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A Heart Themed Valentine's Day Gift Guide

I did a bunch of gift guides around Christmas-time and I decided that instead of doing a typical gift guide for Valentine’s Day that I would do a heart-themed gift guide (or a treat yo-self guide) for Valentine’s Day because I just love heart-shaped things and I love being festive. Even way back before I met Will in college I loved Valentine’s Day….I know everyone gets bummed out by it when single but I never did. I always treated myself to my own chocolate and did a face mask in a comfy robe or something. Or a girls night out. Or literally anything besides wallow about being single….there were plenty of other days of the year to do that haha.

Clothes & Accessories

So I actually have that second pair of pjs in my cart right now because they are suuuper cute but the satin-y ones look pretty comfy too. I NEED that multi-colored heart dress from Modcloth. I feel like the pizza tee is super cute, too.

One of my favorite things in the world is festive socks for every holiday. Will and I always like to find some every year for each holiday. I think I’m going to get the Avocuddle ones and the T-rex ones! I’m obsessed with the two Dune black heart bags from Asos.

I think I’m buying myself jewelry this Valentine’s Day because some of these are so cute. I need those Kate Spade studs and I, like the rest of the world, am in love with rose gold so that initials pendant necklace and watch need to be mine.


For The Home

I always think about decorating for Fall/Halloween and Christmas but I never do anything for Valentine’s Day but the lady I work for decorates so cute for Valentine’s Day so I feel like I need to up my game!


One of our Valentine’s Day traditions that Will and I started was that we always have breakfast for dinner (we refuse to go out on the night of Valentine’s Day) and I think I’m going to get this heart-shaped waffle maker and surprise HIM with some breakfast for once. I have been wanting a picnic basket and I THINK THIS IS THE ONE. I keep trying to scour yard sales for that sort of thing but I rarely find what I’m looking for.  ALSO…one of my Things I’ve been slacking on that we talked about in my Make Winter Suck Less post is to learn how to bake. My day off lands the day before Valentine’s Day so I think I want to make some heart-shaped baked goods. And I totally need those measuring cups and spoons because half of ours are plastic and have become things Riley likes to play with.

Random Things I Thought Were Cute

Can we talk about that cute book box??



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  1. I love this! There are so many gorgeous gift ideas here. I love the heart shaped waffle maker – I don’t have a partner so I might just buy that for myself haha! Great post lovely, I’m sure this will help many people this Valentines Day <3
    Charlotte | https://charlotteidek.com

  2. I love those socks! So cute and cozy.

  3. You have so many great pieces on here! I actually really want those ASOS heart PJS for a VDay night in

  4. That heart ring is everything! I love it!

  5. Ah I love this… It’s all super romantic. I wonder if I forward it to my husband if he’ll see the thinly veiled hint I’d be sending him haha!

  6. The ASOS heart PJs are so cute! I’m going to show them to my hubby 😉

  7. This is a great post! I’ve never seen a gift guide done this way and it is so creative! I can’t wait to see more!

  8. I love that you have some more unusual and unique choices on your gift guide plus those adorable Kate Spade pave earrings! LOL

  9. So cute! Love all of the socks!

  10. Ruthie Ridley says:

    I am loving all of your pics here!! SO much fun!!

  11. All of the pjs you’ve picked out are SO cute! And I love the heart wreaths~

    Vivian | LIVE IN LOVE
    IG | @viviyunn_


  12. I love it all! I can’t pick a favorite.

  13. This is such a helpful guide! Thanks you! Also, I LOVE the Modcloth dresses.

  14. Whoa what a lot of gift ideas for V-Day! I just want to splurge on myself with most of these stuffs. 🙂

  15. So many cute items. I really like the home decor pieces. Who doesn’t like heart shaped waffles with the strawberries. Thank you for sharing!

  16. Nice article, love having other.gift.options. also a huge sock.lover one can never have too many fun socks.i now have learned to knit my own even more fun

  17. I love those heart PJs form ASOS! You can never have enough PJs!

  18. I am loving those home accessories!

  19. You have so many adorable finds! I love the socks and heart phone case and pillows most of all. 🙂

  20. Awesome post! I love the gift ideas that you’ve highlighted. The heart-shaped fuzzy pillow and Heart PJs are definitely on my list.

  21. Love the socks! My best friend and I always gift each other socks

  22. Love the socks!!

  23. I never get into Valentine’s Day, but I would certainly take some of those cozy socks! My big one for the spring months is St. Patrick’s Day. With a last name of Shannon, I feel it is my duty to decorate the house with as much Irish/green as I can possibly find without it looking like a trashy bar!

    (I had a love affair with ModCloth. Then they were purchased by Walmart and I just can’t buy from them anymore. It breaks my heart, but my loathing for the big W is just too great. Their stuff is still super cute though!)

  24. SO many cute gifts! Those Kate Spade heart studs are gorgeous!

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