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Last recap for 2017! WHERE DID THIS YEAR GO???? I’m still deciding if I’m going to recap 2017 or not but, for now, let’s recap 2018!


 Bookstagram Pic

That candy cane doughnut was just as good as it looks.


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1. Lots of exciting Riley stuff: WHERE DO I START? I’m obsessed with my kid…she’s the coolest! She turned 5 months, she celebrated her first Christmas, she is officially a sitter (literally went from yay she can sit for a couple seconds to the next day or two she was sitting for 15 minutes by herself), she started teething (I can just seeeee the little white right there under the surface), she was a great baby for her first time being watched by someone that wasn’t Will or I, she had her first overnight trip and SHE FREAKING SLEPT THROUGH THE WHOLE ENTIRE NIGHT FROM 7-7 WITHOUT A SINGLE WAKEUP OR FEEDING.

2. We celebrated the holidays (yay Riley’s first Christmas!) — We did Christmas Eve with Will’s family, Christmas day with my sister and her fam and then this past weekend we drove north for the weekend to spend time with my stepmom and sister. Riley did AMAZING sleeping there…I worried so much for nothing (story of my life). She literally had her best night of sleep (the sleeping through the entire night that I talked about) while we were there…in a pack and play. She is way more chill than I could have hoped for.



3. Will and I had two dates this month: I finally ripped THAT bandaid off after 5 months. I’ve gone out with friends but Will and I haven’t been out on a date with someone else watching her. So we went to his Christmas party and then we did a day date and Riley was JUST FINE. Looking forward to more dates without Riley now that I’m not terrified to leave her with someone not us. It’s nice to reconnect though I found half the time we talked about her anyways….we will do better next time haha


4. We had our first snow: Exhibit A that Riley is my child. She was ZERO PERCENT impressed with the snow. WE DON’T LIKE IT THE COLD. She needs to embrace my plan to make the best out of winter. NOW FINN ON THE OTHER HAND…looking like a majestic little snow beast.



 5. We went on our first overnight trip with Riley to visit family: I was looking forward to this THE MOST this month…traveling up to visit my stepmom and my youngest sister. My sister hadn’t gotten to see Riley yet IRL and my stepmom hasn’t seen her since she came up when she was 3 weeks old to help us for a week when I was not doing well at all due to the PPD. It was a short trip but it was so nice to spend time with them, we visited a brewery we like up there and Riley did GREAT. It’s times like this that makes me wish all my family could just be closer together. I miss them.

Little Starbucks pit stop on the road



I put all my Monthly Rewinds in a Spotify playlist so you can listen to them here !


This was the first month I really didn’t listen to much music — except Christmas music and Hamilton!! SO WEIRD…all these years and I don’t have 6 songs for you!!


I was in such a weird mood all month where I barely read anything except picture books with Riley. I started some things but didn’t finish. I just didn’t FEEL like reading much…so I didn’t. Oh man though..I’m raring to go for January.

My top 3 picture books I read:

  1. She Persisted by Chelsea Clinton
  2. Thelma The Unicorn by Aaron Blabey
  3. Little Blue Firetruck by Alice Schertle




HA…I’m going to need to revamp this now that I’m not reviewing anymore and doing more just like roundups/recommendation posts.



Not a quote from a book I read but just a quote I stumbled across on Pinterest and it kind of is the inspiration for my “one word” for 2018 which is CREATE


“The road ahead is not some predetermined path that I am forced to trod, but it is a rich byway that I can help create.” – Craig D. Lounsbrough



I posted 13 times this month!

1. 42 Books That Will Become Movies/TV Shows In 2018: This post is always super time consuming to do but I really love doing them!

2. My most anticipated adult fiction books for 2018: Seriously I need like 12 more hours in my day to get to all the books I want to read.

3. On New Traditions: I loved talking about my childhood traditions and the ones I want to adopt with Riley!

4.  My Most Anticipated YA Books For 2018– SERIOUSLY SO MANY GOOD SOUNDING BOOKS! And I am so excited for how many faves have new books out!

5. 5 Products I Will Rebuy & 5 Products I Want To Try: Definitely adding more ~lifestyle~ type stuff (especially after you all were so nice about me talking about how the blog is definitely shifting in different ways…still books but a little less and adding more stuff)


mr12My gift guide for the kids on your list — I was really excited about this one but out of all my gift guides it was definitely the least popular! Growing pains of shifting what you talk about on the blog, I suppose!




