Library Pulls & Cabinets For Your Home – Retail Therapy

Retail Therapy is a feature here at The Perpetual Page-Turner book blog  in which I combine my love for bookish things and shopping. Each time I’ll feature bookish accessories, bookish themed items, bookish goodies or gifts that are perfect for that bookish person in your life. 

I’ve been very sporadic with this feature since I started it in August — partly due to laziness and partly feeling like there are too many features like this lately and so maybe it’s not a good use of my time as it may be redundant. But nonetheless, I am a freaking shopoholic so I must share when I find something I love.

I was cruising Anthropologie, who always seems to be good for a random bookish item, and came across this library pull for your drawers.

I’m a sucker for vintage and quirky drawer pulls and hardware and this just brings out my inner interior design bug. What a subtle way to incorporate your love for books into your decor than adding something that reminds you of those library card catalogs. What a cute way to add some bookish style to your home pretty inexpensively and subtly!

I was curious after I saw these library pulls to see if anyone sold cabinets or drawers that looked like vintage card catalogs and what do you know! Lots of people are selling drawers and cabinets that like look like an antique library card catalog. The one I found is from BBC America Shop but you could probably google “library card catalog” and find a slew of them like I did.

What do you think? Would you buy these?
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