Looking Ahead To 2018


If you read my Planning For A Kickass New Year post, you know that I’ve been thinking on my goals and my process for it all for a while now! But I’m a weirdo and I don’t actually set everything in stone until the first week of the new year because a big part of my ~process~ is to reflect on the past year as a whole (and the holidays get too crazy for me to really do that…and honestly pre-baby I was always too hungover on the 1st to do anything productive).

I thought maybe it would be interesting to share my “process” of how I reflect on the year and try to channel it into the goals I’ve been setting for 2018 and just allow myself to LET THINGS GO that I don’t want to bring into 2018 with me.

P.S. Check out my Best of 2017 post!


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Best (And A Little Of The Worst) Of 2017

Best Of 2017


Ah, the New Year. I love a good clean slate even though I maintain you can start anew every day/hour/minute. I also love it because it brings forth a lot of reflection for me when I look at my year as a whole. What did I accomplish? What stood in my way? What were the ups and downs? What did I enjoy? What were my favorite things! So let’s take a look back, shall we? (and then come back tomorrow as I look ahead to this new year!!)


I used to do several Best Of posts but this year I kind of just felt going simple and minimal with it! If you REALLY want to get a feel for my year you can surely check out my Monthly Rewinds!


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We Were On The Nice List


What a successful first holiday season for Riley — lots of time spent with all our family and our gifts for others were a big hit (because let’s be real…they were all Riley related). Even made my MIL cry with our gift for her! Plus Riley was such a champ with all the late nights and messed up naps and socializing that was done!

Riley and I were totally on the nice list for Christmas (Will too but his gifts are mostly gift cards haha) and I thought it might be fun to share some of the things we got as gifts for Christmas. We are so fortunate to have family who spoils the heck out of us!

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Monthly Rewind: December 2017


lifestyle blog monthly recap December


Last recap for 2017! WHERE DID THIS YEAR GO???? I’m still deciding if I’m going to recap 2017 or not but, for now, let’s recap 2018!

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30 Of My Most Anticipated Young Adult Releases Of The First Half of 2018

New Books To Read 2018


30 New YA Books To Read In 2018 -- great list

Hellloooo I’m back with my most anticipated releases of 2018 (the first half anyways) — this time talking about all the YA I’m super excited about. If you missed my adult fiction anticipated release list, check that out!

30 Must Read YA Books Coming Out In 2018 -- great list

It was so so soooo hard to narrow it down…this list was like 60 originally and I wept every time I had to cut them to keep my very most anticipated books.

If you are interested in any of these, check the pre-order price on Amazon — sometimes they are like way cheaper to pre-order than buy them when they come out! So much of a better deal if you are on a budget like I am!!

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My Most Anticipated Books For The First Half of 2018: Adult Fiction Edition

List Of Must Read Books Of 2018


It’s the moooooost wonderful time of the yeaaaaaaar.  I’m talking about the time where I scour the publisher catalogs in search of new books to anticipate for the coming year and then cry about the fact I don’t have time to read all the wonderful sounding books and trying to strategize how I could quit my job and just stay home and read all day. All I’ve come up with is the lottery so far. BUT ALAS.

must read list of fiction books coming out in 2018

So here are my most anticipated, MUST READS for the first half of 2018 when it comes to adult fiction. I have quite a few of these for review and I have a good feeling about a lot of them!! Stay tuned for my YA list coming soon (soon is subjective and decided by if my kid decides to like nice long naps again…hard writing a post when she keeps taking these dreadfully short naps).

P.S. If you are into young adult books, check out my list of my most anticipated YA books for 2018!

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On New Traditions

Ideas To Create Christmas/Holiday Traditions for your family

Last year was a weird year for me during the holidays. I was in my first trimester and my dad and stepmom (who has been like a mom to me since I was little) got divorced months before the holidays and now he had a new girlfriend and we didn’t end up going up to my dad’s like we normally did because everything was so weird.

holiday traditions for your family

It felt like all the traditions I had were REALLY gone now — something that had slowly been happening ever since my mom passed in 2006 and then once Will and I got married we did very minimal traditions because it was just the two of us. I have zero traditions now and it’s kind of sad. I have such fond memories of Christmas and all our traditions — big and small — and I’ve felt like something has been missing in the past few Christmases — a lot of which I attribute to not really having any traditions anymore.

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5 Products I Want To Rebuy & 5 Products I Want To Try

Beauty Products To Try


natural beauty products to try

It always seems like I run out of things at the SAME TIME somehow. I thought it would be fun (well, at least *I* always like these videos from the beauty bloggers I follow) to highlight some of the things I’ve recently run out of or am almoooost out of and plan to repurchase AND ALSO to share some of the new products I plan to try soon because I keep a pretty detailed list in my bullet journal.

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Odds & Ends


Happy Sunday! It’s been a busy, busy weekend for us but fun! We had Will’s work holiday party on Friday and then a Christmas gathering yesterday. Today we are planning to mostly relax besides Trader Joe’s and maaaaybe braving the lines for Riley to meet (and probably be terrified by) Santa.

Hope you’ve had a great weekend!



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If We Were Having Coffee

I saw a life coach I love, Ashley, do a post entitled If We Were Having Coffee and I decided to take her lead and do one myself in November 2013 because I loved it and sometimes I feel like we forget that there is a whole life behind the people that write and read blogs. I got such a great response to my initial post so I made it a  reoccurring thing for the past couple of years and do it when I feel so inclined!


So, grab your coffee/beverage of your choice and meet me for a chat. Currently I am drinking water (I’ve been slacking at hydrating myself these days).


If we were having coffee….I’d tell you that I’m currently reading The Girl With The Red Balloon by Katherine Locke. I’d ask what you are reading…

If we were having coffee.…I’d tell you that #momlife has been fantastic lately. I genuinely have so much fun with Riley and she is such a little ham and I love it. Getting out of the newborn stage helped but also the fact that she sleeps marvelously at night helps things, too. I’m still bumming because I miss my friends and I had hoped we would have so many baby squad playdates but I guess this is part of adjusting to life with a baby for all of us. BUT this Friday is Will’s work Christmas party and it will be the first time that we are BOTH out together without Riley. I’m kiiiinda nervous about leaving her with someone who is not us but gotta rip that bandaid off eventually because then that means more date nights for us.

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