1. 20 Resolutions That Have Nothing To Do With Losing Weight: While fitness is a goal of mine, I really liked this list and kind of gave me inspiration for my monthly “challenges” I’m creating for myself.

2. Thai Crunch Salad With Thai Peanut Sauce: YUM

3. Crush Your Goals With This Goal Planner: Saved this so I could download one to help me on my goals this year!

4. Cinnamon French Toast Roll: I want to try and make this for Will sometime!!

5. Coolest Playgrounds Around The World: I had to save this for SOMEDAY so we can visit some of these with Riley when we travel!




1. My new Harry Potter ring: I love love love my new ring from Alex and Ani!!! I had put it on my Harry Potter gift guide and put it on my OWN personal Christmas wishlist from my MIL.


2. ALL THE TEETHING THINGS:– As I mentioned above that Riley is teething and WOAH BABY is she gnawing on everything and miserable if she’s not gnawing on something. I did so much research to find THE BEST ONES and I think I got a variety of them that she loves all day long. Seriously they are always in her mouth. I think if I picked my fave it’s the Comotomo one because she previously liked to have her fingers in her mouth and this is designed with that in mind but also I just love the Oreo ones because they are so cute. We’ve also been going through her cute Copper Pearl baby teething bandanas quickly with all that drool! Always doing laundry!

best teethers for baby

Comotomo teether // Oreo teethers // Nuby teethers //


3. My new boots: I am super obsessed with my new boots that I got for Christmas although it’s a tie between these new boots and THESE ones that I bought on Black Friday. They are really comfy!

cute black boots from Target



 1. Crushing my goals: I really took a lot of time to plan goals I could stick to in the new year and I’m really excited to get started on them!
2. Hangout time with my ladies: We are all so busy and so we planned in advance for a date in January!
3. Fun things with Riley: Riley’s turning 6 months which is solid food time! For Christmas I got gift certificate for a music class to take Riley to AND we are signing her up for swim “lessons” that starts in January now that she will be 6 months at the township building/community center.



What is one of your goals/resolutions for the new year?

Two of my big ones are 1) getting back into working out…I haven’t at all since Riley was born and 2) really work on my change of direction for my blog (get things organized, new design, etc.)




Pick a category (or 5… or all of them) and tell me what went on in YOUR life this month!! What sort of things were noteworthy for you this month? New obsessions? Any new song recs?? Best books you read this month? Great posts I missed on your blog? Answer to my question of the month?


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  1. LOVE the Harry Potter ring!

  2. Ahh Riley and Finn are so adorable! It sounds like you had a lovely Christmas – I’m glad you got to spend time with your family! 🙂 <3

    I LOVE those shoes. I've been on the lookout for a pair like that! *_*

    I hope you have a wonderful 2018! <3

    • Their little bond already makes me so happy! We did have a wonderful Christmas…feel very grateful!

      THEY ARE GREAT! I had found a pair that looked like that that were a bit too expensive for me to feel okay putting on my wishlist for my MIL so I found these and they were exactly what I was looking for!! I wore them walking around the mall the day after Christmas and they were comfy!

      Wishing you a great 2018, too!

  3. It is amazing how much we worry and then they are like: Whatever, all these people have me wiped. Let me sleep.

    Glad to hear that the teething rings really help her. Merijn never cared for it and preferred my fingers. Joy. I’ve never seen the comotomo one. That would have been awesome to have. Currently he is teething on his bed though. -_-

    Riley and your dog are so cute. <3

    Happy New Year Jamie, May 2018 be amazing. Can you imagine that Riley is going to turn 1 years old this year? I can't imagine Merijn turning 2 this year. O_o

  4. I looove the Riley pictures!! And I’m so glad you had such a wonderful holiday!! Finn the snow beast <3 You sound like me, I basically listened to Christmas music and Hamilton all month haha. I didn't read a ton but I absolutely loved my last book of the year (Lady of the Eternal City) so that was a good way to end the year! And working on my survey 😉 Hope you have the best January!

  5. I love the one word goal method for the year. This is the third year I do it. Christmases are so special with a new baby! Our weather was hot, in the 80s so I cant even imagine all the snow. December was a crazy blur but it was so great.
    Happy 2018!

  6. Her faces are too cute! That’s about how I feel about the cold, too. What a great holiday! I like the concept of this one word thing. I think I’m with Nereyda from Nick & Nereyda…my word is ME. I need to do some self-care this year. I hope you have a great 2018!

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