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Hello hello! Time to share what I’ve been reading lately and what I thought about it! I have been on a reading roll lately in between getting ready for the baby and being semi-social (honestly I’ve been taking my social life a lot more easy I get tired so easily now in third trimester….so more curling up on the couch with a book for me than normal). So let’s talk about some of the adult fiction  I’ve been reading lately (which I feel like I’ve been picking up a bunch of books that really work for me) and then sometime next week I will share some of the YA I’ve been reading.

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What I’ve Been Reading Lately


Happy Monday, friends! Let’s talk about a few things I’ve read recently! I have to say….these 3 books couldn’t be any more different which pretty much sums up my reading life — very eclectic.


The Deal Elle Kennedy

The Deal by Elle Kennedy

About In A Sentence (ish): Hannah, a girl with a crush on a popular football player at her college, makes a deal with Garrett, a hockey player with a reputation, in which he’ll help her get Justin’s attention and she’ll help him pass his Ethics exam so he’ll be able to stay on the team.

Thoughts: I’m super picky about the New Adult romance books I read so I always go into them pretty nervous. This one was soooo addictive and I really enjoyed it! Totally hooked! I love the hate to love trope. It’s one of my faves of all time. Plus the fact it started with the kind of “deal” that it did? I LOVE THAT KIND OF STUFF. When people who don’t mean to fall for each other do…SWOON. I didn’t always love Garrett but his character grew on me and, while he’s not my type, I found their relationship to be something I was so invested in — especially how they grew into a friendship during their study sessions and then into something more. Some of those parts were my FAVE. I loved their banter and their chemistry! I cannot wait to read the rest of the series because I’m so curious about the other guys they feature. Overall, I can’t really explain why I enjoyed this one so much — it was super fun and sexy. It wasn’t anything new or original in terms of tropes or storylines and it was pretty predictable….but none of that mattered because something about the characters and their stories hooked me. So happy to be able to have another New Adult romance I will happily recommend because I only have a few in my arsenal that I truly loved.




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What I’ve Been Reading Lately – Mini Book Talks

Times have been busy so it’s time to just let you know what I’ve been reading with a little bit about what I thought!



Pointe by Brandy Colbert

Pointe by Brandy Colbert

About In A Sentence (ish): Theo is a talented ballerina who has been through a lot — the disappearance of her best friend and an eating disorder that landed her in a group facility. When her best friend returns, 4 years after he went missing, secrets that Theo kept make her realize maybe she held a piece to her friend’s disappearance all along.

Thoughts: This one was my book club pick for August as I had really wanted to read it. I really liked it but I definitely didn’t OMG LOVE IT like so many of my friends did. There’s a lot going on to make it a page turner — a friend who was kidnapped returned, eating disorders, competitive ballet and a big secret that Theo has been keeping. I read it in one sitting and really felt for Theo and all the secrets surrounding Donovan’s disappearance. Theo has been through a lot, as we learn, and I really liked watching her become more free from these things and help herself and others even though it takes her a lot of mistakes to get there. Well written and definitely emotionally grittier than I thought it would be when I started!



All The Light We Cannot See

All The Light We Cannot See by Anthony Doerr

About In A Sentence-ish: A blind young French girl and a young German orphan boy paths collide as they try to survive World War II — she having to flee to a relative’s home as the Germans invade and he trying to survive being thrust into the Hitler Youth as they sharpen his skills at fixing and making and dissecting radios and everything to do with them.

Thoughts: THIS BOOK WAS AS AMAZING AS EVERYONE SAID. Though I have to say I struggled with the first 50 pages. Kept falling asleep but it was probably my fault for starting a new book at night. I loved both of the main characters so much and their stories were just so well written and hit me right in the feels. Marie-Laurie is so strong and I loved her perseverance and her curiosity. Werner’s struggle with what he knew was wrong/right vs. trying to survive (while coming of age) is heart-breaking. I always seem to be drawn to WWII books even though they hurt my heart and this one is one of the best I’ve encountered! I loved the way it was told alternating between the beginning of the war and then the end when they are both in danger. The way their stories converge is just masterful. I was reading SO ridiculously fast to see what would happen next for our main characters and how their paths would meet. Just so pleased that this lived up to the hype for me!!




Not After Everything Michelle Levy

Not After Everything by Michelle Levy

About In A Sentence-ish: From old friends to opposite ends of the social hierarchy, Tyler and Jordyn are thrown back together when Tyler needs a job to pay for his basic needs after his mom commits suicide and he’s left to fend for himself with his abusive father.. So much has happened since they were friends all these years ago to change their life and who they are but they find a sense of comfort in each other.

