We Were On The Nice List


What a successful first holiday season for Riley — lots of time spent with all our family and our gifts for others were a big hit (because let’s be real…they were all Riley related). Even made my MIL cry with our gift for her! Plus Riley was such a champ with all the late nights and messed up naps and socializing that was done!

Riley and I were totally on the nice list for Christmas (Will too but his gifts are mostly gift cards haha) and I thought it might be fun to share some of the things we got as gifts for Christmas. We are so fortunate to have family who spoils the heck out of us!

What I Received

coziest grey leggings

High Waisted Cozy Foldover Leggings

These are literally my new favorite cozy clothing item I own. I have never owned leggings/sweatpants that are so comfy! AND THEY ARE CURRENTLY HALF OFF RIGHT NOW!


Chenille Leggings In Black

Black chenille leggings from Target

These are pretty darn cozy too! I had originally wanted these ones which were the softest things I ever felt but I didn’t jump on them and they sold out. So I found these ones instead. My only complaint about these is they are slightlyyyy too short. Not like obviously too short but I would have loved them to be a wee bit longer.



cozy Target Hoodie

Sherpa Hoodie From Target in Dusty Rose

I rarely wear pink but I saw this in the store and fell in love with it. I’ve been pairing it a lot with those grey leggings above. Super comfy and cute.


Stretchy Distressed Jeans

Mid-rise Distressed Stretch & Performance Jean Leggings

I wanted some comfy and more casual type jeans (I pretty much just live in black skinnies) and I got these. They are SO COMFY as far as jeans go and I love the stretch. I’ve been pairing them a lot with flannel and with cozy sweaters. And they are 40% right now!!


Harry Potter Jewelry -- RING

Alex and Ani Harry Potter ring

I’m so obsessed with my new ring! It comes in gold, too, but I really loved it in silver!

cute black boots from Target
Black Booties From Target

These are so comfy and look great with a variety of outfits! Totally glad I asked for these! My other booties like these were getting pretty worn.

Herbivore Pink Clay mask

I haven’t gotten a chance to use it yet but I can’t wait to pamper myself soon! My skin is in need of some major TLC.


Honest Beauty Lip Crayon

Honest Beauty Truly Kissable Lip Crayon in Sheer Petal

I LOVE THIS COLOR! It’s a semi-matte sort of lipstick and it goes on really nice! I really want to try some of the other colors!


What Riley Received

Riley got SPOILED (not by us..we got her two teethers, a bath toy and some clothes I would have bought anyways) for her first Christmas. Honestly, she doubled her toy collection (we are trying to keep her toys minimal). She got a lot of clothes that I couldn’t find in stock (my aunt buys her a ton of stuff from Zulily) and some stuff was in store but I tried to find everything she got!

The Toy Type Stuff

Toys ideas baby Christmas


Sassy Developmental Sensory Ball: Riley LOVES these already! I’m really digging this brand of toys. Her favorite bumpy ball is from them!

Peekabo Forest Soft Book : My sister got her this book and Riley has been so entertained by it. She loves the little flaps and that it makes a crunchy sound. (If you want to see more of the books Riley likes/we read, check this post out!)

Nuby Hoopla Bathtime Toy: Riley’s favorite time is bathtime and this toy is great! She loves it. It will be nice when she gets older because there are little rings that you can put on the tentacles!

Vtech Singing Puppy Rattle: Omg this thing is so annoying (thanks to my sis!!!) but Riley is obsessed with it! It’s super on sale right now, too!

Vtech Sit-To-Stand Learning Walker: This one was from Will’s aunt & uncle and it’s really cute and Riley looooves it. She gets so excited when I bring it out! What I really like about it is that, right now, she can sit and play with it but also most of the panel on there detaches so I take it off a lot for her and put it in front of her/on her lap.

V-Tech Little Critters Moosical Beads: This is cute! She hasn’t gotten much time to play with it yet but she does seem to like it. She’s really into anything that makes noise and lights up lol.

Block Shape Sorter: She’s too young to use it as a shape sorter/stack them but she loves grabbing them out when I put them in and she LOVES dumping them!

