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Coming to you on a MONDAY instead of a Sunday as we had a pretty busy weekend! Hope your weekend was great! We had a pretty eventful weekend — Riley’s Purposeful Play class again Saturday morning, Shake Shack date and then we picked up Genevieve and Adela, my nieces, for a sleepover til later Sunday afternoon. Riley had fun playing with and watching her cousins and Finn loved all the pets.




  • Do you read ebooks?? There are some awesome, awesome deals going on right now. I decided to make a page I will update on my blog so add this page to your bookmarks or follow me on Facebook where I regularly update them! I also added THIS PAGE which I hope is helpful to you. Just changing the site around slowly but surely!


  • It is rare that I actually click through an ad on Instagram but when I saw this Dorotea collection…UH YEAH. All our dinnerware stuff is super plain and I’ve been wanting to get something a little more nice and I’m obsessed with these!


  • I’ve been looking for something to hang in Riley’s crib area (we don’t have a nursery obviously because we are in a one bedroom) and so I don’t want it to be too ~baby~ since we room share and I FOUND THIS. I’m in love. I’m also in love with this sign but ummm I’m the only one in my household so far to have read Harry Potter so I might have to kick em out.

Harry Potter Nursery Hanging

From Three Mango Seeds




  • I’ve only read one book off this list but I’m very interested in the rest!


  • I am going to be a FUHREAKING mess during this Super Bowl episode of This Is Us despite this article talking about closure! I mean, we know it’s coming but I can’t even. I CANNOT. Anybody else want to call in sick the next day?


  •  This is my life right now.  Especially tonight. I really wanted to get a bunch of things done and read and blog but Riley was just having an abnormal rough night about an hour after we put her down (normally she’s a great sleeper) so I checked all the things that needed to be checked and held her. Even when she was finally asleep and I could have put her in bed I was too busy soaking up her baby smell and the feel of her soft baby skin on mine. It’s like suddenly all my to-do lists melt away. I mean, now I’m staying up late now that she’s snoozing in the crib just fine but alas…it’s only for a season and soon she won’t want me to hold her.

  • I need this onesie for Riley (from this shop on Etsy)!!!! And when she gets some freaking hair the Granger one! I wonder if she will get my Granger-like hair. Will has a thick mane of hair too so she’s screwed between my out of control curls and his thick hair.

Harry Potter baby onesie is the cutest ever!Find it here


Hermoine OnesieFind it here


  • SO I like NEVER solicit you guys BUT my adorable and super kindhearted niece Genevieve is in her first year of Girl Scouts and she’s selling cookies! A ton of amazing people bought when I shared on Twitter and Instagram so I figured I’d put a little plug here that if you’d like a cookie dealer (lol because really…I just ate a whole box of thin mints today and have no recollection of how that happened) I would love for you to consider buying from her — with the direct online order they ship anywhere in the US! A bunch of my friends who ordered last week got theirs already!



What did you do this weekend? Read any interesting articles or find any good recommendations (for anything)? Tell me, tell me!!


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  1. Love this! The baby clothes are so cute! <3
    Charlotte | https://charlotteidek.com

  2. I am in NEED of that Dumbledore sign!!! It won’t really go with baby’s Doctor Who/space-themed bedroom, but it will fit perfectly in mine! ;D And I love that Granger Hair Don’t Care onesie! I hope for a girl in the future so that I can buy cute stuff like that. Also, how adorable is your niece in those pink cowboy boots!! I also really love her name. I actually just ate half a box of thin mints last night while watching tv. It’s not hard to do at all – no regrets!

  3. OMG! Adorable finds!!! I love Harry Potter stuff for kids!!!

  4. I was so against reading ebooks, but for my last birthday, my best friend bought me an ereader so tat I would stop complaining about the weight of carrying around a couple of physical books on the subway to and from work/school, as well as in my carry-on when I go travelling. I’m so glad she did, because I’ve become quite obsessed with my Kobo now!!

  5. I never really got into ebooks although there are some days when I am tempted, but I am so in love with the actual book that I can’t seem to convert to the electronic kind – something about holding, smelling, turning the pages of a book makes me happy!

    I often stalk Etsy for the adorable baby clothes! :)…and OMG those dishes are SO ADORABLE. One day when I am able to own my own home, I’d love to get something cute like this <3

  6. Oh my goodness those onesies are adorable!! Also, I may just need to steal that sign from you because it is GORGEOUS! I seriously need more bookish stuff in my life… I think this is the main reason I decided that banning Etsy from life was for the best but I’m kind of regretting that decision now.

    I discovered this completely by accident but apparently The Sun is Also a Star is on sale for $1.99 too (kindle version)!

    Laura @BlueEyeBooks

  7. I LOVE ALL OF YOUR HARRY POTTER THINGS! That quote for the bedroom is so perrfect and that clothing set is even better. Omg I love it so much!

  8. ebooks are hard for me sometimes because I have so many physical books i want to get through (and get rid of.) That said, I find it so much easier to read in bed with my kindle than a hardcover!
    The best/worst thing about ebooks is how cheap they can be and sometimes I find myself buying a whole mess of them at once! I really need to obviously curb this habit, as it’s not the ebook’s fault, and more my own problem with immediate gratification. 🙂
    Hold your baby. It’s okay> I have a 2 year old now. Enjoy this time. The dishwasher will get emptied eventually.

  9. Sounds like you’re so busy! I love reading ebooks while we are travelling – so much more practical!

  10. I am currently having flashbacks to having a baby with the addition of our new pup. Except when I have a mile-long to-do list, my pup doesn’t cuddle. Usually, he’s too busy trying to bite everything in sight and play with everything he can see. I live for puppy naps these days!

    Thanks for the link for your niece’s cookie sale! I want to share the love with cookies this year. I love that I can buy from people I know and support them rather than a stranger locally. And Thin Mints delivered to my house? SO, so dangerous!

  11. Oh my goodness, those two baby outfits are beyond adorable! I’m still an old-fashioned gal when it comes to books….I want them in physical form.

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