When Someecards Say It Best… – An Update On Wedding Planning

This Wedding Wednesday post is going to be a little different from the ones I’ve done recently with bookish centerpieces or wedding readings from literature. I haven’t done an update in a while so I figured I would…and someecards just seemed like the most fun way to do so. 

We’ve been working on our invites! A co-worker and friend (Hi Liz!) of mine is doing them and I’m superrrr excited to see how they turn out. I’ll be for sure doing a vlog showing them to you all! I’ll probably be just staring at them and their prettiness when I get them. This was one thing I was really stressed about but now that the process is underway I’m feeling calm knowing that Liz has it under control!

Seriously…going through our invite list has been the freaking HARDEST THING EVER. We have so many people that we COULD invite but we can’t invite everyone but we just sit their rationalizing WHY we should invite them but our list is getting out of control. I know some people are going to feel offended but…I can’t invite everyone. Oh and let’s talk about how parents want to invite everyone that they’ve ever KNOWN. I know mine aren’t as bad as some but come onnnn.

We’re  trying to figure out where our rehearsal dinner will be and who the heck do we invite?! THIS is beyond insane…why can’t we just do rehearsal cocktails and cupcakes?! And trying to get the details down of all the things we’ll have to rehearse…CANNOT EVEN THINK ABOUT IT!

Ok not reallyyyy. WE will have an awesome DJ. But we are meeting with some DJ’s this weekend and I’m so stressed about it. The DJ is what keeps the party going so I want them to be good but not a crapload of money!

So for the bridesmaid dresses…I gave my girls a choice of 9 charcoal cocktail dresses in chiffon from the same designer and let them have their pick. All the dresses are REALLLY CUTE! We are ordering this week..I’m excited! That has been a major stress so I finally gave up trying to please everyone and they’ll all have different dresses!

We’ve been slowly but surely working on our registry but DANG…there are SO many things. I didn’t know one could possibly need so many gadgets for the kitchen! It’s kind of stressful because we don’t know where we will be living so it’s hard to know what to put on there depending on how much room we have!

And since they didn’t have any ecards about freaking favors, flowers or centerpieces…I’ll just say OMG…how am I supposed to decide this?! I was a little absent from the blog in the beginning of the month..but I’m honestly just SO STRESSED. I need a wedding planner! Or I just need to elope…

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