Thoughts: Woah this book was intense! Poor Tyler — what a rough situation he is in. His mom kills herself and now he’s left with his abusive dad who has only gotten worse since his mom passed. My hurt physically hurt as his story unfolded. So much to bear. I really liked the relationship between him and Jordyn as it developed though I think I would have loved this book more had it just been a friendship (though I do love a good “from hate to love” relationship). I loved how they got to know each other again after so many years and so many changes in their lives and as people. I loved how raw and honest Tyler’s perspective was even if at times he came off as so rude and brash. You could feel the immense hurt and brokenness in him. Definitely an emotionally tough book to read but really good. Also I loved the moments with he and his therapist so much. Ehhh to some of the uber high school drama that seems soo Mean Girls like.

* I received this book for review consideration. It in no way affected my opinion on the book*




Fates and FuriesFates & Furies by Lauren Groff

About In A Sentence-ish: The story of a husband and wife — first half from his POV, second half from hers.

Thoughts: Oh man I almost put this down. The first half KILLED ME. Like I gave zero shits about Lotto and wanted him to just go away. And then I got to the second part and was floored and OH MAN. Seriously, the addage two sides to every story is all you need to know and Groff is masterful as she tells the other side in the Furies section. Oh how the story, literally being told in much of the same timeline but through Mathilde’s POV, changes once you see the story told from both sides. How you view success of relationships, careers, moments in your life, interpretation of events — all in the eye of the beholder and incomplete without knowing other sides to things. Very thought-provoking and well written. Glad the second half made up for the boring first half in the best way possible. Definitely will be reading more books from Lauren Groff. Very talented!



Have you read any of these? What did you think?

Before I Blogged I Read: The Poisonwood Bible By Barbara Kingsolver

There’s a lot of books I read before I started this blog in June of 2010 and I figured it might be fun to spotlight those! They won’t be an actual review because OMG YOU GUYS THAT WAS SO LONG AGO but I’ll just note a few things about it, if I enjoyed it and what my Goodreads rating was. So thus “Before I Blogged I Read…” was born. Because you know…I’m so original with my names for things. Check out PAST “Before I Blogged I Read” posts.



The Poisonwood Bible by Barbara Kingsolver

(Amazon | Goodreads )
Rating: I gave it 4 stars on Goodreads
Date I Read it: July 2009

1. The Poisonwood Bible is told from multiple POVs  from the daughters and the wife of a Baptist preacher who has moved them from the US to the Congo to be missionaries in the late 50’s. I loved the multiple POVs in this instance because it really showed such a complete look at the situation and everyone felt differently about the things that were going down — from the physical and emotional response to moving, to the terrible things that happened as a result of this move, the political situation in the Congo and life in the village. I could appreciate the perspective from the daughters who LOVED their new home and were fascinated by it but I could also feel the one daughter’s HATRED, as a teenager, for a land so different and far away from what she knows. I could feel how hard it would be to adjust.

2. The setting obviously was a lot different from most of the books I had read and I was definitely interested in African culture and how these white missionaries would immerse themselves in it and adjust. Right away things go wrong with them not packing some of the right things and not quite being prepared for life in the Congo. It was interesting to see it from the viewpoints of the different girls because of their different feelings about even BEING there. I loved the observations about the culture and the landscape from the daughters that really appreciated the Congo and learning about the political situation. I also felt Kingsolver did a good job presenting the beauty of the Congo with the things that make life really hard for the villagers and the Prices– food shortages, dangerous snakes and insects, illnesses, political strife, etc.

3. I remember having such strong (hate) feelings toward Mr. Price. He is one of those Baptist preachers who is definitely all fire and brimstone and he really is that way in his approach with the villagers. He puts his family in so much danger in different ways and is just so stubborn and it infuriated me especially because his family was just falling apart and he just didn’t care it felt like. There is a lot of butting heads between Nathan and the villagers in terms of religion, culture and just the way things are done. He just came into it with so little regard for their culture and he was just altogether one of those characters I just hated because he didn’t even TRY to understand these people or their culture in his approach. Didn’t understand their needs or meet them where they were at. I don’t know if he meant to be such a douchenugget but he was.

