Fictional Characters Might Make Better Wedding Guests – A Weird Wedding Wednesday

 Typically my Wedding Wednesday’s are not this BIZARRE…but I need some way to channel the Bridezilla that is lying dormant within me and waiting to come out!

We’ve had a rough estimate of how many people we were inviting to the wedding but this past weekend we’ve been trying to nail down the guest list…which seriously like nailing jam to the ceiling. NOT FUN. Discussions look like this:
“I don’t REALLY want to invite this person but I have to. Do we invite kids or not? But my family will freak if we don’t invite the 18 kid since we are closeknit and family matters. Will we talk to this person again? They invited us to theirs. Well, your family has more people invited so I should get to invite more. This person hates this person so we have to remember to seat them far away from one another. I don’t know if she’ll bitchslap her if they are in the same room? Problem solved..I’ll put a cage in the middle of the dance floor and they can FIGHT TO THE DEATH. WHY IS THIS SO HARD?!?

Ok, so I’m exaggerating a bit…but not much. This guest list hoopla is going to be the death of me. Also, figuring out my last bridesmaid is going to kill me as well. I have a person who I feel obligated to have in it (family) and in my heart of hearts I don’t want her in it..but it’s probably be bad if I didn’t.

That being said, all the invite madness made me have a bizarre daydream. I started thinking about what my wedding would look like if I invited fictional characters from books to be a part of my day. Bare with me, this takes a little imagination on your part..but it’s fun to think about. I mean, honestly how could it NOT be awesome.

1. There would be major eye candy at my wedding. I, of course, couldn’t partake but the single ladiesss would be hitting the dance floor with men like Mr. Darcy, Cricket, St. Clair, Gale, Peeta, Adam from If I Stay,  Marcus Flutie, Wes, Dexter…oh and DAMON SALVATORE. I can still invite him even though I’ve never read the books etc. etc.  GET IT GIRLS.  THIS COULD BE YOU!!

2. I’d have the best dress ever designed by Cinna (Hunger Games) & Lola (Lola & The Boy Next Door). I’d ask Cinna to scale down on the glitter and pyrotechnics but it would be the best one of a kind dress EVER.

3. I’d get the best presents. I’d imagine the paranormal characters could bestow some awesome weapons and powers upon me. Roger could make me a mixtape. Mr. Darcy could probably buy me an estate.

4. It would be epic to see characters across different books be chatting it up. I mean, some of it might be problematic when you get some enemies across paranormal lines or some bad boy hotties trying to be the center of attention but it’d be amazing. You might see Katniss & Elizabeth Bennet & Marcus Flutie doing the Chicken Dance together. EPIC. Disclaimer: The Chicken Dance will not get any love at my wedding!

5. I’d have the best bridesmaids ever:
– Lola — She’d make sure I looked fantastic and she’d create the best bridesmaid dresses.
– Katniss — She’d kick anybody’s ass that would try to ruin my day.
– Jessica Darling — She’d be sure to make me laugh throughout the whole process.
– Elizabeth Bennet — Really..she’s a sweetheart and would keep me real.
– Alice Cullen — Excellent fashion sense and might be helpful to have someone foresee every and all wedding day disasters.


Ok, obviously real live people are better. But for this Wedding was MUCH better to think about fictional characters as it is much less stressful than the reality of my REAL LIVE GUEST LIST.

Which characters would YOU invite to your wedding? Who would be in your wedding party?

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