10 Years Ago Today




10 years ago today I woke up to one of those summer mornings where you almost think you’ve slept the whole day away because the sun is assaulting your eyes and the birds are chirping in a megaphone… but it’s really only 8 in the morning. It was a beautiful, sunny day with blue skies. That’s what I remember. My sister opens the door to my room and plops down in my desk chair and we begin chatting about our plans for the day as I lay in bed still.

Our plans that day? A big pool party at my friend’s parents house! Things had been pretty tense the past week or so because our mom’s health took a steep decline in her fight against brain cancer. It wasn’t looking good. We knew that. But we were also scared kids trying to forget. Scared kids trying to find some ounce of normalcy in a world of home health care and hospital beds and a dying mother. So we talked about our pool party because it’s a topic that wouldn’t end in tears.

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