4. I read this at an interesting time for myself — I had just graduated from a Christian college where I came out more confused about where I stood than before and it was mostly because of the people. I saw so much in this novel that is what bothered me about parts of Christianity — all embodied in Nathan Price. His approach is what rubs me the wrong way and so it was interesting to read this story with all my own questions swirling around my head. There is a missionary who comes into the novel that was in this village prior to the Prices and his approach definitely contrasts all that Nathan was and showed a lot more compassion, love and understanding towards these people that motivated his work there and gained the respect of the villagers. It definitely was a thought provoking read for me.

Favorite Quotes:

“Don’t try to make life a mathematics problem with yourself in the center and everything coming out equal. When you’re good, bad things can still happen. And if you’re bad, you can still be lucky.” 

“Listen. To live is to be marked. To live is to change, to acquire the words of a story, and that is the only celebration we mortals really know. In perfect stillness, frankly, I’ve only found sorrow.” 



Have any of you read this one? Did you like it/not like it? Tell me what you thought! Have you read any other Kingsolver novels? I read The Bean Trees back in high school and remember liking it.

Review: Lullaby by Chuck Palahniuk

LullabyWhat if words had the power to kill? If uncontrolled thoughts could extinguish the life of another? Would humans become more deadly than guns and bombs and all the other man made objects used to kill one another? This is the kind of world that is a possibility in Lullaby. Carl Streator, a lonely and cynical reporter, is given the unfortunate task of doing a story on Sudden Infant Death Syndrome for his newspaper. In his observations, through studying all the details at the scene of SIDS victims, he comes across a shocking discovery that links all the deaths he has come across—in every house was the same book with the same page open or bookmarked. The lullaby, which is an African culling song, kills those who hear it—such as these innocent children being read a lullaby before bed. Carl realizes how dangerous this book is and decides to destroy all copies but not before coming into contact with Helen Hoover Boyle, a quirky real estate agent who sells haunted homes and who lost a child to SIDS, who has also realized this connection.

Chuck Palahniuk, you are the Mexican Walking Fish of authors—rare and completely a breed of your own. (Guys, I can’t help my love for bizarre creature..but this guys is so cute.)  Every time I read anything by him I just prepare my brain for the madness that is going to ensue whilst reading. I mean, seriously, I had so many “WTF” moments while reading this book. I’d be reading along–enjoying where the plot was going and starting to put things together –and then Pahahniuk would throw a mind busting plot twist or bizarre scene and I’d just sit there with my mouth gaping wide open thinking, “WTF just happened.” It’s not often that I invoke the WTF while writing a review. It just happens with his books. He has this exceptional talent that allows him to tell an interestingly bizarre story that is just the cherry on top of layers and layers of complex themes and stark observations about humanity and Lullaby is no exception. His prose is succinct in all the right places and lingers where it matters. Lullaby, while a shorter read, is certainly dense and proves the undeniable power of language. It reminds me of a quote I wrote down in my journal many years ago (but unfortunately have no author for!)— “Handle them carefully, for words have more power than atom bombs.

The characters of Lullaby are all incredibly quirky. We get to know Carl the best, as he is the narrator, and while we learn about the other characters it is easy to see we aren’t getting a complete view of them due to the limitations of our narrator. Ultimately in the end I think we begin to realize the true character of each one and their motivations and even start to see Carl for who he truly is. Carl was just ok for me– I didn’t really dislike him nor did I particularly like him. I applauded his efforts to control the words in his head but sometimes thought he acted foolishly. I wanted to learn more about Helen though. I wish they went into her business more. I wanted to know WHY she sought out haunted houses just to terrify people and then turn them around quickly to sell again. Was it purely a money making scheme or was she just a sadist who enjoyed presenting the illusion of “The Perfect House” to people and watch them become terrified?

My final thought: This is one grim, bizarre and undeniably unique book. It’s also quite humorous in places.  You won’t find anything else like it. I guarantee it. The story is mysterious and interesting in itself and plot twists will keep you wanting to find out more. I think that the subtle, and not so subtle, dialogues about issues such as the power of the media and the sharing of news and population control, along with the themes of family and power, just add to this novel. Not going to lie, a little creepy to read so much about dead babies, but read this if you are looking for something really bizarre or you already love Chuck. Read it if you don’t mind knowing what the hey-ho-dolly is going on for half the novel but are cool with fumbling around and taking it all in until you do. Pay attention to the details.

Invisible Monsters: A Novel 

Friends, which novel would you suggest I read next of his? I’ve heard good things about Haunted and Invisible Monsters. What have you read?

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