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Happy Sunday! It’s been a while since I got my crap together to do one of these!! They have quickly become my favorite little posts to do!



  • I rarely ever read poetry but I want to start expanding some of my reading horizons so I totally just saved this list for reference this year!


  • Omg excuse me while I wipe the tears from my eyes after reading this!



  • Can we just talk about how cute this outfit is? I have been LOVING Burts Bee Baby clothing line (I totally didn’t know they had a clothing line until I had her..I’ve used their products for years!). We have a few outfits from there and I feel the need to alert any other mamas to the fact they have clothing that is super cute and comfy (or maybe you are more in the know than I was??)

Burt's Bee Baby clothing

Outfit found here


  • So, Will gets a certain allotment of money through our health insurance (with his work) that I can get a new pair of glasses this year and he will be reimbursed! My current pair (that I have on in like every picture these days because I’m too lazy to put my contacts in) is from Warby Parker (like all my others from the past couple years — mine current ones are the Eatons) and I’d like to stick with the brand because I LOVE them — super stylish and they hold up! I’m going to do the home try on again and I need your help narrowing it down to 5 (and then yay we can do a try-on together when they come!).

  • This article actually made me cry because it resonated so much with me as someone who lost my job a few years ago and I feel like I STILL feel the effects of it. I STILL don’t believe in myself anymore…which is maybe some of what I talked about here for my career goals for 2018.


  • Omggg I really don’t NEED anymore scarves but I want this one!!! Perhaps I should buy it for the sake of following through with this plan of mine.



  • Totally saved this recipe to make at some point! I crave a good pasta dish in the winter!


  • So I live in my black skinnies like alllll the time but I told you guys in this post all about my new favorite jeans (these!) and I’m looking for more boyfriend/relaxed type jeans because apparently I *DO* like things that aren’t black skinnies (seriously..my closet is all black skinnies). So give me your recommendations!!!





What did you do this weekend? Read any interesting articles or find any good recommendations (for anything)? Tell me, tell me!!


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  1. Wonderful post. I love audio books – I have thought about listening while on the treadmill but have yet to try it. You may have inspired me 🙂

  2. Hey Jamie! I haven’t commented much (I’m so sorry!) but I’ve noticed this burst of creativity in your life and on the blog and it puts this massive smile on my face! Loved your goals for 2018, especially when it comes to health and fitness and your career. Maybe it’s been there all along, maybe you’re realizing this with motherhood, I dunno, but you seem to be more…relaxed? (Is that the right word?) I see you succeeding in your goals because you’re not so hard on yourself about it — or at least you’re coming across on the internet as much nicer to yourself. You deserve that, Jamie. And you know what? You’re gonna make progress in your career. I know you will. And it’ll be when you least expect it. It’ll be great 🙂

    I had no idea Burts Bees has a clothing line. I’m gonna tell all my mommy friends — they’ll love that.

    Sam and I hosted a new year / new home / birthday party (for him) this weekend, in our cozy apartment, and everyone came. I was shocked. There was barely enough room, just enough food, and way too much leftover booze — but so much fun. Just taking things slow today 🙂

    Happy new year! <3

  3. I love my Levi jeans. I used to love the 505s or 515s, but I recently discovered the 414s. They are a straight leg with a relaxed fit, and super comfortable. You have to buy them online or in a department store that carries Levi. The Levi stores carry different styles that are more expensive and never fit me as well. If you shop their clearance online, you can usually get a pretty good deal.

  4. Oh choosing glasses is so hard. You really have to see them on. I kind of like the 5th one with the blue on the bottom. It just kind of snaps out

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