Melissa & Doug Soft Blocks: These are GREAT! Riley finds it really humorous to knock them over when I make a tower next to her! Definitely a great set of first blocks for baby!

Soothe & Snuggle Lovey: She loves shoving this thing in her mouth basically. It’s cute..love all the different textures for tactility. Hopefully she will luck the snuggle part of it instead of trying to eat it!

We Are All Wonders book: My youngest sister picked this out for her and I was so happy as I wanted to buy it at some point!

Comotomo Teether: She was always putting her fingers in her mouth and this design is supposed to mimic it!

Oreo teethers: How adorbs!

Wacky teether: This one is one that my dad got her and she is obsessed with all the different textures and has it in her mouth always.

Clothes & Other Things

A lot of this stuff was on sale!! Also, can you tell we love plaid?? I bought a lot of the plaid stuff for her but a good chunk of it was bought by family members too!

Plaid flannel smock top // Buffalo Sweater Jacket (she wore this on Christmas day if you saw pics from that day!)//Ruffle plaid top (also worn on Christmas day)// Dotty Denim Tank // Cat ballet flats // Glitter sneakers // Cozy bunny booties // Dotty soft terry leggings // Stripe bell dress // Denim filled bear jacket // Shimmer plaid dress// Plaid ruffle top// Bow puffer vest // Flannel Top & Jeggings

Animal Print Tankini // Embellished Glitter Tee // Knit Jeggings //Fry-Day Top//Fleece Lined Cat Leggings //Jean Jacket

Cozy Cover Easy Seat: I had told my dad I wanted this when he asked for ideas after a friend of mine said she got it and loved it for her baby! I was really glad he got it for us!


Did you receive anything awesome over the holidays? Or did you TREAT YOURSELF to anything great this month? Do share! (because, you know, I’m nosy!)


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  1. My 18 month old still loves that octopus bath toy. And she had the same walker toy! She still plays with the walking toy even though she’s long outgrown it. LOL

    Looks like you and Riley had a great Christmas!

    • It really is the cutest bath toy!! We have another walker my sister gave us but I think I like this new one better! TOY OVERLOAD.

      We did have a great Christmas! It was really special even though she had no idea what was going on haha

      • Next Christmas will be even better. She’ll want to rip open the paper and play with everything. This was my favourite so far with Spencer.

        Spencer has WAY TOO MANY toys. I just finished organizing her room yesterday and after I put our Christmas tree away, I’ll be arranging the living room to make a play area. Everyone needs to stop buying her toys. LOL

  2. It’s so fun to shop for babies! My 14-month-old niece was with us for Christmas and we bought her a fun baby drum that talks and lights up. Go figure — the toy she liked most (and ended up taking home) was my daughter’s 10-year-old stuffed cat. Ha ha.

    Happy New Year!

  3. That sherpa hoodie looks so SOFT! I love soft clothes. Or comfortable clothes in general….. 🙂 And those legging/sweats look great too!

  4. Ohhhh I love the high waisted leggings!! Those are always my go to, especially after having kids. They are so comfortable.

  5. We try to keep the toys minimal at our house too. At least what we buy him. He has so many grandparents, aunts and and uncles etc. that spoil him. We stilll have huge toys in our garage from his 1st birthday on April of last year!!!

    His first Christmas we just got him a walker.

  6. Sounds like you had an amazing Christmas!! I love all of the clothes that you posted, especially those joggers!! Thanks for the inspo!

  7. Yeay for being spoiled. We were too! 😉

    Merijn had that exact learning walker as well and that was so worth it. In the Summer I would take it outside and have him practice walking there. 😀

  8. These gifts are all so great! It looks like Santa treated you and Riley well this year! Merry Christmas & Happy New Year to you all!

  9. Those grey leggings look amazing! My baby was spoiled by relatives too. We received so many clothes for her that my husband banned me from shopping for any more baby clothes for the next little while. Buuuut, we have Boxing Day after Christmas and there were really good deals from the Gap so I got her a snowsuit and winter jacket for next winter! Now, we’re all set!

  10. I was naughty and saved Santa the trip! j/k
    Love the leggings you received, especially the jeans pair.

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