On Becoming A Mom & Motherhood So Far


Honest thoughts on motherhood

I didn’t know what to expect motherhood to be like. I could conjure up images in my head of what it might LOOK like — sleepless nights, sweet baby feet, cuddles, dressing up my little mini-me, idyllic afternoons doing all sorts of wonderful things while my baby napped. But I couldn’t really imagine what it would feel like.

This is what it looked like sometimes — no sleep…literally running on empty. Feeling like a zombie.


Basically everything I thought it would look like….was wrong. Or just different, maybe? I feel like that is like a lot of things — trips, big events, etc. Reality is typically a lot different than our expectations and romanticized visions of it before we experience it. But it’s better in ways. And in some ways I found myself thinking THIS IS NOT WHAT I IMAGINED IT TO BE WHY IS THIS BABY NOT PEACEFULLY SNOOZING RIGHT NOW WHILE I DO ALL THE CRAFTS (reader, I never did crafts before Riley) AND BECOME A DOMESTIC GODDESS.

I think a lot of it, for me, was that I couldn’t imagine something that for years I wasn’t sure if I even wanted.

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