Some Real Talk About Change


Two weekends ago, in the spirit of making room for the baby, Will and I were SUPER productive and started going through our hall closet where — in addition to coats — I hung a lot of my fancier dresses that I didn’t want in my regular, every day closet. I pull out this short little black number I haven’t worn in like 7 years (one of those going out dresses that elicited a bewildered “HOW IS THAT A DRESS/HOW WOULD THAT EVEN COVER YOUR CROTCH?” from Will to which I was like “WELL IT DID WHEN I WAS A SIZE ZERO SO” even though I was seriously wondering how even then it did). I had to get real with myself and toss this dress in the donate pile because 1) even NOT pregnant there is no way I’m squeezing myself into that thing anytime soon and 2) I have literally no reason or occasion to wear this dress ever again.

And this happened like 8 more times with dresses that were from my early/mid 20’s. And I weirdly didn’t want to get rid of them — I was clutching on to them for dear life. I’m 31 and my 30’s are great so far. I’ve said my goodbyes to my 20’s. BUT DID I REALLY? Every time I put one of these dresses in the donate pile it felt like I was mourning my 20’s. GOODBYE YOUTH. Even though I haven’t lived that life, these dresses were echos of, in quite some time.

As I put the last dress in the pile, I look at Will and I’m like, “I HATE CHANGE!”

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On Trying New Hobbies & Learning New Things

I admire and love a lot of things about my friends but I was thinking the other day how there is something about my friend Jessie that I just admire so much and it inspires me quite a bit. Jessie is literally the most interesting person I know — she is always trying new hobbies or taking classes. Right now she’s doing tap dancing classes (just because) but before that she’s done things like glassblowing, art classes or taking an ESL class and countless other hobbies. She’s just always trying out new hobbies or taking classes to learn things.

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I talked about how I was doing a whole Bookshelf Revamp project in the Spring and I just, this past weekend, finished step 1 which was culling my books.




It. Was. The. Hardest. Thing. Ever.

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Do Your Reading Habits Fluctuate By Season?

I had mentioned here and there on the blog, over this course of this summer, how I was barely reading because I was just doing so many other things — which is 10000% fine with me. But I was thinking about it and realize I have certain patterns when it comes to my reading habits.

I realized I read WAY LESS during the summer which is interesting because I always used to have this notion that I read MORE in the summer — ALL THE SUMMER READING.  I’ve found this to be less true lately. 

pool reading


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When You Just Aren’t Reading Much At All

reading in pool


The other day I was sitting on the couch reading for a good chunk of time and Will remarked on how he felt like he really hadn’t seen me sit down and read much lately which was weird to him because normally I always found time to curl up on the couch with a book.

It was true. I’ve said as much on here about how I really slowed down on reading this summer and I really hadn’t been reading very much at all — at least not for the long chunks of time I normally do. It’s twofold I think: 1) I was really busy this summer — new friends, new experiences, saying yes to more things rather than staying at home and 2) I just haven’t been FEELING like reading (or really being able to concentrate on it) which I’m not one to force myself to do something…I just kind of go with the flow and know I’ll always read again at some point when I feel like it. So I haven’t FELT like picking up books or making myself try to sit down and concentrate on them.

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When Your “Go-To” Isn’t Your Go-To Anymore

changing reading interests


If you’ve read this blog for a while you know that I am a VERY eclectic reader of all genres but my most favorite and go-to genre has been contemporary YA for the majority of years I’ve had this blog (PS. this blog just turned 6 — come celebrate!).

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2016 Goal Check-In


I always like to check-in with myself midway through the year to see where I’m at with goals and refocus myself. I ~try~ to revisit my personal and bookish goals every month to break it down on actionable steps but I don’t always make it happen so this always helps give me energy about my goals OR helps me decide that it isn’t really a goal for me anymore — which is totally okay with me. I don’t want to plug away at anything I don’t care about anymore.

So, here was my original post about my goals where I talked about them more in detail than I’m doing here.

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On Reading Harry Potter For The First Time At 30



Screenshot at Apr 20 11-21-29


Ever since I started this blog, in 2010, I have been (lovingly) harassed about the fact that I have never read Harry Potter. I knew this was a serious rarity in the YA book world but alas….I had not.

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On Picking My Books For Vacation

T-minus 17 days until we leave for Europe for 2 weeks. OH EM GEE.




I’ve got soooo much to do and pack and get together for our trip in this time but of course, like the cliche bookworm I am, all I’m thinking about is what books I’ll bring. Because obviously….books.

After a vacation back in 2013 I mused on the fact that I never read as much as I think I will on vacation. I have that “eyes are bigger than my stomach” syndrome that my mom always would get on me about when it came to putting food on my plate. It’s the same way for books. I end up bringing 3x more books than I actually read. 3x more than I could ACTUALLY read in a time frame if I’m being honest. But I think I over pack on books because we all know that my reading moods dictate what I read so what if I’m not in the mood for the more conservative number of like 3 books that I’ll read and I’m left book-less because I just cannot even try to read something I’m not in the mood for.

I mean, Rory explains it best:

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On Bookshelf Organization




So if you caught my #shelfgoals post recently (I’m writing both of these on the same day so no idea when I’m actually scheduling them haha) I shared the current disaster that are my shelves (embarrassing pictures and all) and talked about my plan for a revamp project for my shelves this Spring.

I outlined a number of things that I’d be doing to revamp my shelves and one of those things was to think about my shelf organization but I had so many thoughts about this so I promised a full post instead of jam-packing that post with it. So here we are to talk all about bookshelf organization.

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