The Books I Read But Never Talked About Before My Hiatus: PART 2

book recommendations and books to read


As with Part 1,  I’m going to continue to BRIEFLY mention some of the books I read last Fall/end of 2016, before I was held hostage by my terrible first trimester of pregnancy, because they deserve to be mentioned and then hopefully I can get myself more caught up on what else I’ve been reading lately!

So let’s get started:

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Some Real Talk About Change


Two weekends ago, in the spirit of making room for the baby, Will and I were SUPER productive and started going through our hall closet where — in addition to coats — I hung a lot of my fancier dresses that I didn’t want in my regular, every day closet. I pull out this short little black number I haven’t worn in like 7 years (one of those going out dresses that elicited a bewildered “HOW IS THAT A DRESS/HOW WOULD THAT EVEN COVER YOUR CROTCH?” from Will to which I was like “WELL IT DID WHEN I WAS A SIZE ZERO SO” even though I was seriously wondering how even then it did). I had to get real with myself and toss this dress in the donate pile because 1) even NOT pregnant there is no way I’m squeezing myself into that thing anytime soon and 2) I have literally no reason or occasion to wear this dress ever again.

And this happened like 8 more times with dresses that were from my early/mid 20’s. And I weirdly didn’t want to get rid of them — I was clutching on to them for dear life. I’m 31 and my 30’s are great so far. I’ve said my goodbyes to my 20’s. BUT DID I REALLY? Every time I put one of these dresses in the donate pile it felt like I was mourning my 20’s. GOODBYE YOUTH. Even though I haven’t lived that life, these dresses were echos of, in quite some time.

As I put the last dress in the pile, I look at Will and I’m like, “I HATE CHANGE!”

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5 Most Memorable Times I Met Authors I Love

I’ve been really lucky to have met a lot of authors and honestly MOST of my favorite authors. Between having a decent amount of events come to Philly area and being close to New York, I’ve been SO lucky to see so many great authors! It’s always memorable to meet an author whose books I have enjoyed and chat with them or an author who you’ve chatted with for YEARS and then finally get to meet (cough *that time I met Morgan Matson after YEARS of loving her books*) but here are some of my most memorable author moments in my seven years of blogging. I hope you’ll share some of your most memorable author meetings with me in the comments!

1. That time I got to celebrate my birthday with Gayle Forman:

Okay so technically it wasn’t my FIRST time meeting Gayle. I had been lucky to meet Gayle, one of my ALL TIME FAVORITE AUTHORS, a bunch of times between her coming to Philly a couple times for events and me going to NYC to events she was at. She is literally my favorite — so smart, so interesting, funny and I LOVE HER BOOKS SO MUCH. She was coming to our area on my birthday and I tweeted her that I was happy to be spending my birthday at her event and she’s like I’M BRINGING YOU A CAKE. And like….she actually did. And the whole crowd at my favorite local indie bookstore sang to me. Birthday 2013? ONE OF THE BEST BIRTHDAYS EVER. Gayle is The Best.


Gayle Forman

Gayle Forman signing

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New To The Queue

New things to read, watch, listen to

New To the Queue is a semi-monthly thing around here wherein I give you a tiny glimpse into some of the books, movies, tv shows and bands I’ve recently added to my never ending queue of things to read/watch/listen to. For past posts, go here!

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The Books My Brain Needed

book recommendations and books to read


I’ve mentioned that during my first trimester and a little after that I was having a hard time reading anything. But when I WAS up to reading all I was craving was some light, wonderful fluff. I am a fan of ~fluff~ books and I hate when people act as if they aren’t as good as Other Books. GOOD FLUFFY READING IS IMPORTANT OKAY??

Anyways, my brain was just really craving fun and light books — no matter the genre — but definitely was wanting light and fluffy contemporary romances.  So I figured why don’t I round up some of those books that got me through that misery where I wasn’t quite my self when it came to reading.

They were all so delightful and I’d recommend any of these:

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On Trying New Hobbies & Learning New Things

I admire and love a lot of things about my friends but I was thinking the other day how there is something about my friend Jessie that I just admire so much and it inspires me quite a bit. Jessie is literally the most interesting person I know — she is always trying new hobbies or taking classes. Right now she’s doing tap dancing classes (just because) but before that she’s done things like glassblowing, art classes or taking an ESL class and countless other hobbies. She’s just always trying out new hobbies or taking classes to learn things.

