platter with Family Member Names Etched: SOOO I saw this too late for this year but NEXT year I want to coordinate with Will’s family and get everyone to go in on this for her. I think she would LOVE it because family is literally everything to her and we all spend Christmas Eve together and exchange gifts — all the siblings and cousins and her great grandkids.

Mom Necklace: Okay so this isn’t exactly PERSONALIZED…but I mean who else are you going to get a mom necklace for? If my mom were still alive I feel like I would want to get her something like this. Sidenote: I’m obsessed with all the Dogeared necklaces!

Monogrammed Mug from Target: We have a J & W that the lady I work for got me for Christmas a couple of years ago! Really nice mug!

Monogrammed Mugs From Pottery Barn: I think this would be really cute for a newly married couple for their first Christmas! I LOVE these mugs and am contemplating getting them as an engagement gift for Will’s cousin(s)…two separate cousins got engaged in the same weekend!!


Ultimate Holiday Gift Guide



For Your Sister

A Sister Is A Forever Friend Necklace: My sister (the one I talk about most on here and the one with those adorable kids I always post pics of) and I don’t ever exchange gifts anymore but she did so much for us in those first couple weeks after I had Riley I feel like I want to. We totallyyyy aren’t sentimental gift givers but I’m kind of feelin it this year? Just very thankful for family!

For That Person On Your List Who Has A Green Thumb

Rooted in Love Planter: I think this is so darling!

For Your Work BFF

Work mug: OMG I wish I had seen this mug when I still worked in a corporate setting because my prior job was exactly like this and a couple of my co-workers and I would always go on about how pointless some of these meetings were especially when we had a couple in a row.

For That Person Who Has Done More By 9am Than You Do By The End Of The Day

Get On My Level Planner: We bow down, we will never be on your level! Teach us your magical ways of productivity!

Messy Bun, Gettin Stuff Done mug: I saw this in Target the other day! I have to say…Target is really killing it in the mug department! My favorite thing is to get someone a funny/relevant mug and put other things inside it — like gift card or just other little things.


For The Person Who Always Shares Your Nostalgic Longings Of Childhood:

Super Mario t-shirt: I’m still mad at my sister for taking our Super Nintendo system to an apartment she shared with a guy she was dating who ended up KEEPING IT when they split. It was still in great condition!

The Oregon Trail board game: I seriously would bust this out at a party. This was my faaaaaavorite game ever. There has to be a way to play this online, right? *off to Google*



Honestly they mostly just want an uninterrupted night of sleep and someone to clean their house for them (oh just me?) but these will do!


Gifts For Your New Mom Friends


Mama Needs A Mother-Effing Nap mug: RELATABLE.

Mommin’ All Day: I saw this cute tee from Target. They also have this one which lol my life!

New mom necklace: Sweet idea for a mom who just had a baby recently!

You Da Mom Trinket Tray: Perfect for her to put all the random small things that she will ultimately forget where she put them because #mombrain is real.

I Run On tank: Literally my life — the coffee can’t hit my body fast enough, Target is my happy place when I need a little retail therapy and Amazon Prime is there for those OH SHIT WE NEED THIS moments…which happen a lot with a new baby even more than it did before her.

Also this week I saw this on Etsy and I texted my friends (who all had their babies before I had Riley) that I was mad at them that this wasn’t the gift they brought me lolol. It’s going to be my new go-to for any friend who has a baby…just show up with this and a meal because WHAT MORE CAN YOU SAY! Especially if they are one of the lucky ones to have 4th degree tearing like meeeeee.


WHEW. That took forever. I just really enjoy thinking about gifts for people! Stay tuned for a gift guide for babies/kids, book gift guide and MAYBE POSSIBLY Will is going to come on the blog and do a gift guide for men. WE SHALL SEE. It has been discussed. Will he cooperate? STAY TUNED.

[Disclosure: This post may contain affiliate links which means that if you click on a link and purchase something I’ve talked about or recommended, I’ll receive a very small percentage of the sale. Please see my disclosure policy for more info. I’m not personally affiliated with/sponsored by any of the companies in this gift guide just genuinely think they are great!

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  1. I have slippers almost exactly like those and I ADORE them. I’ve been wearing them all day every day since it’s gotten colder.

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