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What I Plan To Read This Spring

Happy first day of Spring, you guys!!! GOODBYE WINTER GOODBYE. I’m so ready for nice weather….I swear I will lose it if we have a spring snowstorm. We haven’t even had a bad winter at all but I just am not into winter at all and I love the sunshine and comfortable temperatures.

ANYWAYS…this spring will be a big reading season for me as it will be the last season I have before I will suddenly have a baby attached to me and less time to read. The countdown to July is on and, in addition to doing lots of other things, I really am trying to enjoy these last uninterrupted reading moments I’m so lucky to have right now.

One of the BIG reading goals I have for this Spring is to READ BOOKS THAT PHYSICALLY TAKE UP SPACE ON MY DAMN SHELF. That means, few library trips and bookstore shopping sprees! Also means saving the books on my kindle for when I am up feeding a baby and only have one hand to use to read. We have very little storage space in our apartment for the baby and I need to get rid of books off my shelves so we can use one of them to be able to put little cube bins of baby stuff.

So, let’s talk about 10 books from my shelves that I definitely plan to read this Spring!

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Stranger Than Fanfiction Giveaway

Happy Friday everyone!! This week has been really nice to jump back into the blog (if you missed it: what I’ve been doing while not blogging & some of the books I’ve been reading) and I thought a great way to end the week of my return is with a giveaway that I’ve partnered with Little Brown to bring to you.

If you know me, you know one of the phrases that is Jamiebait in a book summary is a roadtrip. I love a good roadtrip in real life and in fiction and Chris Colfer’s (yes THAT Chris Colfer who I’ve loved since Glee and am so impressed by) newest novel, Stranger Than Fanfiction, features an epic road trip. Plus I’m always a sucker for a celebrity hanging out with ~regular~ teens. It looks fun and emotional and like a great read to usher in Spring. It’s certainly on my Spring TBR!



stranger than fanfiction giveaway chris colfer

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The Books I Read But Never Talked About Before My Hiatus: PART 1

book recommendations and books to read


Sooooo the last time I wrote any sort of book talk/what I’ve been reading post was *cough* November 7th. And the thing was….I was already behind on the books I had to talk about BEFORE I got pregnant and the first trimester killed me and then I forgot how to blog after all that time. So I’m going to BRIEFLY mention some of the books I read last Fall/end of 2016 because they deserve to be mentioned and then I’ll finish part 2 of them so as not to make this post reallyyyyy long and also I don’t want to lose my motivation and if it takes me too long I JUST MIGHT as I dip my toes back into this blogging water.

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Things I’ve Been Doing While I Haven’t Been Blogging

Oh helloooo there! I am still alive. Trying to get myself motivated to blog again — it’s like I have motivation in my head but the actual physical act of opening my laptop, logging into this thing and typing just somehow doesn’t happen.

So let’s talk about all the things I’ve been doing that clearly aren’t blogging….seems like an easy way to get back into this.


1. Having an epic reading slump and then somehow defeating it: Oh man guys. Some rough days I had where I just didn’t want to read. No desire. But then I WANTED to but my brain honestly felt like it couldn’t concentrate. I’ve been told maybe it’s pregnancy brain? IDK. It was terrible. But in the past month I have been a bonafide reading machine. I cannot wait to share with you guys what I’ve been reading because I’ve read some pretty delightful things! Are we friends on Goodreads? You can get a sneak peek of what I’ve been reading before I write about it on here.

2. Having an identity crisis as a blogger: Blogging hasn’t been on my mind much since finding out I was pregnant because for the first trimester I was so so so sick that I just couldn’t do anything but then I just had so much other stuff. But honestly some of it? I don’t know what this blog is anymore after almost 7 years and where it’s going to go. It’s no secret that I write about a lot of other stuff than books and have for a long time but I just feel all sorts of “what is going to become of this blog?” feelings. I’ve moved to a bit of a lifestyle + heavy books feel mostly but I don’t know what the direction will be once I have the baby. In my heart of hearts I don’t want this to be a mom blog (just not a thing I personally want to do) but I do feel like that’s going to be a big part of my life so naturally some posts would reflect that just as anything else in my life. And then the worries of having less time and reading less books? I’m just kind of letting this blog be whatever it is. I feel like most of you have stuck around here for ME and not just all book stuff but who knows?

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